Dildoed, Diapered, , Dicked on Xmas

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There is some restraint play that happens to the main character in this story. Her partner also uses some sex toys on her and puts her in a diaper, all while she is restrained.

It is completely consensual.

However, it is a surprise to her when it happens.

There is also peeing, pee play, pee desperation, and a golden shower in this story.

If that might be triggering for you, please check out one of my other stories instead, and keep checking back as I add more stories.

Hopefully this story publishes close enough to Christmas to make for some holiday reading.

I’m submitting it just a few days before the holiday though, so if it doesn’t land until afterwards, it’s entirely my own fault.

As always, I love reading your comments and private messages here on Literotica, so don’t hesitate to reach out.

Only two characters here.

Tara, the twenty-three-year-old narrator and Tony, her twenty-five-year-old live in boyfriend.


My name is Tara, and I asked my boyfriend to sexually surprise me on Christmas morning.

We don’t usually make a big deal out of gift giving, preferring to buy things for each other and ourselves throughout the year that we know the other will like or need.

Last year for Christmas he bought me a bullet vibrator, and that led to a bit more adventure in the bedroom.

We’d fallen into a bit of a routine, where the sex was still satisfying, but not something we looked forward to like we had at the beginning of the relationship.

But he surprised with me that little toy, and then we went into the bedroom, and we tried it out.

I was instantly hooked on the concentrated vibrations on my clitoris. He was instantly hooked on how loud I moaned as I had orgasm after orgasm and how hungry it made me for his cock.

Within a month we had bought two more toys, one a medium sized vibrator and another more powerful wand massager. As the year went on we added some sexy outfits and tried some different things.

So on Christmas Eve I looked at the pile of presents under the tree and knew that at least a few of them would be things that we’d be trying out before Christmas Day was over.

We spent the afternoon watching a Christmas movie and drinking wine. After dinner he opened another bottle of wine and we started another movie, but after a while I switched to water since I’ve never been much of a drinker.

I started dozing on the couch, and he started another movie, giving me a foot rub and letting me half pay attention to the movie and half sleep.

When he picked me up and carried me to bed, I woke up enough to see the credits playing on the tv.

“Movie s’over?” I mumbled.

“Yes.” He said. “Not that it matters. You slept through both of them.”

“Didn’t really.” I said, my voice thick with sleep.

He laid me on our bed and kissed my forehead.

“Go to sleep. You need your rest for tomorrow.” He said.

“Tuck me in.” I said.

“It’s warm in here.” He said. “I’ll tuck you in later when I come to bed. I’m going to clean up first.”

“Kay….” I mumbled, already falling back to sleep.


I felt someone rolling me over and tried to sit up in the dark room.

“Whatizit?” I asked.

“Nothing.” Tony said. “Go back to sleep.”

“I need to pee.” I said.

“Later.” He said, lying beside me and snuggling against me. “Let’s cuddle a minute.”

I closed my eyes for just a minute. All that wine and water, and not going to the bathroom before being put to bed really were giving me an urgent need to relieve myself.

But he was so warm and I was so sleepy….


I came out of a dream that I was locked out of the bathroom and realized that my need to urinate was now much more urgent.

I tried to sit up.

“What the fuck?” I said out loud.

“What the matter Tara?” Tony asked.

“There’s something on my face.” I said. “And I can’t move my arms. What the fuck are you doing?”

Before he could answer I realized that something was weighing my legs down. And my arms had some movement, but I felt something pinning my elbows to my sides.

“That’s just a blindfold.” Tony said. “All part of your Christmas gift. One of them anyway.”

“What?” I asked. “What’s happening? What gift?”

“Don’t worry.” He said softly from beside me. “You’re going to love it. I promise.”

“What is it?” I asked. “What’s happening?”

“It’s a surprise.” He said. “And what’s happening right now is just us getting ready for it. Are you ready to start?”

I realized that something sexual was probably about to happen and I grinned.

“Can I at least pee first?” I asked.

I was still sleepy, but that was fading fast. Whatever he had planned was definitely going to be kinky, and if he thought I’d love it I was sure I would.

“No.” he said. “You’re going to want to hold it.”

“Hold it?” I asked. “For how long?”

“Until it’s okay for you to stop holding it.” He said softly. “We’re trying some things from the survey bahis siteleri right now.”

I knew what he meant.

Several months ago, we’d taken an online survey together. He’d signed us up and we were each emailed a link. Clicking on it prompted each of us to enter our own email address in, and then our partners email address.

Then we each took a several page survey which had us rank various kinks and fetishes into different categories.

For each kink we had to mark if it was something we considered a ‘need’, a ‘want, a ‘curious about’, a ‘willing to try’, or a ‘dealbreaker’.

After compiling our answers, we were each sent a link to review how our partners answers lined up with ours.

One of the things he’d marked as a ‘strong want’ was having sex in public. I learned that about him, while he learned that when it came to playing in public I was ‘curious about’ it.

He’d learned that I consider cum play a ‘want’ while I discovered that he’d marked it as ‘willing to try’.

We’d read through each of our results together, and we’d each been using those results to surprise the other with toys, outfits, and experiences.

A few weeks ago, in a movie theater I put my hoodie in his lap, and then reached underneath it to unzip his pants. He was shocked as I took out and fondled his penis until it was rock hard.

I then rolled a condom down over it, and spent almost an hour quietly and slowly tickling, stroking, rubbing, tugging and squeezing that throbbing cock of his.

Eventually my slow touches brought him over the edge, and he throbbed in my fingers and pumped the condom full of cum while pretending to be engrossed in the film.

I kept holding his cock until it softened and then I slid the condom off and let him watch me put it in my mouth like it was a fistful of popcorn.

I worked on it with my tongue for about five minutes, sucking every drop of his sweet load out of it while I watched the movie.

And now he’d planned to do something else off of my list of ‘needs’ or ‘wants’, and apparently, he’d decided to do it late at night after I’d been asleep for a while.

I’d have no choice but to relax and enjoy whatever sensations he was about to treat me to.

“Something from the survey huh?” I asked. “Which thing?”

“A few things.” He said. “Hang on.”

He suddenly rolled me over, before lifting me up, and I realized around the edge of the blindfold that the lights were on in the bedroom. I was still covered in the weighted blanket, only now I was rolled up in it.

He carried me easily enough from the bedroom, and even with the blindfold I knew where we were each step of the way. My only concern was my bladder, with each step he took I was reminded that I should have peed before getting into bed.

“Seriously though, I want to do whatever it is we’re about to do.” I assured him. “But I didn’t pee before bed and all that water and wine during the movie means I really have to go.”

“Well here’s a hint.” He said. “You indicated on the survey that you wanted to try this. And you can’t try it with an empty bladder.”

I perked up at this. I was curious about pee play. More than a little curious to be honest, because I’d marked ‘want’ for all aspects of that kink, hoping that he wouldn’t think it was too weird.

Our relationship had progressed to the point where we peed in front of each other like it wasn’t a big deal.

And we had peed together in the shower once. I’d laughed it off as something weird, but it had secretly turned me on and kept me horny for days.

And now it seemed that we were about to go much further than that.

“So why am I blindfolded if this is about peeing?” I asked.

“Who says it’s just about peeing?” he asked.

I suddenly felt cooler air as he took me through the kitchen and into the garage. I couldn’t see anything of course, but I knew by the twists and turns we’d taken where we were.

He put me down on my feet, and I felt myself standing on what was probably a towel.

“Don’t move.” He told me. “I’ll be with you in a minute.”

He moved away from me, and I heard something click.

Then he was back, pulling the blankets that had been wrapped tightly around me away, leaving me in the chilly air of the garage. I couldn’t tell what he was doing but I assumed he’d backed the cars out into the driveway before coming into the bedroom.

I felt him lift my right arm, and suddenly he clamped something around my wrist, and I felt my arm secured to what felt like a surfboard.

I heard and felt the fabric of my t-shirt tear and suddenly I was topless in the cool air. I raised my left hand to cover my breasts out of instinct, but he snatched it away and fastened my left arm as he had my right.

He pulled my pajama pants down to my ankles, and then did the same to my panties.

“Lift your leg.” He said.

I did, a bit apprehensive about whatever was happening here, but also surprisingly aroused at the prospect of doing something sexually that we’d never done canlı bahis siteleri before.

He pulled my bottoms and panties off, first one leg and then the other, and then he pushed my legs back and shackled them, spread apart, to whatever my arms were strapped to.

I felt something strap around each of my thighs, and then I yelped as he suddenly flipped me until I was horizontal. I realized that I was strapped to some sort of table.

“When do I get to know what’s going on?” I asked.

It was cool in the garage, and I was starting to shiver against the cold plastic that I was strapped to. Despite knowing where I was and trusting Tony completely, it was still disorienting to not be able to see anything.

“What’s going on now is just an opportunity for you to appreciate some different sensations.” He said. “Like this.”

I felt the platform I was on suddenly lift, and in almost the same motion my head was lowered, and my feet came up, and I was still face up, but with my legs elevated.

With a sudden flood of warm sensation something wet and hot draped over my thighs, just underneath my pussy lips.

I started to gasp at the heat, but my breath caught in my throat as something icy cold moved against my left nipple.

I felt goosebumps break out over my body as I tried to twist away from erotically uncomfortable response.

And then I felt something icy replace the heat on my thighs, and I yelped as Tony pushed what must have been an ice cube slowly around my thigh, massaging the soft skin of my inner thigh with the freezing wetness.

And then he drug the ice further up, teasingly touching it to my cunt lips and then nosing it into the folds to touch my clit.

“FUCK!” I screamed. “That’s fucking cold!”

“That’s the point.” He chuckled.

And suddenly I felt his tongue replace the ice, and the wet heat as he flicked it back and forth over my clit was dizzying.

“Oh Jesus.” I said, closing my eyes.

He stopped and moved away and then I felt something pinch my nipple. Pain lanced through my breast, deliciously enticing as my stiff nipple throbbed with both arousal and agony.

It had to be a clamp of some sort, but no sooner was I used to that feeling, when I felt something thick and stiff buzz against my thigh.

From the intensity of the buzzing I knew it was a sex toy, and from the size I knew it wasn’t one that I’d used before.

“Tony,” I begged, “can I pee before we do any more? I have to go so bad.”

“No.” he said. “Hold it.”

And the vibrations moved up, until the shaft of the toy covered my slit, and he rocked it back and forth, so it touched along my clit and to my anus, while constantly buzzing against my swollen lips.

“Holy fuck.” I groaned, trying to sort out what I was feeling.

I could definitely feel my body responding in a way that would lead to an orgasm, but I fought that feeling of relaxation as I tried to reign in the urgent need my bladder had to let go.

The vibrator buzzed faster, and I groaned, my arousal and lust fighting against my desire to not pee.

“Jesus.” I said.

“Are you okay?” He whispered.

I felt his fingers sliding along my arm.

“What is happening?” I asked, wondering if whatever I was on was moving, or if my body was just trembling.

“You’re on our new inversion table.” He said. “Or sex table. Whichever way you prefer to think of it.”

Suddenly I was upright again, and then he let me spin, head over feet as I screamed and clenched my body.

Being blindfolded made it worse, but in a strange way it was fun to be completely under his control.

Of course, my bladder was begging for relief, and I found myself concentrating on staying clenched up so I wouldn’t start peeing. The cool air, the motion, and the varying sensations on my body definitely weren’t helping.

I spun two or three times and then abruptly stopped, and as I wondered which way was up I felt an ice cube on my belly button.

“Shit!” I screamed. “How long are we going to do this?” I asked.

“Do you have somewhere to be?” he answered.

“Not really, except it’s getting harder not to pee.” I replied.

Suddenly I jumped as something latched onto my other nipple, and I felt his hot breath as he bit and sucked.

At the exact same moment, I felt the toy buzz against my thigh again, as he pushed the tip of it along my pussy lips.

“Fuck.” I said again, feeling my insides twist at the delicious sensations.

Like it or not the desperation to pee was adding to my arousal, and making everything feel so much more intense.

His mouth moved away from my breast and he replaced it with the ice cube from my belly.

He moved it back and forth, making my stiff nipple grow painfully numb with the freezing contact. I couldn’t identify the sudden warmth on the bottom of my foot, but the dual and conflicting sensations made me moan.

And then they were gone, leaving my skin warm in one place and with the stiff feeling of goose bumps in another.

“Don’t canlı bahis worry about peeing.” He said. “Worry about feeling your body.”

I felt the ice cube on the sole of my foot.

“Oh fuck that’s cold.” I laughed.

I tried to pull my foot away, but I couldn’t move my leg.

“That’s the idea.” He said.

I felt something warm and wet push between the toes of my other foot.

“If you want me to pee I’m about to!” I said loudly, while squirming.

“No!” He said forcefully. “Do not pee! Hold it!”

Suddenly the buzzing against my lips intensified even more, and I felt the toy push itself up into me.

“Oh goddamn,” I groaned, twisting my hips in both discomfort and need.

The presence of the toy made me really need to pee, but the vibrating massage of my clitoris from the inside made me want to just let go and give into the orgasm that was so close.

“What the fuck are you doing to me?” I sobbed.

I suddenly felt something hot and wet on the back of my neck and realized that Tony must have soaked a cloth or towel in hot water and then hung it around my head. It felt good in the chilled air but made the rest of my body feel cold.

And then I felt a clamp bite into my second breast, followed by an ice cube being placed between my breasts.

“DAMMITFUCK!” I screamed, bucking against the table.

The cold went away, and the toy began to move, sliding in and out of me in a steady rhythm that would have given me a pleasurable orgasm if I’d let it.

I fought the loss of control as my body begged for release, but I knew that an orgasm would cause me to pee everywhere.

I felt the towel around my neck slip away, and then he tipped the table up, inch at a time, causing the ice cube between my breasts to drip a trail of ice water down my skin.

I tipped further up, and felt the ice cube slide, one agonizing inch at a time, down my body.

When it got to my belly button I gasped, feeling him push the toy into me with a forcefulness he hadn’t used yet.

It buzzed deep inside me, and then he pushed the ice cube down my belly and held it against my clit, while the toy pushed me towards an orgasm.

“You’re going to make me pee!” I gasped, my body shaking with desperation.

“No!” he commanded.

And then I was pulled straight up and down, and I felt one of my legs become unstrapped, and then the other one.

He uncuffed my wrists, and I reached for my blindfold, but he grabbed my arms and pulled me to him, lifting me in his arms and carrying me for what felt like an eternity.

Every step caused me to consider how full my bladder was, and my head felt like I was spinning. My nipples burned with a pleasant pain as the clamps held fast with each bounce as he carried me.

When he dropped me, I screamed at the unexpected feeling of falling, and out of complete confusion. I had no idea where I could possibly be.

I landed on something soft, and as quickly as I realized it was a mattress, I felt his hands taking one of my legs and pulling it, and before I could react, he had cuffed each of my ankles with my legs spread apart.

I pulled the blindfold off triumphantly and sat up, wondering if warning him about my intense need to pee would do any good.

“It’s okay.” He said calmly, taking the blindfold from me. “You can look now. Just rest a moment while I get us started.”

“Started?” I asked. “Now what are you going to do?”

I realized we were in our family room. I was on what must have been the full-size mattress from our guest room, and my head was under our Christmas tree.

Tony was wearing only a pair of tight shorts.

I lay back and looked up at the tree.

It was the only source of light in the room and staring at the lights helped me focus.

I took in a deep breath and tried to guess how many more minutes I could possibly wait until my need to spill my hot pee overwhelmed my desire to hold it in.

“Just helping make your Christmas special.” Tony said. “Lay down and spread out your arms.”

I laid back down and spread my arms out.

I wasn’t sure what he had planned, and my full bladder was making me more than a little uncomfortable, but I trusted Tony completely and had no desire to derail whatever he had planned for me.

If he was certain that I would enjoy whatever was coming, the least I could do was wait to see what was in store for me before dismissing it.

And if I ended up making a urine-soaked mess, it wasn’t like I hadn’t warned him.

He looped some scarves that were already there around my wrists, and despite feeling uncomfortable I giggled with glee.

Being powerless, and in the hands of the man I loved and trusted, had suddenly given me a rush of control. It was almost like my submission to him had somehow put me into the position of power.

“Are you enjoying this?” he asked.

“I am.” I confessed. “Not all of it, but you’re in charge and you’ve given me so much pleasure over the last year that I owe it to you to ride this out.”

He smiled at me.

“Good.” He said. “I really do want you to enjoy this.”

“I’m trying.” I told him with a smile. “But I seriously don’t know how much longer I can wait to pee.”

“Well try to hold on.” He said.

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