Did That Really Just Happen?

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This is a work of fiction. Written to pass the time. All characters engaging in sexual activities are of legal age.


Lana is my best friend.

She and her mom, Dana, moved into the house next door the day before we started first grade and have been inseparable since.

We are close, like siblings, and have been mistaken for being twins because of the way we act together. Our two little families also did everything together, from holidays to birthdays to vacations.

The closest the two of us got to being romantically involved was when we taught each other how to kiss in middle school.

We had both dated other people, which added to our public image of being siblings, but after more than a decade, neither of us cared if people made that mistake, secretly I found it comforting knowing we would also have each other.

Our junior year was a big change for us.

Our respective boy/girlfriends decided that they didn’t wish to date us anymore. We were both heartbroken, cried on each other’s shoulders, and talked. We concluded that it was not the end of the world after all, and we would focus on getting into college.

We spent almost all our time outside of school together, the year passed quickly, and before we knew it it was the last month.

Lana was in the next state over at the regional soccer finals, and it felt weird her not being with my parents and me enjoying a fancy dinner for their twentieth anniversary. I mean Dad has been her surrogate father for the past eleven years, so yeah, her not being there felt wrong, but later I was thankful she wasn’t.

On the drive home there was an accident.

I was unconscious for five days. When I woke up in the hospital, Dana told me that a drunk driver ran a red light, and neither of my parents survived.

Dana moved me into her house when I was released.

Five Months Later

I wake to the blare of my alarm.

Last day before fall break, then seven days away from civilization under the stars.

I get out of bed, and my heart sinks when I see the birthday card from Lana leaning against my laptop.

Yesterday was my birthday and all we did to usher in my big one-eight was Dana making her special lasagna.

No friends, no gifts, not even a cake.

I am such an ass, they needed to celebrate that as much as I did, especially after what I did last week.

Lana’s birthday is ten days before mine and we had had a combined party, with a huge bar-b-q every year on the weekend between them every year, until this year.

This year, it was just her, I didn’t even go.

I was told she tried to have fun, but it was obvious to her friend that it was us just going through the motions.

Dad had told me it is not a weakness to ask for or accept help, so it was not hard to go to consulting. I am doing a lot better, but sometimes I slip back into my grief, especially with something like a family celebration.

I moped around all summer, I know Lana is hurting too, I let myself hurt her twice this week, she needs me to be there with her in the desert.

This mini-peptalk actually lifts my spirits and I get ready for school.

The day was great. I get excused from Lit class to talk to the consular at the school, she says relapses happen, and to not be dragged backward and take it one day at a time. Lana, seeing my good mood, was her happy self. And classes were, mostly, fun being the last day before a week long break.

When we get home, we hear Dana end bonus veren siteler a phone call than exclaim from the kitchen, “Fuck me.”

I have never heard Dana curse worse the ‘damn’ or ‘crap’, and from the look on Lana’s face, neither had she.

She gets a mischievous glint in her eyes and hands me her book bag.

“I do try to be a dutiful daughter,” Lana says as she walks to the kitchen, “but I am not properly equipped to perform such a task.”

“Oh chap!” Dana says, “Sorry, sweetie, I didn’t mean for you to hear that.”

Lana stares at her mother.

“I know, I get on you all the time for language like that, I just didn’t want you to form the same bad habits I have.”

Lana smiles, “It’s ok, mom, what was the phone call about.”

I set the bags down and move to join them.

Dana says, very irritated, “Remember a few months ago when the snake Wilsons stole that contract from me?”

We both nod, but I really don’t, if it was just a few months, then it happened when I was a fugue of grief.

“Well, he got himself ar…” Dana pauses and takes a deep breath, “he is now unavailable for the conference next week and J needs me to go.”

Lana’s face falls so hard I thought I could hear it and whispers, “Moab?”

“I’m sorry, baby girl,” Dana answers, “I know we have been planning this trip all year.”

“But, but, but, stars, camping,” Lana gasps, then says mournfully, “the creek?”

Lana sounded like she was on the verge of crying.

I put my arm around her, “It will be ok, El, I’ll find some way to keep you entertained this week.”

“And,” Dana cut in, full of cheer, “You two get the house to yourselves for five whole nights.”

We both look at her and she adds, “I have to be there on Monday morning, so I’m flying out Sunday noonish, and be back Friday evening.” She emphasized the departure and return time, “Just don’t burn down the houses.”

We all chuckle at that, Lana and I weren’t big partiers.

“Get changed, we’re eating out tonight, save the leftovers for when you two need to feed yourselves.”

We went to our favorite steak out, the waitress gave her condolences for our loss, but overall it was a good meal.

Saturday was spent with Dana and Lana unparking the camping stuff and packing for Dana’s trip, and I did the yard work for both Dana’s house and my old one.

It is still sitting there, no one living in it, almost exactly as it was the night of the accident.

I don’t know why it was not sold or rented.

I tended the front yard all summer, this is the first time I entered the back.

The pool is half empty, from evaporation I hope, and the water is murky. I scoop out what I can, rake the almost dead grass and there is a shift inside of me, like a bone popping back into place. The pain of missing my parents is still there, but…smoother, I guess.

I’ll talk with Dana, see if it is ok to clean up and use the pool. We haven’t used it all summer, Lana probably misses it, I know I do. And it will be a good distraction from losing the camping trip.

I get the ok from Dana for the pool, she seems a little relieved that I asked, maybe because she sees it as another step in my healing.

Sunday morning is lazy, we all get up late, eat sorta a brunch at home, then drive Dana to the airport.

Lana and I spent the rest of the day finishing the two homework assignments we were given, we didn’t notice the weather until the first peal of thunder rattled the sky.

Lana bedava bahis is a bit uncomfortable because of the storm, she always hated thunderstorms, and we decided to go to bed early.

First thing tomorrow, I’ll sneak over an start refilling the pool, with luck, it will be ready in the evening.

I fall to sleep feeling better than I had since waking up in the hospital.

Lana wakes me up, it’s very dark and I can hear the heavy rain on the roof.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” I ask groggily.

“The power is out and I’m freaking out a bit,” Lana whispers, “can I sleep in here with you?”

“Oh course,” I answer, then immediately realize two problems, this is a little twin bed, and I’m naked.

As my eyes focus, I see that she is wearing only a light t-shirt with a deep v-neck collar, and a pair of panties, at least I’m assuming she is wearing panties as the shirt stops just below where I would see them.

To try to prevent more problems, I scoot over, place my back on the wall, and pull the blanket back but try to leave the sheet, hoping she would lay down on top of it.

Nope, she climbs in under both, but thankfully stays facing me.

She takes my hand and rests it one the mattress between us.

She smiles at me then shuts her eyes. She relaxes more with each breath and soon I’m asleep again.

I wake up, the storm has broken and the first rays of sun are visible.

And I find myself with my back against the wall and Lana pressing on my chest.

I’m spooning her and my hard cock is trapped in the triangle of her legs and pussy.

I was wrong, she did not wear panties last night. I can feel her heat and fuzz along the top of my shaft.

I think the only reason I didn’t blast my load at that realization is that my bladder is so full.

“Lana,” I whisper, “Can you move a bit so I can get out?”

Her only response was a quiet, “mmhhmmm.”

I start to inch down toward the foot of the bed and gently extract my cock from between her legs.

It is an excruciating task.

As the tip of my cock parts her nether lips, her hips buck as she jolts awake.

My vision whites out as the glans penetrate her velvety tunnel.

As my sight returns, my eyes meet hers. She is surprised, but I would have expected anger as well. Instead I see a primal heat.

With her eyes locked on mine, she lets out a low moan as she impales herself on my seven inches.

Our lips meet for the first time in years, and this is nothing like the time we practiced. It was full of soul igniting passion.

Lana grinds her hot pussy against my and breaks the kiss with a sharper moan as she orgasms.

She rolls away slightly and slides off my dick as she relaxes.

After several breaths she breaks the silence, “That was stupid.”

My heart sinks. The fire I didn’t know I craved doused before it even caught.

“I shouldn’t have let you cum in me without a condom.”

“Wait, what…” I stammer, and my confused brain only outputs, “But I didn’t cum.”

She turns to me and she looks mildly hurt, “Was I not good?”

That kicks my brain into gear, “No, you were, are wonderful beyond words.”

The hurt is replaced with a bashful smile, and I continue, “I think i didn’t because I really need to pee, it’s why I was trying to wiggle out without waking you up.”

Her smile turns devilish, “Well you failed horribly. Go potty,” she gives a quick but fiery kiss, “then go to mom’s bedroom.”

Lana stands, and the only word deneme bonus I have for this, she prances out of my room.

It took many long slow breaths for me to calm down enough to urinate, so many I begin to think that Lana thinks I’m not going to show.

But my fear is proven baseless when I enter Dana’s bedroom and she the same heat Lana’s eyes.

You can’t practically live with some for more than a decade and not see them naked occasionally, and I have seen Lana naked, several times in the five months I have been living with her, but I have not appreciated her femininity until now.

She is laying naked in the middle of the king size bed, reclining on her elbows, legs spread and knees up to show me everything.

The years of playing soccer has made her five foot eight frame lean and tone, but not overtly muscular. I have overheard her complaining about her b-cup breasts, but really looking at them for time, I think they’re perfect, plump and firm, standing up off her chest with quarter sized areola and hard nipples begging to be sucked. The hair at the cleft of her legs, a shade or two lighter than the light brown on her head, trimmed short and damp with excitement.

Her smile grows with cock as I go from half liml to full mast to seeing her.

I crawl on to the bed and place my head between her thighs. Her scent is intoxicating, addictive even.

I lean down and press my lips on her furry libia, kissing her nether lips.

As I start to lick, she places a hand on my cheek and lifts my head.

“There will be plenty of time for that later,” She says, same devilish smile on her lips, “right now, we need to finish what we started in your bed.”

She pulls me up for a kiss, then pushes me upright to kneel between her legs.

She hands me one of the foil packets next to the pillow.

When she said time for later, I guess she has a lot planned, I think as I roll the latex sleeve down my prick.

She lays on her back as I place myself at her entrance.

The rubber is dulling some of the sensation, which is good, otherwise I would erupt when I feel her moist heat.

She wraps her arms and legs around me as I sink into her welcoming folds.

I place one arm behind her, resting my weight on my elbow and place the other hand on her hip.

Our lips meet again and I slowly pull out of her.

Her hips come up to meet mine as I push back in, and we immediately fall into rhythm with each other.

The heat of our kiss rises with the speed of my strokes, our lips only coming apart when one of us can’t contain our ever growing moans.

I wish we can continue like this forever, and I’m surprised that I have not popped yet when Lana’ arms and legs constrict round me, pulling me closer.

She moans into my mouth as a large orgasm rolls through her body.

Her pussy clamps onto me cock and tries to pull me in.

I push as far in as I can and my own orgasm hits.

I pump what feels like a gallon of semen into the condom while I’m buried hilt deep in Lana’s hot, tight, loving hole.

She spasms again as my heat fills her, and she mashes her lips to mine even harder.

Our lips finally part and we are both breathing hard.

As we catch our breath, I look into the eyes of the perfect woman I have somehow not seen until now.

The look in her eyes has changed, while the heat of the moment has diminished, the desire has not, and I feel the same, I never want to let her go.

We just lay there, my cock still buried in her, hips, check and foreheads pressed together, staring into each other’s eyes with goofy grins on our faces.

“What the FUCK are you two doing in here?”


I hoped you enjoyed this short little story. Please comment, all feedback is appreciated

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