Descent into Depravity Ch. 03

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This week seemed to pass so much more quickly than the last. There were still classes to attend and homework to do, but there wasn’t the same apprehension as the weekend approached. That had been replaced by a feeling of excitement that grew as the week progressed. Amazing what a freed penis can achieve.

Friday afternoon arrived with a howling rainstorm. Pelted by the aqua-missiles, I leapt into and out of the cab, running for shelter where I could. I reached the front door and buzzed the suite. A now familiar, growling voice said, “Hello.”

“Hello, is Jennifer there?” I said with more confidence than I’d shown in the past. I knew what I wanted, and I was going to get it.

“She’s not here right now,” came the now familiar reply. “But you can come up and wait.” The buzzer sounded announcing that the door had unlocked, and I entered. I carefully made my way down the hallway to the portal. Even though I knew exactly what was about to happen, I knocked anyway. The door burst open, and I was sucked inside as though by air pressure. As before I was grabbed, stripped naked, and my hands were cuffed behind my back. They then reinstalled the chastity device on my dick. I was almost ready for business.

Someone to my right grabbed my hair and jerked my face up. He looked me over and then remarked, “This is the third weekend you’ve returned, Cunt. You must really like this!” There was a roar of laughter and approval from an unknown number of men in the room. “We figured you would return again after last week, so we’ve planned something special for you.” A thrill/ chill ran down my spine as I wondered what exactly they had planned.

Master placed my collar around my neck and the familiar gas mask was strapped on my face without incident. I no longer struggled when they strapped the appliance to my head and at once draughted deep the deliciously oily fumes. I felt the familiar sensations of my mind slipping its moorings, the warm feeling at my crotch and the ravenous hunger of a sexually starved man settling into by belly once again.

He completed my ensemble by shoving a butt plug roughly into my ass, snapping a leash to my collar and cuffing my hands behind my back. I was once again ready to go, once again, I was reduced to being no more than my Master’s little whore and I loved every second of it. “Love that ass!” he remarked as he slapped me and watched the ripples of force fan out from the impact point.

I yelped as his palm landed on my backside and the pain spread out before the shockwave. The pain was only momentary, but a curious feeling lingered, and I longed for more. I actually wanted them to use my body for their pleasure and knew they would when the time was right.

He picked up my leash and led me out of the room. He now stalked down dimly lit hallways until we came to the front room of the house. I noticed a young man on his knees at the other side of the door. I guessed his height at five-foot-six and his weight at about a buck-thirty. He had brown hair and when he looked over in our direction, I noticed he had those chocolate brown eyes I could so easily fall into. As I looked on, he glanced me over then slowly licked his reddened lips and smiled. He was wearing nothing but a collar and chastity cage as my Master led me to the other side of the door. “Master?” I asked softly.

He turned his yead and sidelong eyeballed me. “Yeah?”

“Who’s that over there by the door, Sir? I don’t think I’ve ever seen his face before,” I asked submissively.

“That’s our newest little slut, Petey. He came to us late last week,” he replied. “He actually volunteered for this!” A note of incredulity rose in his voice on the sounding of the second statement. He led me to the other side of the door. “Okay, on your knees, Cunt,” he ordered as he dropped my leash. “You’re gonna be book ends with Petey here for a while,” he decided.

“Yes, Master,” I said submissively I had learned not to be slow in obeying his commands and knelt quickly. He removed my cuffs and retreated out of sight.

I watched as the first gentleman of the evening walked through the door, spied Petey to his right and smiled as he strolled over to stand in front of our new slut. Petey looked up and returned his smile as his fingers busied themselves with the clasp and zipper now set before him. Soon, the man’s slacks and briefs were lying at his ankles. Petey sat back up and came face to face with the gentleman’s beautiful, eight-inch cock. I watched Petey visibly wilt as his hand seemed to raise subconsciously while never taking his eyes from the phallus in front of him. He grasped it as though it were an apparition that might suddenly disappear and then I watched his eyes dilate slightly, his mouth open and his pink tongue extend to accept the head of the prong that would soon be lodged in his throat.

I didn’t watch for long as another gentleman appeared through the door and glanced in my direction. He was a pleasant looking fellow who bahis siteleri walked with an easy gait as he approached me. He placed his hands on my hair as I began automatically began unhooking his pants, unzipping them and dropping them to the floor. I hooked my fingers into his boxers as he gently stroked my hair. “That’s a good little slut. You know what to do,” he murmured softly to me.

Beyond him, I could see Petey bobbing up and down on the slab of man meat now invading and retreating from his throat. His eyes were closed, and the hints of a smile were at the corners of his mouth. He was in his element and was broadcasting that fact. I smiled as I turned to grasp the prick of the man in front of me and guide it between my lips and into my mouth. We were bookends, as Master had said.

I lost track of time and cocks as I knelt there on my knees fluffing all manor of prongs coming into the house and occasionally glancing at my partner in grime. I have never seen a more beautiful representation of bliss that the one that crossed his face while his mouth and throat were being invaded and used as a cum dump. I smiled to myself as my own orifice was used for the same purpose. Pleasure loves company.

Master returned with a Stranger. They were herding two other slaves to our positions. Master collected my leash, bid me to stand while making another slave kneel in my place then cuffing me with hands in front again. I glanced across the doorway to see that the station there was being changed too. I handed Master my leash handed them our leashes and prepared to follow.

Our small procession stopped at an unmarked door, then Master pulled a keyring with many keys out of his pocket, selected one and unlocked the door. Inside were the now familiar bucks I had become accustomed to being bent over. There were two sets, one on either side of a curtain shrouded stage. I assumed that we were to be used for the entertainment of a throng.

They led us in and uncuffed our hands with the Stranger operating the locks on my new companion. We were then each led to our own place of debauchery. “Assume the position!” Master ordered with a wicked smile. Whatever was about to happen, he was going to benefit from it.

“Yes, Sir,” I responded subserviently as I bent over at the waist and spread my arms out. I looked up and noticed the steadily blinking light of a running camera and knew instantly that this was to be broadcast across the net live, as it happened, with copies being reserved for later sale.

When they had fully secured the two of us, doors to our right and left opened and in walked a dozen well-hung, grinning men. They were looking at us with the aplomb of a starving men looking at a Thanksgiving banquet as they fisted their half erect cocks. “These men saw you in the gang bang contest last weekend and wanted some private time. And, since we have partnered you with Petey…” he trailed off as he backed away and the men began to crowd around both of us in groups. “Have fun!” he smiled as he walked out and closed the door leaving us secured and completely at the mercy of these dozen men for however long they had paid for.

They closed on us like a pack of jackals and pulled our plugs. A hand came down hard on my backside making me jump and a shockwave pass over my skin. “Look at that ass!” said a deep voice behind me. A pair of masculine hands grasped my hips and spread my globes. I felt a hard prong begin to grind against my not so tight hole and began to press inwards. The air in my lungs was pushed out as though by giant piston.

I glanced quickly in Petey’s direction. One of the men had him by the head with his prong in the boi’s mouth, fucking his throat hard. Another was examining his quivering ass via the braille method and fingering the huge butt plug in his ass. The boi was jumping in his bonds, he was so excited. I witnessed the first drops of precum begin to leak from his chastity. He genuinely enjoyed what was happening to him, the mark of a true slut.

Another walked around to my face blocking my view, fisting his cock as he came. I looked up at him through my doe soft eyes as his hand curled around my head, guiding my now open mouth to his swelling cock head. I closed my eyes as he slid it into my orifice and easily down my throat to a general cheer. He grabbed a fistful of my hair and began to bang my throat hard, taking his pleasure from me exactly the way he wanted it, exactly as he liked.

The man behind me clutched my hips in a vice grip as he concentrated on thrusting his rock-hard prong into my accepting, little ass. Shockwaves ran back and forth across my body, colliding with each other and making momentary patterns on my skin as the pair moaned and groaned as they spit roast me.

I lost track of what was happening as the group closed ranks around me. We were in our element. The little cum buckets they had rented, the little fuck toys for them to play with, their compliant little whores canlı bahis siteleri to fuck as they saw fit.

I felt the telltale signs of the control of the man in my mouth waning. His cock pulsed over my tongue almost imperceptibly as he struggled to hang on. “Do I cum in his face, or on it?” he asked the waiting crowd as he continued to hammer his marvellous prong in and out of my willing mouth.

“In his mouth!” came a suggestion from my left.

“No, all over his face!” came another from my right. This started a sort of back-and-forth round robin with some voices agreeing and others dissenting as my throat continued to be rammed. As his reserves of control were exhausted, he chose sort of a half and half approach. I felt him swell as he withdrew his cock from my throat and settled the head in my mouth. The musty flavour of salty cum flooded my senses as he released into my hot, wet mouth. I swallowed as fast as I could, but still was unable to contain the volume of cum he was spraying into me. Droplets of the white fluid leaked out of the corners of my mouth and down my chin. He then jerked his prick out of my open mouth and proceeded to ejaculate right into my face as I tried to catch the droplets with my tongue, much to the wild whooping and hollering of the rest of the men in the crowd. I had a feeling I would face a lot more of that before the session was over.

As he exploded at my front end, I felt the man who was fucking my ass fast reaching the end of his staminal reserves. He growled loudly as he pounded in and out of me, announcing to all present that he was about to cum. I was so excited by this point that a precum fountain burst forth from the tip of my chastity device as his prong detonated like a nuke deep inside me. The hot cum splashing and flooding deep in my ass made me fountain even harder as the men changed the guard, both front and back.

I heard Petey squealing in pleasure and supposed that he was being used like a rented mule. I had already realized that he loved it, so it was a happy, joyous sound that escaped him.

The new man now pushing into my ass was absolutely huge and I felt him stretching me further as he entered. He took his time as he penetrated, making me gasp and moan. Another man turned to my face, pumping his iron stiff rod as he grabbed my head in both hands and pushed the head of his prong between my willing lips. He groaned in pleasure as he pushed his cock through my mouth and down my throat, cutting off my breathing momentarily and then repeatedly.

With my mind floating in the endorphin soup that all the recent activity had created I accepted their cocks and cum wherever they wanted to put them. By the time all dozen of them were finished, we had cum all over my bodies, on our faces and in our hair as well as what felt like gallons of liquid inside my ass and gullet when Master finally returned followed by the Stranger to release us.

I smiled up at Master as he wiped the spooge from my chin and released me from my bonds as the men exited the room the way they had entered. The Stranger went to Petey, released him from bondage and picked up his leash. They led us out of the room and down another hallway. Master opened a narrow door and bid us to enter. Inside was a room with a central pole where there were two massive men who regarded us hungrily as we were led in. I noted that the other, individuals were not in chastity, had huge grins on their face and a massive hard ons between their hands. I guessed our positions right then and there. Whatever was going to happen, we were going to be at the bottom of it. As soon as the door closed, they began advancing on us as a pride of lions might advance on a prey species, eyeing us hungrily.

As one of them closed with me, he put his hands on my shoulders, easing me to my knees, I noticed shutters were being raised around the room and the chamber was being flooded with light. I couldn’t see them through the one-way glass, but they could sure see us. A series of four lights strategically set above each window gave the opinion of the viewer, a numerical rating from one to four. In a corner above us was a camera recording every nuance and each move for posterity and later sale.

Glancing over at Petey, I could see his hand grasping his man’s penis and slowly stroking. The larger man had his tongue down his victim’s throat, thoroughly dominating Petey’s limp and submissive form in his arms.

I was finally on my knees in looking up at him with his huge dong dangling in my face. He had a fistful of hair and began tapping his massive member on my open lips as he smiled down at me. “Oh, I’m gonna have all kinds of fun with you!” he said menacingly as he shoved his piece into my mouth and watched as it disappeared between my lips run through my mouth and down my relaxed throat. Lights began to appear over the shutters announcing appreciation or disproval.

He controlled my head and movements expertly as he made me suck canlı bahis his prong exactly as he wanted. “Oh, yeah Boy. You like this, don’t you?” He allowed me to slip his prong from between my lips and licked its length. “Yes, Sir,” I whispered as I looked up at him then slid his cockhead back into my mouth to allow him to bury his boner to his balls in my throat again. Lights flickered across the board, and I knew our audience was well satisfied.

I was allowed to glance over at Petey while he was exploiting my throat and saw him on all fours with his lover stroking his nice, little ass with the massive head of his pecker. Petey’s eyes were closed, and his hips were quivering in anticipation while more precum leaked through the chastity device from the tip of his dick. The flickering lights were blinking at a maddening rate.

Pushing the head of his peter in and out of my wet and waiting throat, he concentrated on using me just right. I had been given over to him to perform with and now he would have me just as he wanted me, his little slut for the using.

He jerked his rock-hard cock out of my mouth. “Grab the pole and bend over, you fucking little slut,” he growled as he sped me on my way with a slap on my ass. I did as I was told and saw that my friend was getting a similar treatment.

I clutched the pole as instructed, then felt his huge hands clutch around my femininely flared hips. He put the tip of his prong to my prepared hole and pushed inside me, groaning as he did. The lights were flickering madly as he proceeded to press his bulk all the way in and I moaned and squealed the way a little slut should. I felt his hips nestle between my ass cheeks as he settled home deep inside me. “Like that, Slut?” he questioned.

“Yes, Sir,” I whimpered servilely.

Petey gasped loud and long as his partner began the dance with him pressing his bulk ever further into the slut’s man pussy, taking him and forcing him to want to be submissive. The look of euphoria on Petey’s face told the whole story. “He’s as big a slut for cock as I am!” I thought.

“You enjoyin’ this, Boy?” he questioned gruffly.

“Y-yes S-sir,” I puffed as he banged in and out of me harder and harder.

“Then scream for me, Slut! Make some noise, Boy!” my ass master demanded emphatically. Immediately, I began to moan and groan under his assault. “That’s better,” he smiled as he accelerated the cadence of his hips, making the shockwaves reverberate around my body again and again. The lights flickered on and off, letting me know that our audience was thrilled by our show.

He suddenly pulled his cock out of me, much to my chagrin. “Oh?” I whimpered.

“Grab the pole above your head, ass to the pole” he grinned. Again, I did as I’d been bid. As I grabbed the pole, I felt other small hands mimicking my motion. I turned to look into Petey’s brown eyes and realized we were about to be twinned on the pole.

He took my hips in his hands and planted my ass back on his still hard prong. The lights flickered again as he heaved my body up and down, fucking me hard and making my cock bounce up and down in front of me. I felt his prong begin to swell deep inside me and knew he was preparing to cum. He growled and moaned as he tried to stem the tide of the inevitable, but the impossible was not to be achieved. He shoved deep with a grunt and looked me in the eyes with a half-crazed expression before he began to fountain hot, thick cum deep inside my still sucking ass.

I could hear my compatriot’s moans and squeals as his body was used in the same manner for the enjoyment of the crowd. If the lights were any indication, they were getting their money’s worth watching two little sluts used beyond their limits.

I closed my eyes, leaned my head back and moaned as I felt him cream pie my ass. I felt every gush into my sweet posterior as he drained his big balls inside me. He pulled his prong out and laid me gently on the floor where the clientele could witness his cum beginning to leak from my well used hole. Petey’s was laid head-to-head with me to complete the display

The shutters dropped and the door opened, revealing Master and the Stranger. They strode in and picked our leashes. “Can you walk?” Master asked softly. We crawled to our feet with our head downs and prepared to patter after them wherever they led.

Master led the way out of that room and down another short hallway before stopping in front of yet another door. He took out his keyring and shuffled through the dozens of keys that hung from it until he found the one for which he searched. He unlocked the door and led us inside.

Hanging from the four corners of the room were stout ropes tied into the middle of the room. He turned to me and smiled. “Stand here,” he intoned, indicating a spot in the middle of the room. I did as I was told as he and another large man began to entwine and coil the ropes around our bodies. When they were finished, they pulled hard on of the ends and we were jerked from our feet into a position on our backs with our legs up, suspended in mid air. I felt as though I was floating in mid air after he placed the gas mask on my head and let me inhale the fumes again.

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