Defloration Ch. 03

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Eva had asked her father’s friend, Paul to deflower her and introduce her to the joys and pleasures of sex. Paul, an experienced lover, happily obliged and popped her cherry. Her last words to him before she left were:

“Don’t be surprised if you get some confidential phone calls from some of my friends!”

Tina, a shy virgin friend of Eva’s had body issues and needed help in losing her virginity. Paul, an experienced lover, was glad to help. His final words to her, after he had introduced her to the pleasures of sex, were:

“You can tell your girlfriends that I’m happy to help and teach them so long as they’re over eighteen.”

A few days later his telephone rang and a girl called Chrissie introduced herself and asked for his help. She told him that she had had sex with another woman but never with a man. She was curious to know what it would be like and hoped that her first time would be a pleasurable experience. After checking her age Paul told her he would be glad to help. Before she rang off Chrissie told him she was a bit worried about meeting a man in his own home and asked if she could bring her twin sister, Margie. He wondered how this would work but agreed to meet both of them in the first instance to put Chrissie’s mind at rest. They arranged for the girls to go around that very evening.

At exactly seven o’ clock as arranged Paul’s doorbell rang and he invited the two girls in. The girls were stunning and alike as two peas in a pod. They both wore coats and when Paul invited them to leave them in the hallway they took them off to reveal their short miniskirts and crop tops. They girls both had large breasts and the crop tops revealed a deep cleavage. Paul smiled inwardly at the contrast between these girls and his last ‘client’, Tina, who had dressed so conservatively.

“What can I do for you Chrissie?” he asked.

“Well,” she began hesitantly “Margie and I have shared a bedroom since we were babies and, as we grew up, we shared each other’s beds for comfort at first, then later on we started to fool around naked and began to please each other, if you know what I mean.”

Margie continued, “We both enjoy sex with each other very much but we have started to wonder what it would be like to have sex with a man. The trouble is that we are both expert at giving each other pleasure so we need a man who really knows what he is doing and won’t disappoint us.”

“Well,” said Paul, “I’ve never had any complaints. I know my way around a woman’s body. I can’t promise to please your pussy like another woman could but there are other compensations.”

The girls exchanged a knowing look and nodded enthusiastically.

Oh yes, we’d like to give it a go.” They said in unison.

Paul looked startled. “Do you mean separately or together?

“Oh, we do everything together.” said Chrissie. “Would you mind?”

“Well, I suppose not.” mused Paul, his mind boggling at the prospect of having a threesome with these two gorgeous girls.

“OK, that’s settled.” laughed Margie. “Let’s get started.”

“What right now? I thought we would just have a discussion this evening.”

“Fuck that,” Chrissie interjected. “Just grab us some drinks and we can relax and get started right away, if that’s OK with you. I’m feeling horny.”

“Me too.” added her sister.

When Paul had poured them all a drink the girls offered to do a strip “To get everybody in the mood” Paul readily agreed.

The girls asked him to put on some music suitable for stripping and Paul, highly curious by now complied.

It became immediately obvious that the girls were excellent dancers and no strangers to stripping. They pushed Paul back into his armchair and proceeded to dance in perfect time with the music moving their superb bodies in a highly suggestive way. Chrissie unzipped her mini skirt and gyrated her hips as she slipped it down to the floor and over her three-inch, red-heeled shoes. Underneath the skirt she wore only a tiny, red thong with a tiny triangle of fabric at the back which did nothing to hide her beautiful bubble butt. When she turned around Paul’s eyes were drawn immediately to the larger red triangle at the front drawn tightly across her lower abdomen and disappearing between her legs revealing the deep ‘camel-toe’ cleft of her pussy.

After a few moments gyrating in front of him to give him a lingering view of her body she sat gracefully down upon his lap and lifted the front of his T-shirt to encourage his to remove it. While he was doing this Margie also removed her skirt to reveal a tiny, black lacy thong and her equally gorgeous body.

Chrissie stood up again and the girls continued their dance, taking turns to approach Paul in his armchair so he could feast his eyes at close quarters on their curvaceous hips and butts and the large breasts straining to escape from their crop tops. After a while the girls began to dance face to face and run their hands suggestively across each others’ breasts and down their sides. A few times one of them would turn her back on Paul bayan pendik escort and her sister would run her fingers around the bottom of the crop top hinting that she was about to lift it. After teasing him in this way for a few minutes Margie sat down on his lap with her legs apart and lifted her top to allow a luscious pair of breasts to flop out. Paul gasped as he took in the sight. He estimated that they were at least 36DDs and very pert with large faint pink areolae and large pink nipples almost the size of a thimble. Margie wobbled them in front of his face then she ran her hands gently across his pecs and up and down his sides. She smiled as she stared pointedly at the large bulge in the front of his pants then moved away to re-join her sister in the sexy dance.

Now it was Chrissie’s turn to strip off the crop top and reveal her equally superb pair of tits. The girls obviously felt quite at ease with each other’s bodies as they rubbed their chests together, nipple on nipple and Paul watched, fascinated as their nipples grew harder and more erect.

They moved closer to Paul and stood face to face with Chrissie’s back to him while Margie slowly, very slowly slipped her fingers under Chrissie’s thong and slipped it down over her hips and down her slender curvaceous legs. As they gracefully rotated face to face Paul caught a fleeting glance of a narrow landing strip of pubic hair before Margie’s thong was also removed. As they turned to face their captive male the girls coyly covered their mound with one hand while massaging and pinching their tits with the other hand to bring the nipples to new heights of erection.

Paul felt a massive erection growing in his pants as the girls posed with both hands behind their heads to reveal the entirety of their gorgeous bodies to him in all their naked glory. He took in the superb, luscious breasts topping flat washboard tummies and the curves of their tiny waists and the swell of their beautiful curved hips. Both of their pussies were neatly trimmed. Chrissie’s sported a narrow landing strip above her deep cleft and Margie had trimmed hers into a neat narrow ‘V’ shape pointing down to her naked slit. As they turned around Paul admired their beautiful shoulders tapering down to their trim waists and out again into the sensual swell of their hips and the beautiful rounded buttocks with two deep dimples above. Both girls showed a small triangular gap of daylight between their upper thighs when their knees were together. In Paul’s experienced opinion the dimples and the gap between the thighs were both signs of a truly beautiful and sexy female body.

Now the girls took charge as one of them sat on his lap with her back to him and rubbed herself against the massive bulge in his pants. Her sister stood behind him and rubbed her hands across his shoulders and chest pausing to rub and pinch his nipples. Suddenly, they took hold of his arms and hoisted him upright. Margie undid his belt and zipper and they both pulled downward on the waistband and removed his jeans and underwear in a single motion. Paul gasped as his cock sprang into view and he was matched by the girls’ surprise.

“Oh, that’s a BIG one!” exclaimed Margie as she cupped his large pair of balls in one hand to estimate their weight and size.

“It certainly is.” added Chrissie as she stretched her hand along the shaft to gauge its length.

They pushed Paul back into the chair and, taking a leg each, they swiftly removed the rest of clothing to leave him as naked as they were. Chrissie knelt on the arms of the armchair and moved her pussy towards Paul’s face.

“Would you like to eat me out?” she asked. Paul didn’t reply as he began to lick across the face of her slip with his flat tongue. She moaned her approval.

While his face was fully engaged with Chrissie’s delightful pussy, Paul felt Margie’s mouth start to work on his cock. He was slightly confused as she worked her tongue expertly around the head because the girls had told him that they’d never had sex with a man, but he wasn’t in a position to complain. As he parted Chrissie’s outer lips with his hands he observed her lengthy inner lips swelling with blood. As he sucked and nibbled them she moaned with pleasure and she gasped when he repeatedly thrust the rigid point of his tongue into her hole. He continued by running his flat tongue across Chrissie’s clit hood and down each side. Chrissie’s mewed with pleasure and obviously approved of his technique especially when he pointed his tongue and teased the end of her clit with tiny light strokes. He was surprised to note that there was no sign of a hymen and said:

“Did you know that you’re not technically a virgin? Your vagina is completely open.”

She replied, “Yes, I know, we’ve often used big dildos on each other.”

The girls smiled knowingly at each other.

Meanwhile, Margie had taken complete control of his rampant cock, she pulled back the foreskin to its maximum extent and held it tight by gripping the base of his cock while she beykoz escort pushed the head further and further back into her throat. Lubricated by his copious precum and her generous amounts of spittle she bobbed her head up and down giving him the most amazing deep throat. Paul moaned and groaned with pleasure as his face and cock were simultaneously assaulted by these two gorgeous girls.

As he continued to stimulate her pussy Chrissie moaned her approval. It was obvious that she was approaching a climax but Paul kept her on the edge by alternately teasing her clit then backing off to lick and suck on her inner labia. His technique was driving her wild until she felt that her pussy was on fire and she needed urgently to cum. She thrust her hips forward to grind her pussy into his face and get the extra stimulation that she needed.

He stopped and laughed, “You need to know who’s in charge here. You don’t cum until I give you permission. Maybe, I’ll have you begging for it”

Margie laughed at her sister’s concerned look. “His just teasing you sis. It’s all part of the bastard’s technique. Just go with the flow, you’ll get your orgasm and I guarantee it will be a big one.”

Paul continued to continued to tease the delicious pussy until he sensed that Chrissie was reaching the point of no return. As he pulled back the clit hood with one hand and ground his stiff tongue directly onto the little she suddenly exploded.

“Oh yes, just there. That’s so fucking good! Oh, oh, oh yessssssss. As the waves of climax overwhelmed her body her pussy spent copious amounts of cream onto his face. Paul licked and licked the delicious liquid and Chrissie’s body shuddered and twitched through the intensity of the orgasm. Paul reached up and grabbed both of her nipples and tweaked them gently, continuing to massage them as she reached renewed peaks of intensity. Finally, as the orgasm started to die away, he grabbed her hair and pulled her in for a passionate kiss. She met him with an open mouth and their tongues duelled furiously.

Suddenly, Paul became aware of the furious attention that his dick was receiving from Margie. As her head bobbed up and down he realised that his own orgasm was imminent.

“I think we need to take a break here girls.” He announced.

Realising his intention, the girls withdrew and sat on the couch giggling. They took a long pull on their drinks and Paul poured them fresh ones.

Paul looked at them sternly and said, “I think you need to come clean with me. You’re much more experienced than you led me to believe. Out with it. Tell me the story. How come you told you’ve never had sex with a man before. That’s not true is it?”

“We’re really sorry that we didn’t tell you the whole truth Paul” started Margie. “It is true that we’ve had sex with each other since we were much younger. But we didn’t tell you that we work in a strip club part-time to earn money. That’s where we learned the sexy dancing to please men.

Margie continued, “We also do lap-dancing and sometimes the men offer us money for ‘extras’. Usually, we just give them a quick blow-job and they go away satisfied. But, once or twice they’ve given us lots of money to go further. They wanted to fuck, but they were drunk and, for us it was a very unsatisfying disaster. They either came quickly as soon as they got inside, or their dicks were too soft to penetrate. We desperately need to find out what sex with a real man, a man who really knows what he is doing, is like.

Chrissie added, “We’re really sorry we tricked you Paul, but can you help us?”

“Well, I guess so.” said Paul. “You didn’t really trick me, you just didn’t tell me the whole truth. You’re both gorgeous girls and you should be able to have good sex with both boys and girls if I teach you right and you know how it should be with a man.”

The girls were delighted and whooped with pleasure.

“OK girls” said Paul, “let’s go back to the armchair and practise some more. It’s your turn to have your pussy eaten out Margie. Chrissie, see if you can this cock hard again.”

The girls grinned from ear to ear, pleased to be dominated by an expert male. Paul sat in the chair while Margie squatted on the arms offering her pussy to him while Chrissie knelt on the floor between his legs.

The hot sex proceeded as before. No-one was in a hurry and the teasing was slow, thorough and very, very pleasurable. Margie relaxed and enjoyed the tease, knowing with absolute certainty that she would cum hard when, and only when, Paul allowed her to. Meanwhile Paul’s member was treated to the most amazing blow-job. Chrissie was able to deep-throat his cock with no trouble. Her tongue teased the glans unmercifully, expertly licking and sucking the head until his cock was rock hard and the veins were distended. Feeling the familiar feeling in his balls, Paul re-doubled his attention to Margie’s clit and she came explosively. As before, he turned his attention to her luxurious tits and prolonged the orgasm by tweaking and pulling on her bostancı escort sensitive nipples. Chrissie eased off on his dick, keen to save it for later and contented herself with gripping his rampant cock in one hand while she was sucking his balls alternately into her mouth as she listened to her sister screaming with pleasure as the massive orgasm washed through her whole body.

The three of them took another break to have a drink and a chat before retiring to the bedroom. As they all lay naked on Paul’s king-size bed the girls took the opportunity to inspect every detail of Paul’s body. He worked out regularly and, as they ran their hands across his firm pecs and six-pack abs, they cooed in delight at the hard muscles. As their hands travelled lower, they teased him about the trimmed dark pubes that adorned his lower abdomen and noted that his penis and balls had been completely shaved.

“Is this to make your dick look bigger?” Chrissie asked. “The trees always look taller if there’s no undergrowth.”

“No,” replied Paul “It just feels cleaner and smoother this way. Do you like it girls?”

“Oh yes,” said Margie. “I think it’s much nicer to suck and lick a man’s package if you don’t get hairs in your mouth.”

“Well,” laughed Paul, “you can suck and lick as much as you like. I certainly don’t have any objections.”

“You bad man,” laughed Margie. “You’ll just have to wait. I want to inspect your ass first. We love a man’s shapely ass so turn over.”

Paul obligingly turned over to reveal his ass. It was muscular and square and covered in a light covering of dark hair particularly in the cleft between his buttocks. The girls massaged his muscular shoulders and ran their hands down the length of his back to pummel and massage the hard muscles of his butt cheeks.

“Are you going to fuck us now?” demanded Margie.

“Oh yes,” Paul muttered into the pillow.

“What, both of us?” demanded Chrissie.

“Mmmm, mmm,” muttered Paul

“Oh, you naughty boy,” continued Margie. “You’ll have to be spanked for that.”

“Would you like to be spanked?” asked Chrissie.

“Oh yes,” said Paul, suddenly speaking more clearly. “I’d like that very much.”

At this, the girls rained down a series of slaps onto his bare buttocks with the flat of their hands. Paul squirmed with pleasure as his cheeks became redder and his sexual excitement increased. He turned over to reveal his semi-hard shaft and the girls set to work. They worshipped his whole package paying attention to the taint between his legs and flowing with their tongues along the seam stopping to lick and suck at his balls then they moved on up the shaft. Attacking it from both sides they ran their hard tongues along the sides to the generous foreskin. One of them stuck her tongue down the end and licked around the opening beneath while the other licked around the outside of the sensitive skin. Once they had pulled back the foreskin to reveal the shiny helmet head and the frenulum beneath, they licked and sucked furiously, making his excited cock grow harder and even bigger.

Chrissie climbed into position and sat on his cock with her gorgeous bottom facing his face. As she slowly sank onto his rampant shaft he groaned with pleasure and she said:

“Oh my god. You’re so big and hard! You are filling me up completely and stretching me out. That feels so good!”

He sister continued to lick his balls and shaft as it plunged in and out of Chrissie’s pussy. Then her eager tongue turned its attention to Chrissie’s clit. Chrissie squealed in delight as her pussy was simultaneously pistoned by his hard member and her clit was stimulated by her sister’s tongue. Inevitably, she rapidly approached a climax and was unable to move as Paul reached around and prolonged the pleasure by squeezing her tits and nipples.

When her orgasm had subsided, Chrissie climbed off Paul and was quickly replaced in the same position by Margie.

“I want some of what you’ve just had.” gasped Margie as she impaled her eager pussy on Paul’s hard cock. She flexed her leg muscles and began to move her hips up and down to fuck him vigorously as her sister licked and sucked alternately on both of them. The result was the same as before. She squealed as she rapidly reached a powerful orgasm which was aided and prolonged by Paul’s attention to her tits and prominent nipples.

When Margie had removed herself and gave him a passionate kiss, Paul parted Chrissie’s legs and position himself between them. He ran the whole length of his cock up and down her now excited and very swollen vulva. When he targeted her clit directly with the head of his cock and rubbed it slowly up and down the tiny nub she gasped with pleasure.

“Fuck me now, fuck me hard.” she demanded.

Obligingly, Paul took aim with his huge helmet-shaped cock head and slowly inserted it into her hole. He moved his hips slowly in and out to stretch her and spread the lubrication. Raising his body weight onto his arms he looked down to see his hard cock enter her tiny vagina and he repeatedly rammed it forward to spear her down to the hilt. Both of them felt his cock pushing against her cervix and both of them groaned with pleasure. Paul was surprised when Margie squatted with her knees on each side of Chrissie’s head and presented her vulva to Chrissie’s eager mouth.

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