Deep Anal Drifter

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No matter where you go or who you talk to, there’s always gonna be some wild story that gets told over and over again. This is one of them. Now, a lot of people say don’t hitchhike or pick up hitchhikers, because after all, these are complete strangers. Who knows what sick and perverse minds travel the interstate at night.

It’s past 3AM, and I’m driving from Dallas to Houston on a Friday night. The desert is still giving off some traces of heat but it doesn’t matter because the car has air conditioning. It’s rare I travel in the dead of night but business calls and appointments have to be made. I can always count my success in dollars, by now, I’m at the point where I can take a boat and disappear in the Atlantic someplace. I’m comfortable with myself and the world I live in. The radio has long since lost frequency and I’m now listening to Billy Joel. The headlights move along the road and I’m aware of the animals and how the Texans always say, There’s road kill all over Texas, natural order of things.

I don’t see much cars on this road and it gets spooky sometimes to a point where I call the operator on my cell and ask for numbers that I know do not exist, all so I could atleast hear another human voice. I do these trips alone, car pooling gets annoying, pending on who you get stuck with. I had a trip to San Juan last fall and ended up punching Jean Wallas in the face for talking to much, others like Cherry, were enjoyable. Last month, I was car pooling with Cherry Summers, a blond communications intern from the 5th floor and we ended up parked in the desert, her sucking my cock. She was wearing a black Armani skirt and jacket, of course no panties. I’m not sure how it happened but it happened. In the back seat, on all fours, skirt up, moaning for me to fuck her. It went bad when I came all over her skirt, a very expensive skirt. I gave her the money for it and bought her silence for the sex. My wife Liz would be rather upset with me fucking a blond. My wife hates blonds.

What a lonely ride, Billy Joel sucks, so I throw the CD out the window. Moving along the road, I manage to see a sign, Motel Hicks; 10 miles ahead. I’m tired and on the verge of talking to myself, so I pay for a room and crash for the night. In a dream, I’m eating nugget size blond girls, they scream to stop but the kid at Burger King tells me that chicken Mcblonds are good and a part of a well balanced diet. Eating my blonds, while reading a paper, almanbahis a group of Cuban midgets storm the place, all armed to the teeth. I don’t seem to care as the people around me start to come apart in bloody pieces. Soon enough, I’m confronted by a hostile midget with a machete, he tells me to stop eating and get on the floor. I sigh and stop eating, then with one movement of the hand, I grab the midget from the floor and swallow him whole, the other midgets get scared and start to fire at me, I start to bleed and the bullets tickle. The dream ends with me chasing them all down and eating them one by one.

Around 5AM, I awake in bed, with the neon motel sign shining through the window. I notice the bathroom door cracked, steam coming out, the shower is on. No questions asked, I move to it and find a complete stranger, a woman who I’ve never seen before. Black hair, deep green eyes, tits with dark round nipples and she’s wearing a gold cross around her neck. “Hello, What the hell are you doing in my shower?” I asked with half a hard-on. She turns and smiles, almost embarrassed. “Oh my god, I’m so sorry, I didn’t realize anyone took this room. I’ll be right out” She grabs a towel and scurries out of the bathroom. I stop her. “I just want to know how you got in here” “My Daddy runs this Motel, I use the showers of the rooms people are not staying in. Look, I’m so sorry I’ll leave.” Still interested I blurt out. “You can finish up, I notice the shampoo in our hair. I’m out of here in an hour anyway, go ahead, use it.” She smiles and unwraps her towel before even entering the bathroom and for a moment I get a glance of her trimmed little pussy, nice ass I add while getting wicked thoughts in my head.

I’m on my way out the door when she calls back from the shower. “You wanna have breakfast with me?” I pause and in fear of being behind on my trip to Houston, I call back. “No thanks.” I rethink the situation, and stop myself, close the door and head back the bathroom. She seems confused and I ask her. “When you get out of this shower, I’m gonna eat your pussy, then you’re gonna suck my cock, then we’ll fuck at a rather fast pace. How about that?” She looks angry then blushes. “You’ve been here before?” I smile and nod.

Spreading her out, I begin to dig my tongue in her, wetting it so that my fingers can move tiny circles around her clit,with ease my fingers move in her and she pulls on head. I’m lapping at her and sucking almanbahis yeni giriş her cunt when she takes her first orgasm. Faster than expected, I force my cock between her lips and feel her hot tongue swirl my head. She begins to tongue my balls, when I tell her to bend over the bed, using the saliva from her mouth, she jerks me off for a brief moment, then gets off her knees and bend over the bed. My cock glides to easily into her soaking cunt and I pull out, go to the bathroom and grab a towel. I clean her up a bit and put on the radio, loudly. I get some friction on her outside lips but then her pussy just swallows my dick and I fuck her slowly, building up to a more stronger thrust. My hands are ripping at her hair as I ride the back of her. The radio covers the loud screams and moans for the duration of this fuck. After exploding a wall of cum in her, I lose all interest and tell her I’m leaving. She’s dumb struck as I walk out the room, but remembering the fee, I throw her 50 dollars.

It’s too fucking hot and the leather seats are buring into my back, a head ache comes on strong and my cock is still hard. It’s around noon and my irritation grows as the sun continues to rise. I think about pulling over to a gas station for a few aspirins but I tell myself the delay, no matter how small, would throw off my schedule, So I cope with the torment. I’m thrown deeper into my own misery as a traffic jam emerges from behind a car wreck, a bus filled with children, crushed under 2 freightline trucks. There’s blood and bits of children everywhere, and I pop on the radio to find the full report of the accident. The backup is expected to break around 4PM, I’m pissed and call my client, tell him, I’ll be a little late.

Waiting in the sun’s glare, a girl knocks on window. She’s young, looks a little indian, a little Cuban, very hot. I roll down the window and she tells me her friend has heat exhaust and that her car has no air conditioning, she asks me politely to let her friend sit in my car until the jam breaks. I feel bad and say sure.

4:30PM, We’re inched a few yards from the highway exit and Lesley, the sick girl, starts to cry as she sees a dead child hanging out a mangled bus window. The girl I met was Robin and she sits up front with me. We have pointless conversation and soon enough the jam breaks and I let the girls out to walk back to their car. Robin leans over and kisses me, ever so slightly parting almanbahis giriş her lips and grazing my tongue with hers. She smiles and the girls leave. What a freaky trip and I couldn’t even guess what would happen next. About 20 miles outside Houston, I pick up a hitch hicker named Maria, a curly red headed, busty girl. She tells me she’s traveling to Mexico for a wedding, I don’t care to ask why she was hitchhiking but I’m still interested.

Maria is wearing some faded jeans with a sleeveless flannel shirt, her cleavage is hanging out and little droplets of sweat move down her chest. She looks like the red headed woman from TRADING SPACES, I only realize this now because she looks like she was building something out of wood, she has little wood chips on her shirt. Again, I don’t bother to ask. I get to know her a little more and I learn, she used to bartender at some club in Vegas, this was after she dropped the stripping act. She called it Erotic Dancing but to me, it’s still stripping for dollars by another title.

Near the end of our trip, she gets too personal, asking about my wife and sex life. Usually I wouldn’t care and would be amused enough to play along but for some reason I was just not in the mood and she picked this up and cooled off for a bit. She seemed disappointed and this made me feel bad, so I asked her, “Do you ever get the feeling that sex just got boring after a while?” She smiled and said “Never” She goes on to tell me about different kinds of sex and new ways to experience it. I’m bored already then out of nowhere she asks. “Have you ever had anal sex?” I say no and she says “Well, I want you to fuck me in the ass.” I laugh out loud and I turn to see she was serious.

Maria starts to tug at the hard-on in my pants. I pull the car over into some parking lot. She sucking my cock, at such a fast pace, my head was spinning. Maria had trained her pussy well, she could contract muscles on my cock for even further sensation, this was amazing. When I was primed with her juices, she took out a little tube of lotion and greased me up and slid me into her ass. At that point I was new I had found something new, looking down, watching her body colliding with mine, seeing her curly red hair bounce off her back, hearing her moans, I came hard. I sank into the seat and Maria got dressed.

“I can catch a bus from here.” She tells me as she gets out of the car. I nod and she digs into her bag and throws something on the passenger seat. “I hope you like Billy Joel, I found this on the road, might give you someone company.” With that, she walked away and as for me, I drove to a dumpster behind some apartments and trashed the CD.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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