Daisy’s Dairy Farm Ch. 04

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Jenny woke up a few moments later when she felt someone wiping her off. She let her eyes flutter open and saw a young woman with a bucket and rag cleaning the piss and cum from her chest and neck. She looked over and noticed someone doing the same to Ashley who had fully woken up.

“We can just shower.” Jenny said, not wanting to cause any trouble.

“If you’d like. It’s 2:00. You have an hour before your next milking, Miss Parsins.” Jenny nodded. She turned and thanked Ashley, promising to return later and pushed herself off the ground. She shakily walked from the room, feeling the pain in her used asshole. Jenny stumbled down the hall to her room. She reeked of urine and wanted to clean herself up before she met the bull. Jenny blushed and hid her face as she passed a pair of cows in the hall, suddenly very aware of the red lipstick on her stomach and the vomit and urine in her hair.

Jenny just ducked her head and walked faster. When she finally reached her room she burst through the door, slamming it behind her as tears streamed down her face. That was the most humiliating thing she’d ever done. And she loved it. Jenny swiped the tears from her cheeks and crossed the room to the bathroom. She turned the shower knobs, waiting for the water to heat up, and inspected herself in the mirror. She had tears streaking her face, she was bright red from being smacked around, her hair was a mess with chunks of vomit and wet with urine. She liked how used she looked but now her stomach and ass were sore and her face stung. The mirror began to steam over and Jenny hurried to hop in the shower.

Jenny sighed in pleasure as the hot water bared down on her. She gently scrubbed lavender scented shampoo through her hair, working at her scalp and dragging her fingers through the knots. She kept thinking about Ashley’s offer of being a pig right next to her. She might have to take her up on that.

Conditioner came next and was slathered through her hair so it could sit while she scrubbed at her body. Jenny almost didn’t want to take the now smeared lipstick off of her lower stomach but she also didn’t want anyone else to see it. She lathered a rag with soap and scrubbed away, soothing herself as she did so. Jenny knew she was beautiful now. She was useful. She was worthy. She rinsed off and stepped out of the shower, turning the water off as she went. Jenny’s milk had stopped leaking by now and she was able to be completely dry as she toweled herself off. Jenny checked the time. 2:20. She should probably head towards the barn in half an hour.

Jenny decided to eat something görükle escort in the common room. She went in and fixed herself a bowl of cereal, glancing through the room. She spotted another friend of hers, Millie, on one of the long couches. Millie was a cow like her. Jenny carried her bowl and went to sit by Millie.

“How are you doing?” Jenny asked. Millie turned and smiled at her.

“I’m alright. You?” Millie had been at the farm only a week longer than Jenny.

“I’m okay.” Jenny wanted desperately to tell her friend about what just happened but she also wanted to keep it to herself. Eventually that’s what she decided to do. Just keep her mouth shut. The girls sat and talked about little things, how the farmhands were getting a little aggressive, the new cups for some of the milking machines (they were bowl shaped instead of longer and didn’t really fit properly on the girls’ elongated teats), and the exciting news that miss Daisy herself was going to come visit the farm in a week.

Soon enough it was time to go to the barn, the few cows in the common area made their way down the many flights of stairs to the barn and chose their stalls. Jemmy waited patiently for someone to come hook her up. It was James this time, she hadn’t seen him in forever.

“Miss Jenny, nice to see you again.” James patted her ass and began hooking her up. “You’re on the list to be taken by Maximus. That’s what we call him anyway. His name’s Timothy though. He’s a good 15 inches so you’ll really enjoy that.” James finished locking her in place and attached the milking machine. This one had the long thin cups on it that Jenny preferred. James flipped the milker on and gave Jenny one last slap on the ass before calling out that she was ready for the bull. Jenny heard someone shuffle into her stall, obviously being led. He was brought to the front of her so she could see him.

Timothy was tall, maybe even 7 feet. He had very defined abs and pecs and his arms were bigger than Jenny’s head. His cock was massive, even soft it stood around 10 inches. Jenny craned her head and found his face. He had on a collar that was attached to a leash and a thick leather muzzle shaped like a bull’s face. He was blindfolded but that changed as James ripped the blindfold off. Timothy locked eyes with Jenny and even though she couldn’t see his mouth she knew he was smirking. What an ass. She thought. Bound like that and still smirking.

James led Timothy around to Jenny’s behind and clipped his leash to the bar at her waist. He adjusted some things, placing blocks under her feet and raising her waist bar bursa merkez escort so that her pussy was perfectly aligned with Timothy’s growing cock. Jenny heard Timothy panting through the muzzle.

Once he was finished, James slapped Timothy on the rear causing him to jerk forward. Jenny could feel the tip of his enormous cock surge past her pussy lips. This was the cock she’d been dreaming of. It was so thick she could feel it stretching her even with her enlarged cow cunt. Timothy was grunting now, straining as he tried to shove the full length of his dick inside Jenny. His hips lurched forward and slapped against hers as he sheathed his cock deep in her pussy. Jenny screamed. She had NEVER felt a cock this large, it was ripping her open in all the best ways. Tears began streaming down her face as Timothy dug his fingers into her hips and drove his cock into Jenny. He groaned and yelled, sounding like a real bull behind the muzzle. Jenny could hardly think, her eyes were blurred with tears and her head felt light with all the pleasure coursing through her veins. Jenny vaguely registered the sound of someone coming in her stall and laughing as she squirmed and screamed with pleasure.

“Look at this, a pig turned cow.” It must’ve been the farmhand from before. She heard another slap, probably to timothy’s ass, and his thrusts grew impossibly stronger. Jenny opened her eyes wide, reveling in the wondrous pain as she squirted her cum all over timothy. He just kept pounding at her pussy, not caring whether she came or not. He was only chasing his own orgasm. That thought alone kept Jenny going as she continued to have earth shattering orgasms. She vaguely registered that there were more and more people coming to watch her but she didn’t care. The only thing that mattered was the giant cock thrusting into her cunt and the machine sucking away at her teats.

This was her happy place, in the stall with the milk machine on and a cock in her pussy. Jenny couldn’t even think about anything else. She couldn’t see or hear or think but she could feel everything. Every last inch of that thick cock, rough hands gripping and slapping at her hips, nails biting her skin, her muscles being stretched and strained by her restraints, and best of all that machine. That damn machine. It was as relentless as the bull currently fucking her and yet she found herself a slave to it every day. She was in heaven.

In her state of bliss, Jenny faintly felt Timothy shudder and gasp as he reached his climax, not bothering to pull out of her. Jenny wanted so badly to have bursa sınırsız escort her sore cunt licked and kissed again. It was throbbing and pulsing, covered in a mixture of sweat and cum. Jenny fell slack against the restraints and allowed herself to be manipulated by the farmhands. They slapped and stroked her, telling her what a good little cow she had been and how she might even be lucky enough to carry a baby if she really wanted it. She heard female voices moaning and crying out around her as the other cows were milked and fucked and she heard metal scraping on metal as her restraints were undone.

Jenny fell to the floor, a pile of flesh and cum. The farmhands helped her to her feet, clutching whatever holds they could find as she attempted to stand on shaky legs.

“We should get her to Tryst.” One of them said. He almost sounded worried. Jenny giggled at the thought. Why would someone worry about her? She felt sooooo good.

“Yeah. Help me load her into the cart and we can drive her to the animal entrance across the field. She’s getting heavy.” Jenny thought that was a rather rude thing to say. She supposed he was right though.

The two farmhands hoisted her into a small golf cart. One drove while the other held her in place. She felt the cold steel and plastic seats against her bare skin. The ride was bumpy but short. When they reached their destination, the veterinary office, they unloaded her and all but carried her into an exam room. Jenny heard them leave and decided to take a nap.

When she woke up she found Dr.Tryst examining her sloppy pussy.

“Well hi.” She sputtered, surprised at the intrusion.

“Sorry, dear. They got a bit worried when you collapsed. I’d say you’re doing just fine though. What do you think?” The doctor had a twinkle in his eye like he already knew she was feeling better than she ever had.

“I feel amazing.” Jenny smiled warmly. She remembered what the farmhand had said about a baby. “Do you really think I could get pregnant?” She kind of wanted a baby but not here. This felt like a bad place to raise a child.

“Well of course. If that’s what you want. You have a ways to go though. And you always have options available to you.” Jenny smiled.

“Thank you, Doc.” She allowed herself to drift off once more as the doctor examined her.

A/N: Thank you guys so much for all the love and support for Jenny and her Hucow journey. I love reading your comments and seeing all the love you guys have for her. I’ll admit that I’ve encountered a small block in my writing so I may not have super long chapters for you but I’m determined to get them put out in a timely manner.

Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions or concerns about the story and I will do my best to answer and address them in the next chapter. You guys really are the best. Thank you so much.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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