Daddy, Help Me! Pt. 01

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Phone ringing.

Ken answers, “Hello!”

“Daddy! Help me. I’m leaving Mark.”

“Oh baby, what took you so long?”

“I don’t know daddy but you were right. He’s a no good looser. I can’t stand him any more.”

“Okay baby, you know what to do. Call a taxi and take it to the hotel we’ve talked about. I’ll phone and register you.”

“Okay daddy. Thank you.”

“I love you honey. See you later today. Hugs and kisses.”

Immediately after Ken hangs up, follows through as he said and, within 10 minutes, is in his car and driving to where his daughter Jill is.

It’s a two hour drive. He already had an overnight grip packed having expected her phone call for several weeks.

Thirty five year old Ken is actually pumped, ecstatic actually, at the news Jill just delivered.

The drive is quiet and fast. Kens thoughts focused primarily on his lil precious angel.

His daughter Jill is 19 years old, a tall 5 foot 11 inch slender, gorgeous knockout with dimples and a cute angelic facial complexion and mid chest wavy brunette hair. Blessed with large rounded breasts, a slim tummy and waist flaring out to wide hips and the most luscious ass. Her legs and thighs muscular and athletic, from her years of walking and cycling.

Her tall stature and baby face creates an impression of photographic beauty and innocence, on par with modeling status.

She is anything but. An educated and brilliant brainiac 19 year old fireball. She gets what she wants. People who cross her soon find out they’ve mixed with the wrong person. A mistake her hubby Mark obvious discovered early on in their short marriage.

Yet, her relationship with daddy, Ken, is a complete contrast and like few others. They possess a connection that can only be described as very unique. Empathy comes to mind in how they identify and experience the feelings, thoughts and attitudes of the other.

A few years back when his wife unexpectedly passed away, Ken went into a very oppressive hole. His depression took him to a very dark place. Some things didn’t add up and in trying to figure it all out he was driving himself crazy.

It was teenage daughter, Jill, who came to his aid and rescued him.

Jill and her mom had not been the closest of people. In fact Jill didn’t like her mom very much at all and actually wished her dead. Her Daddy, on the other hand, and Jill were on a firm and strong foundation. She was, and still is, a ‘Daddy’s Girl.” She wore the title with honour. Their connection was, and is, Love.

It came as no surprise, then, when Jill jumped in to help her daddy. Over the period of a few months she ministered care and love to him, taking on the role of the adult in their relationship. Daughter and daddy became like a mommy and son. The compassion and insight she possessed for her daddy saved his life.

When they emerged from the ordeal after a few months a unique bonding had been birthed which developed into an unusual friendship. They were best friends forever.

They were more than just daddy and daughter. Their connection transcended the usual norms associated with a daddy daughter relationship.

So, when Jill phoned her daddy today it came as no surprise to him she was in distress and required his help. He was quick to jump into action on her behalf.

Something Jill was counting on.

An hour 45 minutes later he is pulling into the hotels parking garage. Being pumped and ecstatic while driving tends to increase the speed and shorten the driving time.

Walking rapidly up into the hotel he spots Jill across the lobby wearing a burgundy V Neck Mini Dress with a Plunging V-neck and with high cut side slit, halter neck, and low back. Scandalously dressed yet looking so radiant and tantalizing. Thinking, ‘That’s my girl, always looking so inviting and sexy for her daddy.’ His lil girl angel waves and smiles awaiting his arrival. Ken walks directly over to his daughter and embraces her in a loving hug, crushing her body into his., followed with a long passionate, wet kiss. Their uniqueness continuing.

Walking arm in arm up to the registration desk Ken slaps down his credit card,

“Mr. and Mrs. Smith checking in, please.”

A document is presented and signed. Ken and Jill then walk over to the elevators followed by a porter carrying his grip, her overnight bag and the security key.

On the ride up to their floor Ken again embraces Jill despite the presence of the porter in the elevator. His hands slide over Jills ass and caress the luscious cheeks while engaging in a long wet kiss. Jill wraps her arms around daddies neck, holding him tight.

“DING,” the elevator arrives at their floor. She whispers in his ear, “I love your hands on me daddy.”

Following the porter down the hall to their room they wait as he enters with the two bags and comes back out. Ken flips him a bill and thanks him. He then swings Jill up into his arms and carries her into the room. Sitting down in an elegant chair, still holding his daughter across his lap they exchange smiles.

“Thank you daddy tempobet yeni giriş for coming to help me.”

“Of course darling. In all honesty there is no place I would rather be than here with you sweetie.”

“Daddy, I’m so sorry……” Ken stops her, “Shhhhhh, don’t be so rough on yourself. Just relax in daddy arms and let my love for you saturate you in peace.”

Running his hands up and down her long athletic legs and muscled thighs.

“I should be thanking you for phoning me. When I’m In your presence babydoll it’s like heaven to me. My paradise. My goodness you are a vision, so beautiful, so precious and so tantalizing. And dressed just the way your daddykins likes, so seductively delicious.” fingers teasing her flesh. “You have the most beautiful legs baby,” bringing a leg up to his lips and kissing it, running his tongue over her big toe.

She moans.

“OH GAWD daddy, Yes, yes, yes.” Giggling.

“I love you daddy. Mr. and Mrs. Smith,” she laughs, “So smart and original, and so us.” Giggling. “It actually suits us doesn’t it daddy, us being Mr. and Mrs.”

“Yes it does princess.”

Ken rises from the chair holding His daughter crosswise, her arms around his neck, his hand under her legs and bum.

“Cuddle with daddy,” Walking her to the large bed and placing her down on the silk sheets. “Mrs. Smith.”

“Thank you daddy. I thought you were never going to ask, “her pouting voice, “and I looked so special for you, just how you like me daddy, seductive and tantalizing.” purring softly. And Giggling.

Jill pats the bed next to her. Daddy kicking off shoes and stepping out of his pants, unbuttoning his shirt and tossing it aside, he climbs onto the bed next to his daughter.

Rolling onto his side and spooning with her, an arm draped over her shoulder.

Still Dressed in her burgundy mini dress she feels her daddy pressed into her body. A hand resting on her breasts. A thick, aroused cock pushes against her ass cheeks.

“I love you daddy. I love how you feel when we lay together. So big and strong and so protective of your precious angel.”

Ken moans, holding her even tighter.

A daddy and daughter spooned together, their bodies molded into one.

So much love flowing between them, uniting them in a unique bond.

Ken lays silent enjoying the moment and the peace it brings, allowing their love to flow.

As they have over the past several months, consoling each other, whether daughter soothing daddy or daddy soothing daughter, they lay in each others strength.

“Daddy, I wanted a baby so bad, a grandchild for you. I failed you daddy.”

“Don’t talk that crazy talk babykins. You are still young. It’ll happen someday.”

Kens hand caresses Jills breasts rocking his erection against her luscious rounded bum cheeks.

“Feels nice daddy.”

They drift off to sleep laying in their spooned positions.

Jill awakens first, rolling over and off the bed. Standing and adjusting her dress she looks down at daddy and smiles. Ken is on his back.

Admiring his muscled body, the rugged features of his face, the thick cock, flaccid in his boxers but still large enough to make an impression, a protruding lump.

Jill smiles, thinking, ‘I wonder’ but not finishing her thought. Teasing herself mercilessly, the torment driving her crazy.

She turns and walks into the large washroom to freshen up.

Ken is slowly waking up. Its now late at night.

Every action begins with a thought, an imagination, a fantasy. We think and plant a seed with our thoughts, nurturing it and allowing it to grow. Eventually it becomes an action which we then act on.

Such was the case with Ken. For several months now as he and his daughter Jill had grown closer, first thru his pain and now thru her pain, Ken had recurring thoughts concerning Jill thoughts that could be seen by some people, most people, as perverted, forbidden and taboo.

Kens imagination was creating this fantasy of, what if! What if he and Jill became lovers, incest lovers, daddy and daughter. He had been overwhelmed with her beauty and with her Love. It sometimes consumed him. It caused him to be jealous, envious even. When his daughter announced her plan to marry Mark, Ken was totally disgusted and angry. He was hurt. Part of the reason his wife’s passing had caused him such depression was it coincided with Jills proposed marriage. What was his angel thinking anyways? So when Jill started indicating she and Mark were having problems after only a month, Ken was elated. The phone call today sealed the deal. Now ken had to summon the courage to broach the idea, the subject to his daughter. He had been dropping subtle hints along the way. Complimenting her on her choice of dress, which he absolutely adored. Referring to them as Mr. and Mrs., which he wished for. Flattering her constantly, fawning over her. They were not ploys to trick her, but actions he believed in.

Just thinking these thoughts, laying in bed, caused a giant erection, his cock engorged and needing release.

The tempobet giriş question now is, how to test the waters and make a play for his daughter.

The fear he has is rejection and alienation. He desperately needs to come up with a plan.

Meanwhile, in the washroom, Jill is having similar thought’s of her own, tormenting thoughts.

Trying to separate the love she has for her daddy and the lust in her body for daddy is not an easy task.

Is it LOVE or is it Lust? If Lust, how does she act on it? If daddy rejects her advances and then he rejects her too, she’d be devastated beyond repair.

All would be for naught. Something needs to change in order for her to progress their rapport to the next level of intimacy.

Jill walks back out into the sleeping area, her face freshly washed, hair clean and brushed out in its wavy length. The V neck burgundy mini dress hugging her alluring body.

Ken smiles, throwing a blanket over his erection but not before giving Jill a peek.

“I think we should go for a moonlight walk along the boardwalk, Mr. Smith.”

“And I concur Mr. Smith,” giggling.

Ken jumps out of bed and Jill rummages through his grip. Finding what she is looking for, she tosses Ken his skinny blue jeans. “Wear these daddykins. They’re so sexy on you.” Smiling.

Ken obliges her request, slipping them on. Looking around for his shirt, he bends to pick it up.

A whistle, “Nice butt daddy.”

“Thank you baby. Nothing compared to your butt my gorgeous princess.”

They laugh.

Ten minutes later they are across from the hotel through the park and walking along the deserted lakeside boardwalk. Ken throws a sweater over Jills shoulders helping to warm her against the breeze. “Thank you daddykins.” In the seclusion of their surroundings they become more intimate.

Walking along, arms around each other. Kens hand instinctively on his daughters rounded butt globes feeling every movement and wiggle. His body aroused.

“You make me feel so protected daddy. I love your touch on me.”

Jill’s fingers are hooked in the waistband of his jeans pulling him closer.

“Daddy, Today began so horribly and now I’m at such peace,” Jill smiles,

“Because of you.” She gives him a yank closer.

Ken turns his daughter toward him, looks into her eyes and kisses her, firm hands cupping her bum pulling her closer. Her arms around his neck.

A wet kiss follows and lingers, his tongue flicking over her lips, pushing into her mouth. Her lips yielding, her own tongue seeking his. Flirting tongues exploring and sucking. A shiver asses thru their bodies.

The kiss intensifies. Hands slipping under her dress kneading her fleshly cheeks, breasts pressed into his chest.

Ken sucks her mouth into his.

Their inhibitions slipping away.

Fingers caressing her ass cheeks.

A low growl, fingers exploring her ass crack.

Her hands drop to his groin, touching the large lump in his pants, fingers caressing.

Ken tilts his head and pulls her breasts to his face.

Their inhibitions falling away.

“Daddy take me back to the hotel. I don’t want to ever stop loving you. I wanna be your lover.”

Silently taking Jill’s hand in his hand Ken guides his daughter as they return to the hotel.

Inside the lobby, daddy and daughter walk arm in arm over to the elevators.

Back in their room, a long passionate kiss commences again.

Who will make the first move and crush the fear holding them back from advancing their unique relationship?

Hands and fingers wander, caressing and teasing.

Their hearts melting and becoming one.

Their bodies molded together as one.

Daddy and daughter. Their foreplay continues wiping away all inhibition.

Finally, Jill takes the initiative, “I want you daddy!”

Ken smiles, “And I, you. You realize what you are…. “

Jill interrupts, “Stop daddy, just do it!”

Kens head jerks back in surprise.

Jill steps back and slips her dress off her shoulders. It falls in a pile to the floor, standing before her daddy in all her radiance.

Ken unbuttons his shirt, unbuckles his jeans. Shirt tossed aside, Pants, a pile of denim on the floor.

Fingers hitched into this boxers, he steps out of them.

Two completely naked people looking across at one another, seeing one another like this for the first time.

Daddy and daughter.

Jill in all her beauty and radiance.

Ken in his ruggedness.

Their inhibitions all but stripped away.

The foreplay of the past wanting to escape its confinement and advance.

Each afraid to make the first move.

Kens eyes trying to process what he is observing. His 19 year old nude daughter, large rounded breasts topped with pink areolas and thick nipples, a hairless pussy between two muscular thighs and long athletic legs. As on cue she turns around displaying her back, her bubble butt ass. He whistles. “Gorgeous!”

Jill, on the other hand, observes a rugged and handsome daddy, tempobet güvenilirmi his thick veined cock waving in the air, two golf ball sized balls dangling, he also has muscular thighs and long athletic legs.

In each of their opinions they see perfection.

Jill takes the initiative, again, walking to the bed and laying down on her back.

Like a puppy Ken follows her to the bed, legs straddling her and looking down into her eyes.

Her legs spread wide beneath him, her knee’s bending and showing off her bare pussy.

Her eyes, big blue eyes focused on daddy’s thick rigid cock, his flag pole, engorged and yearning for release. She nods and smiles.

Ken leans into her face. They kiss, her fingers guiding his manhood to her opening. Brushing the mushroom cockhead up and down teasing herself.

A moaning GASP.

Ken thrusts slightly, his cock entering his daughters love nest, stretching her open.

Invading his daughters vagina, pushing further. The vagina opens yielding to daddy’s intrusion.

A huge smile looks up at him. He holds his daughter tight, pushing deeper, filling her up with his cock.

The hot warm pussy sheathes his cock as he begins thrusting and pulling.

Daddy fucking his very own daughter.

His dream come true.

A fulfilled fantasy.

Daughter fucking her very own daddy. A dream come true. A smile. A deviously naughty thought, ‘See mommy, he’s all mine now. I win. You lost.’ Suppressing a giggle.

“Yes daddy, yes, yes, yes. Make us a baby.” Giving herself completely to her daddy. “Take me daddy!”

Ken hammers his daughter, driven by his perverted LUST.

Pumping and thrusting, piston Fucking his daughter, fulfilling his Lust.

Jill, completely surrendering herself to her daddy, relishes the hard fucking.

Bucking and thrusting herself, meeting his plummets sending ripples of electric shocks through her core.

An Orgasm builds.

The heavy ball sac slapping against Jills ass.

The engorged cock slamming into his daughter, filling her pussy, topping out in her cervix.

The pressure builds. The cock twitches, balls emptying.


Cock erupting. CUM flowing. Pussy filling.

Daddy and daughter Orgasm together.

Mission complete and accomplished.

Daddy and daughter are one.

Joined together.

Jill smiles and Ken grins as they collapse in the afterglow of making love.

Damp sheets, tangled limbs and two satisfied bodies.

Sleep beckons.

Later that morning Jill stands naked before the window looking over the city from her high vantage point.

Ken slides his naked body up behind her and slips his arms around his daughter, an aroused cock poking her ass.

She giggles, looks down at his hands cupping her tits. “Does somebody want more?” Wiggling her bum against his hardness.

“Always,” Ken laughs. “And forever!” His hands caressing her globes of titty.

“Have you ever fucked so hard before daddy?”

“Never sweetie. You are the best ever.”

“Just what I wanna hear. The best ever,” Smiling. “I’m all yours daddy. Anytime, any place!”

“Really? How does a trip to an island paradise sound for next week?”

Jill stands shocked her body tightens, not believing what she just heard,

Suddenly her blue eyes pop open bigger and light up. Twisting in Kens embrace, she jumps up into his arms knocking him over.

They fall on the carpeted floor. “My turn,” she announces and in one graceful move she impales herself on his cock.

Not losing a beat she drives her cunt down then up on daddies manhood.

Tits flying and flailing, hair flying everywhere, driving her pussy deep onto the engorged cock.

The two lovers deepening their intimacy and sexual involvement.

Continuing to seal the deal, Fucking with abandon.

The Orgasms come quickly. An erupting cock. A trembling body.

Daddy and daughter CUM together.

A Cum filled vagina, seed flooding her cervix and Jill falls on her daddy. Happy and satisfied, again.

“We need to shower daddy,” she giggles.

A week later,

With their liaison cemented several times over and the promises of loyalty established, daddy and daughter are standing in the airport awaiting to board their honeymoon flight.

When Jill approached Mark via her lawyer for a divorce he was more than willing.

One hurdle eliminated.

When Ken asked for his daughters hand in marriage, I DO was yelled from the rooftop.

Another hurdle was overcome.

Registering the marriage in an Incest friendly country completed the obstacles.

So, today dad and daughter are holding hands and standing as hubby and wife in a lineup of other happy couples.

The 35 year old father with his 19 year old daughter, just another older man with a much younger woman.

Dressed in a blue silk dress shirt and slacks, Ken smiles as he admires his sexpot wife. Dressed in a red micro mini, her dress of choice, and black nylons, and with high heels, her wavy hair accented with a bow and ribbon.

Her height gives Jill a seductive appearance, with the shorter than short micro mini and her long curvy legs.

Definitely a sexpot, my sexpot Ken’s thinking.

The airplane they are waiting on is a special charter to an adult resort.

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