Cybil is Seeking a New Slave Ch. 04

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Big Dick

Story is about consensual adults going into a bdsm relationship F/m. For whoever read ch.3, Cybil once again gives Sean a further insight of life with her. Their information flowing and new experiences.

Once again, I sincerely thank Mistress4one who has edited this story.


I go off to work on Monday, thinking of Friday when I’ll be back at the feet of My Mistress and further understanding my surrender to her. Not being able to decide anything any longer is burrowing into my mind as she adds information on every occasion possible. The advantage I have is liking her looks, voice, skin, smell and ways. She is soft speaking and yet so determined and dominant, as I hear her words flow into my ears. Her looks are also starting to show when she wants something from me. Keeping me on holds for release is doing wonders in my submission to her and in her words. It will be a constant, keeping me very attentive by not letting me orgasm.

It’s Tuesday and I do not have any news from her and I’m starting to find a desperate need to know about her. Time is slow and fast for some matters I’m dealing with. Now I’m wondering if I’ll be dropping everything to become hers for good. That is a pressing issue for me. For the most part, I know I will; then, a bubble of doubt surfaces and I make it burst before it gets bigger and I fall again into my submissive and future slave mode.

Wednesday flew by and I did get a message from her that said, “I hope you have me in mind, because I do have you in mine.”

Once I get over the emotion of having news from her, I reply, “You know I do. Yours to be.”

Thursday, somehow due to work related matters, ended well for me.

Friday, the great day for me, wanting the office day to end and make my way to Cybil’s. Unfortunately, I’m distracted from work and I have to repeat a number of things until done and messing up adds to my frustration and anxiousness. At last, one minute to leave. I’m invited by my co-workers for drinks. But, I naturally decline. All I have is her on my mind.

After cleaning up, I’m there in a flash and knocking on the door. A second later, I receive a text. It’s her. “Enter and close the door. When you are in, leave your clothing where you did last time.”

I go in, closing the door behind me and undress as I’m told. Her house has a constant temperature and I’m comfortable, even naked. I don’t know if I should call her or not. The urge is bigger than I can manage and I’m calling her. “Mistress Cybil, I’ve done as you have requested.” I said and just a moment later, I hear her heels coming towards me. Nevertheless, it seems an eternity until I see her. As soon as she is before me, I kneel reverently and kiss her knee-high boots and remain there.

“I know you are eager to see me slave and that is what I want from you. Next time, I would like you to keep in silence, until I come over. It’s a way of training you, also.” Cybil said.

“Yes, Mistress. I could not hold back. Being able to see you now is a blessing for me. I wish my emotions were easier to deal with and would have preferred to keep the need to myself.” I said.

“Don’t ever keep anything from me, slave. Remember, your emotions and feelings belong to me, as well. I want to own you as much as you want to be owned. That is how we can have our Mistress/slave relationship evolve.” Cybil said.

“Yes, Mistress. I know I’m vulnerable to you. It is just knowing that I’m exposed to you in such a way, makes me feel I will no longer have an edge on anything.” I said.

“My dear, Sean. You have said correctly. When you are ready, you will not have any edge and you won’t mind, because we will be both in love. You, as my devoted slave. There’s nothing like feeling love with the right person and having the life you want.” Cybil said.

“Yes, that is something I’m trying to work out Mistress. I cannot distinguish my need for your dominant ways from the love for you beyond my current infatuation.” I said.

“You have been truly thinking about me and feeling also!” Cybil said happily.

“Yes, Mistress. I guess I’ll be able to tell soon enough one feeling from the other. I do say it makes me happy to know that independent of our need and maybe inclined to say, it’s love I feel, which only makes it easier for us. I wonder if you will feel that way also, so we can have a win-win situation?” I ask.

“Sean, you are quite a piece of work. I will always be frank with you, no matter what. I can say I like you very much. Of course, the more you become my slave, the more love I’ll be inclined to feel for you. I like you very much to say the least. The other love; the one that goes beyond time and space, I need my time. I can tell you, I only had that once and I’d love to have that feeling once again. I do feel for you very much. More than I have in a long time. So, it may come to be.” Cybil said.

“Thank you, Mistress, for being candid. It would be perfect if you happen to feel the same, at some stage.” I said.

“Let time tell. Now, I want you beşevler escort to tread behind me with your knee pads on and on all fours.” Cybil said.

I put the pads on and looked up to her from my position. “Ready, Mistress, when you are.” I said.

“Good slave. Follow me.” Cybil said. I followed her to the bathroom. She went in and closed the door and I remained on all fours waiting. Soon, she was out and looked at me. “It’s good to see you are obedient. Such as now I will ask from you many things and you’ll be obliged out of love you feel for me and as your Mistress to perform whatever.” Cybil added, with an amused face.

“Yes, Mistress. Today, I feel it as a test and guess in the future when you are in the mood, I’ll have to do whatever it is, like it or not, saying this out of respect to you, knowing I might wonder why, until it becomes a part of me to follow every whim you have.” I said.

“That is a positive attitude for a slave.” Cybil said.

“I will be asking you until you let me. Mistress, please, can I kiss you, touch you? I want to cherish you, more and more.” I said.

“You will, in due time slave. You will kiss my knee caps; then get behind them and do the same.” Cybil said.

Once I’m done with both sides, I asked. “Mistress, is that the way you want to be kissed?”

“Yes. Well done, slave, for your first time. Now, lick the back of my thighs. No touching or I’ll put mittens on you.” Cybil said.

“Yes, Mistress. Please tell me when my hands can touch you. It’s getting difficult for me.” I said.

“Yes, I know. That is why I mentioned the mittens, slave.” Cybil said.

I start licking. In the process, I drool, so I’m quickly lowering and pick up whatever excess I have. Cybil seems to like it, because she does not move for a while until I hear her call, “That is enough, slave.”

She turns as I look up at her. “Is that as you wanted?” I asked.

“You have done it different than I expected and I liked it. Going up and then suddenly dropping fast to go up again.” Cybil said.

“It’s getting late, so let’s have dinner. I’m expecting you to serve us.” Cybil said. I proceed with serving her. We have a quiet dinner with questions and answers about our more vanilla life to be. After dinner, I clean everything up and Cybil informed me the way my first night will be with her, fettered that is.

“Mistress, you have told me about being fettered. Can you expand, please?” I ask.

“You’ll have your collar on and ropes are bound from your wrists to the D rings on your collar. Your feet will also be bound. It’s restrictive, but not in a total way. You will have about a foot and a half for hands and feet letting you walk in small strides. If you need the bathroom, wake me up.” Cybil said.

“I know it will not be easy for me, and if I want to scratch?” I asked.

“If I’m awake, you can ask. You will have to get used to it slave. At night, it will be a must. You know I love ropes.” Cybil said.

“Yes, I know that. Could this be negotiable?” I asked.

Cybil laughed, amused. “Bondage is one of the main reasons I enjoy bdsm and having you helpless is a requirement for me. If you cannot or feel it’s not for you, just let me know and I’ll set you free.” Cybil said, drawing a line.

“No, Mistress. You know I want to be with you.” I said, kneeling and kissing her boots, in submission.

“Good slave. We are beginning to understand each other. I will hear you beg to me. I’m always open to hear my slave pleading.” Cybil said.

“Is my voice heard when I beg to you?” I asked.

“I enjoy you begging me, but you will not get your way just because you beg to me. You will learn when and how to do it. I do not guarantee the answer will be positive. Take that into account and see it from a slave’s perspective.” Cybil said, showing me the collar.

“Time to collar me?” I asked.

“Yes, slave. Come over and kneel again. It’s a new collar for you, my love.” Cybil said.

I looked at her for a split second, as she has it open in her hands and a deep emotion runs through me. I get watery eyes. She sees this. I cannot speak. My throat has a knot in it. Then, I say, “Thank you, Mistress for…”

“Hm, this has your emotions high, lovely slave, you are feeling owned.” Cybil said, as she softly buckles the collar on me. “Now, your hands.” I put them up to her and she takes her time making the knots, which are easy on my wrists but not leaving any possible way to get out of them. She then has one arm tied to the collar, then the other. I feel like a squirrel with my arms near my neck and that they don’t go further than that.

“Mistress, you know I’ll be having a difficult night.” I said.

“Yes, I do. Give it time and you’ll sleep well as you get accustomed to it. Now your feet. Hop onto the bed. If you need the bathroom, do it now. Your first time to the bathroom will not be easy.” Cybil said.

“I’m fine for now, Mistress.” I said, putting my legs onto the bed.

“Once beylikdüzü escort you are bound, I’ll play a little with you before going to sleep.” Cybil said as she tied my ankles with nearly two feet of rope in between them.

“Thank you, Mistress, for giving me a little more mobility with my feet.” I said.

“You noticed, slave. You see I do care about you. In the future, it will be shorter. Anyway, you cannot escape as you are.” Cybil said.

“That is not my intention, Mistress.” I said.

“It will keep you helpless, anyway.” Cybil said.

“Yes, I understand, Mistress. It is something you need, as I see it.” I said, feeling helpless, excited, in love and very submissive to her.

“I’m going into my night clothes. Then, as promised, a little play before turning the lights out.” Cybil said and once ready, hopped onto bed and started fondling my cock.

“Oh, mm, yes, Mistress.” I said, as she plays, getting me harder.

“You like that slave? Yes, my dear one?” Cybil asked, knowingly.

“You know I love it. Will you let me orgasm, bound?” I asked, as her hand moves up and down, having pre-cum now.

“Hm, you are already wet. Let me clean that, slave.” Cybil said and put her soft lips on the head of my cock; taking it in, but only the head, as her tongue plays there. A moment later, she withdraws.

“Mistress, is that all? Please, please, please!” I said, desperately horny and bound.

“I told you I’d play and I have, slave. Good night to you, my love.” Cybil said and turns off the lights.

“Please, Mistress. Don’t leave me in such a state.” I said.

“A little more, my love.” Cybil said, giving me a full kiss. “Now, silence love. Have a good night’s sleep.” I’m going mad and a long hour goes by. I hear Cybil sleeping well. My horniness tends to get manageable and even if it is difficult to sleep bound, I do get to sleep. I wake up hearing a dog bark in the far distance as I get acquainted with the noises of my maybe new home and fall to sleep again. I wake up and instinctively move my arms and feel the tug on my neck and remember my current situation and drop again to sleep.

“Good morning, slave.” Cybil said, waking me up. “I’ve let you sleep in a little. Don’t move until I untie you.”

“Mistress, I do say I fell asleep late after you did, having me left me all worked up.” I said.

“I’m teaching you that your body and mind belong to me and I do as I wish with you.” Cybil said, letting me free from all ropes.

I move my arms, length wise and find it a little difficult at first, then back to normal. I go to the bathroom to wash my teeth. I’m back and see her with a short dress that hugs her body. It’s shiny and she’s wearing strappy sandals as well. I’m overwhelmed.” Mistress, you look so sexy in that outfit; please let me touch you.” I said.

“I know you want to be all over me; but, as my slave, you know I decide when and how you can.” Cybil said.

It’s making me mad, but controllable for the time being. “Please, Mistress, let me hold you in my arms?” I asked, kneeling and hiding my raging hard on.

“Lie down on the floor, with your face down.” Cybil said, already knowing I’m horny as hell.

“Yes, Mistress, as you say.” I said. The contact of my hard cock with floor lets me move it a little.

“Don’t you dare. I did not ask you to hump the floor, or did I? Cybil asked, controlling me.

“No, Mistress. You didn’t. I do request permission to pee.” I said.

“You a granted permission. I cannot trust you yet, so do it with the door open. I suggest that you sit holding your cock down.” Cybil said.

“Yes, Mistress.” I said and sat down as instructed. I slowly started peeing, which is difficult at the beginning. It then gets easier and I finish. Cybil is nearby, so I don’t dare touch further than allowed. “Ready, Mistress.” and pulled the chain.

“I see you are hard again, slave and some of your pre-cum is all over. If it were not, we could be kissing and I would let your body touch my dressed one; which obviously, you would like to feel.” Cybil said, with a smile on her face of that of someone with the knowledge of true ownership.

“Mistress, please give me release. I might go in an unwanted way.” I said, getting desperate.

“Will you obey my every order, slave?” Cybil asked.

“Yes, Mistress. I’m yours.” I said, starting to lose my mind.

“Will you answer the same, after release, I wonder? Do you think so? Will you? Cybil asked; playing me.

“Yes, I will, Mistress. I need it, urgently.” I said, falling into the loop.

“I think I should keep you horny.” Cybil said.

“Please, please, please.” I said.

“If you need it so urgently, I’ll let you. Of course, you will not be in me. Maybe, I might use my fingers or boots or your own hand on my boots as you lick it up? What will it be? Cybil asked, smiling.

“Whatever you wish, Mistress.” I said, now giving in to her choice, without a say.

“Are bilecik escort you sure you’ll do whatever I say, my little slave?” Cybil asked, touching my cock with her fingers.

“Yeeees, Mistress, yeeeesss.” I said, nearly on the verge as she lets me go.

“How obedient, slave. I want your eager obedience, as I see it now. Do you understand?” Cybil said, looking into my eyes seriously.

“Yes, Mistress. I hope I can keep my word. Although, I feel coerced at this moment.” I said.

“Of course, you are. This is part of belonging to me. I can play with you all day long if I want to. Do you understand how deep it can go?” Cybil said, looking for my full awareness.

“Mistress, it is more than I have ever thought I could go. I do want to be with you. Teach me to give in as you expect me to; because I’ll drop everything to be by your side.” I said my hard on is not so hard now as I’m trying to really connect with her.

“Sean, I see your commitment with me and it’s very satisfying to know you are on the right path as my slave.” Cybil said.

“Now, if you can hold a little longer, I’ll appreciate it very much.” Cybil said.

“Yes, Mistress, if that is your wish.” I said, looking down as she patted my head.

“Now, get brunch ready, slave. You’ll see a note pad in the kitchen with all I require.” Cybil said.

“Yes, Mistress. I’ll get onto that right away.” I said and get things done in the same order as it’s on the list. “Mistress, it’s ready when you are.” I let her know.

Cybil goes into the breakfast and sees everything laid out as she instructed. “Well done slave. All set as wanted. Even the ropes are in the right place on my chair; so, before sitting down, I’ll tie up your arms, slave.” Cybil said, expecting me to place myself to be tied.

I stand, giving her my back with my arms available to her. “Mistress, don’t you find it tiresome when you have to feed me?” I asked, as she is firmly getting me bound with rope.

“I find it so sexy having you helpless and depending on me, that feeding you is also a charm.” Cybil said, pulling the last knot and making me turn to face her. She instructs me to sit by her side. I’m fed by her hand. Even the coffee is given to me in small sips. “You’ll let me know when you have enough. Unless, I decide how much I want you to have.”

“I find you are making me very dependent of you and I know it’s your wish, Mistress. Not knowing enough, I ask if I’ll be given some sort of spare time or out of your sight at times?” I asked.

“When you run errands, you’ll be. I’ll give you time free, but you’ll always be at my beck and call, slave.” Cybil said.

“Soon, I will be properly familiarized with our routines.” I said, as we finished. I’m untied and cleaned everything and the day follows on.

“Yes, you will. This evening, I’ll try a flogger on you, or use a toy in you. With either one, or both, you’ll be bound. You may choose which you want done first.” Cybil said.

“Will both be done today?” I asked.

“Not sure, Depending on your choice, slave. “Cybil said.

“Do you enjoy both at the same level? Will I have choice in the future?” I asked.

“Depending on the day and the situation; just the same as a chocolate cake. Sometimes you truly crave it; others, it’s fine, but not desperate. Choice, you will have, only when I decide to give it to you.” Cybil said.

“If you do have a preference today, let me know, just out of curiosity, since I’m new to both experiences.” I said.

“Being the first time, I’ll be soft with you and use the safe words. If needed, later on, when gagged, use a bell to let you call.” Cybil said.

“That is kind of you, Mistress, thank you.” I said.

“I like your ways; you show respect to your superior. Seeing you are docile to me, I would like to try flogging you. This first time, my playing with you will let me see how your body reacts. From then on, I’ll seek to expand your limits.” Cybil said.

“When will we be doing this, Mistress?” I asked.

“We could have it before or after dinner. I give you a choice, slave.” Cybil said.

“Again, I do not have experience. Maybe have dinner later, Mistress, if that is what you would like.” I said.

“Then my choice is to go for the flogger before dinner.” Cybil said, after showing me many aspects of the daily routines. The sun is finally setting down.

“It is an intensive day for me, Mistress.” I said.

“Well then, time to get you ready. Come here, slave. Do you see those ring bolts? Stand before them. I’m going to tie you up and put a spread bar at your feet.” Cybil said, laying the ropes out. “I’ll be back with the rest of the implements. Just wait here.”

Soon, Cybil is back and I see her with the spread bar, the flogger and her long leather gloves.

I put my hands forward to be bound by her. “Mistress, is that the way you want me to offer my hands to you?” I asked.

Cybil looked at my arms displayed. She then looked at me. “Thank you, slave. Yes, they are. As we build the relationship, I’ll teach some ways and key words to which you’ll know what is expected from you.” Cybil said, as she ties both my hands. She’s getting the ropes through the eye bolts and having my arms go high. She then applied the spread bar to my ankles.

“Mistress, do you keep me this way for long?” I asked.

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