Cum Lover and Steve Pt. 11

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Steve has been away now for going on two months on his latest Paris assignment. Can’t wait for him to return to introduce him to our expanding “family”. I think he will be overwhelmed with what I have turned up. Oh well, that will have to wait.

I don’t think I have mentioned that Sarah was interested in fashion design (Steve doesn’t know yet, but it will excite him I am sure). She has also been away for the past few weeks at a quickie series of classes in New York. She got home this morning and immediately called.

Sarah, “I had a great time in the City and loved the classes. I learned so much. I am going to continue my education and become a designer. I think I have the knack for it.”

Me, “That’s fabulous. Did you have any extracurricular activities.”

Sarah, “I was mostly too busy, with day and evening classes and drawing on my free time. However, two days before my return flight a knock out young woman came into the class. She was wearing tight black spandex pants and a form fitting tank top. Her round ass and pert tits suddenly turned me on to no end and made me wet. Lesbian sex was now on my agenda.

Me, “Well, you related before that in the porno flicks the lesbian action was interesting to say the least.”

Sarah, “True, but I hadn’t been confronted with someone so sexy like this girl. After the evening class I asked if we could have a drink and she agreed. After a couple of margaritas I made an advance. To my chagrin, she rebuffed me, but in a nice way. Damn, I was so hot. Have any ideas how I can fulfill my new found desire?”

I then related the adventures of the last few weeks. Sarah began panting into the phone.

Sarah, “Oh my god, that is so over the top.”

Me, “Sally commanded the boys to bring me back and I told them that I would think about it. Of course, I most certainly intended to do just that. I believe they would welcome you to the festivities as they would say, the more the merrier. Jan and Sally have stunning bodies, so you would not be disappointed. And then, I am sure Mike and Alan would be overjoyed to fill both of your holes at the same time. Hey, two new frolics in one sitting. So, Sarah you game?”

Sarah, “I am going to cum in a minute just imagining it. When and where?”

Me, “I will call Mike and Alan and tell them to come to my patio at eight on Sunday. I can introduce you and get their agreement to take it further.”

Sarah, “It is three days until Sunday, not sure I can wait that long. But I guess I will have to. Call me as soon as you know.”

Me, “I will call them now and call you back.”

I called Mike and Alan and told them to come on Sunday Ankara bayan escort and I will accompany them to their house. They said they were waiting for this as they so wanted to suck and fuck their mother and now they will have the chance. They said they would come promptly at eight. I didn’t mention Sarah. I wanted it to be a surprise. Sarah can more than hold her own with Jan and Sally. As soon as I got off the phone I called Sarah.

Me, “They are coming on Sunday. They said that they were so excited at the thought of ravishing their mother that they would fly to meet me. I didn’t tell them about you, I wanted them to be completely surprised.”

Sarah, “That’s fabulous. However, I am so starved for sex, can I come to your place on Saturday and stay over?”

Me, “I would love that. I have missed you terribly. Until Saturday then.”

On Saturday Sarah arrived in her sun dress which flew off as she came in. She sure was starved, she so much as raped me. We had a grand old time before falling asleep together.

In the morning we showered together and headed for my office patio. I stripped down and Sarah pulled off her dress. We sat next to each other. Sarah propped her feet on the low wall there on the patio so that when Mike and Alan arrived, they could get a full view of her gorgeous pussy. Mike and Alan arrived promptly and were shocked and awed by Sarah’s scrumptious body.

Mike, “Oh my, Janice and mother will love adding such a lovely sight as this.”

Me, “Meet Sarah, Sarah meet Mike and Alan. Well, let’s do it, I think Sarah may explode if we don’t get a move on.”

With that we made our way to their house. When we got there, Mike, Alan and me went in and got naked in a flash. Janice and Sally, were as before, sitting on the couch with their cunts in full view. We had left the door open and Sally said to shut it. Mike said that we had an awesome surprise for them.

Sally, “Well bring it in.”

Alan at the door, “The surprise is not an it. Sarah, come in.”

Sarah was already naked as she walked in. Janice, “Oh how sweet. Turn all the way around so we can drink in your marvelous figure.”

Sarah slowly revolved to many oohs and ahs. She then asked them to do the same.

Sarah, “For my first lesbian experience, I couldn’t ask for two more stunning ladies.”

Sally, “Alan, get that bottle of champagne from the fridge so we can celebrate this beautiful addition to our ménage.”

Alan brought the bottle, uncorked it and poured six glasses.

Sally, lifting her glass, “To great sex.”

Sally got up and asked Sarah to stand. She then gave her a luscious, juicy kiss, Escort bayan Ankara while Janice stood behind and ground her pussy into Sarah’s ass. Sarah turned around and did the same with Janice, getting them all seriously hot. Sarah bent over and started sucking first then the other of Janice’s boobs. Sally got on her knees and buried her face in Sarah’s ass, slurping like crazy.

Sarah, “I want to taste some pussy now!”

Sally lay down on the couch with a pillow under her ass, lifting her cunt in the air. Sarah began running her tongue up and down Sally’s slit and sucking her clit. She would thrust her tongue in and out, then moving back to the clit. This went on for some time until Sally couldn’t hold out any longer and delivered a very wet orgasm which bathed Sarah’s face in cum. Sarah then moved on to Janice, repeating the previous performance.

Meanwhile we guys were also mighty hot watching this show. Mike and Alan were pulling their cocks and moaning. I grabbed Alan’s prick and popped it into my mouth and simultaneously jerked Mike’s cock. I stopped suddenly, not wanting them to cum, so I could spring the next surprise on them. After Janice had a powerful and wet orgasm they both went down on Sarah. All three of them were wildly turned on. After what seemed like forever they collapsed against each other.

Sarah, “To think I have been missing this. Wow, this is as good as it gets. If not a lesbian, I certainly am bi.”

Me, “Sarah, if you’re ready, let’s move to act two. Guys, Sarah, for a long time, has wanted a cock in her pussy and a cock in her ass at the same time. You game?

Mike and Alan, “Ready, able and willing. But how can it be done?”

Sarah, “Oh my god, a twofer. I will need some lube in order to take one of those monsters in my ass. Anyone?”

Me, “I’ve got some right here, reaching into my shorts pocket. I anticipated this happening. Alan, lay down on the couch. Now, Sarah mount him and take his cock in your cunt.”

Sarah climbed aboard and with her being so wet, she guided Alan’s cock all the way in in one motion. Sarah, “It feels just like Steve’s gorgeous member.”

Alan, “Who is Steve?”

Me, “If you guys want, you can meet him in a week or two.”

I squirted some KY on my fingers and pushed two into Sarah’s butt hole to loosen her up and then rubbed some more around the opening. Then I squirted some on the head of Mike’s dick and massaged it up and down the full length. I told Sarah to bend down so Mike could have a welcoming target.

Me, “Mike, get on one knee and shove your tool up Sarah’s bum. Take it slow at first as she has only had cock in her ass Bayan escort Ankara a few times.”

Mike did as instructed. He probed her butt hole with his monstrous tool and slowly pushed in. After a short time his cock head popped inside and he began moving in and out until he rammed his entire shaft in to the hilt.

Sarah, “Oh shit, this is too much. Guys! Fuck my holes hard and don’t stop for a second.”

Alan, “Wow, fucking this pussy is wild and the sensation of feeling Mike’s cock rubbing against mine is a great turn on also.”

Sarah, “I’ve had two orgasms already and am about to go again. I love it.”

Mike and Alan in unison, “I’m cumming” and they unloaded in Sarah’s pussy and ass.

Sally, “We are so glad Mike and Alan met you. This could be the start of an expanding regular family orgy. And now, after Janice and I clean up Sarah’s two love holes, you boys can have your wish. But I must have both of your cocks at the same time, just as you gave them to Sarah.”

Sally went down on Sarah sucking the male and female ejaculate from her cunt. Jan then did the same to her asshole.

Sally, “Okay my boys, now we will complete this incestuous circle. Mike, lie down so I can mount you and then Alan shove your cock up my ass.”

They did as told and elicited a loud gasp of pleasure from Sally. They thrust with abandon and let their loads go almost in tandem.

Mike, “Mother, Alan and I have wanted this for so long and now I feel closer to you than ever. What a charge, I think the best orgasm I have ever had, knowing I was dumping it in your pussy.”

Alan, “I second that.”

Sarah, “I must clean up your two tunnels just as you and Jan did mine.”

Sarah, with gusto, sucked Sally’s ass and pussy slurping up every bit of cum. Sally then took hold of my cock and gave me a fantastic blow job, quickly making me cum. She swallowed every last drop. At that we all plopped down on the couch with our legs and arms intertwined, savoring the moment.

Mike, “We would sure like to meet Steve and add him to our growing family. Could you arrange that?”

Me, “I think so. Although he is wholly gay, Sarah fucked him a while back and I think he quite enjoyed it. He will be back in a couple of weeks. We’ll see what happens.”

After some playing around with cocks, cunts, tits, assholes and everything else, Sarah and I excused ourselves promising a return engagement. We promised to come up with some creative new activities for our sexcapades. We said our goodbyes and left.

In the car on the way back to my place, Sarah massacred her pussy and had several more orgasms. She is insatiable.

Sarah, “I can’t believe all this just happened. I’m on my way to the promised land. Thank you so much.”

When we got back, Sarah proceeded to get me hard again and rode me like a bucking bronco before collapsing in my arms.

Until next time.

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