Cuckolded by Her Mother Ch. 24

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This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.


Cuckolded by Her Mother

Chapter Twenty-Four

She didn’t want to do what she had to do but it was something that had to be done regardless of how much her heart ached to close her bedroom door. It shouldn’t have been her bedroom door, not really: the door that she approached on a daily basis with a fair dose of trepidation in her heart for what she would find on the other side. What had begun as alluring and exciting had taken on a darker edge, the seediness of what her little family was engaging in creeping up on the dragoness without her really noticing, just like the frog in a boiling pot of water. That frog didn’t know that it too was being boiled alive until it was too late to jump out – and what then? What would the poor little dragoness do when she was stuck there being nothing less than boiled alive?

Oh, there were so many options, so many options indeed, but a frazzled mind could not hope to pick up on each and every last one of them when so much was going on. One, however, could be drawn from the mess of emotion and she knew that in the set of her shoulders, the bag weighing heavy on them.

She loved that backpack. It had been a gift from Ropes, back when they liked to go out hiking. Oh, that seemed like so long ago and yet still no time at all that they had been so close, even though Fyr wasn’t all that sure how close they could have been if he was so quick to go off with Sasha, her own mother. It still stung, leaving a foul taste in the back of her mouth even as something far more lustful tightened within her. For she still loved seeing them together, passion heating up as she thought about it, the tension and turmoil of it pulling on a desire so deeply rooted within her heart that the dragoness doubted that she would ever be truly rid of it.

That didn’t mean, however, that everything was hunky-dory and that it didn’t still draw a dark throb of pain to her soul when she cracked open that prettily painted bedroom door, seeing the trio that she had heard far too often through the wall during the course of recent days and evenings and nights. Any time, really, they were happy to get it on, Ropes and Sasha with their new little boy-toy, Scott. And, well, the stoat certainly was no longer the gentle-eyed lover she imagined him to be, a submissive to the two of them through and through. She’d wondered initially if he was caught under their spell too but there was something in how he just couldn’t meet her eye anymore that she thought told a different tale and, perhaps, the knowledge of that was worse than anything else.

He didn’t even look at her when she was forced to give him head, Sasha’s paw mockingly guiding her muzzle up and down as if she didn’t know how to do it herself. The dragoness’ lips turned down sourly, the three of them engaged in their usual little threesome with Ropes on the bottom in position on only. Thrusting up into the stoat, the cougar snarled, baring his teeth, the stoat but a toy trapped between a male and a female body. Sasha rode his cock, groaning deep in the back of her throat as she treated him as nothing more than a sexy toy, although Fyr had no doubt in her mind that Scott, at least, would be a sex toy for them that would be treated a whole side better than she had.

And wasn’t that sad enough in itself to know and understand?

Ropes didn’t know or care, claws biting into the smaller stoat’s hips as Scott lay back on him, eyes rolling and jaws hanging open in a near-permanent expression of lust. That cock disappeared into his backside over and over again, a driving piston from which there was no escape – not that Scott wanted to escape, that was. No, the stoat sure as all hell looked like he was right where he wanted to be and then some!

“I prefer pussy…” Ropes growled, pale eyes alight and tentacles snaking up to caress his lover’s breasts, slipping into the slits in her sides. “I can change that…”

But Fyr could not have said what that meant even as his eyes glowed, stepping back and away from the scene laid out before her. It was no longer a feast for the eyes, something to be adored and enjoyed above all else but something sordid and decrepit, an apple that was rotten in the centre. She’d already made her decision, of course, but it was Scott’s moan in orgasm as her husband slammed into what she could only presume was a virginally tight anal passage that truly sealed the deal for her.

I’ve got to get the hell out of dodge.


Fyr’s heart pounded, though not for the usual reasons – and those there were many of. Her bag had already been packed and, well, the flight had been easier to take than anything else in her life had batman escort been for the last few months. Bar the dream, but…oh, she’d woken up in time to not cause her all that much trouble, a well-dressed business fur with a rather large briefcase poking her in the ribs (it had had to be him) just as she was, well, making sound sounds that she really should not have been making. That could have been a lot more embarrassing than it had been and yet it did not wipe the memory of the dream from her mind, his paws sliding down to her hips as he slammed into her.

There was too much else at stake, anyway, for embarrassment to come into the mix all that much, so much so that it almost didn’t bear thinking about either. It hurt more than she cared to admit out loud to leave the ranch behind – more than it had the first time she’d realised that Ropes’ relationship with Sasha was stronger than hers? – but she tried not to think of it, setting her shoulders back against the tides of change. Yes, things could be different, very different, but that didn’t mean that she had to put up with everything without a single word.

If they wanted to take Scott from her too…fuck them. She didn’t need them. She had the rest of her family to look after her. And there was one who had always offered her refuge in a storm, a shoulder to cry on as her first dates ended in tragedy (well, for a teenage dragoness they felt like the end of the world all the way back then).

The blue drake stepped back from the door, a short plane journey from the place that Fyr had so looked forward to calling her home, the ranch far behind. His eyes softened at the corners, lips pulling up into an easy smile as he stepped back and welcomed her into his expansive apartment home, the city a far cry from the world that she knew and loved so dearly.

“Fyr!” He said, only allowing her to get far enough into his apartment to close the door behind her, drawing her into a tight, bone-breaking hug. “I didn’t think you’d be here so quickly – how’ve you been? What’s going on that’s got you wanting to come on over here to my corner of the world then, huh?”

Although he waited on an answer, Fyr’s jaw was too far dropped to form even the semblance of words, eyes bugging out of her skull as she stared, gobsmacked, over her brother’s shoulder at the swanky apartment that he’d, apparently, very nearly gotten to the point of paying off in full. Far from being a tiny nook of a place, as was so often the case in the cities, it was the very definition of a luxury pad with lighting set up in fancy LED strips that Fyr had only really seen on the shelves at the store. She rather still preferred her lanterns though, for the barn.

“Wow…” She said, instead of greeting him in return. “You’ve got one hell of a bachelor pad going on here, bro! I didn’t know your new job paid that well!”

There was only a bit of a tease in that statement; damn, what would she have given to be a writer like Kao! Even with the little success he’d found, he clearly had more than enough to live comfortably, although she supposed he was a drake of simple pleasures, as she had heard through the bedroom walls in their younger days when their parents had been out. Her lips tugged up in a smile and she tucked her nose into the crook of Kao’s neck, trying not to think all that much about that dream she’d had on the plane.

No… That one most certainly could wait until later.

And her brother had not changed one bit, his scales a mesmerising blue that reminded her of her mother, although he swore that he did not maintain them with any oils and the like (liar, he used to steal hers all the time). Two pale horns pushed out from the back of his skull and his eyes held a sharply wicked air at all times, as if a comment was poised on the tip of his tongue simply waiting on him to unleash it when the moment best suited him. Taller than her, her younger brother had certainly found the success in life he was looking for, even though she would never have taken him for any kind of writer back when he was a teenager. A soccer player, maybe, as that was just one of his fleeing passions, but definitely not a writer.

She stepped back from her brother just as a flurry of motion in what had to be the kitchen of the open-plan kitchen and dining room, a luxury itself in such an inner city location. She’d have to try not to show quite how impressed she was with how well he’d done for herself but a distraction in the form of the girlfriend that he’d talked about on the phone before would do nicely for moistening her mouth with pleasantries.

“Ah… Chemical, isn’t it?” Fyr smiled politely and held out her paw for the other dragoness to shake. “It’s really nice to meet you – I’ve heard so much about y’all!”

The colloquialism slipped from her lips before she could call it back and Fyr winced: that one sounded a little too like her mother. Next, she would be calling everyone ‘sugar’ and ‘honey’ and the bayburt escort like, sounding well and truly just like her! Chemical was a dragoness not all that much taller than her, although she seemed to hold herself differently, black scales shiny and sliced through with green stripes where her T-shirt bared her midriff. A thick mane of luscious, green hair cascaded down her neck, slightly damp and curly at the tips as if she had not long come out of the shower. Her body could only be described as curvaceous, although she was not quite full-figured enough to be considered voluptuous, even though Fyr warranted that she may well have been a dragoness who had trouble finding tops to fit her, ah…assets, so to speak. Then again, who didn’t have trouble clothes shop these days?

“I could say the same!” Chemical grinned widely, taking Fyr’s paw with a flash of hot-pink claws. “But I’m not much of a shaker… Come here, you!”

And then Fyr found herself dragged against a very soft female chest, the life and breath squashed out of her as Chemical hugged her to near within an inch of her life. Flinching from the unexpected contact, Fyr ground her teeth together and bore through it with an awkward little chuckle, Chemical thankfully separating them once more before too long, although the memory of her warmth against hers lingered. Fyr shivered. It felt like a long time since she’d last been hugged too. A very long time, in fact.

But Chemical was not all that difficult to get along with as they all sat down to relax and play board games with a pizza – the odd kind of couple stuff that Fyr lusted after and yet never seemed to get. It was strange to play all the old favourites of Snakes and Ladders, Ludo, a bug game where they had to match up the bricks (that one was a little stranger), some kind of new, long game with zombies and more still with laughter in the air and drinks flowing. It made it easy too to forget just what was going on in her life, the real world, while she sat in a jazzed up apartment with light features splashed across the wall, shades of purple and blue that was suitably easy on the eyes illuminating the wall behind the large television screen while they dug into some kind of quiz game. Tears streamed down Fyr’s cheeks, the dragoness laughing so hard that it hurt – but it hurt in the best kind of way, hard enough to hide the real pain inside.

The evening stretched on as they ate their fill and Kao made coffee when it was really too late to have any, although Fyr was quite sure that the drake was more used to staying up into the early hours of the morning that she was. Being a morning dragoness, she accepted the cup tentatively from him as Chem made her excuses, giving her boyfriend her best bedroom eyes as she sashayed off to the bedroom, making it quite clear just what she wanted from her sweetheart in the flick of her tail.

Fyr sighed, staring into her coffee from her little armchair, a seat that didn’t seem all that comfortable and was perhaps more for show than anything else in an apartment that was not designed for the soft home comforts she had fabricated for herself. She missed the ranch, the little porch and the barn viewable from the living room windows, even though she did not all that much miss the furs who were currently residing within her dream home. Lips turning down into a frown, she pointedly looked away. The conversation had to be had, sooner or later, as to why she had turned up near enough out of the blue, although it was not a conversation that either of them was all that competent in actually starting.

“So…” Kao said slowly, dragging the word out more than was strictly necessary. “What’s really going on here, Fyr? You know you’re welcome here anytime but you don’t usually come to me. I thought you and…ah…”

Even he struggled with that level of closeness, more of the macho-male dragon that his father had been, or at least pretended to me. And tough guys didn’t let that much out about their feelings, did they? Well, that was what Kao had always been taught, even if he was the supporting factor in her life. He did it quietly though, without him having to do the talking. Anything more than that was well and truly outside his comfort zone.

And, so, he waited, the seconds dragging out as Fyr fondled her cup of coffee, the liquid in the mug having long gone cold. Did anyone get to drink a hot cup of coffee these days? She couldn’t even remember what one tasted like, the flavour most certainly different on the tongue when it was scorching rather than ice cold. But she had to say something, damn it.

“Well… Mom’s living with us now,” she forced out eventually, it seeming to be the only fact that was somewhat normal within the realm of family relations. “It’s been difficult, kind of. She’s getting hard to be around.”

Hard to be around… Now wasn’t that the understatement of the year? Kao raised an eyebrow and sipped his coffee. Black coffee. Interesting, for bebek escort him.

“Is she not well?”

“No! No, she’s fine, all fine,” Fyr said quickly, hastening to reassure him. “You just know what she’s like, she’s always going to see you and me are her kids and, well, that’s not going to change. It’s…frustrating.”

Although very little of that statement was the truth, Kao nodded thoughtfully, seeming to focus more on drinking his coffee than listening to Fyr. But that was just his way and he would always seem like he was thinking about something else entirely when he was, really, just concentrating. It had gotten him into no end of trouble years back, a fact that he hated with a passion.

It was as good an explanation as any and, despite the relief of being someone else for a night, Fyr was eventually forced to retire to the guest room with worries on her mind. Kao was all well and good for an escape but what exactly had she thought she would tell him? Oh, don’t worry about me, bro, mom’s just fucking my husband? Hah!

It was not funny at all though, despite her gratefulness for a warm hug and someone who cared about her. She’d doubted a while back whether Ropes or Sasha cared about her at all anymore and, well, the fact that her mobile phone had not lit up with a single message during the course of her disappearance told a tale of truth above any words. Sitting on the edge of her bed, she sighed and turned the phone off with a decisive tap of a claw. Let them wonder and worry, if they cared. She wasn’t trying to get a reaction from anyone, just the space she needed for herself, all to work things out. Yet she wasn’t sure anymore that there was anything left to work out, just a big old mess that needed to cleared up by, of course, hers truly. As always.

She growled, jumping back to her feet, anger thrumming through her like an electric force. Why did everything have to go so wrong? Just what had she ever fucking done to deserve to be treated like that? Sure, she’d been the one who’d had the dream in the first place but that didn’t mean that any of it had to be acted on!

No… No, frustrating herself would do no good. Just why had she had that coffee? Fyr groaned and slapped the heel of her paw, gently, into her forehead. Now she’d never get to sleep! Oh, it was all such a mess, such a mess…

She’d needed a drink of water. Yes, just a drink of water. That would settle her down, perhaps, if only she thought about that and only that. Things would be okay, she just had to be the strong dragoness she knew she was, deep down inside. Fyr straightened her back, glancing into the full-length mirror on the narrow wardrobe door (he’d even fitted the spare room out nicely…). It didn’t look like her reflection anymore, not with her wings mantled so tensely over her back but the silhouette suited her just well as she quietly slipped through the door and padded off down the kitchen for water, thinking only about putting one paw in front of the other. If she could do that and only that, maybe, just maybe, everything would be okay in the end. Or just the act of water would be okay, but it was one step towards far more.

Yet that little bubble of sanctuary too was to be shattered when she passed her brother’s bedroom door. Perhaps she should have rushed past as soon as she realised that it was ever so slightly ajar but, alas, her stride faltered just a bit, the claw of one toe catching in the carpet.

“Hey, baby…”

Fyr froze, heart in her mouth. Suddenly, she was back in the ranch house, watching Ropes mount her mother, the demon all raging fire and brimstone and all that else from hell – well, it wasn’t as if she’d ever been there, only able to go on Ropes’ meagre recounting of just what that had been like. In her mind, the cougar’s eyes flashed, cock driving like a jackhammer into the pussy that, really, should have been hers, the cougar breeding his true dragon-wife as she was forced to look on and her mother moaned.

But it was not her mother moaning and Fyr stepped back from the bedroom door with her heart in her mouth. And yet… The sound did not diminish as she stepped away, hurrying to distance herself from what was, surely, a very private scene indeed. She shook her head, hankering after that glass of water, tripping over herself in her rush before she actually realised that the sounds had not been coming from the bedroom at all.

And she walked right in on them.

Chemical lay on her back on the kitchen counter as Kao growled, slamming into her repeatedly as he fucked her with a raw passion that even Fyr had to admit took her breath away. Her brother was splendid in the heat of the moment, passionate and fiery and everything she’d, well, wanted to be in sex herself. Could she ever look like that? Ah, but she was not a dominant soul and could not match up to a drake, not even her own brother, when it came to that manner of sex. No, she was much better suited to being in the position of the dragoness on the counter, her wings spread out for balance and jaws hanging open in a gasp that barely made a sound, trying to be quiet, perhaps for her sake, as that thick cock ground into her over and over again, driving her all the way up to…

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