Crossdresser’s Rassling Dreams

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The following is an email chain between two crossdresser’s who enjoy wrestling. All persons depicted in this writing are well over 18 years old.


I wish i could have been there! I would love to see a few pics if u can share.

I love pro style fantasy matches. I love all the holds, drama, trash talking and victory poses where u pose with your stocking foot on your opponent and raise your hands in the air in victory.

So when u rassle in an IRL match, how do u and your opponent end up cumming? I cant even imagine going to all the trouble of meeting up to rassle without cumming several times before its all over, and having my opponents cum over and over. I guess i love cum and cumming. I would expect both of us to have cumstains on our swimsuits and stocking feet before the matches are over

What do u think?

Did she cum during or after the match?

We took some pics but I wish we had videos too. He was rock hard the whole time we were wrestling and I was dripping pre-cum but I didn’t get to shoot the way I wanted.

Her CD name is CD and she likes watching pro matches in the ring and she’s fond of big girls wearing panties, pantyhose, one piece suits, and boots.

She showed up to my hotel room and we watched a couple of matches before we changed into our rassling clothing. She wore a sports bra and panties with black tights and a red one piece on top. She brought me one of her wife’s old one piece suits that I wore over top of my hose and because it was his wife’s old suit and that she wrestled him in it made me very hard.

We wrestled on the bed on the floor, all over the room. Tossing each other around the room, on the floor, and into walls. The room has a huge mirror so we could watch our match as we fought and humped each other.

After she left I put one of my suits on a pillow and wrestled a new opponent while wearing Donnalynn’s wife’s suit. I came so f’ing hard. Right now I’m wearing her suit with 4 pair of tan pantyhose n my hotel room and I’m gonna do some humpwrestling.

Did u take any pics? How did the match end? Did u both cum?

I live in Kentucky but funny thing is I’m in Michigan now and just had an IRL match with another CD who I wrestled years ago. I don’t get up here often but we had a good time. She gave me an old suit that her wife wore when she had an IRL match with her. I wore it tonight and she was dressed similar as we did pro fantasy and wrestled all over my hotel room.

Well hopefully you’ll have some matches against them soon because I want to see/hear about them. BTW I was dripping pre-cum the whole time in her wife’s suit while we rassled. I’ve changed pantyhose from white to tan and now I’m going to wrestle hump the extra suits I brought.

Thank you. I do like rassling Cindy , but my best rassling matches are with my mom, , and my MIL,. I hope to shoot more matches with them too share with you soon

I’m not sure if I told you but I wrestled Stacy twice today before I left the house because your pictures really got us in the mood. I love seeing them.

I’m in Michigan for business and might have an irl match tomorrow with another cd. Where are you located?

I see Cindy has your manhood between her nylon feet. Would like to see you two go at it. Do you rassle her often?

You wear bodystockings too? The video I tried to send was me in a bodystocking, One piece suit and wrestling mask wrestlehumping my opponent. I call her Stacy. And yes Stacy and I are ready to rassle you two in a tag team foot pussy match. Just so you know we both like to hump our opponents if we get them down so you and your wife better watch out. I love your pics btw.

We’re practicing right now.

I’m not ready to share something like that with the rest of the world but I would with you. Tell me about your rasslin outfit.

Soon to be dressed in my rassling outfit. Have u thought about uploading your files to xhamster or something like that?

Most of my files are too large but I’m trying to find something I can send as I sit here in silky panties and black pantyhose. The feel great but I’ve never wrestled in them. Will probably put on my heels and rassling suit soon and take on my opponent. BTW I call her Stacy.

Are you dressed now?

I hope to be able to. You can send the clips anytime. I will try to catch you later!

I’m glad you like her. She’s a tough wrestling partner and loves it when the matches get erotic. She likes to hump as much as I do and gets super hard in the pantyhose during our matches.

Yes I have a fetish for hose, feet and heels. I have a bunch of clips of us wrestling and I’ll be glad to send them so you can see us going at it in the ring.

We’ll take you on anytime anywhere. A tag team rassling match would be great and I so want you to add your cum stain to her suit.

Can we continue this conversation tonight? Would like to send you some clips.

Thank u so much for sharing those pics with me. You have a very hot rassling balıkesir escort partner there. I would love to see a clip of the two of you rassling!

I had to get rid of all my clips and pics a while back as they were causing issues with my wife, but i intend on making some new ones the next chance i get because i want to trade them with you.

I can tell by all the heels and hose in the background of your pics that your feet, shoe and pantyhose fetish rival mine!

I cum at least three or four times a day jerking and humping my wifes sexy shoes and nylons. Some of her shoes have been cummed on so many times she wont wear them, which is fine with me because: 1. I get to take her shoe shopping and watch her slip her stocking clad feet in and out of dozens of shoes. 2. I take her old shoes for rassling and fucking.

I think you and i should have a tag team rassling match. You and your rassling partner vs. me and my “mom” blow up doll. After the matches we could take turns screwing my mom. I would love to hump cock to cock with your rassling partner and add my loads to her cumstain collection!

Here are a few. She loves to wrestle and fight in her pantyhose.

It sounds like we enjoy the exact same things. I’ve always thought about wrestling a blow up doll but haven’t tried it yet. I’ve had tons of matches against my wrestling partner. We’ve done pro, grappling, erotic, catfights, first to cum you name it we’ve done it.

It’s 6 or 7 pillows with a short sleeve leotard. I have a bunch of old worn cum filled pantyhose that I no longer wear for my matches but she she wears them. The pantyhose are filled with more old hose which she uses to put me in scissor holds. She has a 7inch flexible cock inside her hose that sometimes gets rock hard during our matches and I love it. We almost always end of grinding and humping each others cocks when we wrestle. She also has huge tits made of pantyhose that I usually grab or hump as well.

On top of it all she wears a one piece swimsuit for our matches and it has several cum stains on it from our fights. She normally wrestles barefooted but we recently got her some heels and boots. Sometimes she starts out in shoes then eventually after some rough fighting they come off. For our catfights we also have dresses.

We both get dressed in our rasslin clothing and usually watch some matches together before going at it ourselves on the bed. We wrestle, fight, hump and grind each other until we’re exhausted and cum. Sometimes we just plain fuck each other in our clothes while watching porn but there is always humping and licking involved.

We’ve recorded a lot of our matches and a few weeks ago she had her first match against another CD. The two of them fought while I watched then I joined in for a three way match. All of us dressed the same and wrestling till we came. She did well in her first IRL fight against another opponent.

I’ll be glad to share pics and clips of our matches later tonight. Do you have any pics or clips of yours fights?

Your email has me hard and humping one of my wifes shoes with a nylon over my cock.

I would love to hear more about your humping and your rassling partner. How about a pic?

On several occasions while my wife has been away i would buy a blow up doll to rassle. Once i got a shemale doll with a huge cock so we could cockfight. I dress them in my wifes pantyhose and one piece. I also dress the same. I set up the camcorder and make the introduction announcements before the fights.

I would have dozens of rassling matches with them. Pro style. Catfight. Cockfight. Body slam marches. Piledriver contests. Mom vs son. All ending up with my cock up their pussies , asses or between their stocking clad feet. I loved rassling my mom doll.

Tell me more!

After reading your email I’m really hard and will do some pillow humping myself that I’ll tell you you about later.

Tasting your wife’s panties and your mil’s panties while wrestling humping is so hot. I’m sitting here in black pantyhose and floral one piece suit that I picked up at a second hand store and it still has the woman’s fragrance on them. I’m picturing how wet she got when she wrestled in them.

I have my own wrestling opponent like yours. She is pillows, filled tan used cum filled pantyhose so she can wrap her legs around me when she tries to pin me, a flexible cock under her hose that she uses to pound mine and a blue one piece rassling suit. We’ve had wrestling matches, catfights, and she even fought another cd while I watched that was fucking hot. She’s one tough bitch who likes to fight. We’re going to have a wrestle hump match tonight as I read your email.

I want to have a Skype match against you while we’re both dressed in other women’s pantyhose and rasping suits. I might even bring my partner in as a tag team partner for the match so you can see her.

Good to hear from you. So my MIL is coming to visit next month. When she visits my wife usually takes her on bartın escort a mini trip for a day or two. That means i have the house alone.

She brings a one piece swimsuit, or rassling suit as i call them. She doesn’t bring pantyhose so i use my wifes hose. After they leave i get dressed in my wifes fuck me worn pantyhose, covered with cumstains. Then i put on my MILs rassling suit. I pose for some self pics in various rassling positions and holds.

Then i get a pair of my wifes dirty panties out of her hamper and get a pair of MILs out of her dirty clothes bag. I get two pillows and fold them in half. I turn the panties inside out and pull them over the pillows so the crotch panels are exposed. I put them next to each other on the bed and put a pillow under my hard bulge to hump into.

Then i start sniffing and licking the two crotch panels. I go from the wifes to the MILs, back and forth, smelling and licking their pussy smell s and tastes. Its like having them bare pussied in front of me while i eat their cunts.

By this time i am humping hard into the pillow and i love the feel of my cock against the pantyhose and rassling suit.

I do this in front of a mirror or video can so i can watch myself. When i am about to cum, i reach back with my hands and grab a stocking clad foot in each hand and put myself in a self toehold I start yelling for my wife and MIL to let me sniff their pussies and feet while they toehold me. Then i cum. And then clean up.

It would be fun to have you here next to me working on those panties. Maybe we could skype or something when shes here?

Tell me if this gets your cock hard

I still like to talk its just hard for me to get here often but I loved our cyber catfight. It was the best one I’ve even had because of the pantyhose, the holds, and the way we all wrestled and came in the ring as we fought. The trash talking all combined to really get me off.

And hell yeah I want to screw your wife while we’re all in pantyhose fighting and fucking.

I have to admit that I jerked off several times as i read your emails and wrote mine. I’m actually getting hard in my white pantyhose now just thinking about it. Tell me more about how you wear their clothing. That really excites me.

I’m glad to see you are still around. I thought maybe you didnt want to talk anymore. Anyway, i would love to cyber catfight with u while wearing leotards and pantyhose. I want to finish u with that big cock between my stocking clad feet spurting cum everywhere.

Do u still want to screw my wife while the family pantyhose match goes on?

My MIL is coming to visit in august. I cant wait to get dressed in her swimsuit and a pair of my wifes used pantyhose. I hope we can chat while i’m dressed so i can send u some pics of me in rassling holds i want u to put me in.

I hope we can jerk together again while we read each others emails!

Yes I’m still here. Sorry I’ve been quiet but would love to hear about this.

Hi! I just found out that my MIL, BIL and sister will all be here for xmas! That means that eveybody that was in the Family Pantyhose Rassling Championship match will be at my house on xmas day!

We ned to think up a rematch. I also want to do a solo match againt the BIL while the woman watch and masterbate. I want to rassle him in panties and suck his cock.

I plan to jerk a load in a pair of his underwear when i’m alone in the house and see if he notices. I almost always wear the MIL’s panties or swimsuit and jerk my cock when she visits.

I was screwing my wife this morning. Sniffing her rassler feet and toes, and i was fantasizing so hard about rassling her brother that i almost let it slip that i plan on rassling him in panties!

Are u still around? I wish we could pick this thread back up and wrestle


I like to see your wife trapped in the corner getting worked over by your mom’s stocking feet. The name calling makes it even better.

I would be in the audience yelling “get her! stomp her!” as I’m slowly stroking my cock just like I am as I’m writing this email…lol.

I like the piledriver move and especially kissing the stocking feet. Very hot.

As your wife crawls to the corner I’m waiting for her. “It’s ok you fought well and you would have beat her ass if you didn’t get double teamed” I massage her bruised breasts then suck on her nipples until they’re hard. I see the wet spot getting bigger in her tan pantyhose and she reaches down and strokes my hard cock. We start watching the match you and BIL are circling each other about to go at it. Your MIL is yelling for BIL to kick you in the cock.

Damn I need to cum too and of course I’m gonna join fun.

The match should end with teaming up on BIL. Lots of hose covered feet on him and forced cumming.

I usually don’t like to see my wife lose, but since she’s on the other team, my mom would get her in a corner and work her over with her fists and feet, calling her “cunt” and batıkent escort “fucking whore”

Then mom grabs her by the hair and pulls her to the middle of the room and sets her up for a piledriver. Mom gets her up in the air and wife’s sexy stocking feet are flailing back and forth trying to get out of the hold. My sister grabs my wife’s feet for a double piledriver. Sister kisses each stocking sole. Mom and sister count to three and deliver the piledriver.

Wife is done for this match. She crawls to the corner where you are waiting for her…

Back to the fight.

MIL starts trash talking my sister for helping with the piledriver. They reach down each other’s pantyhose and grab a handful of pussy hair and start pulling each other around the room. Sister works MIL tits with her free hand. Sister lifts MIL off her feet by the pussy hair and gets her into position for a body slam, but first she parades MiL around the room taunting wife and BIL about beating the shit out of their mom. Sister brings MIL to me and my mom and we each take a foot and kiss it. Sis body slams MIL at the feet of her son and she’s done. Sis tags me in and it’s just me and BIL, although my mom has already agreed to finish BIL up with a mother – son pantyhosed double team.

Whew, i need a break to cum. Any ideas on how to end this match?

Are u going to join in after the match for some fun?

That sounds like a very hot match. I’d love to be in the audience dressed like I am in the pic watching and cheering you on in between stroking my cock. Would love to be ring side so i could hear the grunts, groans, trash talking and name calling. That’s a big part of wrestling for me.

BTW I’m in my white tights tonight as I’m writing this email.

So tell me how the match ends? And does anything happen after the match?

I would have the guys wrestle the girls. Whoever is tagged in has to wrestle whoever is active on the other team.

This would be a no holds barred match, so there would be erotic holds. I’m sure my mom would get a head scissors on my brother in law and try to tear his cock and balls off through his pantyhose!

I could see my sister repeatedly kick my wife in the pussy until my mother in law jumps in to pull my sister off.

I would jump in and help my mom roll my brother in law into a cradle hold.

Towards the end of the match i would envision all six of us are going at it at the same time until one family completely gives up.

On Thursday, June 13, 2013, Panty Hose wrote:

I ordered the mask from ebay. I actually have two of them.

That sounds like the type of match I want to watch and I’d love to see everyone in their wrestling attire. So in this six person match do the guys tag out if a female is in the ring or can they wrestle the women?

Will there be erotic holds used? Any double teaming?

Yes. Very nice. Where did you get the wrestling mask?

Not everyone is into the family thing but i like it because i can really personalize it and i can live the fantasy every time i see/talk to my mom/wife/MIL.

How’s this one? Me, my mom and my sister vs. my wife, her mom and her brother.

My family wears sheer black pantyhose and bra’s. my wife’s family wears tan pantyhose and bra’s. it’s a no holds barred mix 6 person tag match.

I’ve never gone the family route with my fantasies but I can understand how it’s a huge turn on. I like hearing about yours.

Did you get the pic I sent?

Mom is 5’2. 135 lbs.

I love your wrestling fantasy. I really like it when its moms and sons or aunts and nephews or something like that. Do u have a (fantasy) mom or something to tag team against me and my mom?

I tried to attach a pic of my cock in black hose. When I have more time I’ll send some pics of my feet. I love seeing your soles.

I completely understand about fantasizing about wrestling. I used to live in an apartment the overlooked a pool and i can’t tell you how many times I watched the ladies in their one piece suits and pictured them going at it in the ring. Trying to pin the other woman to the mat.

It is so hot she said she wanted to be a wrestler. Can you tell me her height, weight?

A fantasy of mine would be a mixed tag match with our female partners putting me and the other cd in their clothing to wrestle. All of us in either one piece and hose or hose with bra’s no shoes. CD vs. CD and fvf tag match with lots of erotic holds used. The tag partners on the outside clearly excited by watching the action with jerking or fingering while watching there partner in the ring. Everyone with hard cocks and wet spots while they wrestle.

I’ll send some pics later.

So BIL and i are circling each other with our hard cocks straining in our pantyhose. Wife is stocking and sucking your hard cock as her pantyhosed crotch stain grows with anticipation of watching her brother fight her hubbie, and the realization that your huge black cock might be in her cunt before the night is over.

Sis is cheering me on telling me “kick his pussy ass!” “Use your foot on his cock!” MIL is pleading for BIL to “Put that sissy cocksucking SIL in his place!” Sis gets tired of MIL and puts her stocking foot in her face and forces her to sniff!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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