Crofter’s Woman in Distress

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I live in a town in the south of Sweden. It’s basically a rural area with large woods and small farms although the town itself is prosperous with modern industry. Most of the farms are nowadays far too small to give a living. The woods are valuable though. Almost everyone seems to have a connection to a farm. It’s very common to live on the farm and work in town. I do as well.

I am a journalist at the local paper. I like the way such a paper has to be run with a lot of local news. I have no ambition to make the big scoop. What I really like to write about is the oddities in our society. My work takes me to many places and I meet a lot of interesting people with a deep knowledge in areas beside the mainstream. Many are lovely women.

I am very content with my life. I married a local girl and we were married for about ten years before she left me. She said she couldn’t stand my odd hours and that I always seemed to be out somewhere. She also wasn’t pleased with my lack of career ambition. Maybe she had hoped that we would move to a bigger town, perhaps even our capital, Stockholm. She is now married and live on a small farm with two kids. We never got any. Her husband works regular hours and comes home at four-thirty sharp every day.

I have a number of relatives in the area. Not long ago I visited my old aunt. She lives in the countryside still alone in a cottage although she is near eighty. Her mind is sharp and she keeps track of what goes on in her very small village. She has given me quite a few ideas to good stories about the local life so I like to go and see her.

This time she told me about a couple living very isolated and primitive on a very small farm or rather a crofter’s building. There was no real road to the place only a path. They had to walk or ride the bicycle a couple of kilometers to reach the nearest road. There was no electricity and no phone. They seemed to live on vegetables, home-grown and of course ecological. She told me that they had a very good reputation as gardeners and people often came to their place on Sundays to admire their garden and buy vegetables and flowers. They also were pottery artists and painters and sold their work to visitors and on market fares.

It seemed to be an interesting living so very different from modern life. No electricity and no regular income. It could be a good article of the kind I and the paper like. I made some notes about it and also got the name and address from my aunt.

I put the notes in my file of possible articles. I picked it up again in the summer when everything slows down and decided to pay them a visit. I wanted to do it as soon as possible now when I had some spare time. When I looked at my notes I realized that I couldn’t contact them in advance. I could of course write them a letter but that could take a week or two before I got an answer. Who knows how often they collected their mail from the nearest village? And then they had to go back again to mail it. No, I had to pay them a surprise visit. It was rather common anyway in the countryside that you just popped in. My aunt had given me enough information to find the place on the map and the path was clearly marked.

I set off. I brought a cake which also is a common thing to do if you come unexpected but also coffee. I had no idea about their habits and if they could afford to buy coffee. There was a small lay-by where the path started and there also was a home-made sign giving the name of the farm and that it was open every Sunday between noon and three o’clock. It became my first mental note that they were enough business-minded to make it easy for people to find their place.

It was a twenty minutes walk through the wood to the place. A pleasant walk although the weather was hot. The sun was filtered through the trees.

I came out on the clearing about fifty meters from the cottage. I saw a woman moving beyond it and stopped dead in my tracks. She was naked as the day she was born and from this distance looked very nice to say the least. She saw me and waved. Without haste she went to a cloth line and took a shirt from it and then slowly disappeared behind the house. Moments later she came forward on the other side now dressed in the shirt, waved again and stood waiting for me to come forward.

I introduced myself and explained that I had come to do research for a possible article in the paper. She lit up and said that she would be most happy to show me around and tell about their life. Her name was Amanda which I knew of course.

“It’s a pity though. My man is in hospital, he broke his leg badly four or five days ago. But of course I can show his works as well.”

She had a clear business mind. She quickly negotiated the right to read the article in advance and make the corrections she wanted and also to have a say about the photos that no doubt should be taken and put in the paper together with the article. I guess I was a bad negotiator but I had no intention to write something bad about them. But the bonus veren siteler main reason was that I had difficulties to keep my eyes on her face. The shirt she had put on was a man’s shirt. Although it was too big for her it reached only to her upper thighs and only a few buttons were done. She showed a lot of the slopes of her ample breasts and there was a deep cleavage. I also wondered if she had put any panties on. She hadn’t taken any from the cloth line, I was quite sure about that.

“I brought coffee and a cake,” I said when the negotiation was done and opened my rucksack. “Maybe we can have it while you tell me about your life?”

Her face lit up again. She had a very interesting face; square, with high cheek bones, broad jaws, a straight nose and a very generous mouth. Her eyes were blue and bright. She wasn’t pretty in the ordinary sense but her face had much character.

“What an excellent idea. How nice of you to bring it. We seldom drink coffee and never buy a cake. We can’t afford it. But perhaps you also want a glass of my home made fruit-syrup?”

She went into the house to get cups and the syrup. I got a good look at her and my first impression seemed to be accurate. She was of middle height with a curvy body with a full round ass and narrow waist. That she had an ample bosom on top of that I had already seen. She seemed to be unaffected of her light clothing and moved very naturally although her ass rolled nicely.

We had a nice time drinking coffee while she told me about herself and her man.

“We are not married so I don’t call him my husband but my man.”

She told that he was older than herself which I already knew. I had made some research before I left. He was well over fifty and she was thirty-three but she looked younger. I would have guessed late twenties. The life they lived seemed to be good for her. They had no children.

“Like myself then,” I said.

“Well, I can’t have any it seems. But we try hard every day.”

After an hour or so she stretched on her chair.

“I want to take a bathe. I always do in the middle of the day when it’s warm. In fact, I was on my way when you arrived. Come along, you need to cool off too. We can talk there.”

She rose and walked away. She hadn’t really asked, just assumed that I would follow. She knew that I hadn’t brought any trunks, she had helped me to unpack my rucksack.

I followed her; there was nothing else to do. I really wanted to write this article.

I had seen a small stream in the wood and now wondered if one really could bathe in it. Maybe she only meant that the she lowered herself in the water to get clean. But when I got closer I was astonished to find that much clever work had been done to dam up the stream in a natural hollow to create a pond. At the far end was a small waterfall. The water was crystal clear and I understood that the water was kept fresh from the stream going through it. The pond was placed were nicely not far from the cottage.

I had been slow to follow Amanda and when I caught up with her there was only a narrow path so I just walked behind her. I admired her ass that rolled nicely but yet very natural. It didn’t seem that she was affected by my presence and that I might look at her ass.

While she walked she unbuttoned the shirt and when we came to the pond she let it slide down her arms. She walked straight into the water but stopped and turned around after a few steps.

“Come on in. It’s lovely.”

Yes, lovely was just the right word I thought but meant Amanda. She stood erect for a while facing me looking like Aphrodite in knee deep water. Her lush body amazed me with its soft curves formed by broad hips, narrow waist and ample firm breasts. And there was a large thick bush of dark hair covering her mound.

“Come on in. Don’t be shy. We always bathe in the nude,” Amanda called again and smiled sweetly at me before she let herself fall backwards into the water.

Well, a little skinny dipping is not the end of the world I thought. I was forty-four but kept myself in shape and was a little proud of my body. I quickly undressed and ran into the water.

She was right. The water was lovely and it was very nice to bathe this hot day. The pond was deeper and larger than I had thought and allowed some swimming which Amanda used to its maximum. After a while she swam to the far end of the pond and slid over the edge down the waterfall. I swam over to see where she was going. I watched her soaping up her body and laughed amazed when she used the waterfall as a shower. A very clever construction indeed.

She looked up at me and smiled before she hauled herself back up into the pond. She swam around for a little while before she went ashore. She stood in the sun to dry laughing happily. She looked gorgeous and much younger than her thirty-eight years. Must be the healthy life I thought.

Amanda just stood there, waiting or to show off, I wasn’t sure. But she had been bedava bahis so calm and natural all the time so I decided that she just was waiting for me to join her. I went up from the water and stood beside her in the sun.

“Let’s get back to the house. I want to tell you more and show you around. Oh, by the way, we always walk around in the nude when weather permits so you don’t have to dress. I won’t. In this weather it’s really nice to be spared the clothing.”

Well, there was no need to tell that she frequently was in the nude outdoors. The even, all over tan told it. The tan added to her gorgeous look I thought when I looked at her lovely backside. She had picked up the shirt and started to walk back in the same moment she stopped talking. I hesitated for a moment before I picked up my own clothes and went after her. Walking behind her was very exciting seeing her ass roll so naturally.

She went to the table where we had had the coffee. She took the glasses and went inside but was soon back with a refill of her fruit-juice. It was arousing to see her walking on her home ground. We both enjoyed a deep swallow.

I started to put questions about their life and their work. She answered willingly, very anxious to make me understand both the enjoyment of their lifestyle but also the hardships. In the beginning I had severe problems to concentrate. The gorgeous woman in front of me was very distracting although she did nothing to tease me. But gradually I got used to her lovely nakedness. After about half an hour I ran out of questions and she suddenly looked tired. The eagerness had faded and she got quiet. She sat back looking down for a while.

“I wonder, will you do me a favor,” she suddenly asked looking up at me.

“Yes of course, if I can,” I answered. “What do you want me to do?”

“I am not feeling well. I have got abstinence syndromes. And believe me, I know about those. I haven’t got my daily amount of . . . of animal protein for a few days.”

“Oh, but how could I help with that? Couldn’t you just eat some meat? Or do you want me to get some for you. I can come back with it tomorrow,” I said very puzzled.

“Oh you don’t understand. No, I don’t want you to get me some meat. As I told you before I am a vegetarian. It’s not that I dislike meat; it’s just that I can’t stand the thought that we kill animals to eat them. We have no meat in this place, we never eat it.”

“So what do you want me to do then?” I asked again.

“Oh, you still don’t understand? Well, I should have said male protein instead of animal protein but that sounded so strange I thought. As if I were a man eater.”

“But I still don’t understand. What is male protein?” I asked very puzzled.

“Oh, but you know about male protein, you must do,” she said and giggled heavily. “You must know how a man produces deliverable male protein. And you must know how a vegetarian girl can get a daily dose of protein without eating meat,” she said mockingly. I just shook my head. I still couldn’t understand what she was referring to.

“Oh . . . you see . . . I . . . my man. . . I mean us. . Well I have to tell you straight on, don’t I? I told you before that my man takes me every day to get me pregnant, that’s how I get my daily amount of male protein. Do you get it now?” She looked inquiringly at me and saw my still blank face.

“Oh for heavens sake. Don’t you understand? My man comes in me and his sperm, that’s what I call male protein, stays in my body. It absorbs somehow I guess. Nothing comes out anyway. My body has got used to it and now when he is away I get these abstinence syndromes. I have felt it before when he has been away for a couple of days. You get it now?” She looked at me and I just nodded, too flabbergasted to speak.

“So will you do me that favor? Will you give me a dose of your male protein, your sperm? Please,” she said, suddenly very softly. “Please, I really don’t feel well.”

“Well, yes, yes of course,” I stammered. “But how?”

“Oh yes, that’s a problem of course,” she said smilingly, being very relieved. “A proper way is that you jack off. Maybe the sight of me could help.” She wriggled her breasts teasingly. My cock twitched under the table which made her smile of delight.

“But that will give us a new problem,” she said concerned. “If you jack off into something I can of course drink your male protein and swallow it. But what if that doesn’t have the right effect? My body isn’t accustomed to get the protein through the stomach. Well, it happens of course now and then but the regular intake is through the other entrance so to speak.” She got quiet looking as if she was considering the options.

“Oh well, if you jack off I guess that I could put the protein in through the lower entrance. It’s only that I don’t know how to do it. It must be put deep inside I think. That’s where my man always delivers it and where my body is accustomed to take care of it. I should need a syringe or something to put deneme bonus it there and I haven’t got such a thing. . . No having you jack off is too risky.” She fell in thoughts again. After a while she looked up.

“No, I can’t find any other solution then that you use that tanker truck of yours to put the protein in the right place. It will also guarantee that the protein is fresh, real fresh from the pot so to speak. That’s what my body is used to get. It might react badly on protein which has been out in the open. . . . What about that, would it be to ask you too big a favor?” She looked seriously at me.

While she was thinking aloud about how to do it I got the time needed to recover from the shock I got from understanding what favor she was asking of me.

“Oh no, of course not, not too big a favor at all. I will be very happy to be of service and deliver my male protein where you want it if that’s what you need to get rid of your illness.” I answered her in the same serious way as she had used when evaluating the options.

“Oh thank you very much. Yes, this abstinence syndrome nearly kills me. Excellent, I already feel a surge in my body for a dose of medicine.” She sounded relieved and full of energy again. “For a while I was afraid that you should back out.”

“Oh no, not at all. Where and when do you want the delivery? I am sure we have it in stock,” I said trying to sound like I was taking an order. My cock twitched in anticipation. This could be real nice.

“Oh, as soon as possible of course. I badly need the medicine. And there is no better place than right here, is it? My man often makes his delivery here so my body is used to that too. Do you want my help to load the truck?” She said still seriously but her face had brightened. She looked expectantly at me.

“Yes, thank you. It would be nice to get your help. And maybe I should explore the terrain to find a smooth way for my delivery truck?” I tried to follow her lead not wanting to make a false move.

“Oh what a great idea. Of course you have to work out the route to avoid taking wrong turns and put the delivery at risk. Shall we start loading then? It might take some time, I need a big load. Better alert the factory as well.”

She moved over and grabbed my balls. She fondled them nicely for a while then leaned down and sucked my cock into her mouth without using a hand. I wasn’t fully erect and she easily took most of it in. She sucked and licked my cock expertly and very fast got me hard. Too fast I thought. Her doings felt so good that I wanted it to go on.

She pulled away from my cock and looked up at me with bright eyes. “Time to alert the factory,” she said and leaned down again carefully taking my balls into her generous mouth. She sucked them, rolled them in her mouth playing with them with her tongue. Very nice I must say.

After too short a time working on my balls she let them out of her mouth and sat back on her heels.

“The truck is fully loaded I think and the factory is working overtime. Maybe we should top it up before you leave the depot. I need the full load, that’s for sure. Nice truck, by the way. Not new of course but seems to be kept in very good shape. It will no doubt make a safe delivery. Do you want to work out the route for it now?” She stretched out graciously in the soft grass lying on her back, arms at her sides and legs slightly spread.

Oh no, I thought, she has seen my gray hairs down there. I used to locate and remove them but remembered that it was some time since I last did it. I rose and stood at her side admiring a body that no doubt should be mine in a short while. My cock twitched, hard and erect. Its shadow fell over her face.

“That’s right. You have to memorize a map, get an overview before exploring the details. When you think you are ready I suggest you start above these hills. It’s the best place to start the delivery journey into the unknown. I can be your guide if you want. I think I know the terrain quite well.”

She was calm and relaxed but yet excited. That she was going to take the lead became clear to me.

I knelt at her side and she put my hands on the upper slope of her breasts that were firm enough not to fell at the sides. I caressed them cupping them from all sides and played with them.

“The first challenge on the route is to get past these hills with the rocks on top. You must explore the way thoroughly.”

There was a clear advice. She wanted her breasts thoroughly fondled and especially the nipples. I caressed her breasts lengthily, cupped them, squeezed them and made her nipples to get prolonged. When they were hard I pinched them which made her sigh heavily. I leaned down and took the nipples one by one in my mouth and sucked them. When I rolled one of them between my lips there was a cry and a spasm shook her body.

“When you leave the hills you will come out on the plain. It’s smooth terrain with soft round slopes. But beware; in the middle there is a depression with a deep crater. You mustn’t get stuck in there.”

The message was not to spend too much time on her midsection and the belly button was no erogenous zone. But I didn’t follow her to the point but fondled her belly that was smooth, soft and nicely rounded.

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