Cream for Her Coffee

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“Come out here for a minute, will you hon,” my wife Anne called to me.

She was sitting on the deck facing the lake enjoying a beautiful July morning with her friend Kelly. Anne has known Kelly since childhood, and the two have been close throughout the 27 years Anne and I have been married. Kelly was visiting us at our cabin in the Northwoods of Minnesota for a few days, as she has for the past several summers. I grabbed my cup of coffee and went out onto the back deck.

“What’s up?” I said.

“Kelly was just telling me about an article she read in a magazine that said that men jerk off several times a week, regardless if they’re getting sex from their partners or not,” she said. “Do you do that?”

Now how was I supposed to answer that question, especially in front of Anne’s good friend? Both of them sat there sipping their coffee, looking at me, waiting for my reply.

“I don’t know, probably a couple of times,” I said.

“So you do jerk off?” Anne said, as if I was doing something unholy.

“Everybody masturbates sometimes,” I said defending myself. “I bet you two do.”

The girls looked at each other and giggled. Who knows what goes on the minds of women? I settled into the lone empty chair on the deck and joined their conversation. They went back and forth about masturbation for quite some time before Kelly finally said, “You know, I’ve been with a lot of guys over the years, but I’ve never actually seen one of them jerk off.”

It’s true about Kelly, she has been with a lot of guys over the years. Both she and my wife are 52 years old, although both are in great shape, are very attractive and could easily pass for women years younger. Kelly has never married; partly because she enjoys being with different guys on a regular basis, and partly because she’s very particular about who she would even consider as a husband. As a result, Kelly is a very hot unmarried cougar.

“I haven’t either,” Anne chimed in. “I’ve given him a number of hand jobs,” tilting her head toward me, “but I’ve never seen him jerk off himself.”

“Well maybe it’s time for both of us to see it,” Kelly said. She looked at me and said, “What do you say big guy, you want to give us girls a show? That is, if it’s alright with your beautiful wife.”

“I’d love to see that show,” Anne said, turning in her seat to face me. “What do you say? I bet you’d jerk off later anyway, why not show us how you do it?”

I couldn’t believe it. My wife was actually asking me to masturbate in front of her and her girl friend. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to, heck, the mere thought of it had made my cock stir in my shorts. “I guess so,” I said, “but you’re going to have to do a couple of things for me first.”

“We’re not going to agree to anything,” Kelly said, “but tell us what you have in mind.”

“OK,” I said, “first, Anne, you need to get me the lube from the bedroom. If I’m going to do this, I want to be well lubricated.”

“Agreed,” Anne replied, “what else?”

“If I’m going to jerk off in front of you, I need something to stimulate me, so to speak. So both of you have to show me your tits.”

Anne and Kelly looked at each other. Kelly raised her eyebrow slightly and shrugged her shoulder. I guess that meant yes, because Anne said, “Alright, kurtköy escort is that it?”

“Yep. Get me the lube and show me your tits and I’ll jerk off for you,” I offered.

Anne got up and went inside. Kelly looked at me, but neither of us said a word. In a second, Anne was back with a half-full bottle of KY liquid. She handed it to me then settled down in her chair. I got up from my seat and stood in front of the two good friends. My back was to the lake as I leaned against the wooden railing of our deck. I undid the belt and top button on my shorts and pulled down the zipper. I dropped my shorts and stood there in my boxers. “Before I go any further, you two have to take off your tops,” I said.

Both Anne and Kelly were still wearing what they had slept in the night before. Anne was wearing a very tight tank top and a pair of white cotton boy-cut panties. Kelly was wearing an extra large T-shirt that came down to the middle of her thighs. Again Anne and Kelly looked at each other and shrugged.

Anne pulled her tank top up and off. My wife is a beautiful woman with great looking tits. She’s 5 foot 2 inches, weighs about 115 pounds, and keeps her body toned and tight with a rigorous work-out schedule that includes daily 10-mile runs, as well as Pilate’s and yoga. Anne’s tits, which are a natural 34C, are firm and round and stand out from her chest even when she isn’t wearing a bra. Anne’s tits were now naked as she sat in front of me.

Kelly then pulled her T-shirt off to reveal her gigantic 34DD boobs. I always knew Kelly’s tits were big, it was impossible not notice them no matter what clothes she on, but seeing them naked was a revelation. They were easily the size of cantaloupes, maybe bigger. And that wasn’t all. Kelly wasn’t wearing any panties.

“This is all I wear when I sleep,” Kelly said, directing her comments to Anne; explaining why she was now sitting naked in front of her friend’s husband.

Kelly’s pussy was a luscious sight. Her lips were full and pink and she kept herself shaved completely clean. Here I was looking at my wife’s friend’s hairless pussy as I prepared to jerk off for them outside on our back porch, not more than 50 feet from the lake, where any boater could motor by and catch quite a show.

I pulled down my boxers and my rock-hard cock sprang to attention. “Take off your shirt too,” Anne insisted. “If Kelly is going to sit there naked then you should be naked too.”

I complied by unbuttoning my shirt and taking it off. I stood there completely naked in front of my topless wife and her naked friend. I reached for the KY and applied a generous amount to the head and shaft of my prick. Slowly I began to slide my fist up and down the length of my very hard cock.

A drop of pre-cum appeared and leaked out the tip of my cock. It dangled there for a second before dropping to the deck in slow motion. I watched as Kelly’s eyes followed that drop as it landed between my feet. “That was just some pre-cum,” I said, “you’ll know when I really cum.”

I continued to stroke my engorged dick. It felt incredible to be outside in the warm summer air with two very attractive women watching me beat my meat. I was so turned on I knew I wasn’t going to last long. My pace was slow and methodical; aydıntepe escort first because I didn’t want to cum too fast, and second, by going slowly the pressure really builds so when I do cum I can shoot it quite a distance. I wanted to give Anne and Kelly something to remember, I wanted them to see my cum really fly.

Kelly spread her legs wider and with her left hand she began rubbing her clit. From where she was sitting my wife Anne was unable to see Kelly playing with herself, but because I was standing in front of them, I had a clear view of what Kelly was doing. Watching Kelly rub her hairless naked pussy pushed me right over the edge. The muscles in my legs, chest and arms tightened. I let out a deep moan and exploded.

The first shot of my white sticky cum erupted from my cock with such force that it made it the five feet to where Kelly was sitting and landed on her thigh just above her knee. My next spasms were not nearly as strong so my cum dropped to the deck near my feet. After squeezing the last drop of spunk from my cock, I leaned back on the railing of the deck to catch my breath. Anne got up out of her chair, pulled on her tank top and said, “I’ll go get you a towel.”

I looked at Kelly who was now frantically fingering her pussy. She started to cum herself while she looked directly into my eyes. “That was so fucking hot,” she whispered, as she shook with a powerful orgasm.

Anne returned and threw me the towel. “Why don’t you put your clothes back on Kelly and we can make some breakfast.” Kelly got dressed and followed Anne into the kitchen. I sat on the deck for a few more minutes, naked and confused. It seemed as if Anne were angry at me for jerking off in front of her and Kelly, even though they were the ones who asked me to do it. Again, who knows what goes on the minds of women.

That night when we were in bed, Anne reached over and grabbed my dick and squeezed it hard. “You really got off seeing Kelly naked didn’t you. I saw you looking right at her big tits as you blew your load.” she said. Replaying the events in my head did make me excited and my cock began to stiffen. “See,” Anne said, “just mentioning it is getting you hard again you bastard.”

“What’s your problem?” I said. “You wanted me to jerk off for you so I did. I think you enjoyed it too.”

I rolled over on top of Anne, pushed up her tiny nightgown and positioned my dick at the opening of her hot little twat. As I slid into her I could feel that she was already soaking wet. “Aha,” I said. “You’re already turned on yourself just thinking about my little show this morning. You loved me jacking off in front of you and Kelly. It really got you hot didn’t it?” I said, as I slowly pumped my dick in and out of Anne’s tight little pussy.

“Just be quiet and fuck me,” Anne ordered. I stopped talking and fucked her pussy hard. We both climaxed quickly and then dropped off to sleep.

The next morning Anne and I got up around 8 a.m. Anne made coffee and then decided to go for her run. “This way I can get it in before Kelly wakes up and before it gets really hot,” she said. The temperature was a pleasant 74 degrees, but it was supposed to heat up to near 90 this afternoon. Anne left for her run, I filled my coffee cup and went to sit down on the tuzla içmeler escort back deck. A short time later the screen door slid open and Kelly came out on the deck carrying her own cup of coffee.

“Mind if I join you?” she asked.

“Not at all,” I responded, “have a seat.”

We sat there admiring the beauty of the lake and woods making small talk when Kelly finally brought up the subject that was hanging there between us, yet unsaid. “That was really something yesterday,” she said. “I’d never seen a guy jerk off before and it really got me hot. Would you consider doing it again, this time just for me?”

“What you mean right now?”

“Yeah, if you’re going to do it it’s probably best that you do before Anne gets back,” Kelly said.

She had a point, I don’t think Anne liked me jerking off in front of both them yesterday. I was positive the thought of me mastubating in front of just Kelly wouldn’t sit well with her. “OK,” I said, “but you’ve got to keep this just between the two of us. Agreed?”

“Agreed,” Kelly said. “Do you need the lube?”

“No, I don’t want to waste any time getting it,” I said. “I don’t want to be out here jacking off when Anne gets back from her run.”

“Just don’t go too fast,” Kelly asked, “I want to enjoy the show.” With that she pulled off her T-shirt and was again sitting there completely naked. She reached her hand down to her hairless pussy and began rubbing her clit.

I quickly stood up, stripped naked, and positioned myself in front of her. My cock was already hard from the sight of Kelly’s gigantic 34DD tits and her sliding her fingers in and out of her wet pussy. My stroking was faster than it was the day before and in a matter of minutes I was ready to cum. Sensing my impending explosion, Kelly said, “Tell me when you’re going to cum.”

“I’m getting very close,” I said, and could feel the cum rising in my balls.

“Hang on,” Kelly said, “cum in here.” She reached out, picked up her coffee cup off of the little table that was between our chairs and held it up to my dick. “Cum in my coffee,” Kelly pleaded.

“What?” I said, continuing to pump my fist up and down on my cock.

“Cum in my coffee,” Kelly repeated. “I want to taste you.”

The thought of Kelly wanting me to cum in her coffee cup made me even more excited and I couldn’t hold out any longer. Thick white ropes of cum shot from my dick directly into Kelly’s cup of java. Four, five, six, seven spasms; I deposited everything I had stored in my balls into her morning beverage.

When my orgasm finally subsided, Kelly reached out, squeezed my balls, wrapped her hand around my cock and pulled her hand from the base of my dick to the tip, literally milking every last drop of cum out of me. A big glob of cum dripped out of the tip of my semi-hard cock into Kelly’s coffee cup. “I’d hate to waste any,” she said, with a big smile on her face.

I quickly got dressed and Kelly pulled on her T-shirt. We went inside, refilled out coffee cups and went back out onto the deck just as Anne was coming around the side of the house.

“Hello sleepy head,” Anne said to Kelly. “It’s another beautiful day in paradise.”

“It sure is,” Kelly responded. “I’ve been sitting out here enjoying the incredible view,” Kelly said while winking at me.

“I made the coffee pretty strong today,” Anne said to Kelly. “I hope it’s alright with you.”

“I had to add a lot of extra cream to it,” Kelly said, as she took a big drink from her cup, “But it tastes fantastic now.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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