Covid 19 – Pete Turned into Charleigh

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Even with the threat of Covid over everyones life, Pete was still getting on with things whilst he could. It was possible that any day, more restrictions might be placed on the country. They’d already closed the borders, no one knew what would happen next. He had to make the most of the time he had, and he was determined to, today was going to be an amazing day, despite the threat of Covid 19. To put it in perspective he thought, it might well be the last day that he could have any fun for weeks. So he was going to.

Pete was beside himself, his new toys had arrived at the courier depot, and he was off to pick them up. He was desperate to try them today, and as luck would have it, his wife Emma was heading out of town on a training course, over ninety minutes drive away. She wouldn’t be back until late in the day, so he could have fun for the whole morning, without worrying about her returning. He impatiently waited until she’d left, waving her off down the drive with relief, he raced through to their bedroom, got his kink bag out from his hiding place in the bottom draw of his chest of drawers and moved to the bathroom.

He jumped in the shower and gave himself the fastest enema on record, he needed to be clean as could be, for what he was about to pick up. He thought Emma was unlikely to ring for a while, as she’d lose reception in another 40 mins or so and the road was one you really needed to concentrate on. He quickly shaved his ass crack and balls, there wasn’t much hair, as he shaved pretty regularly, not that his wife would ever notice. Sex was a distant memory for the two of them. He wanted to look his best on cam for Mistress Red. He did his teeth, used mouthwash, he was ready.

He thought he’d better check in with Mistress Red. He texted, “Morning Mistress Red, my wife has left for her training course, and i’m about to go and pick up my new toys from the couriers. i’m clean and shaved, would you like me plugged or tight?” he always used small i’s when referring to himself in his texts, to show in just a small way his submission to his Mistress and superior.

“Ohh morning piglet, I want you to plug, I think you’ll be glad you’re nice and wide open later, when you strap yourself in for my viewing pleasure.” It was a morning she knew she was going to enjoy, probably a lot more than her dutiful piglet would, but that was half the fun and the potential of one of the plans she had harbored for a number of years coming to fruition.

He eagerly texted back “Yes Mistress Red i’ll do that right now.”

Over the previous few weeks, she’d talked at length with him about ordering the machine and what accessories to get, and in the end they were both happy and excited with his expensive purchases.

Pete pulled out his Little Boy American Bombshell butt plug, it always took some effort just to get it in. At a full 2.5 inches in diameter, it was nearly 8 inches around. He lubed up his asshole and put the head of the plug to his hole. Sniffing on his fresh bottle of poppers, was always a moment he loved, opening the protective seal and breathing in those erotic fumes always made him heady. He’d bought 5 bottles the previous day, just so he wouldn’t run out if the Covid restrictions got any stronger. He couldn’t see a sex shop being classed as an essential service. He breathed in heavily for the count of ten, first into one nostril then onto the second, his face flushed, his head grew warm and fuzzy and crucially his ass relaxed just a little.

He texted with shaking hands, “I have the plug at the entrance to my asshole Mistress Red, should I lower onto it?”

“I think you mean your asspussy slut, yes of course get it in right now, I want to see the machine.”

He sniffed one more time, pretended as though he was taking a shit and pushed down on the plug, it was too big, it wouldn’t go straight in, he needed to work up to it.

He took two more huge sniffs on the poppers and got ready to try again.

“Get it fucking in, right now slut, don’t keep me waiting.” Mistress Red was getting impatient, he knew not to piss her off.

She meant business, it was time. He pushed straight down, screaming into his hand as his asspussy gave way and allowed the huge intruder in. As his hole accepted the widest part he breathed again and let his asspussy clench onto the plug, pulling it in deep. Now it was home, he felt complete and in just a little simple way, he felt under Mistress Red’s control, even if he wasn’t with her.

“It’s in Mistress Red.”

“About bloody time, now go and pick the parcels up.”

“Sorry for the delay Mistress, it won’t happen again.”

“It better bloody not.”

He pulled up his tightest size 10 black g string, and then baggy shorts and a T shirt over the top.

He jumped into the car only twelve minutes after his wife had left, a new record. He tried to keep to the speed limit, but was just too excited. He parked and then walked into the courier reception.

“Hi, I think you have a couple of parcels for me, the names bahçelievler escort Pete Johnson, I got a card left in the post.”

“We do indeed Mr Johnson, right here in the back. Looks like you’re pretty excited to get these?”

“I am to be honest, can’t wait to get them home.”

The older woman looked at him knowingly, “I just bet you can’t Sir.”, Pete wasn’t sure if he was imagining things, but it was almost as if she knew what was in the boxes. The thought both horrified and turned him on.

He took the two boxes out and put them on the seat beside him, the contents packed down to small packages, he hoped everything would be there. They looked too small to have everything he’s ordered.

He texted Mistress Red. “On my way home Mistress how would you like me dressed for the demonstration?”

Red smiled, this was getting better and better. “Yes, in your PVC body and make sure that the neck zips are padlocked and under your Cum Slut Collar and then put a new padlock in the zip at the lower back should I wish you to be locked into the body later. Make sure you have every single piece of your kink gear, including your sexy sissy clothes ready to hand, just in case I think of something specific, that I want.”

“Yes Mistress, anything else?”

“You don’t have time for full make up, but I think a little mascara, some eye liner and heavy lipstick should do. Use the deep burgundy one I had you buy a couple of weeks ago. Then your mid length black wig and your medium tittie inserts.”

“Ohh and your lovely lockable heels too to finish it all off. Put the keys to all the locks just out of reach, but within reach once the timer lock on your wrist opens, I want you locked in the stockade with the timer lock closed on right wrist cuff as the final lock. After all, there’s absolutely no point in going to all this trouble if you don’t feel utterly helpless and out of control, for a while. So make sure you set up so that until that timer lock opens you ain’t going anywhere, understand?”

“Yes Goddess, fuck i wish i was home already.”

“I bet you do piglet, you need this, you crave it, I just bet you are so desperate to be at home now. Now drive and get ready as quickly as you can, I want to see this machine in action, how long will it take you to construct?”

Pete texted as he drove, having one near miss. “Should be quick, I watched some tutorials on youtube.”

“Good slut, now get on with it and get it set up in the garage, and open Skype to me on your computer so I can watch you get it ready. Now don’t text back until you are constructing, ohh and use the PVC stockings too bitch.”

Pete drove as fast as he could without risking getting stopped by the police. He raced down the drive and used his remote to open the garage door, he’d put a large piece of carpet down earlier in preparation for this time. He unloaded the boxes.

He got his kink bag from the bedroom and pulled down his Samsonite suitcase which was jam packed with kinky gear. He stored the large suitcase in the rafters in the garage, where it was safe. He opened it up for later, revealing his patent 5 inch high heeled, padlockable boots and his pride and joy his thigh length boots. A wide range of kinky underwear and number of PVC items, stockings, panties, various gags, his two wigs, two sets of breast inserts with adhesive, gloves and assorted makeup, toys, a number of butt plugs, poppers, lubes, ropes, locks and hoods. Basically a great range of all the items a sissy slut could need. He looked at the stuffed case and smiled.

He opened his computer, showing Mistress Red his case and the full garage.

“Hi Piglet.” She waved and blew a kiss to him.

“Morning Mistress Red, I can’t tell you how good it is to see you.”

“You too Piglet, just to check, there is absolutely no way your wife will be home for hours?

“No she’ll be gone for the day, i’m yours to play with as you see fit.”

“Excellent, now open the bloody boxes and talk me through it.”

Pete started with the Shockspot box, it was only 20 inches long and looked like it might hold a trumpet but as he opened the slick metal catches on the box and showed her inside the case, she saw the cut foam holding the parts of the machine. He’d studied the youtube videos countless times for this eventuality and it had easy to follow instructions.

“As you can see Mistress this is pretty simple to construct.” As he said it he fitted the parts together, locking them into place to give him a robust stand with a arm that could rock back and forth and a Vaculock attachment for dildos, he attached the 8 inch, black dildo with realistic looking balls.

“You always did like black cock you little slut, now put the computer to the side of you so I can see the machine fucking you side on and then open FaceTime on your phone so we can talk and put that facing you on the floor by the remote control.”

He smiled back at his Mistress, “I think you made me like black cock bakırköy escort Mistress Red.” He did as instructed.

“You dirty flirt.” She smiled at him, a lamb to the slaughter.

Pete pulled the next box over to where he was kneeling and opened it. “This is the stockade Mistress and it connects to the Shockspot as we discussed.”

“So once you are locked into it and the new timer lock goes on your last wrist cuff, you’re really will be helpless and getting fucked for a while?”

“Yes as long as you order me to set the timer for Mistress Red.”

“Good, that’s good little slut, fuck I wish I was there.”

“Me too Mistress, I’ll definitely bring it over next time I come to the dungeon. If you could please bring up the App you downloaded on your phone, and type in the username and password then you’ll have the control of the Shockspot. I’ll have the remote, but you can lock me out of that if you want to, and then you can decide on which program to use on me.”

“That is fucking brilliant, and you’d better bring it over next time you come to see me slut.”

As they were talking he’d finished constructing the stockade and attached a metal collar with leather padding at the neck. It had lockable cuffs for his ankles and wrists and a chest pad to rest on with a thick leather belt which could be fastened to immobilize the submissive’s body. The great design was that even a submissive working alone could effectively restrain themselves and make themselves utterly helpless with the help of one timer lock. He’d bought the timer lock on Mistresses instructions.

Pete attached the Shockspot’s front legs to the metal stockade so that the front of the dildo was lined up with where his ass would be and then began to strip.

“Ohh good little slut, I can see you shaved for me, now turn around and bend over and show me your butt plug I want to see your gape as you take it out of your pussy.”

Pete loved this, his cock was trying to get hard at the attention, but the butt plug and poppers made it difficult to get a proper erection. Well that and the fact he’d suffered from erectile dysfunction for years.

“Your clit looks lovely and small today, but those balls of yours look huge, full of cum, I guess after me not allowing you to cum for two weeks, you must be gagging to cum, just how I like you to be slut.”

“Yes Mistress Red, I am desperate to cum.”

“Well no promises. But I want your cock and balls hanging out of the body please, so I can see them jiggle as you are fucked and to see if you get hard from being fucked.’

Pete bent over and slowly removed the butt plug, showing his gape to his Mistress, she smiled. He put the plug which had a bit of anal mucus on it, down on the floor to clear up later.

He dressed as quickly as he could, PVC stockings, then he carefully got into the PVC body and inserted the medium breasts into place and locked the zip at the neck. Then he locked his CUM SLUT collar on top of the other lock. He looped an extra padlock through the back zip, not sure why Mistress Red had asked for that, but he guessed it was for after, then locked his heels in place, and gingerly stood up. He quickly applied his makeup, not a great job, but it would do. He looked at the screen to check Mistress Red was happy, she was looking down at her phone apparently texting someone, or looking at the app, then she looked up at Pete and nodded. “Time to see if it works, make sure you can reach the remote to turn it off if you need to.”

“Thanks Mistress, will do.” Pete had the remote by his right hand his poppers by the side of it on a towel.

Pete knelt in the stockade, adjusting the angle of the dildo and the how far forward it was. He poured a liberal quantity of lube on the dildo and then smeared more over his hairless asshole, fingering himself as he did so, then after he’d had three fingers in him, he made sure that he had an inch of the dildo in his ass. He then locked his ankles into the cuffs. He closed the padlocks and put his head in the metal collar to test how far he could reach, then he took the keys out of the ankle cuffs and pushed them just out of reach with his wrists still locked, but where he would be able to retrieve them once the timer lock opened. Helpless but only for a set period of time.

“How long for the timer Mistress Red?”

“Ohh I think 60 minutes might be more than you can handle.”

“I can take longer if you like Mistress Red.”

“No slut, lets be sensible this first time, we’ll have plenty of time to build you up further in the future, I feel sure of that. Get the dildo a few more inches in and then lock that off. So that you will always have at least 3 inches inside you and cannot get off it, once it starts fucking you, all you’ll be able to do is slow it down or speed it up. Up until I take control of it of course.

Pete moved the rod forward as per his instructions and locked the leather belt that went over his back and kept him balgat escort in place on the chest bench. He cinched it so he could barely breathe and certainly couldn’t move. He locked off his left wrist, then drew in a deep breath and locked his neck in place, holding his head in the metal ring, he was going nowhere. The final problem was to lock the last padlock on his right wrist with the timer lock, it was fiddly, but he managed it.

“Good slut, now first of all, see properly if you can get out.”

Pete rocked and tested all his bonds, but he couldn’t move at all.

“No Mistress I am truly helpless.” Pete smiled as he said it, he was in heaven.

“Fuck you forgot the poppers your twit.”

“Shit, but they are just below my hand, I could open them but can’t move them.”

“Well open them and they’ll waft up to you, they won’t be very intense, but then again the fucking is going to be.” Red smiled, this was priceless, more fun than she thought possible and she wasn’t even there.

Pete started the Shockspot, just 3 inches of extra depth at first, then increased the speed slowly.

“Ohh God that looks superb, your big fat girlie ass bouncing and rippling as you get fucked. Have you got the poppers open yet, I think you’re going to need them.

Pete carefully opened the bottle, but then couldn’t hold it properly and it tipped over soaking the towel, just inches beneath his face.

“Ohh my, now you are going to get high slut.”

“Yes Mistress they’re pretty intense, that’s for sure.” Pete breathed in his precious poppers as the machine began his training.

“Right, your remote is now turned off and I have the bridge as Picard would say. It would seem that I have complete control bitch.” She smiled that smile again.

“Let’s see how you get on with Slow, Long and Easy first.” Mistress Red clicked on her phone and the dildo began to go a full 8 inches deep, Pete moaned loudly.

“There’s my gurl, come on Charleigh, come and play for me.”

“It’s not Charleigh, it’s me Mistress.” Pete sounded almost annoyed which in turn pissed Mistress Red off.

“Not for long boi, before you know it, Charleigh will be moaning like a bitch on heat for me. Now shut the fuck up and don’t be insolent. It’s a shame we didn’t gag you.”

Pete’s eyes rolled into the back of his head as he breathed in so many poppers in the confined space, he was truly feeling every moment of this.

Mistress Red looked down at her phone and considered the text. Should she, or shouldn’t she?

She tried once more to think of what could possibly go wrong, with her grand plan, but each and every way she looked at it, it seemed as though the outcome would be the same, unless of course Pete was forgiven. But surely that was pretty unlikely.

Only one way to find out she thought. She held her finger over the button and then sent the text that would change Pete’s life and hers forever.

“Emma, you should go back home, Pete is cheating on you in your own garage.” the text designed to get maximum attention from any wife.

Emma swerved a little as she looked down at her phone. She couldn’t read the whole message, so she slowed and read it incredulously, WTF, who’d sent this, she pulled over and rang the number straight back.

Mistress Red sat back and let it ring. Then she declined the call and texted once more, “Just drive home and you’ll be glad you did when you get there. But if I were you, I’d take a couple of girlfriends as witnesses and moral support, you might need it. You don’t want to see this on your own.”

Emma was angry now, she tried calling once more, but no answer and she looked behind her, swung the car around and set off at speed.

She used Siri to call her two best mates and explained what was happening and said she’d be home in 30 minutes, they agreed to meet at Pete and Emma’s house then.

Mistress Red looked into Pete’s eyes, “You are truly loving this, aren’t you slut.”

“Hell yes Misssstreessss it’ssss amazinggggg.”

“I have to go for 15 minutes, I’m going to leave you and then come back and see how you are coping.”

“Pleaase don’t leave me Mistress it’s sooooo intennsssee.”

“As it should be for a sissy slut like you, no one said training would be easy, did they slut.” She smiled her kinkiest smile at him.

“No Mistresss theyyyy diddn’ttt.”

Emma tried not to drive too fast, but she just couldn’t help it, luckily she didn’t see any cops on the way. As she rolled down the driveway, her two friends, Sarah and Karen got out of their cars to join her. They were all wondering just what the fuck was going on.

“The text said in the garage, who the fuck would cheat on anyone there?” Sarah was intrigued should the truth be known, she’d never really liked Pete, just too full of himself she thought, Emma deserved better.

“It beats me, maybe it’s just a bloody wind up.” Emma was striding to the garage with the remote in her hand.

As they were a few feet away she pressed the button. As the garage door rolled upward they all stopped in their tracks. As it rose all three of them could hear some intense moans and a machine working rhythmically.

They could now see the full scene, and smell the poppers.

“What the fuck is that smell, shit it’s making my head feel weird.” Emma had no idea.

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