Cookout on the Beach

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She was in a meditative haze as her eyes locked onto the Land O Lakes Butter girl on the package. Her mind wandered what her long, thick, black braids would feel like in her own hands. So she listened to the wind and waves as she started working her own damp sandy blonde hair into long braids of her own.

It was self soothing, and she loved getting to zone out on this beach trip. Not being responsible for dinner relaxed her even more and put her at peace. Her only responsibility was handing him the stick of butter from that package he’d asked for.

It was her first time Camping on the beach in Oregon, and she loved how the green, firry mountains came all the way down to the big sandy dunes and finally flattening out into the broad beach. The August sun had been hot enough that day for them to actually lay out and soak in some vitamin D on their blankets on the nearly deserted beach. The sea birds and a few couples occasionally strolling down the beach were their only company.

It had actually gotten warm enough for her to wiggle out of her little shorts and lay out in her black lacy thong and remove her top to feel mother nature’s radiant licks all across her smooth freckled skin. They’d laid out a bit. Chatting. Holding each other and nibbling. Teasing. And occasionally going for a quick dip in the chilly Pacific. A couple beech beers and a gummy they’d procured in Portland had her head in the perfect almanbahis şikayet place. Stoned. Hungry. Horny.

He loved how happy she looked At that moment, and his senses were heightened. Leeks, peppers, garlic, and potatoes Frying lightly over the wood fire Wafted to his nose and stirred his hunger. He was ravenous to eat. And to take her. He was thrilled to look at how content her smile was.

“Pop that Prosecco while I throw these prawns into the sautéed veggies. We’ll have this appetizer before we get to those massive King Crab Legs we bought at the market.”

She obliged and poured.

Plating the succulent snack they sat next to each other on their big blanket hidden in the dunes. God that time of the day on the beach is the best. The only noises other than the surf was their lips smacking and small moans of gastronomic pleasure. Hands and mouths greasy.

Both of them drying in the last bit of sun. Him with only a towel wrapped around his hips. God she was beautiful. And that last bit of sun bounced off her eyes. Her braids dropping down to her shoulders . A bit of butter dripping from her chin down in between her tits. He couldn’t take it any longer…the crab legs would have to wait.

He tossed his plate to the side and surprised her as he grabbed ripped hers off. The sudden aggressive move instantly sent a jolt to her pussy. The heady mix of sun, grease, and pheromones almanbahis canlı casino overtook them. He pinned her down onto the blanket and kissed her. All of the teasing had caught up and they went crazy licking and sucking and biting each other’s necks and faces.

Grinding her pussy up into him she moaned. Signaling that she needs his cock inside her. But he said no. And flipped her onto her knees. Her ass up in the air. She feels and painful tug. And hears a snap. Her thong is ripped from her body. And before the cool air can even hit the inside of her crack. She feels his mouth deep in her ass. Feasting back and forth. Working the tip of his tongue into her pulsing ass hole.

Omg she is melting and pliant in his strong hands. He saw the stick of butter warm on the metal plate, slabbed his fingers into a scoop of it, and smeared it on her throbbing ass. Her pussy is on fire, but that will have to wait. It’s her ass he will take. Her head nuzzled Into the blanket as it sinks into the sand. And her ass rises even more meeting the head of his cock. Slow at first he pops into the ring of her ass. And the butter oozes all over and drips down his balls and onto her cunt.

Deeper and deeper his cock slides until she feels him bottom out. At that moment she feels a cold sweat beak out all over her body. She pushes back so he can split her open. Slowly out and slowly back in 10 times until almanbahis casino she has adjusted. Breathing slow and hard she can take it. Her Pussy needs to be touched so so bad. But she knows she can’t touch it. The smells! The sounds! Her tightness invaded, he starts to grunt like a god damn man just taking what is his.

Warmth starts deep in her guts and starts to spread out as she begins her climax. Her ass contacting back and forth milking his seed. And he slams home one more time till finally erupting deep into her. Gasping and Cumming. They collapse. And as he eases out she suddenly feels empty.

Her pussy still is still on fire. He stands up as she is still on her knees catching her breath. He tells her to sit up. His cock dangling in front of her face. You may cum again if you do what you know you need to do. She nods her head.

He looks down at her in awe as she starts to clean his cock with only her mouth, and her hands work her clit furiously.

She doesn’t last long as she can taste butter, ocean, cum, and her own slutty ass on his throbbing, dripping cock. A pussy orgasm this time sent her shuttering and screaming until she collapses. At his feet. Holding onto him. Dazed and satiated and her eyes just staring out watching the last ray of sun sink below the big blue.

He wraps his towel around himself and says, “It’s time for the crab legs.”

He places them in the coals of the fire and realizes he used up all that butter. She’s still out of it just panting on the blanket. So he walks to get more butter for the crab legs. He looks into the cooler and sees the Land O Lakes girl looking back at him. He notices her braids. And smiles.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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