Controlled by My Neighbor

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As long as I could remember I loved the feeling of wearing panties and sometimes dressing up. I live in an older neighborhood where the houses are close together so it was always easy and convenient to see and talk to our neighbors. Rhonda who lived on one side of me was about 45 and single. She was not the prettiest woman by any means but she always dressed to hot and always catch your eye. She never wore a bra and although she was very small in breast size with large nipples that always said hello when you saw her. She loved to garden and that was always prime time for a little voyeur time. My garage had windows on the side that faced her flower garden. Bending down always gave me great views of her butt crack that almost always was showing and of course a great down blouse that showed those loved young girl sized boobies and lovely nipples. Many times I would walk over and to talk and get a closer look. This one day I had to look because she was wearing a sweat pants material very short mini skirt. I said he Rhonda how are you? She simply swiveled her hip and I caught the first shot of her pussy. I was pretty much shaven except a very small patch of hair on top of her clit. She also had a tattoo but I could not make it out before show closed up. After making small talk she asked if I could help her pull this post out of the ground. Of course I said giving me more quality viewing time. I was wearing shorts and a tee shirt and the post turned out to be tougher that I thought. I rocked it back and forth pulling from the bottom.

After finally getting it out she thanked me and said come on let me get you some to drink. When we went in she had a breakfast nook off to one side and before I could sit down I could not believe my ears. She said, “I was surprised to see that you wear size 7 panties, I would have thought you were an 8”. My mind could not process what I just heard and simply uttered “what”. She said that she got a good look at my panties showing out my shorts when I was bending over and the tag was also showing. She quickly put me at ease saying he its okay, in fact I think it’s kind of cool and I would love to get a full view. Why don’t you take off those shorts and I will go and get us those drinks. She put me aydın escort totally at ease so off the shorts came. I wish I could say I had a raging hard on but the fact is it shrunk from the shock and must have looked more like a big clit. I heard her turning the corner but not with the drinks. I looked up and boom a flash, she took my picture. Now stunned she said not to worry she was not to use it against me because she always wanted to dress up and play with a guy. She said this was so I would stay “engaged”. She asked me to stand and stroked my cock. It now was nice and hard and she said now that’s much better. Look she said, Dan her boy friend was coming over soon and this would have to wait, you better go.

Several days past and nothing more than our usual small talk and hellos and one Saturday morning she said “do you want to continue our little fun time? Sure I said. Come on over in 30 minutes and no need to wear your panties, you can use mine. This might be better than I thought.

I went in through the back entrance of the house which was real close to my back door. She led me into her bedroom and I noticed some clothes on the bed and her panty drawer open. Take your pick find a bra too. There were nothing but short miniskirts and tight pull over tops that were all girly in color and design. I can’t wait to see what you pick out so let me leave you to your choices, I will be in the dining room when you are fully dressed. Almost all of her panties were thongs and the bra’s were push up’s and filled styles due to her small breasts. Picking the panties and bra I stopped to look in the mirror and to my surprise the push up bra actually looked good and felt great. I picked a small jean skirt and it fit pretty well. I could not believe how short the skirt was and when I sat on the bed I knew my panties had to be showing. The top was a pink color and had “PINK” embroidered on the front. I went out and saw Rhonda smile with satisfaction. She said you cannot believe how long I have wanted to live out this fantasy since dressing up her younger brother, you look great and this will be fun. Let’s go in the living room which would be more comfortable.

When I turned the corner I was in shock, there sitting aydınlıkevler escort quietly was Peggy and Carol our two neighbors from across the street. They both had smiles from ear to ear and as my heart sank I could hear both laughing and telling Rhonda I thought you were pulling our legs. They sat back laughing more in the couch. Rhonda said, “Well girls I lived up to my end of the bargain so are you still up for it”? Up for what was all I could think of?

That is when I noticed a dildo on the end table and I knew. Rhonda said you will get on the floor on your hands and knees and we are going to have our way with you. During this time we are going to kneel in front of you while you French kiss our asses. Absolutely no pussy contact what so ever! We want your tongue to go deep in our ass. We will all take turns. Rhonda whent up behind me and lifted my skirt which did not take much effort. Nice panty choice she said. I felt her fingers on the side bands of my panties and down they came resting on my knees and legs. I her messing with something which I thought was lube and judging by the temperature I was right. I felt the head of the rubber cock against my virgin ass rubbing and turning gradually increasing pressure. I actually thought it would hurt more from what I read but at one point it felt like it actually popped in and heard her say ah that’s better.

As she started to fuck me with it going in deeper each push I heard pants coming off than Carol came an knelt right in front of me and backed her ass right up to my face. I could smell her pussy but knew that was off limits. I started kissing her ass but she said “get to my hole”. When my tongue reached her spot I was surprised it did not taste or smell bad. I worked and worked her ass not even thinking about my own ass pounding. A few minutes passed and they switched. I did not know who was fucking my ass but I now saw Rhonda ass for the first time right there in front of me. Is it as nice as you though it was she asked? I know you always watch me in the yard. Better I said in a brief moment of pulling my face back. Rhonda must have done a lot of anal because my tongue had no problem pushing its way in. I could not ayrancı escort believe I had it all the way it would go. Flick your tongue inside it she insisted.

When she got up she said I will be right back. She returned with the shower curtain that I guess she took off the shower. Take off your skirt and top I don’t want them messed up she said. Worried now I was instructed to lie on my back. Peggy who’s ass I did not lick squatted over my face and said lick it from this position as she kneeled over my face looking in my cocks direction. Peggy must have put some perfume down there as the scent was intoxicating. After about 30 seconds I felt something warm poured over my chin and neck. When she rose up on her knees I now know she was pissing on me as the other girls watched. She must have not had to go much because it was over pretty quick. Then Carol stepped over me placing her hands on the top of her thighs and starting pissing on my cock. The view was fantastic and the feeling of the warm almost hot piss splashing on me really gave me a raging hard on. When Carol was done Rhonda followed suit draining her urine on my chest. Rub it all over she demanded which I did. The fresh piss actually smelled pretty good. I never thought that Golden Showers would be so hot but it was.

Peggy had gone a got some toilet paper in the mean time I guess because when Rhonda stepped off all the girls each grabbed a piece and wiped themselves and proceeded to throw the paper on me. As I lay there they sat back down and I was instructed to jerk off for them. I was not easy at first because the piss was sticky and after it dried it felt better. To my surprise they started rubbing their pussies watching my show for them. I was instructed to catch every drop of my load because they wanted to see it. When I came I leaned over and caught my load. I had not got off in 5 days or so and the load was thick and stood up proud in my hand. They commented on how thick it was and how good it must taste, so why don’t you try it and tell us how good it tastes. As I raised it to my mouth Carol said don’t swallow it at first we want to see it on your tongue. As I opened my mouth Carol held up her iPhone and I heard the click. What have I gotten myself into I thought. Don’t worry this is all for our fun. I was instructed to stand up and put back on the panties. Now standing in bra and panties I was told to go home like that and hope no one sees me. I was instructed to was Rhonda’s things to be returned for my things……more to come

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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