Condo Discoveries Ch. 03

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Thanks again for all of the positive responses and suggestions, some of which I’ll include as the story moves forward. Again, any and all thoughts and desires from you are welcomed. So don’t be shy about describing what you would like your “girl” to do. Wink. I might work it in, ya never know.

End of Chapter 2

I pushed myself up with a struggle and looked both of us over. “We need another shower.”

“Yeah, and I need to pee again.”

I lowered my head and raised my eyebrows while looking at him.

“Oh no!” When he saw my questioning and coy look, “I’m done for the night.”

“Oh yeah? Think so huh?” My mouth was still watering from the taste of his cum and my hole was twitching from thinking about him thinking about my ass. We may have both needed to rest for the night, but the fun wasn’t over by a long shot.

Chapter 3

I normally just work from home, but the next day I had to spend at the office. After getting ready and checking on Sean, I headed out. While cleaning the two of us up again the night before, I discovered the cream that he uses to remove all of his hair. I left a little early so I could stop at an ABS before getting to the office. I picked up the hair remover cream, a large bottle of strawberry flavored lube, a three pack of butt plugs, and an enema kit. I also picked out some sexy boy short panties that I thought might be fun to tease Sean with. It was totally out of character for me, but after sucking his cock and swallowing his cum, I was starting to think of myself as the girl in this relationship. Remembering the feeling that washed through me as Sean licked and cleaned all the cum from my ass, I was craving to take that hard cock deep inside and submit completely as the girl.

I headed straight to a stall in the men’s room when I arrived at the office. After lubing up the smallest plug, I started working it in. When the widest part slipped past my ring, I had to slap my hand across my mouth to keep from moaning out loud. Oh God it felt good! I couldn’t control it, but my hips were thrusting forward and back and my canal was contracting with every thrust. My dick was rock hard and I couldn’t believe my ass could be this receptive and responsive. I started working the plug in and out a few times but had to stop before my knees buckled and or I shot my load all over the place.

Needless to say, I wasn’t able to focus on work very much throughout the day. At lunch, I swapped to the middle sized plug with about the same results. Sean was going to have another pair of briefs to clean up by the time the day was over. At quitting time, I switched again to the largest plug. I was able to use my own precum that had gathered as lube this time. I kept my briefs on and just shoved my hand down the back to insert the new plug. I had to work it in a little then out, in then out. When the widest part popped in, my knees did buckle and I came without ever touch my dick. After recovering for a few minutes, I cleaned up and hurried home before anyone could see the wet spot that was sure to form in my pants. My dick remained hard and leaking as I sat on the largest plug all the way home, knowing I could and would take Sean’s hard cock before the night was over.

Arriving home, Sean was sitting on the deck and I asked through the screen door how his day was. He mumbled something about long and boring and I giggled to myself, “Not for long.” I removed my pants but kept my dress shirt on and fixed us some drinks. I took his out to him with a coy smile on my face.

” Whaaaat are you up to?” He asked with raised eye brows when he saw my expression and attire.

“Oh nothing. Just thought you might need something to keep you occupied for a few minutes.” With that, I stood in front of him, reached under my shirt and wiggled my hips as I slipped my briefs off. The look on his Ankara escort face confirmed that the panties would be a big hit in the future. I held the briefs on my finger and asked, “I made another mess, could you work on these while I take care of some things? Back in a bit, don’t go anywhere.” With that, I dropped the briefs in his lap and ran off laughing. I’m not sure what he did, but when I found them the next day, they were clean.

I spent the next hour or so with the enema kit, hair remover and shower. When I emerged from the shower, I was squeaky clean inside and out, and silky smooth from the head down. I bent over and rested my chest on the counter while I lubed my ring and canal and reinserted the largest plug. My knees almost buckled again as I fought the urge to work the plug in and out. After composing myself, I pulled on another long button up shirt that reached down to about mid thigh and headed back to the deck.

Sean was leaning back with his eyes closed and drying cum around his lips and nose. It looked like he had enjoyed my wet briefs. I felt a little guilty about disturbing him, but I was on a mission, and sleeping was not on the agenda, the tent in his sweat pants was.

“Don’t even think about sleeping big boy.”

His eyes snapped open with a hungry look, “Not sleeping, just thinking about your mess and how much I enjoyed it.”

“Well, come on. Let’s get you cleaned up,” as I turned for his bathroom with him close on my heels.

“You’re lucky I can’t use my hands. You’d be on the tabletop already if I could.”

Looking over my shoulder I said, “You’ll be wishing you had your hands to hold me off before I’m through.” Giggling, I took off before he could grab me and yelled, “Hurry up,” when I reached the bathroom.

As he entered and came towards me, I wagged my finger and told him, “Behave yourself,” as I bent over to pull his sweats down. His hard cock popped up looking like it was starving for attention. “Tch, tch, tch, such a one track mind,” I giggled as I pulled his shirt off and pushed him towards the shower. I washed every inch as before but spent extra time soaping up his crack and rosebud from behind as I reached around to soap his cock and balls. I didn’t want him to cum but did make sure every inch was clean, keeping him on the edge the whole time.

When I thought he had about all he could take, I rinsed him off and turned him around. I stooped down just a little to suck on his eraser sized, quarter inch long nipples, which were already hard. I’d suck one in then push it out with my tongue, letting it lightly scrape across my teeth on each pass, then gently biting down and flicking it with my tongue. After working on each one several times, it was all he could do to keep from bashing me in the head with his casts.

I backed up and slid down the shower wall so I was squatting on my heels with my head and shoulders against the wall. As I pulled him forward by his ass cheeks, his shins spread my knees apart. Basically, I was trapped against the wall with his hard cock coming towards my mouth, just where I wanted to be. As he came forward and sank his cock in my mouth, the pulsing shower was able to hit my hard dick and balls. The combination of his cock and the water hitting me, caused me to moan which caused Sean to start pumping. Foreplay was over, Sean needed to cum.

With my head against the wall, I didn’t have a choice but to take it as he pumped all the way in and down my throat, them pull back till the flared head caught on my teeth, where I ran my tongue across the sensitive head. He would then slam back into my throat and grind against my face, fucking my mouth like a hot, wet pussy. I soaped up a finger and slipped into his ass on the next in stroke. He yelled out and exploded from the duel stimulation as he kept fucking in and out of my mouth Ankara escort bayan and back and forth on my finger. My mouth was a foaming mess as he finished humping against my face, pressing his hairless groin against my nose and his balls against my chin, while I pressed inward hard with my finger deep in his ass. He was trapped between my lips and throat in the front and my hands and finger from the rear. I held him there as he twitched and moaned, till I thought he was strong enough to step back without falling down. I licked up all the cum from around the base and what had leaked down along his balls as he leaned against the wall.

Standing up, I said, “I think you needed that.”

“Oh man, I’ve been hard all day thinking about you. And your wet underwear didn’t help matters.” With a satisfied laugh he added, “Bout time you got home.”

“Now, now, be careful or you won’t get your surprise, big boy.”

“Oooo, surprise?”

I just gave him a look that let him know I had something naughty planned. With that, I got us both rinsed off, then out and dried. I helped him with a robe and pulled my long shirt back on. In the living room, I placed some pillows on the floor and had Sean get down on his knees and lean back against the pillows and couch. I placed some more pillows behind his head so he could relax. This position had his hips pushed up, displaying his massive cock for my enjoyment.

“Now just sit back and enjoy. And try not to get too worked up,” I giggled. I poured some lube in my hand and started massaging his half-mast cock as I licked and sucked on his nipples again. It didn’t take long to bring my newest best friend back to full glory. With my other hand, I eased the plug out and applied more lube to my ass. I straddled his legs in the reverse cowboy position and pulled the ottoman up so I could lean on it. I slowly lowered my hips as I guided the head to my opening and started applying downward pressure.

“Holy shi, what are you….? I’ve never….! Oh swee…!” He was back to using incomplete sentences again.

“Me either. I guess we’ll take each other’s virginity. Now, don’t interrupt again.” Good thing I had used the plugs. With just a little more pressure, the head popped in. We both froze and moaned in unison. I braced myself on the ottoman as my hips started naturally humping and rotating. Before I knew it, my ass was grinding against his groin. There was no pain at all, just a feeling of total fulfillment and complete bliss as his cock entered deeper and deeper till I finally bottomed out with my cheeks smashed against his groin.

My mouth was open in a silent scream of joy while Sean was moaning, “Oh crap! So tight! Oh my…! So good!” I was rotating my hips for several rounds and then rolling them up, arching my back, then down, slamming into his groin, taking every inch and trying to get more. I couldn’t stop. My hips and ass were moving like a belly dancer’s, gyrating on their own accord. All I could do was hold on to the ottoman and whimper as I worked his cock with my ass! Holy crap! I had a hard, throbbing cock in my ass! And I was loving it!

When my orgasm started, I leaned back against Sean’s chest and arched my back, giving him a straighter shot to fuck up into my ass. I froze as he slammed into me, every plunge forcing cum to erupt from my dick, hitting my neck and covering my chest. My orgasm kept going long after I stopped shooting as Sean kept thrusting. I surrendered to his cock, whimpering, “Fuck meeee, take meeee, cum in meeee, please fuck me,” in a high pitched, girly voice.

With a mighty upwards thrust, placing most of my weight on his groin and forcing his cock as deep as possible, he started cumming, blasting deep inside me. Breeding me and claiming my ass as belonging to his cock. I felt the warmth from his cum spreading throughout my insides Escort Ankara as he finally lowered his hips to the floor. I just lay on his chest, unable to move, feeling his cock throbbing deep inside as mine oozed on my belly.

After a few moments, hours, weeks, who knows, he whispered in my ear, “Feed me your cum.” I was still beyond thinking or questioning, I just started gathering cum on my fingers and offering them to his mouth to suck and lick clean. Trip after trip till he had swallowed all I could find. I’m not sure how long we stayed in that position but I woke from a total body orgasmic stupor when he said, “I’m gonna get hard again if you don’t stop clenching your ass muscles.”

“Oh really? I don’t think I’ll be complaining if you do. How’s this for moving?”, as I ground my ass against him and giggled. “If it’s gonna be that fantastic every time, you can stay hard all the time.” As he groaned and laughed, I had him lean forward with me so I could pull the pillows from behind him. I placed them in front of me in a pyramid so I could drape across them. I want Sean to do the work this time, I wanted to be fucked this time. After getting the pillows arranged, I had Sean place his legs outside of mine and then leaned across the pillows, pulling his upper body with me. I was now draped across the pillows with my butt raised in the air. Sean’s upper body was pressing against my back and holding me down and his hard again cock was planted deep in my ass.

I reached back with my arms and grabbed his legs just above his knees so I could hold on. With my head turned to the side, I wiggled my ass and clamped my muscles around his cock and whispered, “Now fuck me. Hard, soft, fast, easy. Anyway you want. Just fuck me please. Claim my ass as your own.”

From that moment on, I surrendered to his cock, to his need. I surrendered, accepted, and relished in being the girl and taking his fuck. I rejoiced in the knowledge that his cock was hard because of me, that my ass was creating desire and giving pleasure as his manhood pumped in and out. Every stroke and grind against my soft, yielding cheeks shook and jarred my entire body and signified my complete submission as I absorbed each stroke. I was being fucked and I was euphoric. I whimpered, I drooled, and I moaned. I cried out and begged for more. I never once asked him to stop. I did tell him to fuck me, to make me his, to breed me as a girl. He didn’t disappoint. He varied his fucking from long, slow, full length strokes, starting at my ring and pushing gently to my depths. Switching to short, powerful jabs that caused my body to jerk and shudder. Then stopping while full depth and grinding against my cheeks, pressing me into the pillows. And then switching to full length power strokes, driving me into the pillows and causing my head to rise in a scream. And I came. I felt as if I was having an orgasm from the minute he started pumping till he filled me with his second load of cum, and through the aftershocks as we both jerked spasmodically, me pushing back and he pushing forward.

I was in complete bliss. I had worshiped a cock and balls with my mouth and drank his cum. I had given my ass, taken his fuck and absorbed his cum into my body. I had given the ultimate pleasure and received the ultimate pleasure in return. I knew and accepted my place, which was to please and be pleasured by a man’s cock. From that moment on, I would crave to have his cock in my mouth and throat. To bob my head, licking and sucking or have him hold my head and fuck my face, my reward being to swallow his cum. I would then nurse his cock back to life so I could offer or he could take my ass to fuck his desire into me and signify my total submission to his cock. From this moment on, he would be the man and I would be the girl.

When Sean slowly pulled his spent cock from my wet and gaping ass, all I could do was whimper and beg him not to. When he spread my cheeks and started licking and sucking his cum from and around my hole, I passed out…….

Bye for now. But don’t worry, more is cumming. Smiles and winks…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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