Company Christmas Party

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Dan J. Kroeff had been with the company for more than ten years and so far the Holiday Parties have been relatively boring. This year was starting just the same. Sitting in the up scale beach front hotel bar, waiting for the announcement that they would be seating for dinner in the banquet room, he was making his plan for an early escape. His only worry was that the higher-ups would want to talk to him after the customary rah-rah speeches that always followed dessert and since the head of his department was a no show due to the flu going around, he would be the one they would want to see.

“I hate these fucking parties,” he said out loud, taking another drink of his Vodka Martini.

He couldn’t even look forward to meeting any women at this get together as the majority of the women working at the company were either married or gay. The only single women were way too young and he didn’t want to take the chance of a sexual harassment suit so his prospects were nil. He scanned the faces in the crowded bar and sure enough most worked at his company. He could see that they were sporting the same silly name tags he had on. Dan was hoping he would at least get to see some of the women in pantyhose tonight but that too was turning out to be a lost cause. Most were in short dress or skirts of varying lengths but only one or two had hose on and they were old enough to be his grand mother. He signaled the waitress for another drink when a man approached his small table.

“Hey Dan, Karl Nelson,” the man said holding out his hand.

Dan shook his hand and invited him to sit. He didn’t recognize Karl by sight but he knew who he was. Karl worked as a consultant for the IT department but lived in Arizona, so Dan was surprised to see him here.

“Have you seen the VP of your IT department here tonight? I need to talk to him before things get going.”

“I wouldn’t even know him if he was standing in front of me…sorry,” Dan replied. Dan had chatted with Karl in the past about work related things via email or IM’s and imagined him to be more ‘geeky’ than he actually was. Karl was going on about some project items he needed addressed when Dan saw her walk up to the busy bar. It was then Karl stood and momentarily blocked his view.

“He just walked in, I’ll talk to ya later,” Karl said then disappeared into the crowd before Dan could respond.

Dan couldn’t believe his eyes. He gazed upon her beautiful form and didn’t miss a detail. Her dress was a strapless silver sequin number that stopped just above her knees with a black nylon top covering her up to the neck and down to her wrists. She wore silver open toe pumps and her legs shimmered in sheer tan pantyhose. Her shoulder length blonde hair glistened like polished gold in the over head lighting. Dan had a tough time tearing his eyes away from her magnificent legs, they had a velvety luster from the expensive hosiery she had on. The best part was she wasn’t wearing a name tag, so he might have a chance to get to know her better.

After a few minutes, Dan stood and made his way to her. His eyes kept returning to her firm shapely legs. She was about 5′-9″ without the 3″ heels so her legs just seemed to go on forever. She watched him approach.

“Hi…I was admiring you lovely dress. You look fantastic,” Dan said smiling broadly.

“Thank you, but the way you were starring at my legs, I’m surprised you even noticed my dress,” she responded with a cynical grin.

“Sorry…I didn’t mean to stare. You do have incredible legs,” he tried to hide his embarrassment; “My name is Dan.”

“That’s ok…Helen,” she said holding out her hand.

Dan took her hand and asked, “Are you here for the Christmas Party?”

“Yes…I’m supposed to meet my husband here, but I haven’t seen him.”

Dan ataşehir escort maintained his smile but inside he was shouting, ‘DAMN IT!’ He knew it was too good to be true that she would be here alone. He was saved from any further uncomfortable conversation when they announced seating had begun in the banquet room.

“I’m not sure where I’m supposed to go,” Helen said looking around for her spouse.

“Come with me. He’ll find you inside.”

She and Dan followed the crowd to the large festively decorated room and found a table near the door so Helen could see her husband when he entered. He was about to leave her when Karl reappeared.

“There you are, I didn’t see you in the bar,” he said to Helen, giving her a kiss on the cheek.

“This is my husband Karl,” she said.

“I know, we’ve met,” replied.

“Why don’t you join us,” Karl said then looked to his wife.

“Please do…You’re the only other person here that I know other than Karl,” Helen added with a flirtatious smile.

Dan agreed and sat down to Helen’s left with Karl on her right. The three of them made small talk until more IT people joined them and Karl became absorbed in ‘shop talk,’ and since Dan was in the engineering department, he couldn’t follow much of what they were saying. Helen was at even more of a loss. She turned toward Dan and crossed her legs, giving him a perfect view from thigh to toe. His cock was already straining against his tailored pants so he made sure that the table cloth hid that fact from her. Dinner was served and he and Helen continued to talk about more personal things unrelated to work. Karl was embroiled in a conversation about new tech improvements that were to be implemented next year so he didn’t seem to be paying attention to his lovely wife.

Helen was being more flirtatious as the night wore on and Dan wasn’t sure how Karl would respond with him flirting with his wife, but he was occupied at the moment. Dan noticed Helen had removed her heels and was rubbing her feet together under the table. He wanted to have her silky soles in his hands; holding them, massaging them but he didn’t dare ask. The dessert was served and the lights were dimmed for the beginning of the many speeches to come. Helen put her shoes back on and excused herself to the ladies room. Dan slouched a bit in his chair, stretching his legs under the table. Helen returned and sat down closer to Dan this time. He felt Helen’s foot brush his leg and didn’t think anything of it, but when he felt her foot again, lifting his pant leg and her nylon covered toes moving over his exposed skin, Dan froze. He looked to Helen who was facing the front and apparently listening intently to the speaker, but her foot kept moving up and down his shin. Dan’s cock was rock hard and he was glad the lights were low so no one could see what Helen was doing, especially Karl.

Dan had his hands in his lap and was trying to focus on what was being said so that he wouldn’t loose control and cum in his pants. Helen put her hand on his and once again he looked over at her. She was still facing forward as she moved his right hand to her warm silky thigh. Dan started to pull away for fear of being noticed but she gently squeezed his hand as if to say ‘don’t move’ then covered it with the table cloth. Now no one could see what was happening. He moved his hand down her leg to her knee then back up to the hem of her dress. He did this several times, enjoying the velvety texture of her expensive nylons.

When the speakers changed, Helen shifted in her seat. Karl got up and whispered something to Helen then left the room with a few of his coworkers. As Dan’s hand returned to the top of her thigh, she opened her legs. This caused her dress to ride avcılar escort higher. He moved his hand between her legs and he could feel the heat increase. The next time he made the journey, his fingers touched her moist fiery sex. There was a large opening in her pantyhose and he realized they were crotchless. His dick was threatening to break out of its confinement. Helen’s hand came to rest in Dan’s lap again. His middle finger found her throbbing clit, and a shiver ran through her when he lightly touched it. He parted her folds, dipping his finger into her creamy valley. He saw her head drop and noticed she was biting her lower lip. Helen trembled and gave his cock a firm squeeze.

“I’m gonna head back to the room,” she whispered, “Follow me in about five minutes. We’re in room 714.”

“What about Karl? He might walk in on us. That won’t be good,” Dan replied quietly.

“Don’t worry about Karl, he’s gonna be out talking shop all night with those guys,” Helen said then stood and walked away.

Dan struggled with the decision to go to Helen’s room to fuck the day lights out of her and take the chance of getting caught or waiting around until he could leave the party and not get laid. He checked his watch and it seemed as if time had slowed down.

“Fuck it!” he said under his breath then headed for the door.

He went to the elevators and rode to the seventh floor. Walking down the hall he realized he was about to reach the point of no return. Dan stood at the door to Helen and Karl’s room still contemplating the consequences of what might happen if he knocked. His mind brought back the images of Helen’s legs in those glossy hose and the feel of them on his fingers. He knocked softly.

Helen opened the door and invited him in. She was still wearing her dress but had removed her shoes.

“I was beginning to think you weren’t gonna come,” she said walking into the interior of the small suite.

“I nearly came when we were at the table,” he said with a nervous laugh.

“Well if it makes any difference, I did,” she replied then moved close and passionately kissed him on the lips. She then stepped back and turned away from him, “Can you unzip me?”

He lowered the zipper of her dress as she unfastened the neck clasp. Dan could see the crossing waist bands of her Wolford Stay-Hip hose through the opening. She took a step forward, pulling her arms from the clinging sleeves, then let the dress fall to the floor. The wispy nylon hugging her lower body made Dan’s cock stir to life again.

“Do you like what you see?” she said looking over her shoulder at him.

He nodded unable to construct a sentence.

“Wanna see more?”

He nodded again.

Helen turned and placed her hands under her C cup breasts, tweaking her erect nipples. Dan was speechless. Helen stood before him in just her sheer tan hose, fondling her breasts. Dan moved to her. She put her arms around his neck and they kissed again. Their tongues wrestled as their urgent need grew. Helen unbuttoned Dan’s shirt while he undid his belt and lowered his pants. Within moments he was naked and they resumed their kiss. His hard cock press against her stomach while his hands roamed over her firm hosed legs. She maneuvered him to the bed and had him sit. Her hand encircled his rigid dick as she knelt before him. Helen slowly stroke Dan’s shaft and lovingly kissed the large purple head.

“Mmmmmmmm,” he moaned.

She took him in her mouth and swallowed him to the base. Her head bobbed up and down as her tongue snaked around his shaft. Dan was trembling from her oral skills. She teased him to the point of orgasm then backed off to let him calm down. She did this over and over until he pulled her up and laid avrupa yakası escort her on the bed. He ran his tongue from her toes to her dripping pussy then switched legs and did it again. He softly kissed her sensitive clit bringing sharp gasps from her.

“Oh GOD…Don’t stop…mmmmmmm…yes…yes…YES!” she cried as she was consumed by orgasmic pleasure.

Her silken legs moved up and down his torso, giving him additional stimulation. When her orgasm finally subsided, Dan moved up her body, kissing his way to her neck. His drooling cock pressed against her wet sex and she shifted her hips to get him inside her. The head of his manhood hit its mark and sank into her tight love canal.

“AAAAAHHHHHHHHH,” she cried again clamping down on his invading member.

Her legs went around his waist as he thrust into her with growing force. She met his thrust with ones of her own, feeling a new orgasm building. Dan moved his arms behind her legs, effectively folding her in half. Her calves were at his ears as he pounded into her again and again. Helen went from orgasm to orgasm with almost no transition between them. Dan was nearing his own release when Helen wanted to switch positions.

“Fuck me from behind baby. I want you to cum on my ass and legs,” she said in a seductive voice.

He rose up and she rolled from under him and got on her hands and knees. Dan plunged back into her dripping pussy without hesitation. He pumped away, regaining the ground he lost to the momentary transition. His hands moved over Helens ass and thighs, soaking up the wonderful sensations of her soft hose. Dan’s thrusts were now sharp and violent. Helen loved every urgent motion, growling like an animal in heat. Their bodies slapped together with increasing ferocity as Dan raced to the finish line.

“Cum for me baby…cum on my silky hosed legs. I want to feel your hot cum dripping on my legs and ass,” Helen encouraged.

Dan didn’t need any more stimulation or encouragement at that point. He pulled out and sprayed his first stream of pearly cum on Helen’s upturned ass. The second splashed against her right thigh. The remaining shots ended up on her calves and dripped onto the bed spread. Helen massaged his seed into her hose then lay down on her stomach. Dan joined her for a few minutes trying to catch his breath. Helen’s cell phone buzzed on the night stand. She picked it up and read the text.

“Karl’s on his way up,” she said, looking to Dan.

He jumped up with fear in his eyes and started getting dressed as fast as possible. Helen didn’t seem too concerned as she watched him fumbling with his clothing.

“Aren’t you gonna take your hose off? He’s gonna know you fucked someone if you don’t,” Dan asked in a frantic voice.

“He might get turned on by his wife being fucked by another man and having him cum all over her?” Helen responded, lying back on the bed and running her fingers over her damp mound.

“Well I’m not gonna take that chance,” Dan said heading for the door.

“Even if I asked you to stay?”

“Thanks but no thanks,” he replied and closed the door.

Helen let out an audible sigh then said, “I tried to get him to stay and play some more.”

The closet door opened and Karl stepped out. He was naked and stroking his hard cock. Helen could tell by the large amount of pre cum leaking from the tip that he was probably very close to cumming himself.

“I know you did. He just wasn’t adventurous enough to take a chance,” he said moving closer to the bed.

Helen spread her legs wide for him, showing him just how wet she was. Her fingers fanned over her erect clit bringing her closer to a new orgasm.

“Bring me that big cock. I want to feel you cum in my wet pussy while you caress my soft pantyhose. See how much cum he shot on me. I want you to shoot at least that much in me,” Helen purred; still teasing her clit.

Karl loved it when she talked like that. It always made him cum more and she knew it. He took her ankles in hand while she guided his stiff member into her hungry hole. It was going to be a long night of passion for the two of them.

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