Coming Of Age Ch. 02

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Catherine flipped her hair to the side as she raised the telephone to her ear, “Hello.”

“Hi…Uh hum…Catherine.”

Catherine’s mind churned as it searched to put a face to the voice on the other end.

“Catherine? Are you still there?”


Evan giggled, “Yeah it’s me.”

Catherine’s lips curled into a smile and her eyes darkened slightly, “Hello Evan. How are you?”

“I’m pretty good…” A still static filled Catherine’s ear as Evan fought for words.

“Evan, is there something you want to say? Something on your mind?” Catherine smiled more devilishly to herself as she teased Evan. She was sure he’d been thinking about her offer and equally sure why he was calling.

“Well, I was just thinking. You know about what you said the other day? And I was wondering if…Well if you wouldn’t mind if I came over?” Evan’s nervousness came through with each shaky word.

“Mmm…Of course you can come over Evan. Can you give me an hour?”

“An hour? Yeah of course! I’ll be there in one hour!” Nervousness overshadowed by pure excitement.

Catherine hurried to the shower. “He called Catherine. And you were starting to wonder if he would. Silly girl. Of course he called!” It had been two weeks since her and Evan’s encounter in the kitchen. That wonderful moment when she helped Evan take his first real step into manhood but left him still very much a boyish virgin. Catherine stepped into the hot spray. Her soapy hands ran over and around her breasts. Her nipples tightened in response. Already her body had begun to yearn. Catherine could have easily let her hands linger inside her legs as she washed and touched herself. But she resisted.

Catherine moved to her bedroom. Passing her full-length mirror she paused and turned to it. She glanced over her body. She’d at last come to a point in life that she was pleased with her body. It took her 47 years to finally be truly comfortable with herself. She always considered herself desirable, even at her larger size, but had often wished for changes. But now, in the autumn of her days she liked what she saw before her. Her heavy large breasts, full curved hips, fleshy thighs. Every wrinkle, every stretch mark, every scar, her body bared she wore as badges of honor. Each imperfection carried their own stories, their own special memories.

The house smelled of fall. The crisp air and sweet scent of changing leaves uniquely comforting. The inviting smell of fresh brewed coffee mixing with the warming aroma of the vanilla potpourri she burned in the kitchen.

She heard the bell ring and glanced at the clock, “8:59. My isn’t he the punctual one?”

Evan smiled warmly as Catherine opened the door. Was it the cool morning air that caused her nipples to stretch? Or was it Evan and the thoughts of what wonderful things she had in store for him?

“Hello Evan.”

“Hi Catherine. You look beautiful.” Catherine had donned a pair of tight blue jeans and a white cotton blouse. Her shiny red toenails and the creamy white flesh of her feet caught Evan’s eyes as he took in the full sight of her.

As Evan stepped into the house, Catherine noticed Mrs. Whitman standing in her yard across the street. Her face scowling and disapproving as she watched Evan’s back disappear through the door. Catherine smiled sarcastically and waved. “Look all you want you old busybody. What’s on your menu today?”

As they entered the kitchen Catherine noticed Evan’s eyes riveted to the very spot on the floor where two weeks earlier she had brought him such pleasure. Saw his tongue unconsciously lick over his lips. She noticed but she didn’t comment to spare him embarrassment. She gathered a tray and led them to the living room.

Catherine poured the coffee from the ceramic carafe and eased back against the sofa. She was very relaxed, very much in control. Evan on the other hand sat at the edge of the cushion and talked rapidly. Catherine observed him carefully but listened half-heartedly. It wasn’t that she wasn’t interested in what Evan was saying it was just that she knew this all just a dance. An odd prelude to the wonderful events about to unfold. She could’ve stopped him any time but preferred not to. Letting him talk and feel his way through his nervousness. Smiling in her own mind that she evoked such a reaction in this boy.

Catherine sat up and set her cup down on the table. Just as Evan was saying something about enrolling in the spring quarter of the local community college, she interrupted him. “Evan. Kiss me.”

“What?” Evan gulped.

“Kiss me Evan. You want to, so kiss me.” Catherine watched as Evan eased forward. Watched his eyes stay open and glued to her lips until just the point his own touched them. His kiss was deeper and more experienced than before. A kiss that revealed new confidence, yet was still unsure. Catherine pushed back against his mouth with her own and took control of the kiss. She kissed him deep and full, her tongue dancing and rubbing inside Evan’s mouth as his body relaxed and he surrendered to her. Pausing bonus veren siteler for quick breaths she would again devour his mouth. Lick his cheeks and bite his lips. She could feel Evan melting in her hands.

At long last she eased back, Evan’s lips pouty and full from the heated exchange. His mind a whirl as he struggled to gain control of his thoughts.

“That’s how to kiss a woman Evan. Don’t worry you’ll learn. I’ll teach you.” With that, Catherine rose, taking Evan by the hand. He followed diligently. She led him to her sun-filled bedroom. Positioning Evan’ back to the bed, she stood before him. Again kissing him. Deep wet kisses that swirled into bites and licks. Catherine’s aggressive explorations of his neck, ears, and mouth causing them both to writhe in excited pleasure.

She stood back and giggled as Evan nearly fell over trying to follow her mouth. Catherine took a deep breath to regain control of her burgeoning need. Ever so slowly, Catherine undressed Evan just as she had two weeks before. Slowly and deliberately peeling away his clothes until at long last Evan stood bare and exposed to her.

His cock was swollen and already wet at the tip. Catherine maintained a small gap between them as her hand reached out and took him in her grip. Evan groaned at her firm but careful touch. His body shivered as Catherine’s long shiny nails lightly scratched the tight skin just behind his balls. Evan’s balls had already drawn up tight to his body, a fact Catherine was keenly aware of. Evan grunted and groaned as he sank into Catherine’s pleasures. She alternated between light strokes and hard squeezing grips but she knew he was too close to be teased much more. She ran her index finger full and long up the underside of his swollen purple head. Brought it up until it parted the tiny opening, his whole cock dragging upward and then bouncing up and down as her finger finally slid away.

She brought her finger up to her eyes and gazed at the thick heavy drop of his shiny pre-cum beginning to slip down her finger. She was almost ready to swallow it on her tongue when she changed her mind. Evan was watching her intently. Her finger turned toward him and Catherine rubbed his own warm juices over Evan’s pinkish inner lower lip. Then she eased her finger into his mouth, the cum-covered pad pushing over his tongue. Before he even realized what he was doing, Evan instinctively closed his mouth and began to suck. Catherine smiled wickedly as she watched her finger slide in and out of Evan’s mouth.

“That’s a good boy Evan. Good boys always clean up their messes. And good boys get good rewards.” Pulling her finger from his mouth Catherine told Evan she needed to be naked now. Her hands fell to her sides as she waited for Evan to gather his thoughts and understand he was to undress her. His trembling fingers reached for the strained buttons of her blouse. He fumbled with each and every one but by the last he seemed to be regaining at least a little more composure. Catherine thrilled in the effect she was having on this boy. The law deemed him a man, but Evan was still very much a boy. And Catherine’s mind devoured the idea of her guiding him through these awkward times. Her body craved his curious pure explorations. Her soul ached for his humble desire to please.

Evan slid Catherine’s blouse off her shoulders and she gently shook it over her hands. Evan’s eyes flashed to her large bra-clad breasts that bulged at every opening in desperate bids to escape their fabric cage. The fleshy mounds surely protested the tight imprisonment of the white lacy restraint. Catherine turned her soft back to Evan and swept her long hair to the side.

Evan stared at her bra clasp in puzzled wonder. “Have you ever taken off a girl’s bra Evan?”

“Hum…no.” Beyond her gaze Evan’s cheeks reddened from embarrassment and frustration at being uncertain how the task was accomplished.

“It’s not hard Evan. Just look at how the hooks work and you’ll figure it out.” Catherine added, “I guess you’ll have to figure it out if you want to touch them again.” She smiled to herself.

Evan certainly didn’t need any added pressure but his resolve solidified at the thought of those gorgeous breasts again being bare to him. In his mind it seemed to take a lifetime of pulling and tweaking and stretching before he finally had the last clasp unhooked. But he’d done it and smiled at his accomplishment as he pushed the straps forward and down Catherine’s arms.

She again turned to face him. Evan took in the sight of her heavy breasts hanging full and round before him. The broad dark areolas highlighted her swollen thick nipples. He’d seen them before but was in such a state of want and lust that he hadn’t really taken a good look at them. He couldn’t imagine a more beautiful sight in the world. He’d seen lots of tits on the computer and even on the porn movies he and his friends would sneak from their parent’s “hidden” stash. But none of them looked quite like these. These weren’t big round thrusting boobs like he’d seen on bedava bahis the screens. These were full and soft and…real.

His hands rose and reached for Catherine’s flesh. Her eyes flashed to Evan’s groin where his cock still twitched and dripped. She intercepted his advancing touch and her fingers firmly wrapped about his wrists. Evan looked into her eyes with disappointment.

“I’m not naked yet Evan.” With that Catherine urged Evan’s hands down and onto the button of her jeans. Just as his fingers began to work them, something came over Catherine and her hands landed atop his shoulders. She pressed downward on them until Evan understood and eased onto his knees. His fingers again working the button as his mind concentrated on fulfilling her wish. Catherine stared down at him. She liked the idea of this youthful naïve lover kneeling before her. Enjoyed his following her directions and his willingness to attend to her. Somewhere in the back of her mind she knew this was something she would have to pursue further at another time.

Evan opened her fly and took a long steadying breath as he caught the first glimpse of her curly hairs. He tried to gently coerce the tight jeans over Catherine’s ample hips but they held strong to their covering. Desperate and flustered, Evan wrapped his fingers into both sides of her waistband and yanked the denim down. Catherine’s body jerked and swayed at the anxious momentum. She chuckled aloud as Evan pulled one leg at a time away from her.

His eyes filled with the sight of this voluptuous mature women standing fully naked before him. Catherine extended a single index finger and placed it under Evan’s chin. She pulled upward and his gaze followed. Still she pressed the underside of his chin and he understood she wanted him to stand. Evan rose to his feet and stood somewhat awkwardly before Catherine.

Her own wanton lust was getting the best of her. She could feel the blood rushing to her groin. Her lips filled and grew full and fleshy as her need broiled into a storm. She sensed her clit swell and escape it’s dark cloak. Her nipples so hard they ached. Her mind becoming a blur as it began to surrender to her body. She wondered who needed to cum more, her or Evan. Hell, she wondered who would actually last longer!

Catherine had sacrificed her physical release in their first encounter and there was no way she was going to forfeit one second of it this time. No, today was as much, if not more about her as it was Evan. Her hands, palms flat, pressed against his chest. Yet another unspoken but definite command. Evan took a couple unsure steps backward as their eyes remained locked on one another’s. He felt the side of the bed against the backs of his knees and still she pushed. Evan set his naked ass onto the cool fabric of the soft comforter.

The corner of Catherine’s lips snaked into a devilish smile. She pulled her hands from his near-bald chest and with a flick of her wrist motioned for Evan to swing his feet up onto the bed and lie down. Evan stretched out on the center of the bed and remained very still. His cocked throbbed and twitched and he so desperately wanted to come. He couldn’t believe he was just about to be inside his first girl, or woman as his luck had it!

“Evan. You’re very, very hard. Your cock is twitching up and down, your balls are all tight, and you’ve got a long stream of cum from your head to your belly. Do you know what that means Evan?” Catherine’s knees eased onto the bed and she worked closer to him.

Before Evan was able to get any words out Catherine again spoke, lusty and full, “It means you’re gonna’ cum Evan. If I put your hard cock inside my warm pussy right now you won’t last but just a couple strokes. And neither of us wants that Evan.” Catherine began to raise her right knee and Evan was sure she was about to sit in his lap. His whole body tensed for this new and much needed sensation.

“See I need you to be inside me for a long time and you don’t want to waste your very first time on just a couple strokes do you Evan?” Catherine settled her knee on the inside of Evan’s leg, straddling it. He didn’t quite understand why she was kneeling on his leg instead of his lap but somehow didn’t care. He just knew he needed to cum and needed it badly.

“So I’m going to help you Evan.” Catherine’s hand slipped around and past her ass and found the back of Evan’s knee. She pulled it up tight against her, bending it slightly. Evan watched as her palms gripped her fleshy cheeks and pulled them apart. His leg warmed with the feel of her as Catherine spread herself completely open and pushed down hard onto Evan’s leg. Catherine’s hips instinctively began to grind against him.

“This way you’ll last much longer Evan and we’ll both be able to really enjoy your first fuck okay?” Catherine wasn’t really talking to him any more as her body screamed out for release. Catherine knew she had to cum. She knew she couldn’t resist her urge to thrust atop him any longer and needed to get relief before she did. His wet rock hard deneme bonus cock danced so close to her. She pushed his arms up and guided his fingers onto two of the spindles that comprised her headboard. Evan’s knuckles turned white from his grip as hips began to roll and buck.

Catherine again held the back of his knee, pressing him hard and firm into her wet heat. Her other hand slipped between her and Evan’s thigh and easily found her engorged nub. Swollen and begging to be pleased. She grunted at her own touch. Her dark nether hole flexed rhythmically against the bone of Evan’s knee. Her pussy ground against the softer flesh of his leg. Her hips rolling and pushing downward as her fingers flashed over her clit.

Evan wasn’t sure what to do. He was so excited. His cock throbbed as his pre-cum oozed out of him. He wanted to touch himself so bad as his eyes struggled to watch what Catherine was doing.

Catherine’s words came forced and gusty as her fingers and bucking hips brought her ever closer, “You like to touch yourself don’t you Evan?” Her eyes squeezed shut as she focused on her body and her ears awaited his response. Her fingers stroked hard and fast over her engorged clit. Her juices flowed freely from her. She was so incredibly wet and so agonizingly close to cumming.


Catherine growled deep and lusty at the thought of his confession. “Like to get that sweet cock all soapy and slick in the shower and stroke it don’t you?” Catherine was so very close now, her body began to tense as her tight puckered asshole slipped into excited spasms. She worked her clit so hard that Evan could hear the wet sounds. He was about to explode without even touching himself. Catherine began to thrust on his leg. “Don’t…you?” Her voice demanding and firm.


“Uhn…Oh gawd, yes Evan! Stroke yourself right now! Unhhhh…”

Evan’s hand was a blur as it flew from the rail and gripped his cock. He could feel her warmth spilling over his leg as Catherine slammed back and forth over it. Her eyes flashed open as her fingers still worked feverishly. With only just a few strokes Evan’s legs tensed tightly and the first thick stream of white cum exploded from his purple head.

“Oh yes! Catherine shuddered and shook violently atop Evan’s leg as each heavy bolt of cum shot out from his cock. Evan was sure she was coming but her forceful thrashing almost frightened him as his orgasm was at last released. He came very hard. His heavy thick cum splashed high up onto his chest and shoulders. Pulse after pulse flowed from him until his downy pubic hairs were covered in his sticky white juice. Evan gasped for breath.

Catherine’s hands now flat on Evan’s chest as her hips slowly rolled against Evan’s thigh. Her body twitched and jerked. The warm rumbling waves of her subsiding orgasm splashed over her body. She hadn’t anticipated how hungry she would become. How much this want would grow into an animalistic need. The last of the intense pleasures rippled over her flesh and she smiled knowing they’d both be better off now. Knowing they’d both be better prepared for what was to come.

Her hand tenderly stroked Evan’s soft boyish cheek as she allowed his leg to settle to the bed. “Better now?” Catherine’s tone warm and almost motherly.

Evan only nodded then glanced down at his cum-covered body. The raging hard on he’d had only moments before had shrank into fleshy semi-erectness that still twitched and bucked. Catherine could see the look in his eye. “Don’t be disappointed. You’re going to get what you want. Only now you’ll be able to really enjoy it.” She smiled warmly as her finger twirled his pearly cum around his nipple. She watched it swell in response and knew this youthful lover wouldn’t need long to recover.

She reached down, grabbed Evan’s T-shirt from the floor, and offered it to him. Her eyes glanced from the shirt to his wet chest. “Go ahead now, clean yourself off.” Evan reached for the shirt a bit apprehensively and Catherine giggled. “It’s okay Evan, I’ll wash it. Besides, that’s what you use at home right? Or should I get you a sock?”

Evan’s cheeks blazed a crimson red. He took the shirt and wiped his cooling seed from his chest and belly.

“That’s a good boy.” Catherine took the wet shirt from him. She wasn’t sure just how long it would take before she had him hard again but very much wanted to speed the process along. She knew she had to keep him interested. “Do you want to look at it? Maybe even touch it?”

Evan so hoped she meant her pussy. He struggled to keep from blurting out an answer, wanting to sound as if he was in control of himself, even if he wasn’t. “Ye…uh hum…yeah that would be cool.” His voice was barely more than croak, as he thought that didn’t go anywhere near like he imagined.

Catherine sat down on the bed so that her fleshy ass pressed against Evan’s. Easing back on her hands she bent her knees up high and flung one fully over Evan’s waist. Evan sat up slightly to take in the sight of her now glistening and swollen pussy. The look in his lustful curious eyes sent a deep pull into Catherine’s stomach. Earlier, in the shower she’d contemplated shaving herself down to a tidy stripe but thought better of it. Evan’s virgin-erasing first time fuck would be with a real woman and in all her natural wonder.

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