Coming Home; Coming Out Ch. 10

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Reading Notes: Reading Notes:

1. This is the tenth chapter written in collaboration with Sissy Simon(e), who was owned by my late friend, Nicola. It is published in her memory. This chapter marks the end of this series, which seems to have run its course.

2. This is a work of total fiction. All characters are at least 18 years of age, and everyone who participates in any of the sexual practices described does so consensually.

Life in the small village of Cwm Pechod continued in its slow, traditional way. Change came slowly, if at all, and as she drove into the car park of the surgery where she worked, Dr Mary Walters reflected on the decision that she had made some five years ago. It was, she decided, probably one of the best she had ever made in her life.

She had given up her job in a big teaching hospital in Cardiff and returned to her home village to become a partner in the general practice which her mother, Sara ran. An added bonus was that she had been able to obtain a job as practice nurse for her lover, Clarice, known to everybody as Cee. As she turned off the car’s engine, Mary leaned across and gave Cee a kiss.

“Come on, nurse Richardson,” she smiled, “time to get that beautiful arse in gear. Work calls!”

The two women made their way into the surgery via the staff entrance. In the office behind the reception area, Gwladys, the efficient practice receptionist and secretary was busy making pre-appointment tea.

“Good morning, Dr Mary; good morning nurse Cee,” she said smiling and pouring boiling water into the teapot to warm it properly. Tea making was a serious ritual for Gwladys. None of this tea bag in a mug nonsense. Tea had to be brewed properly, to the correct colour and strength. In Gwladys’s case, the colour was mahogany, and as for strength, if a spoon couldn’t stand up unaided in the mug, it was deemed to be ”pisho’r gath’ (cat’s pee) by Gwladys.

“Morning, Gwladys,” responded Mary and Cee in unison. They had both long given up trying to persuade her to be less formal when there were no patients about. And after today they wouldn’t ever have to pretend to enjoy drinking her tea either. Today was Gwladys’s last day at work. She was retiring.

The office door opened and Mary’s mother breezed in, looking healthy and very pleased with herself.

“Good morning all,” she smiled.

The responses never changed.

“Good morning, Dr Sara.” This was Gwladys, of course.

“Morning, mam,” was Mary’s traditional greeting.

“Good morning, Sara,” was the way Cee greeted Mary’s mother in public. When she and Mary saw Sara and her submissive cuckold husband Paul, also known as Paula, in private, she always addressed her as “Ma’am.”

Gwladys, who always was first into work, and who knew the surgery routine inside out, dispensed the tea. She looked at her notepad and recited,

“Dr Mary. Your first appointment is young Rachel Adams. She’s still breast feeding and her nipples are cracked and sore. She wants some advice, and I suspect, some cream.”

Mary shook her head in amazement. How Gwladys managed to get so much information out of patients was a mystery. Meanwhile, Gwladys was telling Cee about her early appointments.

“Mrs Thomas is first, nurse Cee,” she began. “Her leg’s getting better, but her dressing needs changing. Then you have Mrs Jones who wants you to look at a boil on her backside.”

This was too much, and all three women burst out laughing.

“Gwladys, you are worth your weight in gold,” spluttered Sara, wiping tears of mirth away. “How the hell we are going to manage without you is beyond me. Won’t you please reconsider your decision to retire?”

“I’m sorry, Dr Sara. I can’t do that,” said Gwladys in a perfect imitation of 2001’s computer, HAL. To her disappointment, none of the three women got her joke, as none of them had ever seen the film. Undeterred, Gwladys continued her recitation of the morning’s appointments.

“Your first appointment is a bit of a mystery, Dr Sara,” she said, “it’s that new couple that moved into the big house at the bottom of the valley. All I know is that he’s retired and she’s been appointed to the bench of magistrates. They haven’t really joined in village life yet. Still, I’m sure you’ll be able to sort them out.”

“Now then ladies, off you go,” she said briskly, making shooing motions with her hands. “You’ve had your tea, you’ve all got patients to prepare for, and I’ve got to explain the filing and appointments system to Justine. Again!”

She rolled her eyes in exasperation, and Sara, Mary and Cee hurried out before they offended her again by bursting into laughter. Justine was Gwladys’s replacement, and she’d been shadowing her for a month or so now. She was a young, single parent, her husband having been killed in an horrific road traffic accident a year ago. Since then, her daughter had begun full time school, and Justine had taken the opportunity to go back to work.

Gwladys had mentioned Justine to Sara when she told her that she was intending dikimevi escort to retire. Both Gwladys and Justine went to the same chapel every Sunday, and the older woman felt it her Christian duty to try and help the young widow. Sara had interviewed Justine, and offered her the job. Now it was up to Gwladys to teach her replacement the techniques required to become an efficient and effective surgery receptionist. It was, Gwladys realised almost straight away, not going to be an easy task.

In the corridor outside, Sara asked if either Mary or Cee knew anything about Mr and Mrs Coxe, who had moved into the big house and were her first appointment. Both women shook their heads.

“I’ve seen him about in the village,” Cee said, “but I’ve never spoken to him. I suppose you can access his medical records. Maybe that’ll give you some clue.”

All three women went into their own consulting room, closed the door and settled down to wait for their first patients to arrive.

Sara called up the medical records of her first patients on her PC. She noted that they had registered with the practice six months ago, when they moved to Cwm Pechod from a surgery in the south east of England. To her certain knowledge, neither of the Coxes had ever been seen by her since they had registered. As she studied the medical history files, Sara became aware of a feeling that both Mr and Mrs Coxe were not the typical patients that her practice was used to dealing with. Neither of them had been seen by a doctor in their previous surgery for over eighteen months. She wondered what medical condition had arisen in one, or both of them to warrant a joint appointment now.

“Oh well,” she thought, “I’ll soon find out.”

Looking at the clock on the wall, Sara realised it was time to begin morning surgery. She pressed the button on her desk which would summon her first patients from the waiting area via the display screen on the wall there.

“Now then, Mr and Mrs Coxe,” she thought, “let’s see what’s brought you to see the doctor this morning.”

“Come in,” Sara called in answer to the brisk knock on her door. The door opened and Sara got her first look at her new patients.

Mrs Coxe was a tall, thin woman with a bust that was out of proportion to the rest of her body. She was beautifully made up, and her shoulder length silver grey hair was immaculately cut and styled.

Her husband followed her into the consulting room. Shorter than his wife, he wore round wire rimmed glasses that immediately made Sara think of John Lennon. He had a very pleasant smile and it was much in evidence as he extended his hand to shake Sara’s, which she had offered in greeting.

“Good morning, both,” she said with a smile. “I’m Dr Walters. It’s very good to meet you. Please sit down. How may I help you this morning?”

Having made themselves comfortable in the chairs supplied for patients, the Coxes looked at one another, and hesitated. Eventually, Mrs Coxe spoke. She had a very different accent to the local Welsh lilt and it sounded harsh and very strange to Sara.

“Before we get into what’s troubling my husband,” she began, “I would like to be assured that you are bound by patient confidentiality. What you hear in this room won’t go any further, will it?”

Sara smiled sweetly, and replied,

“Rest assured, Mr Coxe,” she said, deliberately addressing her remarks to her male patient. “Everything I hear in here is totally confidential. In fact,” she continued, determined to show that she was not going to be intimidated in her own surgery, “if you are the patient, and your wife is merely accompanying you here today, I’ll need your permission to allow her to stay during this consultation.”

“No offence, Mrs Coxe, but as you have already said, patient confidentiality is paramount.”

“None taken,” she replied with a tight smile. “I’m glad we were able to sort that out straight away.”

“Go on then,” she said, jostling her husband’s elbow. “Give Dr Walters your permission for me to stay!”

“I consent to my wife being present during our discussion, doctor,” confirmed Mr Coxe, and Sara beamed at both her new patients.

“Perfect,” she said, and sat back in her chair. “So, how can I help you, Mr Coxe?”

“My wife and I are very happy in our marriage,” began Mr Coxe confidently.

“It is not the conventional union that most people enjoy,” he continued, ” but it suits us. Felicity made it perfectly clear from the time that I asked her to marry me that she was not interested in having children. I agreed, because the type of lifestyle we both enjoy isn’t conducive to bringing up a family.”

He seemed to lose his thread for a moment and looked somewhat embarrassed.

His wife, however, was unperturbed. She took up the story.

“What Alan is trying and failing miserably, to tell you,” she said ” is that I am an unfaithful wife.”

She looked defiantly at Sara, who stared back at her, outwardly showing no reaction, but inwardly, her heart dikmen escort was beating nineteen to the dozen. Where the hell was this conversation going?

“Alan is a voyeur ” she continued, taking her husband’s hand and squeezing it affectionately.

“We have a system whereby I pick up men whom I like the look of, I allow them to fuck me, and when they’ve gone home, Alan gets his turn.”

“Sloppy seconds!” said Sara.

“Oh, I see you’re familiar with the term, doctor.” Felicity smiled delightedly.

“You must understand, doctor that everything my wife does, she does with my approval and my consent,” Alan said, having seemingly regained the ability to talk.

“The reason Felicity and I moved here was because we’d heard through an old acquaintance, that the residents of this village minded their own business and were very much ‘live and let live.’

“We have both been very happy here since our arrival.”

Felicity took up the story, and Sara had the distinct impression that their method of telling it alternately was something that they’d worked out beforehand. She decided that it was time for her to show her support without revealing her own situation.

“As you both say,” she said, looking from one to the other, and smiling, ” we are not a community that makes judgements on each other. I understand your marriage is not the conventional type, but, forgive me, it’s hardly a medical matter is it?”

“What you both do, in the privacy of your own home, providing it is legal and consensual, and no-one gets hurt, is no-one’s business but your own.”

“I know the legal situation, doctor,” replied Alan, “I’m a barrister by profession.”

Somewhere deep in the recesses of Sara’s brain, an alarm bell started to ring softly. She decided to ignore it. For now, at least.

“I do have a medical problem.”

Alan’s statement brought Sara back to the here and now. She raised her eyebrows as if to say,

“Well, come on then. Spit it out!”

“I can’t get it up any more,” he said quietly, and looked at his wife in anguish.

She patted his hand and smiled encouragingly.

“Don’t worry my love. I’m sure Dr Walters will be able to sort you out. That’s right, doctor, isn’t it?”

Sara shifted into professional mode.

“How old are you, Mr Coxe?” she asked, pulling her keyboard towards her to begin making notes on her new patient.

“Fifty six,” he replied, ” and please call me Alan. Mr Coxe sounds so formal, and makes me feel even older!”

Sara smiled.

“Do you smoke?”

“No, never have done,” he replied, “although Felicity does occasionally.”

“How many units of alcohol do you consume in a week?”

Alan looked at Felicity.

She answered for him.

“We both enjoy a gin and tonic on a Friday evening, when the working week is over,” she said, “and we usually share a bottle of red wine over supper.”

“We will share another bottle on Saturday night, if I don’t have a date, and another one over Sunday lunch. Other than that, neither of us drink at all during the week.”

Sara entered all this information, commenting as she typed, “Weekend drinker. Definitely not to excess.”

She looked up and smiled encouragingly.

“I am going to have to examine you,” she said. “Normally I would require my practice nurse to come in as a witness, but if you consent, your wife can act in that role. Is that acceptable?”

“Perfectly,” replied Alan, standing up. “Shall I just take my trousers off here?”

“No need to take them off ” said Sara, moving to the sink to wash her hands. “Just drop them to the floor, and do the same with your underpants.”

She watched as Alan complied with her instructions, and sat back down in her chair again. She was very impressed with the length and thickness of Alan’s cock, which was quite flaccid. She was determined to see how much it grew when he got a hard-on.

She turned to Mrs Coxe.

“Is this how Alan looks when he’s not excited?” she asked, “and how would you go about giving him an erection?”

Displaying no an embarrassment whatsoever, she answered,

“Sometimes with my hand, sometimes with my mouth. It depends if I’ve been on a date. I adore oral sex, and I always allow my lovers to cum in my mouth. And I don’t want to spoil that taste, so I’ll use my hand. “

“If we are just going to have sex ourselves, I’ll use my mouth, then I’ll kiss him. He gets hard when he tastes his cock on my breath.”

“Hmm!” said Sara. “I want to try something. Would you mind using your hand to get Alan hard, please?

Felicity reached over and gripped her husband’s cock in one hand and cupped his balls in the other. It immediately twitched and started to swell. Sara watched, fascinated as Alan’s wife rolled back his foreskin and rubbed his shiny cock helmet.

He grunted with pleasure and his cock swelled even more. Felicity began to wank him slowly, but Sara didn’t want him to cum.

“Is that about how hard he gets normally?” she asked, elmadağ escort and Felicity confirmed that it probably was.

“Please stop for a minute,” Sara instructed, “I need to test something.”

When Felicity had released Alan’s cock, it stood proudly to attention. Sara brushed her hand along its quite impressive length. She used her thumb and index finger

to encircle his purple helmet and, smiling sweetly, she dug her nails into his frenulum. With a yelp of pain, Alan’s hard-on subsided instantly.

“Your reactions are excellent,” Sara informed him. “Now, Felicity, if you would be so kind, please get him hard again. I’d like you to use your mouth this time.”

Alan grinned as Felicity dropped to her knees and took his flaccid cock between her lips. Her head bobbed up and down, and in no time at all, he was hard again. They both seemed to be enjoying the sensations, but Sara brought all that go a stop.

“I hate to be a spoilsport, but if he cums, then he’ll go all floppy and this experiment will be to no avail,” she said.

Reluctantly, Felicity released him from her mouth, and sat down again, carefully wiping some drool from her lips. Sara thanked her, and once again she stroked Alan’s cock to test just how hard it was.

Another pinch, another yelp and he was soft and flaccid once more.

“I honestly don’t think there is any problem,” she said. “Your cock reacts correctly to applied stimuli. I wonder…”

She paused and sat back in her chair.

“I’m making no judgements here, you understand,” she said.

“You told me that you have an unconventional and happy marriage, and that seems obvious from what I’ve seen this morning. As well as being a hotwife and cuckold couple, do you practice any other fetishes at all? I’m thinking specifically of Fem-Domme or bdsm?”

“My word, doctor,” smiled Felicity, “you do seem terribly au fait with some very unusual practices. One might even hazard a guess that you are a player too!”

Sara felt herself blush, and the alarm bells which she had heard earlier began again.

“Let’s put all our cards on the table, doctor, shall we?” continued Felicity with a wicked grin.

“Your late ex-partner, Keith a friend of ours. The barrister he briefed for that trial that cost him his life was Alan’s pupil master. Alan was junior council during that trial!”

“Thank God I was only a junior barrister then,” Alan said gravely, “or I might have ended up in the same skip as Desmond and Keith!”

Fighting to keep the panic out of her voice, Sara said,

“So what is this? Do you intend to blackmail me, or ‘out’ me, or both?”

Felicity looked shocked.

“Oh dear me, doctor,” she said quickly, “nothing could be further from the truth! It was pure coincidence that brought us here, despite what we said earlier. Keith was a regular visitor at a fetish club we used to attend where we lived previously.”

“We were delighted to meet up with him again during the trial, and we thought that we might have a chance to play together again whilst we were staying in Cardiff for the trial.”

“But he made it perfectly clear that he was owned by, and I quote, ‘the most wonderfully cruel Mistress I have ever had the honour to serve and be used and abused by.'”

“Naturally, we were delighted for him, but disappointed for ourselves. You see, to answer your original question, no, we don’t play bdsm games.”

“I am a natural dominant,” continued Felicity, “and I love inflicting pain. But Alan’s not into receiving it, are you, my dear?”

Grinning, Alan shook his head.

“Not in the slightest,” he confessed, “although I do love to watch Felicity beating the hell out of a willing partner.”

Felicity continued the story.

“So you see, doctor, we are as susceptible to being blackmailed as you! This visit this morning was a genuine cry for help. Alan has been suffering from droop or whatever the medical term for it is. I certainly don’t intend giving up my status as a hotwife, but part of the fun of that is returning to Alan with a freshly fucked cunt for him to have sloppy seconds in. We just want your expert medical help.”

Sara looked from Felicity to Alan, and remained silent whilst she thought things over. Having made up her mind, she sat up straight, placed both her hands on the desk in front of her, and spoke.

“Well, seeing as you seem to know my history,” she began, “let me bring you right up to date.”

Later, when Gwladys brought Sara’s mid-morning tea round, she asked about the new patients, who had both wished her a cheerful ‘Good morning. Thank you for your help’ as they left the surgery earlier. Sara smiled.

“You were right, Gwladys,” she said, sipping her tea and wincing at the strong tannin flavour. “I was able to help them, and I’m sure that they will begin to join in with village life, or those aspects of it that interest them, very soon indeed!”

********** ********** 4 YEARS LATER ********** **********

Sara stood up, and helped Gwladys to her feet. She walked with her to the door of the surgery consulting room. Taking hold of the door handle, she turned to her old friend, and smiled sadly.

“I’ll be over to see you on Saturday, as usual,” she said, “and in the meantime, the palliative nurse will take care if anything you need.”

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