Coming Home; Coming Out Ch. 01

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Non Nude

Reading Notes:

1. This is the first chapter in a series imagined by Nicola, a late friend of mine. She died during the Corona Virus pandemic of 2000 — 22. She left the series to her sissy Simon(e) in her will. I recently met up with Simon(e) again, and we have decided to tweak the story and publish it in her memory

2. It is a work of fiction, which includes aspects of enforced celibacy, bdsm, lesbianism and various other fetishes, including smoking and Fem-Domme worship. If any if the above offends you, don’t waste your time reading any further.

3. Nicola was Welsh, [as is Simon(e)] and this story is set in the fictional Welsh village of Cwm Pechod. (translation: Sin Valley). Cwm should be pronounced as it is seen – as in the English word “come” but with a “w” sound instead of the “u” sound. The “ch” of Pechod is sounded as in the Scottish word “loch”. Sarah refers frequently to her daughter as “cariad” (pronounced curry ud, translation: darling/love); and Mary always calls her mother mam, in the traditional Welsh way.

4. If you’ve got this far and intend reading further, then please remember that all characters in this story are consenting adults aged 18 and above.


Dr. Mary Walters looked over at the naked woman who was lying next to her in the double bed that they shared at weekends.

“Did you enjoy that?” she asked, smiling mischievously.

“Of course I did. You know I love it when you dominate and punish me, and then bring me to bed to kiss it all better again,” came the reply. She pulled Mary’s face towards her, and kissed her tenderly.

“I love you, Dr Walters” she whispered.

Mary smiled at her submissive lover.

“And I love you, nurse Richardson,” she replied. “Now go and make us both a coffee, and bring it back to bed. We’ll drink it whilst we get our breath back, and then we can begin round two!”

“Yes Ma’am,” replied nurse Clarice Richardson, known to friends, colleagues and her Mistress as Cee.

As she got out of bed, Mary ran her eyes over Cee’s beautiful, curvy body, noting with pleasure that her caffè latte coloured skin was already beginning to display the angry red stripes that her cane had put across the ample bum of her sub. She had no doubt that before too long the bruising that her wooden paddle would cause would also begin to develop. As her lover crossed the bedroom to go and make the coffee, Mary also noted that Cee’s nipples were both still erect, despite having been clamped tight for the whole of their punishment playtime. Mary made a mental note to concentrate on those undoubtedly sore nipples when they’d finished their coffee.

Whilst she waited for Cee to return to bed, Mary reached onto the bedside table for her dainty Lady Churchwarden pipe. She had already packed the bowl with some of her favourite aromatic tobacco. She put the thin stem between her lips, sparked up her lighter, and puffed her pipe into life. When Cee returned bearing two mugs of delicious smelling coffee, Mary’s pipe was well alight, and her head, with its shoulder length blonde hair was enveloped in sweet smelling tobacco smoke.

Cee set the two coffee mugs down, and climbed back into bed beside her Mistress. She turned to Mary.

“May I?” she asked.

Mary passed her pipe to Cee, who took it, put it between her lips, and gave a tentative pull on the stem. She exhaled, and pulled a face, passing the pipe back to her lover.

“No,” she declared in a definite tone, “I really can’t get on with a pipe. I think I’ll stick to my cigars! After all, what self-respecting West Indian girl is going to puff on a pipe when she can buy cigars from home in the shop down the road?”

Mary smiled, but said nothing. Cee considered herself to be from Antigua, despite the fact that her mother, who was indeed from that beautiful island in the Caribbean, had given birth to her daughter in the very hospital in Cardiff where Cee now worked!

Cee lit up a small cigar, puffed on it luxuriously, and for a few moments, the two lovers lay side by side smoking and drinking their coffee, and not saying a word.

Eventually, Mary put her pipe down in the ashtray on her bedside table. She looked at Cee.

“This is very difficult, my love,” she began. “I am going to have to sell this house, and when I move, we’ll have nowhere to play or to fuck afterwards.”

Cee was an optimist as well as a submissive.

“We’ve got till next month, at least,” she replied optimistically.

“I know you have to go back home to help your mother, but you can come back to town at weekends. I’m already looking for flats that I can rent. I’m sure that everything will work its way out. After all, everyone knows that true love knows no boundaries, and I really do love you.”

“I love you too, my darling,” replied Mary, stretching over to give her lover a kiss.

The kiss lasted long enough for both women to get closer together, snuggle down in the bed and begin to explore one another’s bodies again. Round two was just beginning!

Then the abidinpaşa escort phone rang.

As medical professionals, both women knew that phone calls were never to be ignored. Sighing deeply, they disentangled themselves from one another, and Mary picked up the receiver.

“Dr Walters,” she said, looking at Cee and winking.

Cee sat up in bed, and listened, hoping against hope that her lover wasn’t going to have to leave her in bed alone to go and answer some medical emergency. Her heart leaped with joy when she heard Mary say,

“Prynhawn da, mam. Shw’ mae’r hwyl?”

Cee didn’t speak Welsh, but she’d heard the traditional Welsh greeting so often that she knew exactly what it meant. She’d even trained herself to use English sounding words to approximate the Welsh.

“Prin-how-n dar. Should-my-ur h-oil?” which she correctly took to mean,

“Good afternoon. How are things going?”

Mary was obviously speaking to her mother, so that was some cause for concern. Cee waited with bated breath until she heard the traditional “hwyl” (goodbye) spoken by Mary, who replaced the handset into the receiver, and turned to face her lover.

“Right,” she began briskly “that, as you no doubt guessed, was my mother. Do you want the good news or the bad news?”

Cee’s face fell.

“Give me the bad first,” she whispered her eyes filling with tears and her voice trembling with trepidation.

Mary took a deep breath.

“Mam’s partner had a stroke last night,” she began. “They rang for an ambulance from the surgery, but by the time it arrived, he’d gone. Mam didn’t phone last night, because she’s been trying everywhere to get a replacement.”

“Hang on a minute,” interrupted Cee. “Your mother’s partner has had a stroke, and died, and she’s phoning to get a replacement? That doesn’t sound very respectful to me!”

Mary burst into laughter.

“Not Paul, my mother’s partner you nutter!” she said, “it was Dr Campbell, my mother’s medical partner!”

Cee remembered with relief that Dr Sara Walters was the mother of her lover, Dr Mary Walters.

“I’m sorry for your mother’s loss,” she replied formally.

“It is very bad news for Dr Campbell’s family, obviously, but if that’s our bad news, I can’t wait to hear our good news!”

“Well,” Mary continued, “that isn’t our bad news, I’m afraid. Mam couldn’t get a locum for love nor money, so she spoke to Dawn Brown this morning.”

Dawn Brown was the senior officer manager in the surgery where Mary worked Cee knew.

“Mam explained the circumstances to her. Dawn already knew that I was leaving to go and join Mam’s practise. She allowed Mam to persuade her to let me go at the end of next week! A week today, and I’ll be away from here, and back in Cwm Pechod. This might well have been our last play session for a while, my love!”

Cee put on a brave face, smiled at her lover and said defiantly,

“Well if this is going to be our swansong in this bed in this house, you’d better hurry up and tell me the good news, because once I’ve heard that, I want you to fuck me again, so that I’ll have something by which to remember our times here together.”

She blinked rapidly, determined not to cry, and spoil their last afternoon together.

Mary’s eyes sparkled, and she looked at Cee with a sly grin.

“OK, you asked for it. Here it comes!”

“In the middle of surgery yesterday, before Dr Campbell had his stroke, obviously, my mother had another phone call. Do you remember Liz Edwards, my mother’s practice nurse?”

“Of course I do,” Cee answered. “We trained together, and she worked in the intensive care unit here. When she left to join your mother’s practice, I got her job. What has Liz got to do with all this?”

Mary couldn’t help herself. She burst out laughing, and pulled Cee towards her, giving a wet, open-mouth kiss.

“Liz has been on maternity leave,” she began, in between giggles.

“Her leave was extended because she suffered terrible post-natal depression. Anyway, she started back about two months ago, but mam has noticed that she’s not as efficient as she was before she left to have her baby.”

“Patients have been kept waiting, paperwork isn’t being completed, test results either ignored or not followed up. Mam called her in after a patient with a penicillin allergy was given an injection containing penicillin.”

“Fortunately, the patient only had a mild reaction, which anti-biotics cleared up, but it could have been much more serious. Liz was very upset, and tearful. She told my mother that she wasn’t coping, so mam gave her another month off on the sick.”

“Liz phoned yesterday to say that she and her husband had come to a decision. She’s handed her notice in and the family are moving back down to west Wales to be nearer both sets of parents. Malcolm, Liz’s husband works a lot from home anyway, and being closer to her parents and her in-laws will mean that Liz will have the family support she needs.”

“So my mother’s aktepe escort looking for a replacement practice nurse, and has asked me if I know of anyone suitable. I can’t think of anyone at the moment. Can you?”

Cee looked at her Mary, who was struggling to keep a straight face.

“You mean…?” she began, sounding utterly confused.

“Yes, my darling! There’s a job going in mam’s surgery, where I am due to start work a week next Monday! I think that if you are a very good, obedient little slut, I may well be persuaded to put in a good word for you when I see my mother tomorrow!”

“How slutty do you want me to be, Mistress?” asked Cee in her most submissive voice.

“I am yours to use and abuse, you know that. I want this job more than anything in the world!”

“More than anything?” Mary asked, in mock amazement.

“Well, almost as much as I want you to fuck me rigid, and then allow me to go down on you to show my appreciation,” Cee replied, lying back and opening her legs to show Mary just how wet and willing she really was.

Mary slid her middle and index fingers into Cee’s cunt, luxuriating in the wet, warm softness there. She put her thumb on Cee’s clit and stroked it slowly. The clit responded, and Cee let out a moan of appreciation. Her nipples hardened and Mary dropped her head, captured a hard rosy pink bud in her mouth, and suckled. This brought another groan from Cee, who used her own hands to find Mary’s tits. Cee soon discovered that her Mistress’s nipples were as hard as her own, and she tugged and squeezed them to give Mary the same sort of pleasure as she was experiencing.

Mary released Cee’s nipple with an audible plop, and sought her submissive’s mouth instead. The two women kissed deeply, exchanging hot, wet kisses with lots of tongue work. Still joined at the mouth, and with their hands all over each other’s tits, they manoeuvred their lower bodies so that they could get into the scissor position. Both women groaned in pleasure as their clits bumped and ground against each other. They found a rhythm and began to work one another towards orgasm.

Mary came first, gasping with pleasure as Cee’s wriggling produced a tingling sensation which spread rapidly from her clit. She whimpered as her orgasm overtook her, surrendering to the delightful sensations her girlfriend was producing in her.

Mary continued to writhe as her orgasm hit, and now it was Cee’s turn. She felt the tingle building up, increasing in intensity, and as Mary was recovering from her own orgasm, she began to enjoy one of her own.

By the time both women were sated, their bed linen was rumpled, damp and the whole room reeked of sex.

Later, as they both recovered from their exertions, Mary turned to Cee, her dainty pipe waggling between her lips as she spoke.

“I think it would be best if I went to see my mother alone, in the first instance,” she said.

“I haven’t told her about you and I, and I think she’ll need a bit of preparation first. So I’ll let her know that I’ve found a nurse for her, and then I’ll tell her that we are an item. I’m not going to tell her about our lifestyle, though. My mother is very reserved, and I think she’d have a fit if she knew that I’m your Mistress as well as your lover!”

Cee giggled.

“As long as we can continue to do what we’ve done this afternoon, I’ll be happy,” she purred.

“I love having punishment from you, and getting all my hurty bits kissed and licked better! And I love it when you fuck me too! If you’re interested, I am ready, willing and able to have another go right now!”

Mary smiled at her lover, took her pipe out of her mouth and blew a fragrant cloud of aromatic smoke into Cee’s face. She gave her a quick, chaste kiss on her cheek.

“I’d love to, my darling,” she admitted, “but I’m a great believer in striking whilst the iron’s hot. I’m off for a quick shower, and then I’m going to see my mother straight away. I won’t leave it till tomorrow, as I’d originally planned.”

“I’ll be back about dinner time tomorrow, when I expect to see you in your approved position as I come through the front door. I’ll be wanting oral worship straight away, and then we’ll see about giving you that fucking you so desperately need!”

An hour later, Mary’s car pulled into the driveway of her mother’s large, detached house. Switching off the engine, Mary got out and mounted the steps leading to the front door. As she walked, her attention was drawn to the medical centre next door. She smiled as she thought that she would be working there soon, alongside her mother, and hopefully, her lover.

As expected, the front door was open, and the stained glass inner door wasn’t locked and opened to her touch. She walked into the bright and airy vestibule, announcing her arrival as she did so.

“Hello! Anybody home?” she called, walking towards the kitchen.

It was just as she remembered it, warm from the always-lit Aga stove, light and airy and smelling of freshly brewed akyurt escort coffee. Her mother, however, was nowhere to be seen.

Perhaps she was out in the back garden, Mary thought, opening the back door and stepping out into the well-kept kitchen garden that her mother was so proud of. No, she was not out here.

Mary returned to the kitchen and called out again, somewhat louder this time.

“Mam? Where the hell are you?”

As she made to go back out of the kitchen, the door flew open and there was her mother, Dr. Sara Walters, looking rather dishevelled and very flustered.

“Hello, cariad,” said Dr. Sara, opening her arms and pulling Mary into her for a welcoming cwtch.

“I wasn’t expecting you. Is everything ok?”

“Yes, of course,” Mary answered, kissing her mother on the cheek.

“After your phone call about Liz, I was concerned that you’d be overworked and worrying about finding a replacement for her. I spoke to someone in the hospital, and asked her if she was interested in the job. I think she quite fancies a change from the intensive care ward.”

Mary kept a straight face whilst imparting this information to her mother.

“But that’s great news,” smiled Sara, “Is this nurse any good, do you know? We’re hardly at the cutting edge here in Cwm Pechod, but I have a duty to my patients, to provide them with the best possible medical service and advice.”

“I know you’ll be a great asset to the practice,” she continued, smiling at her daughter, “but I’ll need to interview this applicant before agreeing to employ her.”

I think she realises that, mam,” answered Mary, “so can I arrange for her to come for an interview?”

“Yes please, cariad. And sooner rather than later, please. I know we’re not particularly busy at any given time, but I’m having to see every patient since Dai Campbell’s stroke, and I’m having to do all the record keeping, the tests and most of the admin. too! I’m bloody knackered!”

Mary smiled at her mother.

“Right, don’t panic,” she replied. “I’ll speak to Clarice as soon as I get home, and I’ll ring you to let you know when she’s available to come up to see you and be interviewed.”

“Oh, by the way,” she continued, “as I said, her name is Clarice, but she likes to be called Cee.”

“What she likes is of no importance to me,” answered Sarah.

“I run things on a strictly professional basis here. I’ll call her nurse…?”

She raised her eyebrows in an unspoken question.

“Oh, she’s nurse Richardson,” answered Mary. “Born and bred in Cardiff, of West Indian parents. She’s a bloody brilliant nurse. We’ll be lucky if she takes on the job. I know she likes a disciplined, organised routine, but I also know she values friendship and appreciation of her abilities too. Don’t be too hard on her, mam, or she’ll not take the job!”

Sara looked doubtful.

“I’ll be very professional,” she said, “but if she can’t take instructions, then she’s not got a future in this practice.”

“I think you’ll find she is used to taking instructions,” Mary replied, trying hard not to smile too widely, as she recalled some of the instructions she had made Cee obey.

“Are you staying for tea?” Sara asked, changing the subject as if she was satisfied that the candidate her daughter had found for the practice was sufficiently obedient.

“Yes, OK,” Mary answered. “That’ll give me a chance to see Paul, and catch up a bit with him. I haven’t seen him for what seems ages!”

Sara seemed to get flustered at the mention of her partner’s name.

“Um,… Paul’s not here at the moment,” she mumbled.

“Something came up and I had to deal with it, and Paul’s a bit tied up at the moment.”

Something in her mother’s tone of voice made Mary look at her. She realised her mother had gone quite pink in the cheeks.

“Is everything OK with you and Paul?” she asked, the concern in her voice obvious.

“Yes, of course it is, silly,” smiled her mother.

“Now don’t you give it another thought. Paul and I are just fine. You concentrate on convincing this Cee that she needs to help us out by taking the vacant nurse job here.”

“If you can get her up here early next week for interview, you can come back for supper next Friday night. You’re due to start a week on Monday, so you can stay the weekend here.”

“I’ll make sure that Paul is here to greet you. You can do all your catching up then. We can have a good old chat about your new duties here, and how we will use nurse Richardson. Does that sound fair?”

“It sounds perfect,” Mary answered, smiling as she thought of how she was going to use nurse Richardson as soon as she got back home.

“Well look, mam, if Paul’s not around, I’ll get back straight away. I can have a chat with Cee and I’ll ring you later on tonight.”

She kissed her mother on the cheek, and arm in arm, mother and daughter walked out to Mary’s car.

Sara waved as Mary drove away, and once the car was out of sight she hurried back indoors.

Opening the door underneath the staircase in the hallway, Mary descended the steep narrow steps which led to a brightly lit room below the ground level of the house.

“That was a narrow squeak!”

Her remark was directed at a well built, naked man, who was hanging by his wrists from a hook in the ceiling.

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