Cocklust Ch. 27

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Big Tits

Chad and I were in no mood to talk to Brody right then. We were still naked, for one thing, and our bodies showed the telltale signs of having just gotten laid. I still had cum on my chest, while Chad’s hair was disheveled and his face was flushed. More importantly, we were still basking the afterglow of what we’d just done. The last thing we needed was a buzzkill like Brody.

“That dude can go fuck himself,” Chad said. “I’m not going out there.”

“I’m not disagreeing with you,” Luke said. “I didn’t promise him anything. I just said I’d let you know he was here.”

I scoffed. “What did he think we were gonna say? After what he did?”

“I get it, dude—”

“Well, I agree with Chad. I’ve got nothing to say to that shit smear.”

“Hey man, fair enough,” Luke said. “I’ll go tell him. I mean… sorry for interrupting you guys. Carry on.” Then he disappeared up the stairs.

Chad and I exchanged glances, then turned to the others. Ryan cracked open a few beers and handed them to us.

“Anyway,” Hunter said, “where were we?”

Marcos held up his drink. “Considering what Shane just experienced, I think it calls for a toast.”

“Aw c’mon guys—”

“Have fun with this,” Drew said as he threw an arm around Shane. “When I first discovered dude sex, I would’ve loved to have had people cheering me on.”

“Well… I guess—”

“And if you still like girls, that’s cool too. Hunter knows all about that.”

“This is true,” Hunter said.

Shane just shrugged. Then he held up his cup, which was full of cranberry juice and cheap vodka. Marcos officially congratulated him, and then we all chugged our drinks.

We spent the next few hours letting Shane pick our brains about man-on-man action. He seemed afraid to ask questions at first, but he gradually loosened up. He admitted he wanted to know the best way to suck a dick. Then he asked about the different ways to do anal, from doggy style to deep impact to spoons to everything else.

At first it seemed like the sky was the limit, but the more we talked, the more we veered off into sensitive subjects. Shane didn’t think his family would understand his gay side. Drew admitted he was in the same boat, even though he’d been banging guys for years. Chad wanted to reassure them, but he couldn’t avoid the issue of his own dad, along with all his unresolved feelings.

There was also no sugarcoating our fraternity’s suspension, and the way it had fucked up a lot of our plans. Though we weren’t getting in serious trouble— at least not individually— we still had to be out of the frat house that week, so a lot of Kap Eps needed new places to live. It was clearly on everybody’s minds, since it came up in conversation over and over.

Chad and I had it relatively easy. Since I had a place of my own, our plan was just to move in together. I wished we could’ve taken our time with that decision, maybe planned things out a little better, or at least done done that shit on our own terms. But under the circumstances, I couldn’t complain too much.

Ryan and Marcos had no real idea what they’d do: they were hitting up family and friends, since as far as they could tell, they’d be crashing on couches for the foreseeable future. The other guys were scrambling too. Shane, Drew, and Hunter were living in the dorms at the moment, but they’d planned to move to the house next semester, so now they were trying to make other arrangements.

All of this made us sober up, in more ways than one. We tried to stay upbeat, but we eventually put our clothes back on. Then we tried to figure out what to do next.

We did have a lot of trash left over from our orgy. We’d gone through a lot of food and drink, not to mention a now-empty lube bottle, the various used condoms, and a bunch of cum-soaked tissues. I made everyone dump that stuff in a bag, and I went to throw it in the dumpster.

When I stepped out back, I saw some bottles in the distance. At first I didn’t think anything of them, but then I heard a voice.

“So,” Brody said, “you think you’re some hot shit?”

A burst of adrenaline shot through me. I turned just in time to see Brody step out of the shadows. He’d apparently been lurking behind the trees.

“Let me guess,” he said. “You just… you think you’re too good for me, don’t you?”

I could tell he was out of it. “Dude—”

“You’re a fucking asshole,” he said. “I bet you told Hannah and Kaylee to… to call the cops on me?”

“No I didn’t. I barely even know them—”

“You’re a liar.”

“It’s the truth. And if girls are calling the cops on you, that’s probably saying a lot.”

“What the fuck is that supposed to mean?”

In the corner of my eye, I saw Chad come to the door. He seemed to have heard something. He took one look at us, pulled out his phone, and started recording.

“Look,” I said to Brody, “I don’t want any trouble.”

“Yeah, that’s bullshit.”

I held up the trash bag. I was tempted to tell him what was inside, but I decided against it. “Listen dude. Whatever’s istanbul escort going on with Kaylee and Hannah, it’s got nothing to do with me. I’ve just minding my own business. How about you do too?” I threw the trash into dumpster, and as I did, I saw a flurry of movement.

“Fuck you!”

A skunk scrambled through a hole in the dumpster. “Shit!” I yelled.

“Are you trying to get me kicked out of school?”

I looked up at Brody. “Dude, no, I told you—”

“So you’re saying it’s all their fault?”

I kept eyeing the skunk. Brody didn’t seem to realize that he’d cornered it: the house’s wall was on one side, and the A.C. unit was on the other. “Hey man, watch out—”

“You watch out! You think you can talk to me that way?”

I could tell the skunk was riled up. He was hissing and lifting his tail. “Okay listen—”

“No, fuck you! You can’t tell me what to do—”

“I’m not telling you what to do. I’m just saying—”

“Saying what?” Brody yelled. “You fucking asshole—”

Splat! I saw a flash of yellowish spray.

“What the fuck?” Brody yelled. He’d clearly gotten hit. He froze for a second, then spun around and lunged for the skunk.

SPLAT! The skunk sprayed again, this time in Brody’s face and hair.

“HOLY SHIT!” he screamed as he tried to wipe his cheeks. “What the fuck did you just do?”

The stench suddenly hit me. It was atrocious at close range, even worse than I’d expected. None of the spray had gotten on me directly, but even so, I felt like I was going to hurl.

The skunk ran off and disappeared behind the trees. By now a bunch more Kap Eps were standing by the door; they all seemed to be enjoying the show.

“Don’t just fucking stand there!” Brody yelled. “Do something!”

“It’ll be all right,” Justin said. “That shit isn’t toxic.”

“Yeah,” Mike said. “My dogs have gotten sprayed a few times. If you’re lucky, you can get the smell out in… I dunno, a few weeks?”

“Holy FUCK!” Brody tried to get the goo off his face, but he was so drunk that he only seemed to make things worse. He smeared it in his hair, his eyebrows, and even his mouth.

I stepped as far back as I could. My eyes were watering, and I had to shield my sinuses. I pulled up my shirt and held it over my nose.

“Before I forget,” Luke said to Brody, “if you want your family’s furniture back, it’s all yours. You can come get it whenever you want.”

“FUCK YOU!” Brody yelled, then stumbled to one side. He caught himself, regained his balance, and ran off as fast as he could.

“Suit yourself.”

“Bye now!” Ryan yelled, loud enough for the whole street to hear.

Chad stopped recording and put away his phone. “Wow,” seemed to be all he could say.

“What was that you said about karma?” I asked.

“Seriously,” Marcos said. “I dunno… do you really think he’s gonna get kicked out of school?”

“It depends on what the girls say,” Luke replied. “But I’ll tell you one thing. I’d love to see him try to explain this to Daddy.”

“Hey, we’ve got it on camera. So if he tries to start shit—”

“Can you imagine him going to the dean while he’s reeking of skunk?”

“I bet she’d love that,” Hunter said.

I seconded that, and so did Chad. Then Shane and Drew did too, and it turned into a bull-blown toast. As much as I wasn’t one for spite, I definitely didn’t mind seeing Brody reap what he’d sown. It was a hell of a note to end on for the gang’s last night together.

That Saturday we finished emptying the frat house, and Chad hauled his stuff to my place. It was a hell of a lot of work, even though he was just moving a few blocks. It was also really hard to find space for his things. I hadn’t considered how we’d suddenly have two sets of everything: two sets of furniture, two sets of dishes, two sets of towels and sheets and so on. We had to make a bunch of choices about what to keep and what to throw out. Most of Chad’s stuff was nicer than mine, so when in doubt, we usually went with his.

By the end of that night, we were both so exhausted that we just fell into bed. Except now, for the first time ever, it was our bed. Surrounded by our things. In our place, where we’d be living our lives together. The reality of it sank in slowly, but the more it did, the better I felt.

I found myself snuggling up to Chad and running my hands across his skin. Part of me felt very adult, but the other part was still anxious. I’d never lived with a significant other, so I had no idea what to expect. True, Chad and I loved fucking each other, and I liked to think we could handle anything, especially after what we’d just gone through. But I couldn’t help asking myself: were we kidding ourselves? Would our life together be as sexy as we’d hoped, or would we drive each other crazy? Would we need to work through a bunch of emotional shit, and if so, how?

To be honest, I had no answers to any of those questions. All I could do was take things one step at a time. I just laid there, pressing my body against Chad’s, as I slowly halkalı escort fell asleep.

Ironically, despite our big move, we had less than a week there before heading out for the summer. Our first stop was Boston to meet up with my parents; then we’d drive up to Dartmouth from there. As soon as we got to Boston, I realized this was another plan I hadn’t quite thought through. That week just happened to be their Pride Week, and it was also the start of the Cape’s tourist season— which meant a lot of guys were on their way to to P-town. Anyone with good gaydar could tell the place crawling with queens. It would’ve been great if Chad and I were there by ourselves, but of course it was never that simple.

We were waiting for my parents when we saw a dude on his Instagram. He was scrolling through his feed, checking out a smorgasbord of scantily-clad boys. I had to admit his tastes were an awful lot like mine: he seemed to like jocks in their twenties, most of them with square jaws and tight bubble butts. In a perfect world, I would’ve loved to give into my urges, slide my hands down Chad’s pants, and have my way with him right there. But as luck would have it, my parents pulled up right then and there.

“Hi sweetie!” Mom said as she jumped out to greet us.

“H-hey,” I said. I tried to discreetly hide my boner. “I want you to meet—”

“I know who this is,” she said. “I’m so glad to finally meet you in person!”

“Me too.”

“Hi guys,” Dad said.

We went through the usual greetings, then piled into the car. But as soon as we did, I realized Chad might’ve gotten more than he’d bargained for. My dad, true to form, had rented the cheapest “economy” car he could find. Which meant we had to get super-friendly, and hold our bags on our laps, in what was not much more than a clown car.

“Dad,” I said, “did you even look at this car before you got it?”

“Awwww… am I embarrassing you?”


“You know, part of my job is to get a rise out of you. I thought maybe now that you have a boyfriend—”


“Are you saying you don’t want to impress him?”

I looked over at Chad. He seemed to think the whole exchange was funny.

“Anyway,” Dad said, “if you really want me to, next time I can rent a Ferrari.”

“Argh,” I said to Chad. “You see what I deal with?”

Chad kept a pokerface. “No comment,” he said.

I was about to respond when Mom cut me off. “Before I forget,” she said, “I meant to tell you about the hotel arrangements.”

“Uh-huh,” I said. “What about them?”

“Well, it was my own fault. Apparently if you want a hotel in town, you have to book graduation weekend a year in advance. By the time I started looking, everything was full. But I did find a nice bed-and-breakfast out in the country. So that’s where we’re staying.”

I bit my lip. I had to admit a B&B sounded kind of nice. But again, I would’ve much rather just gone there with Chad. I wasn’t at all keen on my parents being in the mix.

One way or another, Chad took everything in stride. I could tell he was trying to make a good impression, since he was unusually chatty the whole drive to Dartmouth. He seemed to connect especially closely with Dad, with my old man being a lawyer and all.

“Now tell me about this internship of yours,” Dad said.

“Oh yeah,” Chad replied. “I finally found out I’m in.”

“That’s fantastic. So you’ll be working for Rick Kozlowski?”

“Bob Wheeler.”

“Any idea what you’ll be doing?”

“I dunno. Probably just grunt work: getting coffee, opening mail, and other stuff no one else wants to do.”

“You’ll have a great time. Those jobs are a lot more important than you might think. And we all have to pay our dues— you know my first job at a law firm was just taking dictation?”

“That’s cool—”

“And just think of all the connections you’ll make. You never know how far they can take you.”

I just listened from the back seat and didn’t say a word. I was glad to see them hit it off, but I couldn’t help thinking Dad had never gotten that excited for me. I knew my new job wouldn’t win me points with him; as far as Dad was concerned, I’d just be working at a bar. But Chad seemed to say all the right things, so I just bit my lip and kept my thoughts to myself.

It took us about two hours to get to Hanover, New Hampshire. It was your classic old-school college town: it was tiny and quaint, surrounded by miles and miles of forest. It had a bunch of old brick buildings clustered around a central green, with the Connecticut River flowing past on one side.

When we got to Amy’s place, she’d just gotten back from the gym. She was wearing a crop top with leggings that seemed designed to show off her butt. I had to wonder if she’d done that on purpose, since she seemed awfully flirty with Chad. I made a point of putting my hand on Chad’s shoulder, just to remind her that he was all mine.

It did trip me out to see these two sides of my life come together, with the mecidiyeköy escort man I loved next to the people I’d grown up with. In a lot of ways, it was the first time I’d really let my family see my gayness. We obviously kept things PG-rated, but I’m sure they were under no illusions around what Chad and I did in bed. At the same time, I didn’t want Chad to feel like he was on display, like some animal at the zoo, but he seemed fine with it all.

Of course Amy was as forward as ever. She practically interrogated the guy: she asked him all about his background, from his time as a Navy brat to his athletic career to everything else. She even asked him point-blank what he saw in me. I was so embarrassed that I don’t even remember how he answered. I just remember how cool he seemed under pressure.

Eventually Amy said she had to run to the drugstore. She asked me to come along, which seemed like an obvious excuse to talk one-on-one. But I agreed to play along.

As soon as she and I were outside, she leaned into my ear. Then she whispered: “Don’t fuck this up.”

I blinked. I wasn’t expecting that response. “What makes you think I’d fuck things up?”

“Well, you’ve done it before.”

“Oh for Christ’s sake—”

“This man is a catch. You know that, right?”

“Don’t tell me you have a crush on him.”

“Ha!” Amy headed down the street, with me following close behind. “I mean yeah, he’s cute and all… so go figure he’s gay. But no, I’m not getting any ideas.”

“Well good—”

“Have you seen the way he looks at you?”

“How do you mean?”

“Let me put it this way,” she said. “I’d kill to have a guy who was that into me. I mean, right now I’d settle for just getting laid.”

I rolled my eyes. Part of me was grossed out, considering she was my sister. But the other part of me knew we’d always had the goods on each other. “You don’t need to put it like that.”

“What… do you want me to act like I don’t have needs?”

“I didn’t say that—”

“Because from what I can tell, my urges aren’t that different from yours.”

“Aw jeez—”

“At least tell me: how’s the sex?”

I didn’t know how to respond. Amy had always been a snoop, but now she was taking it to a whole other level.

“I’m a girl, Scott,” she said. “You don’t think I’ve compared notes with my friends? You should’ve heard me and Rosie, back when I was with Kevin—”

“I’m not Rosie.”

“No shit.” She patted my back as we walked. “But you know what? I’m glad you’re finally having the kind of sex you want.”


“I could tell Erica wasn’t giving you what you needed. Not that it was her fault… she just wasn’t equipped to.”

“I mean… if you want to put it that way—”

“Does Chad at least go down on you?”


“That was my big complaint about Kevin. His dick was great and all, and he seemed to love fucking. But what I really wanted was oral… which he was never into.”

I stopped at a crosswalk. I’d always thought Amy and Kevin were great together, at least publicly. I’d never considered that they might be dissatisfied in bed. “Is that why you broke up?”

“It didn’t help,” she replied. “Don’t get me wrong, I still care about him… we just aren’t right for each other. At least in that department. You know how long we tried to make it work….”

“Yeah,” I said, “I do.”

Amy gave me a pensive look. She feigned a smile, but I could tell she didn’t mean it. Then the light changed, and she headed across the street.

“Anyway,” I said, “if you really want to know, the answer’s yes. Chad and I do go down on each other. Both of us.”

“Do you like it?”

“Well… yeah. It’s awesome. Not just the oral. The fucking is incredible too… along with everything else.”

“If you boys really click like that, then you’re lucky. You’d better appreciate it.”

“I do,” I said. “You know….” Then my voice trailed off.


“I haven’t forgotten what you did. That time you saved my ass.”

“You’re my little brother. What’d you think I would do?”

“I know, it’s just… I would’ve been up shit creek without you. I probably would’ve lost him.”

“I told you,” she said, “someday you can return the favor. Except it’ll need to be something different… I’ve never taken naked pictures, unlike you, so you can’t help me there—”

“Thanks Amy. Rub it in.”

“— but if you know some nice guys, you can always send them my way.”

I stopped in front of the drugstore. Whatever else I could say about Amy, she’d always seemed to have her shit together. After all, she was the one about to get an Ivy League degree, not to mention going on to law school. It was weird to hear her confess all this about her love life. “Yeah,” was all I could bring myself to say. “I will.” Then I opened the door, and we both went inside.

I have to be honest and say the sex talk had once again gotten me hard. I tried to hide it in front of Amy, though I’m sure she already knew. Besides, she was clearly pretty horny herself. I caught her checking out some other customers, and my instinct was to roll my eyes, but I forced myself not to. I figured if Amy really wanted some, then I shouldn’t be cock-blocking her; I thought she could do better, but it was her decision to make.

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