Clive and Max Pt. 03

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I arrived home to see that our parking area was blocked off by Adams’ work truck and thus, had to park down the road a little bit.

‘So, Adam is still here. I wonder if he is finished!’

I checked the mail box and walked as quietly as possible into the house and changed into a pair of skimpy shorts and t-shirt; then went downstairs to the lounge area.

Our house was rather unusual in that all the glass sliding doors, facing the harbour, had mirrored glass. One could see out but not necessarily see into the house.

Adam was installing an outside shower beside our swimming pool. We had a pathway on the right-side of the house that led to a change room with shower, toilet etc., but we wanted something outside so people could just rinse off and stay outside if they wanted; drying off in the warm air on a hot day.

To describe Adam was not easy. He was on my top ten list of ‘the world’s must fuckable men’. Even thinking about him got me horny.

He was one hundred and eighty-five centimetres’ tall. Natural sandy blond hair. Beautiful blue eyes, broad nose, thick ears and a smile that melted most people — female or male. He was a solid man but not fat as he was always working outdoors and this kept him fit. He could be a wrestler with those muscled arms and legs. I would say that if he was an office worker who didn’t do regular exercise and drank beer, then he could become very overweight. Even then I would still keep him on my top ten list!

Adam also had a personality. He chatted about everything. Was self-assured but not overly cocky. But, if he happened to say ‘drop to your knees bitch and suck my cock’, I would have. Instantly. Risking my relationship with Clive. Of course, it would never happen and I knew that.

Firstly, I wouldn’t risk my relationship with Clive so easily; but the fantasy made the pre-cum flow. The other thing, despite Adam being flirty, he was straight and married to the most gorgeous Italian woman.

What made all my fantasies even hotter was that we occasionally had Adam and his family over for a Saturday afternoon BBQ and it was during those times we had seen him in his skimpy bright red Funky Trunks. The bulge was enormous. Maybe it was all balls; but I was obsessed, in my mind, to find out the truth. Poor Clive would sometimes glare at me during the BBQ’s trying to stop me from being so flirty. Adam always played up to the fun though and occasionally asked me to apply ‘sun cream’ on his lower back; even pulling the swimmers down a little to expose the top of his crack and hot hairy arse. I caught him, more than once, smiling devilishly as I massaged the cream into his skin.

I stood behind the sliding doors, onto the terrace and pool area, knowing full well that unless Adam had heard me arrive home that he istanbul escort wouldn’t know I was at home, let alone standing there drooling over him as he worked.

It was a hot day and his t-shirt was soaked from sweat. It was roughly three thirty in the afternoon. Suddenly he stripped down to his underwear and jumped into the pool. On seeing his hot body my heart skipped a beat. My cock enlarged. I breathed out heavily as I grabbed my cock and balls.

‘Oh, God!’ I exclaimed.

I watched him swim a few laps and then jump out of the pool. He used the outdoor shower.

‘Mmmm. He must just be testing it!’

By this time my cock was rock hard and I was gently stroking myself.

His clothes were near a rucksack, easily within my view. He took out a bright orange beach towel, dropped the underwear and proceeded to dry himself off BUT!! Facing away from the me!!


Then he turned.

I saw the monster then. I was right. He was hung like a donkey.

‘Wait until I tell Clive.’

His thick long uncut cock was surrounded by that natural blond hair and cupping his cock were his big man balls.

By this time, I thought my cock would explode. My eyes didn’t know where to look. Face and broad thick nose or thick cock. Gorgeous blond hair on his legs or muscled arms. I was weak as jelly and became more so by the second.

He threw the towel down on the concrete before him and I thought he was going to sunbake. But he knelt down, facing the mirrored windows and started playing with his cock.

‘What is he doing, out here in broad day light?’ I was pleased but shocked.

Adam leaned back on his heels and started working on that big thick cock. His big hands gently stroking at first and then a bit harder as his cock stiffened up. One hand stroking his manhood and the other playing with his nipples.

It was surreal.

‘He must know someone is here and is playing with us!’

His cock was at least nine inches long. Huge. Fucking huge!

His balls bounced a little as he stroked. His face portrayed another world. A world that I wanted to experience with him. A world of my man pussy being pounded by that long thick cock. A world where those big man balls slapped my arse as his fucked me till I split in half!!

My balls were tight. Pre-cum running all over my hand on each stroke.

I wanted to blow but I kept edging. I wanted to see what he would end up doing. If he blew, then the cum was going to be wasted.

I moved to the other side of the room. I could then see his erect manhood from the profile side. He looked magnificent. My breathing was heavy. My heart was pumping hard in my chest. I was still edging.

I could just see his pre-cum flowing as he stroked his foreskin back and forth bahçeşehir escort over his enormous knob. His balls were now very tight.

His free hand still gliding over his chest, then his legs; sometimes his arse. He pushed his head back further. He blew. Moaning loudly as he did.

‘Fuck, fuck, fuck.’

In my excitement I only just caught him shooting four large ropes of thick cum onto our terrace. It all landed approximately a metre from where he was kneeling. He was only stroking gently on each shoot. His cock pulsating as each load left his cock. He took his hand off his cock and it bounced up and down. Throbbing while cum dripped out of his piss-slit.

I blew my load all over the glass door as my heart nearly left my chest.

My fantasies were wild with being fucked by that enormous cock.

I stood there silently wondering what he would do next.

After a few minutes rest, Adam went and used the outdoor shower. Cleaned himself up and then dried himself off with his towel. He then wiped all the cum off the concrete. He got dressed and proceeded to pack up all his work tools. Shortly, after two trips to his truck, he was gone.

I just stood there looking at my cum that had run down the glass onto the floor. I decided to leave it there and show Clive when he came home. In the meantime, I went for a shower. As the warm water ran down my body I became lost in the memory of what I just happened. I was still horny so I masturbated and blew an even bigger load than before; it only helped to relieve my horniness marginally. Clive would have to fuck me tonight and I didn’t care how tired he was. Finished in the shower, I dried off and put my skimpy shorts and t-shirt back on.

Clive arrived home and I pounced on him with my story. Retelling him as quickly as I could whilst dragging him by the hand to the very spot where I blew all over the glass door.

Clive smiled. He looked at my cum on the floor then back at me. Saying nothing. He had the strangest look on his face. I couldn’t work out whether he was disappointed at not having been there or feeling like I had cheated on him?

‘Clive what is wrong, please tell me!’

He stood there with a silly grin on his face.

I became a little frightened. Maybe I had overstepped an unknown line!

Suddenly he stepped towards me, roared and pushed me to the ground while literal ripping my shorts off.

I had been so focused on telling my story that I had totally missed seeing cock grow rigid.

I was on the floor on all fours. My knees stung as they hit the floor boards. He forcibly grabbed my hips and ploughed his big cock into me without any lube. It hurt like hell, but that was short lived with all his pre-cum up my hole. I moaned with bakırköy escort pleasure. He pounded my love hole with his big cock, whilst all the time shouting ‘you fucking horny slut, I love you’. I was over taken by lust, emotions and total desire. I needed this so badly; to be pushed beyond some limit that was laying unconsciously within my psyche.

I screamed ‘give it to me Adam’. As the words left my lips, Clive reacted by pounding me even harder. Harder than I had ever experienced. He growled loudly and blew his load in me while thrusting like a mad man. His cock throbbing on each thrust and the cum being forced back into my hole. I wanted more but I couldn’t hold his forcibleness anymore and had to collapse and then I felt his full weight on me as well. The most important thing though? His cock was still inside me!

A few minutes later we both went and cleaned up.

I start preparing the dinner. Grilled salmon, carrots and cauliflower.

I kept thinking of the afternoon. Some firsts had happened.

Seeing Adams cock and his cum shots and then Clive fucking me harder than he had ever done before. I believed that Clive had always given me what was his best or most sensuous sexual ‘self’. I smiled as I thought of a phrase a friend uses when describing his sexual encounters — ‘then the gorilla broke loose’.

Clive’s gorilla was out now and I experienced it again while peeling the carrots. He came up behind me, kissed me on the neck then played with my nipples and fucked me. So easy. Blew and left.

I continued peeling the vegetables as his cum ran down my legs. I liked being used in this way. I had never admitted to anyone that I had rape fantasises. Maybe it was just the idea of being pushed to my limits and having to let them all go that turned me on the most. Today Clive pushed me beyond some of my limits.

Over dinner we discussed the whole afternoon again. Going through the finer details. Clive raising the question that had been in my mind.

‘Max he must have known you were there and decided to play with you!’

‘I know Clive. I keep thinking that, but maybe it was just the circumstances. Hot day. New outdoor shower and he decided spontaneously to ‘let go’. Let the gorilla loose!’.

We both sat there eating and murmuring our unspoken thoughts.

‘Clive … Clive… I wonder.. maybe it was a combination of what I have already said AND the mirrored doors… I wonder if he was performing for himself?’ ‘Maybe he was turned on by all that mirrored glass? We know from what we have seen, that he loves his wife, but maybe this is a fantasy he has had?’

‘He has been here enough times to size up the situation with the mirrored doors!’, ‘In fact, when I think of it, I caught him last time they were here swimming, checking himself out, so maybe…..??’

‘Anyway, I don’t care. It was hot seeing him perform today and because of that my own man has let his own gorilla loose.’

Clive blew me a kiss.

‘Max, the gorilla needs to be fed again. I will see you shortly in the bedroom’.

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