Click and Collect: Hugh’s Wrapped

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[Author’s note: do not try this at home. Obviously, the characters in this story are at low risk from the dangers of suffocation, cramping, claustrophobia, restricted blood supply, etc. because they are *fictional*. Real people, not so much….]


Finally, the constant stream of customers began to slacken off as we approached closing time. I took a break in the back, chewing a sandwich that I’d started at about two o’clock, sitting between two pallets of flat pack wardrobes. Hayley wandered in.

“I’m bloody starving,” I said.

She fidgeted nervously in the doorway to the warehouse area. “Yeah,” she said, “I thought we were good by three but that rush came out of nowhere. I need some water.”

Hayley was in her mid-twenties, about a head shorter than me with a long mane of auburn hair tied back into a business-like bun. She flattered the Harbingers Home and Garden store uniform, her pert breasts demure but noticeable under the branded blue and white shirt. She went to the kitchenette, took a glass out of the cupboard and filled it with water from the tap. My eyes lingered on the way the company-regulation grey knee-length skirt showed off her firm, rounded bottom, and the way the low heels shaped her calves. It was the kind of view I could imagine sidling up to and gently placing my hand on. I wondered idly how she would react.

Technically I was her boss, but we had become good friends despite a ten-year age-gap. I knew she needed to work a couple of jobs to make ends meet, which is why I eventually let her into the after-hours click-and-collect service I offered to customers. I finished my sandwich and followed Hayley back onto the floor.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

Hayley gave me a look. I could see the nerves.

“You’ll do great,” I assured her, “You know what to do and you’ve watched me. It’s pretty easy money.”

“I don’t want to fuck up, that’s all.”

“You’ll be great. Look, how about you close up? I’ll get the stuff.”

“I just feel a bit,” Hayley wrinkled her nose, “A bit sleazy.”

“I’d do it myself, but the delivery instructions are pretty specific. You’re really helping me out here.”

I watched her pretty face intently, her beautiful green eyes danced between me and the front doors. Eventually she nodded and walked over to the front of the store.

I began to work my way through the aisles, informing customers that the store was closing, gently herding them to the checkouts and the doors. Milly was finishing up on register two with a customer.

“That it Tom?” she called.

I nodded from across the floor. “Yeah. Quittin’ time.”

Milly smiled. “Do you want help closing up?”

“Nah, Hayley’s on that.”

Milly closed the till out and took out the cash tray.

“I’m sure she’s very capable,” she said as she walked past me to dump the tray in the office.

I watched her go. She was mid-forties with a strawberry blonde bob and an accommodating nature, always very easy to talk to. She had liked Hayley immediately as soon as I’d hired the young girl and had made no secret of her opinion that maybe screwing the crew wasn’t the end of the world. Apparently, it would do me good. Getting laid was good for the stress hormones, which would make me in turn a better boss. I had no doubt she thought that having Hayley to myself to close up was more than me being generous to Milly, letting her get back home to her husband and kids half an hour early.

Milly swished past me towards the doors, pulling her jacket around her.

“Have fun,” she said, with a knowing half-smile.

She was half right, there would be fun, but in a way that I’m sure Milly wouldn’t ever have imagined.

I did a last sweep of the floor for stragglers and began to dim the lights. Hayley was locking up when I saw a man trot up to the doors. I was too far away to hear the exchange, but I could tell from the body language that he was slightly flustered. Hayley let him speak, and then smiled warmly, letting him into the store and directing him with her hand towards the customer service counter at the back of the store. Behind him, Hayley locked the door.

I made my way over to meet him at the counter.

“Hi,” I said, “What can I do for you?”

The man was maybe a few years younger than Milly. I could see immediately that he was tense and slightly out of breath.

“Can I do click and collect?” he said.

I moved behind the counter and made a show of looking at the computer screen. “Sure,” I said. “Name?”

The man swallowed, “Hugh,” he said, “Though it might be under my wife’s name, Bethany.”

I smiled reassuringly, “Of course, ready for you now. If you’d just like to step through to the warehouse.”

Hugh hesitated. It felt like an awkward moment. I could see Hayley making her way to the back of the store, her lock-up duties completed.

“Hayley will be right through to take care of you,” I said.

The man seemed to relax. Hayley arrived at the desk, straightened her hair and faced our customer.

“If you’d just like to follow me?” escort bursa she said and led the way through to the back.

I followed, noting the change in body language in both of them. Hayley had picked up a swish in her step, the tight skirt revealing the delicious movement of her bottom as she walked. Hugh was much more at ease, and I realised that he had not expected to be talking to me. Hayley would be easier for him to deal with, which in the end was all that mattered. Happy customers are repeat customers.

Hayley led Hugh to the loading dock and asked him to stand next to a stack of pallets. The dock itself was clear except for a large reinforced cardboard box and a small duffle bag sitting in the middle of the concrete. I hung back, close enough to hear but giving Hayley space to work.

Hayley made a show of circling her customer, her heels clicking on the concrete.

“Your wife sent us the dimensions, so should fit if she measured correctly,” Hayley said, her hand resting on the box.

“What about the packaging?” Hugh asked.

Hayley smiled confidently. “There’s no chance of damage in transit.”

Hugh looked at the box a while longer, hesitating.

“It’s all paid up,” Hayley added, “Your wife will be very happy to get it installed.”

“Okay,” Hugh said. “It’s just… it’s just a bit new.”

“I understand sir. If this isn’t to your expectations, we do a full refund.”

I smiled to myself. Hayley was doing fine.

“No,” the man said, “My wife has her heart set. Let’s get on with it.”

“Good choice sir,” Hayley replied, unzipping the duffle bag. She made eye contact with her customer and paused.

“Strip,” she said.

Hugh froze. Hayley waited patiently, letting the seconds tick by.

His hands moved to his neck and he unbuttoned his collar.

“Good,” Hayley said, “The first button’s always the hardest.”

I smiled to myself as I hung back in the shadows. Hayley was getting into the role. She stood next to the box, heels together and arms demurely behind her back while Hugh undid his shirt and slipped it off.

“What shall I do with this?” he asked.

“Just fold it up and put it on here,” Hayley said, patting the box with one hand, “I’ll pack it all in afterwards.”

Hugh unbuckled his belt and undid his pants. He couldn’t meet Hayley’s gaze as he slid them down his legs, shuffling out of his shoes and working the pants off his feet. Hayley waited patiently while the man took great care to fold his clothes and put them on the box.

“All of it,” Hayley chided. “Your wife’s delivery instructions were very specific.”

Hugh hooked his thumbs into his underpants and slid them down, revealing a shock of dark pubic hair. His member was already stirring, hanging clear of his body. He bent down and stripped his socks off.

“Now what?” Hugh asked, standing in front of the attractive sales assistant, completely naked.

“Could I have your phone please?”

Hugh gaped. “What for?”

“I need to install an app.”

Hugh took a moment to process this information, and then reached into the pocket of his folded pants for his phone. He unlocked it and passed it to her.

Hayley produced a pair of surgical gloves and made a show of sliding the translucent latex over her fingers.

“Could you bend over the box please sir?” she asked.

Hugh didn’t move, looking warily at Hayley’s latex-gloved hands.

“You wife was very specific,” Hayley reminded him. “You can speak to her if you like, or of course we can give you a full refund.”

“No, no,” Hugh conceded and bent himself over the box, bottom sticking into the air.

Hayley took out two items from the bag, placing them on the top of the box so that Hugh could see them: a white box about the size of a small shoebox and a bottle of lube. Hayley began to unpackage the box.

“How did my wife even find out about your…,” Hugh trailed off, obviously trying to make conversation, “Your service.”

“Oh, word of mouth usually,” Hayley replied breezily. “I would expect that some of your acquaintances are customers of ours. That’s how it usually works.”

I was secretly impressed by the way she was handling this. I would admit to harbouring misgivings about dropping her in the deep end like this on her first solo engagement, but she was taking to the role superbly. She had struck the right balance between approachability and professionalism, which was very important considering what she was about to do to the man in front of her.

Hayley unpacked the device; it was a large, hollow dildo with an anal plug dangling down from its base. It was matt black silicone and about nine inches long, but thick. Hayley gripped its width in her gloved hand to power it up, tapping the phone screen and busying herself with the task of synching the phone app to it. Hugh remained in position, momentarily forgotten. I wondered how he was feeling at this moment, as a young, curvaceous sales assistant he had only first met a few minutes ago prepared to violate him with the butt plug of a monster fake görükle escort penis. I could see his cock was rising to full attention, which gave me my answer.

I watched Hayley work, fascinated by her pretty face as she concentrated on the pairing instructions for the toy. She was diligent and professional, despite the things she was about to have to do to this stranger, and now that the process was underway I could detect no trace of the nerves that had been affecting her earlier.

I had broached the idea of needing her help a couple of weeks ago when Hugh’s wife put the click and collect order in. I had initially thought of declining the order, knowing that her husband (and if I’m honest, myself) would not get much out of me providing the service. Hayley had leaped at the chance, in a way that I didn’t expect.

The toy came to life in Hayley’s fingers, buzzing quietly. I saw Hugh’s body tense.

“Excellent,” Hayley exclaimed, turning the device off and placing it on the small of her customer’s back so that he would feel the warm silicone against his skin.

Silently, she squirted a little lube out into her gloved hand and worked the slick fluid between her latex-enclosed fingers. This would be the tricky part: Hayley had confessed to never having inserted anything before. I suggested jokingly that she go home and practice. As I watched her work a finger over the prone figure’s puckered entrance, I realised that she’d taken my advice to heart and I felt my cock begin to stir in my pants.

She massaged the lube into the skin of Hugh’s hole, then gently teased a fingertip into his opening. I could see his cock was absolutely rigid now, standing straight out from his stomach. She withdrew the finger and dribbled a little more lube directly onto his hole.

“Try to relax,” she said, acting for all the world as if she probed male rectums for a living. I was so proud of her performance.

She ran her fingertip over the puckered opening again, this time applying a little more pressure until she was able to sink her latex-sheathed finger inside him to the first knuckle joint. Again, she withdrew and dabbed a little more lube. This time he was more yielding, and judging from his posture he was beginning to relax into the situation he found himself in. Hayley slipped her finger in deeper, withdrew, and plunged deeper again, working her finger into his anus until he had taken her second knuckle and was able to accommodate her entire finger.

To my surprise, I noticed that Hayley’s cheeks were a little flushed, and she was biting her lip as she focussed on her index finger sliding gently out of the man’s hole and back into him again, in slow, deliberate strokes. I could see that she was now no longer lubricating him in preparation for the toy; she was doing this for her own enjoyment.

Eventually, Hayley withdrew her finger completely and picked up the toy.

“I’ll try to be gentle,” she said.

She reached under him, seizing his rigid member in her already slick hand, working some of the lube up and down his engorged shaft. She positioned the opening of the hollow silicone shaft at his tip and began to push his cock into it. Hugh moaned, and I realised that Hayley had already, inadvertently, brought him close to the edge. The black sheath enveloped his entire length and Hayley slid the retaining ring over his balls. Attached between the ring and the rigid cock shaft was a tight bag, which now enveloped his testicles, shrinking his scrotum until it was barely evident. Hayley took the small lock that was supplied with the toy and clicked it into place on the ring, locking the device onto him.

She wrapped her hand around the dangling anal dildo, coating it in the residual lube still on her gloved fingers, before positioning its tip against his puckered sphincter. She caressed the cheek of his bottom gently as she began to apply steady pressure to the black shape, working the lubricated length gradually into his anus. Hugh’s hands balled into fists and he began to take shallow breaths, battling to control his natural urge to clench and expel the foreign object that was now being pushed into him.

Hayley kept up the pressure and the black length gradually stretched his hole until it admitted the narrowing neck with a pop. She brushed her hand over the cap that was now covering his opening, making sure it was seated flush with his skin.

“All done,” she announced, “You can stand up now”.

Hugh stood upright. In place of his fleshy, pink cock and scrotum was now a long, thick, knobbled and ridged shaft standing directly out from his groin. She had transformed his manhood and ball sack into a sleek, firm, black rubber dildo. Between his legs he no longer had a cock or balls, he had been turned through his wife’s instructions into a devilishly wicked sex toy.

Hayley stripped the latex gloves off her hands, turning them carefully inside out so as to contain the slick residue on the fingers. She popped the balled up gloves into the duffle bag and pulled out a sports watch.

“Put bursa escort bayan this on, please,” she said. “It will allow us to monitor your vital signs.”

While Hugh wrapped the watch around his wrist, Hayley walked away to the packing shelves, returning a few moments later with a clear roll of packing wrap. She teased out a length and spread it on the floor.

“Stand here,” she said, “Feet together.”

Hugh shuffled onto the clear plastic square, moving tentatively with the insert buried deep inside his rear. Hayley brought up the free edges of the wrap to enclose his feet and began to wind the clear wrap tightly around his ankles, being careful to leave no gaps. She continued up his calves until she reached his knees.

“Okay, now I need you to kneel,” she said, “This is where we begin to squeeze you into shape to fit inside the box.”

Hugh knelt down carefully, the thick black phallus resting in the valley between his compressed thighs.

“Lift your bottom a bit,” Hayley instructed. “Grab your hips with your hands.”

Hugh lifted himself slightly to allow Hayley to pass the wrap around his thighs, binding his transformed cock tightly between his legs. She passed the wrap across his bottom, wrapping tightly to trap his hands in place and shape his rear, splaying his cheeks to reveal the black plug nestled in his back entrance.

“Lean back for me now,” Hayley asked.

The helpless man let his bottom rest on his heels and began to bend backwards. He only reached vertical before wincing in pain.

“Oh, that’s right,” Hayley tutted. “Your cock is wrapped against your thighs. It must be very painful to bend it like that.”

Hugh nodded. It was a rookie mistake to wrap his cock against his legs rather than his stomach, I thought, but then I saw Hayley’s face and realised she knew exactly what she was doing.

“I still need you to lean back though,” Hayley admonished gently. “Can you try?”

With one hand resting lightly on Hugh’s naked chest, she encouraged him to lean back. I could see the pain this was causing his swollen member as it was bent in an unnatural direction. Finally, Hayley seemed to be satisfied, though I could see that the angle she had bent him into was significantly more than required for the next part of the wrap.

Hayley fed more wrap out of the roll and began to work her way up his groin and his stomach, binding his elbows to his sides as she made sure the clear plastic was tight against his skin. She began to wrap his upper arms and his chest, looping over his shoulders to make sure there were no gaps in the shiny, transparent coating. The man’s body was still bent painfully backwards, and I could see beads of sweat standing out on his face. So could Hayley.

She completed the wrap of his chest and draped a final length around his neck all the way up to his chin.

“Okay, lean forwards again please,” she said, sweetly.

Hugh bent forwards over his knees, rushing to comply and ease the strain on his member.

Hayley went back to the duffle bag and retrieved what appeared to be a bag, made of shiny black latex. She knelt down in front of him carefully and held it where he could see it. She unfolded it to reveal a hood.

“I hope you’re satisfied with our service so far, sir,” she said. “This will be the last opportunity for you to give us feedback, or to request that refund.”

Hugh seemed to struggle for a moment, before gasping, “I’m satisfied with the service.”

Hayley slipped the hood over the man’s head, carefully, working the zip down over his hair and then pulling it down the back of his neck. The hood enclosed his head completely, with no eye or mouth holes. The only feature was a circular plastic disc set into the front. The hood filled as Hugh breathed out, then shrank to mould itself tightly to his features when he breathed in. I could see his jaw working as he realised that he now only had a lungful of air to use.

Hayley went back to the bag and retrieved a length of hose, of the same diameter of the plastic disc. Kneeling back down, she grasped the disc on the front of the mask and twisted it, unscrewing the cap on the hood’s airway. She let Hugh suck in a few welcome lungfuls of air through the aperture before screwing one end of the hose into place. Hayley stood up, holding the free end of the hose in one hand. Experimentally, she laid the palm of her other hand over the opening and watched as once again, the plastic-wrapped figure kneeling beneath her began to suck and heave from lack of air. Apparently satisfied, she released her hand and held the end up to her face, letting the man’s frantic breaths wash over her. She smiled.

I recognised that I had potentially underestimated Hayley’s abilities.

Hayley placed one hand on Hugh’s back and one on his knees and rocked him backwards into a squatting position, balancing on his feet. She laid a sheet of the plastic against his thigh and began to twist the clear plastic around her helpless victim’s body, wrapping his knees hard against his chest and his heels tightly against his buttocks. She wound up over his shoulders, gently pushing down on the hood until the man’s head was snug against his knees, his chin tucked in against his chest, the hose protruding from a gap between his jawline and his shoulder.

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