Cindy’s Journey to a Lesbian Life Ch. 04

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Chapter 4
Fantasies finally realized

In the following months Patty learned a great great deal about true love. She opened my soul and mind. We talk freely about everything but most often about sex. She admitted a deep desire to have sex with my mom and her lover Clair. I admitted a equally deep desire to have sex with the gay twin secretaries at work.

For a long time we were lost in our own loving. I loved eating her bare juicy cunt and bathed luxuriously every tine she squirted volumes of delicious ejaculate. I loved ravishing her perfectly formed breasts and tonguing her ass hole. Our routine varied. Often we started foreplay with deep kisses, petting, playing and sucking each other boobs, fingering each other’s pussy and ending in a perfect side by side 69. More often than not we took turns doing each other, Patty doling me first or vice-a-versa.

After one such session Patty, breathing heavily panted: “Can we invite your Mom and Clair over for the weekend?” Patty knew that Clair had brought me into the world of lesbian love and it would be a special treat for me to have sex again with my mentor. She was realty turned on by my mom’s body. She looks more like 25 than her actual 39.

The kids would spend the weekend with Patty’s sister Julie. They loved Julie and were excited to stay with her again. Julie is a very interesting person. as pretty as Patty, but in a different way, Beauty definitely runs in Patty’s family.

Julie arrived at 5 to pick up Maria and Mario. Patty greeted her warmly and shared a deep kiss. She tuned to me, hugged me warmly and eagerly told me how much she had been looking forward to meeting me.

“I am very sorry your marriage did not work out.” she said.

“It was pretty bad. But as things turned out it was the best thing that ever happened to me. I could not be happier. Your sister in is an amazing person and I love her more than I ever loved my ex.”

“That makes me happy for both of you,” Julie said embracing me again. “Do you ever miss the sex?”

“Wow your are like Patty. No holding back.” I replied. “But to answer your question, whenever I recall sex with Mark I quickly put it out of my mind. He has a nice cock, but Patty and I have dildos that nicely cure my craving for cock.”

I saw Petty snickering. “Julie, tell her now.”

“Ok sis, Cindy I am a transsexual escort. I make a good living serving men and women. So I am the best of both worlds. So if you ever want a real cock I am at your service.”

Her revelation had my pussy dripping, much to my surprise. I

looked questioningly at Patty who simply nodded her approval.

Ok Julie I will happily accept your offer some day,” I told her drawing her close and kissing her warmly. I felt her cock hardening and looked at her unable to hold back the question forming in my mind.

“Nine inches.” she whispered.

Julie left with the kids and Patty and were alone. She came to me took my head in her loving hands.

My dear,” she almost whispered, “If you want to make love with my sister I am good with it, After all it would be selfish for me to deny you the pleasure that I have felt before I decided to become a lesbian and Julie became a TS. I have fond memories of sex

with my then brother. I gave him his first blow job and first taste of pussy on his 18th birthday. We had sex at every opportunity until I went off to college. He is the first and only cock I ever had and is why I have no problems with incest. So put all thought of your ex out of your mind and enjoy Julie for what she is a beautiful woman with a nice cock.”

I wanted to make love to her right then but we had guests arriving.


Sure enough the door bell rang. Mom and Clair entered. They were stunning, dressed in sexy very tight spandex low cut bright red body stockings. Their camel toes showed and were slightly damp.

“Hi Sue.” Patty greeted my mom. “Seeing you and Clair dressed so sexy makes me even more eager to share the weekend with you. It seems Cindy and I are overdressed.”

She quickly stripped down to her bra and thong and I followed her.

I went to Clair and took her in my arms, kissing her deeply. Our mouths opened and we gently probed, our tongues swirling. Patty and my Mom were similarly occupied.

We moved to our bedroom. We removed the body stockings and were soon nude and ready for action.

While Patty and mom went at each other each other fervently, I held Clair closely. There was something I wanted to tell her, “Clair, I love you dearly, first of all for bringing such happiness to my mom”

“I love you also and think of you as the daughter I never had,”

Clair replied, tears forming in her eyes.

Tears formed in my eyes and I had a tough time talking. I choked on my words and told Clair how grateful I was that she had turned me on to the joys of lesbian love.

For what seemed like hours Clair and I made slow passionate ardahan escort love. We kissed the way kissing was meant to be, long slow, soft. mouths slowly opening, tongues probing, caressing each others breasts, tweaking nipples, cupping the undersides.

Clair licked my ears as I sucked on her tits, I moved to feed her my breasts. She was incredible. She held my breast with both hands and opened wide. It felt like she had my entire breast in her mouth. One, then the other. I thought again how glad I was for the implants that grew my bust to 38 inches.


“Oh lord have mercy!” I moaned and felt an orgasm raging from deep in my loins.

It was a mild orgasm compared to the many Clair, my mom and Patty would bring me over the next three days.

She paused and moved down my body first to my ultra sensitive naval. My body shook out of control as Clair swirled her tongue in my bellybutton. I came again. “you are incredible,” Clair moaned. Your mom never cums from me licking her naval.”

“I’ve always been very sensitive,” I moaned. “It is like a second clit.”

“Glad you mentioned it my dear’ Clair laughed.

I giggled with her for a brief moment stopping abruptly when I felt her palm cover my pussy. It felt so soft and warm, like a pair of wool panties. She spread my outer lips and licked me up and down. My juices poured from deep in my hot cunt. She pushed her trigger finger deep and slowly fucked me. She added another finger and thumbed my clit as she fucked me deeper. I was close to another orgasm and begged her to fist me.

I felt her fist go deep and screamed as an intense prolonged orgasm tour through my body, erupting from my steaming cunt. Clair opened wide to drink my juices and paused until I calmed down. My chest finally stopped heaving and Clair went to work on my ass. She rolled me over and massaged my buns.

“Oooooo. Ahhhhhh. That is heavenly Clair I moaned.

She gradually spread my cheeks and ran her tongue up and down probing further with each run. She stopped and bored in as her thumb rubbed my clit. I was sickened when a large amount of gas erupted from my ass. “Oh God I am so sorry Clair.” I gasped.

“Not to worry my dear, Your mom does that all the time.”

We both laughed and heard giggles from Patty and mom. It bought a brief pause in the action. We set in a circle on the bed. The room reeked of female juices, perspiration and ejaculate.

“Aren’t we a happy mess,” my mom offered. Look, at my juices covering the wall. Your Patty in a very talented lady.”

“And so is your daughter. She even farts like you.”

We all laughed hysterically and fell into each other’s arms.

I leaned into Clair and inhaled the aroma of my pussy. I was determined to show my mentor how far I had traveled down my lesbian road. I had learned a lot since my first encounter and remembered Clair telling me I had the makings of a great lesbian lover. I planned to prove her right.

I had grown in confidence and perfected the techniques I hoped would surprise and impress Clair.

We kissed as before. tenderly, intoxicating and exciting. Our passions grew as we locked our lips wide open softly moaning as our tongues dueled, She tasted bittersweet and released copious amounts of saliva which I drank greedily.

I cupped her magnificent 40 inch tits marveling again how firm and taut and how they stood out proudly from her chest splendidly accenting her tightly muscled 23 inch waist. Her body turned me on and I wanted to taste every square inch.

Breaking our kiss I softly kissed her neck, ears and between her glorious mounds. I held her left breast in my hands and wrapped my mouth around her large nipple. I sucked like a baby then did the same to her right breast. I was thrilled to hear Clair meaning contentedly.

I then licked up and down her belly. It reminded of the technique I used during blow jobs on my ex. It hardened his cock leading to tremendous orgasms. My intend for Clair was to excite her pussy and clit.

“Oh my sweet girl, you are incredible,” Clair exclaimed.

“Just getting started lover,” I coyly replied.

I teased her pussy with light kisses and worked my way down her left leg. I kissed her feet and sucked each toe like little cooks. I moved to her right foot and sucked her toes. I asked her to turn over. I then worked my way up her legs alternating left to right back and forth. I paused at the soft flesh at the back of her knees. I felt her lurch as I kissed and licked the tender exogenous zone.

I slowly moved up her legs to her incredible ass. I massaged her plump buns and licked her crack up and down probing further toward her rose bud with each lick. Clair puckered her hole inviting my tongue to enter her inner sanctum. I curled my tongue in pushed in. Her ass closed tightly around my tongue. It felt so good I did not move for several minutes. My cunt dripped. I breathed heavily and we both reached delightful orgasms at the same time.

She ardahan escort bayan turned over and gently pulled me to her lips. We kissed and tongued for an eternity. Finally she brook our kissing and smiled. “You are even more incredible than I ever Imagined,” she cooed.

I thanked her my placing my head between her legs and began to feast on her bare pussy. As I have said before there in nothing I enjoy more than eating pussy.

I started at her naval and slowly licked over her cunt to her ass hole than back again several times. Her pussy was literally frothing in a multi-orgasmic rage. Her sweet juices filled my mouth and I drank down every drop.

I kissed her cunt as her orgasms subsided and pushed two finger in her vaginal opening as I licked her exposed clit. I inserted my thumb and other fingers into a fist and fucked her hard and fast. My fist rubbed her G spot.


I watched Clair tremble in anticipation. She managed to hold on for awhile. Her dam finally broke as long gushing streams of her ejaculate squirted over and over again as she screamed and grunted. I placed my face in her streams and opened wide. I caught and swallowed as much as I could finally lapping swiftly as her orgasm slowed.

Out of the corner of my eye I caught a glimpse of Patty and Mom staring in awe at what they had just witnessed. I kissed both of them sharing a bit of Clair’s nectar.

It seemed a good time to switch places . Mom moved to my side of the bed and Clair moved to Patty.

I have always marveled at the way my mom has maintained her body. If you met her you would guess her age at 25-30. In fact she is nearing 40 and still has a 36-23-35 figure. Her breasts are firm and tight. Her belly is flat and perfectly muscled. Her hour glass figure is accented my a beautiful ass and shapely legs.

We caught each other staring at our bodies. We laughed when we chimed in unison. “My goodness you are beautiful!”

We embraced and kissed as we fondled each other. I rubbed her back, then cupped her ass, then around to her belly and up to her tits. She followed my lead and did the same to me. Our kissing grew in intensity. Soon we were french kissing wildly. We cupped each other’s pussy and gently palmed then inserting our fore fingers. We fucked each other to orgasms. I offered my hand to mom and she sucked it clean. She returned the favor. We kissed again sharing our tastes.

Mom gently pushed me to the bed, She sucked my 38 inch mounds the same way Clair did. She cupped each with both hands, opened wide, engulfing me nipples, rapidly flicking her tongue. I wrapped my arms around her body and held tightly trough a series of orgasmsthat grew in intensity until I felt faint. No wonder. I have never cum so many times in such a short period of time.

Mom lay back and cuddled me in her arms just like she did so often when I was a child. I have never loved her more. I felt incredibly to have Patty, Clair and Mom in my life, to give pleasure to each in a caring way, free from worry, basking in the glow of your sex partner, giving more than you receive. and loving each other unconditionally.

It was equally satisfying that Patty and I remain deeply in love with a freedom to follow our sexual desires wherever they my lead.

Mom and I made sweet tender love the rest of the night, finally

falling asleep in each other’s arms. Patty and Clair moved to the guest bedroom where they did each other to exhaustion.

The remainders of the weekend proceeded much the same except for Saturday. We decided to form a daisy chain. We started off with me eating Clair, while she did Patty who did mom who did me. As soon as we all reached orgasm we switched. Clair did me. I did Mom, mom did Patty and she did Clair.. We continued until everyone had shard the other three. It was great fun. We all were a soggy mess and headed to the shower.

We them headed for the swimming pool. There was no need for swim suits. A high fence kept us free from prying eyes.

After another marathon sex session we all agreed we were finally sexed out. On Sunday we went out for lunch, a movie and some shopping.

Julie called and told Patty she would drop, the kids at school in the morning and come over. Patty said that would be fine but she needed to go to work but I had the day off. She winked knowingly at me telling me exactly what she and Julie had in mind. Mom ad Clair both asked about Julie.

Patty told her story.

Julie’s story.

Julie came into the world as Jesse Johnson, a year after his sister Patty. He was a thin, blonde, and looked a lot like his sister.

The two were very close. He loved playing with Patty and her girl friends. He often let them dress him in women’s clothes. He loved the silky feeling and found him wishing more and more that he was a girl. The seeds were planted that would one day change his like forever.

His relationship with Patty grew sexual on his escort ardahan 18th birthday. Patty caught him masturbating. Totally embarrassed he quickly hid his cock under the sheets. Patty came to his bed in her bra and thong, kissed him tenderly and uncovered his throbbing cock. “Let me help you with that,” she pleaded.

She took his cock in her mouth and moved slowly up and down until she had the entire 9 inches deep in her throat. The feeling was incredibly good and Jesse was besides him self. He had never felt anything like it His orgasm came quickly. A tremendous load shot into Patty’s mouth. She managed to swallow a small portion. The reminder poured out her mouth and covered her chin and parts of her breasts.

Jesse did what he thought was perfectly natural and started sucking the still warm cum from her body. He found the taste salty but pleasant.

“Want to eat something better?” she asked.


“This.” she said removing her bra and thong. “Suck my tits!” she demanded.

He moved to her breasts, opened his mouth and sucked the nipple.

“Now take more but don’t bite. Rub both softly. Oh yes. Like that. So good!” She set on his thigh and juices poured as a nice orgasm overcame her.. Jesse felt the hot juices on his thigh. “that feels good.” she told her.

“Here take the real thing.” she said removing her thong and planting her sweet pussy in his face. “Lick and suck. Lick for a little but near the top. That’s my clit. Gentle suck on it and push your hand into my pussy. Fuck me hard and suck my clit. Oh my I’m cumming!”

And she did, repeatedly filling her mouth with her delicious nectar.

She kissed her fervently enjoying the taste of her pussy his lips.

“We will do this again tomorrow.” she promised.

The incestuous affair continued all summer and when Patty came home from college on breaks.

Things changed dramatically the day Patty announced to the entire family gathered for Thanksgiving that she loved then all and hoped they would give their blessing to her lesbian lifestyle.

Jesse’s feminine instincts turned to a fervent desire to become a woman so he could still make love to his sister. On fateful day he was surfing the Internet and came across a site devoted to transsexuals. He was amazed how most of the models looked like women until they revealed their cocks. He had his answer and decided to reveal his decision to the only person he could trust, Patty.

To his surprise Patty was all for the idea provided he not go all the way and keep his cock.

“You will have a much better life with that cock..” she argued.

“You know that you are the only cock I have ever had, ” Patty revealed. ” With a little exercise and the right diet we can transform you to a beautiful woman. You will need breast and ass implants.”

Jesse changed his name to Julie and immediately bought chest implants and after healing had his ass makeover. By this time his hair had grown to shoulder length. He had his facial and chest hair permanently removed by electrolysis. The results were staggering. She was now a exceptionally beautiful woman with a nice fat 9 inch cock, measuring 36-24-36.

Patty was thrilled and taught him the basics of his new life style.

He set her up with two gay men who taught Julie cock sucking and anal sex. She loved it all.

She began to frequent gay and TS night clubs and had no trouble attracting handsome gay men and beautiful gay and TS women. One night she was approached bi five men who offered $100.00 each if she would blow all of them in a limo they had rented. She made the deal. drank down five loads and went home with more cash than she ever seen much less pocketed.

She remembered some of the Internet transsexuals offered their services for a price. From that day forward with a few exceptions she began to charge for her services. She placed a carefully worded add in the town weekly.

“Want something different in your love live. Cal me at 555-1100 for details.”

Calls flooded in. Most hung up when they learned she was a TS. . But enough showed real interest. At first she charged a hundred dollars but she was getting too many clients She took down the newspapers add and started work on her own web site.

The result was impressive. The title:

Transsexual goddess Julie ready for you. I have blond hair, blue eyes and 36-24-36 with a 9″ fullly functional cock.

It was followed by several photos starting with her fully dressed, then topless, then her back side. The photo showing her hard cock was label covered “FOR MEMBERS ONLY.”

Then an icon reading “JOIN NOW.”

She charged $10.00 per month and within the first years had over 1000 members or better yet ten thousand per month plus her escort income.

She offered in call and out call. $1000.00 per hour. Travel and accommodations if travel involved. Special rates for groups.

There was a video section for members showing Julie in action. sucking white and black cocks, fucking men and women, eating pussy and ass holes. Everything imaginable.

She also had a friend’s section giving links to other TS escorts for a time fee vofhundred dollars.

She was becoming a very wealthy woman doing what she loved. Her major expense was salary for three body guards, $2500.00 per week.

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