Chrissy…Janie Visits Again

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I came home from the office and Chrissy greeted me at the door with her usual sweet kiss. “Joey, honey, guess who called today….it was Janie. She wants to come for a visit. I told her that it would be OK and she will be here tomorrow afternoon.” Janie, Chrissy’s twin sister, had finished graduate school in May but had still not found a job. She was going to stay with us while she looked for employment in the city. When I recalled the pleasant memories of Janie’s last visit, including the sex, I began to look forward to seeing her again.

The next afternoon, when Janie arrived, it was a typical hot July day and I was perspiring heavily after helping her with her luggage. I took the bags up to the spare room next to the bedroom in which Chrissy and I slept. Janie also was in the spare room after bringing in some of the smaller bags. “Joey, it is so nice of you and Chrissy to let me stay with you while I am looking for a job.” She came up and put her arms around my neck and gave me a big hug.

She was wearing shorts and a halter top and was showing quite a bit of a great tan. The bare skin of her back felt so good in my hands. “Janie, I love having you visit. Do you remember how much fun we had the last time you visited?”

“Joey, we did have fun but I don’t think we should have sex again…do you?”

“Janie, we don’t have to worry about that right now. Those things will take care of themselves. Let’s go down and get something cool to drink.”

We went down to the den and Chrissy brought us all a cold beer. We sat down to catch up on the events of each others’ lives. Janie mentioned that she had broken up with Billy just before graduation back in May. She had been so busy with her job search that she had not dated since then. “I have been so busy that it was pointless to keep taking those silly birth control pills, so I stopped.” She looked over at me and said, “I am on a regular cycle now and I feel much better. I guess, if I ever have another date, that I will have to be careful and not get carried away.”

Janie spent each day sending out resumes or attending interviews but almost a week went by without concrete results. The economy was very slow and it was difficult to find a job. I admired Janie for not turning to her father for help.

Chrissy and I were in bed one night and beginning to play around when we heard a soft knock on our bedroom door. It was Janie. “Hey guys, can I come in a few minutes? I need some company.”

I could detect a certain melancholy to Janie’s voice so, after looking at Chrissy, I said, “Come on in, Sweetness. What seems to be the problem?”

“I’m a little down right now. Would it be OK if I get in bed and talk with ‘you guys’ for a little while? “

“Sure. Come on in.” I slipped into the middle of our king sized bed and Janie got under the covers with Chrissy and me. Both Chrissy and Janie slept in large men’s sized athletic tee shirts which came down to the tops of their thighs, barely covering their asses. “What has made you so unhappy?”

“I’m not really sure. It is a real ‘downer’ looking for a job these days. All of these phony rejections sort of destroy your sense of self worth. I am so determined not to ask Dad for a job with his company.”

Chrissy said, “It wouldn’t be so bad to work with Dad. Joey has worked for the firm all these years and we do OK. Don’t we, Joey? Janie, are you sure there isn’t some other problem?”

Janie said, “Well, I am feeling sort of lonely. I haven’t had a date since breaking up with Billy back in May. It has been over two months. I am so jealous of you two. You have each other for affection, support and…..well….you know….sex. Between the stress of the job search and no dates my whole system, mental and physical, is ‘fouled up.'”

I wasn’t sure what to say so I looked over at Chrissy and silently mouthed the words, “What should we do?” Looking directly back at me, she silently mouthed the words, “Janie is horny. I think I know what she needs.”

“Janie, the last time Ted Baxter came to visit Mom came over and helped me to get ready. She did something that really made me feel better and I think it might make you feel better, too. It was stimulating but also very relaxing. Would you like to try ‘it’?”

“What did Mom do for you that made you feel so good?”

“Well, she sort of cleaned me out and gave me a massage.”

I said, “I don’t understand. What exactly did she do for you?”

Chrissy explained, “Well, you know and Mom knows how Ted Baxter always takes advantage of me when he visits. I told Mom that he was coming over and asked for her advice. I-I didn’t want to get pregnant again and Mom knows how hard it is for me to resist Ted’s advances. Well she came over a brought an enema bag with her and suggested that I take an enema to get ready for Ted’s visit.”

“So Jessica brought over the enema bag which I saw in the bathroom after Ted’s visit?”

“Yes, Mom brought the bag over. We thought that, if I could not anadolu yakası escort resist Ted, that maybe I could get him to….you know…..use my bottom so I would not get pregnant again. Mom also massaged my clitty and made me come so that I would be more able to resist to resist Ted’s advances. Well, I really did not want to take the enema but Mom made me. It really felt great, particularly when she massaged me. I think Mom saved me. If she had not given me the enema with the big nozzle and stretched and cleaned me, Ted would have killed me with his big, thick c-cock. He f-fucked my bottom so hard and deep that I had to wear a pad for a few days. I could barely sit down. Janie, I think an enema and a massage will make you feel better.”

I looked over at Janie and she was listening quietly, but I could see her hand touching her pussy under the covers. I knew she was wondering if she would enjoy the experience which Chrissy had described. “God, Chrissy, I don’t think I could take an enema. It is so embarrassing. I haven’t had one since we were children.” I wondered if Janie had ever been fucked in the ass. If not, she was probably wondering about that experience, as well.

“Janie, I felt the same way but it felt so-o-o good. I could even show Joey how to give it to you. Would you like that?”

“God, I don’t know. I need something.” Janie looked at me and said, “It is so embarrassing. Joey, you would be gentle….wouldn’t you? You wouldn’t hurt me ….would you?”

“Of course I wouldn’t hurt you, Sweetness. I would never do anything to hurt you. If Chrissy enjoyed it as much as she says, maybe it would make you feel better. Want to give it a try?”

“I-I guess so, if you think it will make me feel better. What do I have to do?”

Chrissy said, “You just relax and I will show Joey what to do. Joey, come into the bathroom with me and I’ll show you what to do.”

We went into the bathroom while Janie relaxed in our bed. Chrissy retrieved the enema bag, hose and nozzle from the cabinet under the basins. The nozzle was about 10 inches long, black and about 1 inch in diameter. It had a bulge at about the 3 inch mark where the diameter swelled gradually to about 2 inches. I wasn’t sure that the bulge would fit comfortably when I saw it. I said, “Chrissy, I’m not sure we should use something this big on Janie. It might hurt her.”

Chrissy said, “Don’t be silly. She needs something big, like a cock. She is very horny and this will remind her of a cock when it gets in her. She has had big cocks before. You remember Billy’s cock, don’t you? It was huge! She probably just misses that huge cock.”

“OK, if you say so. What do I need to do?”

“Put a small squirt of the liquid soap into the bag and fill it with warm water. Then connect the hose and nozzle. I have some Vaseline in the night table beside our bed.” I did as Chrissy instructed and began to get excited at the thought of pushing the big black nozzle between Janie’s firm and round ass cheeks. My dick started to get hard in my boxers. We went back into the bedroom carrying the full enema bag.

Janie saw the big black nozzle and her eyes widened. “God, don’t you have something smaller? I have never had anything in my….you know….a-ass that big. It will split me.”

Chrissy said, “Don’t be silly. I will show Joey how to get you ready. It will feel so good. Just do as I tell you.” Chrissy retrieved the tube of Vaseline from the night table drawer. “Joey, you have to put some of this lubricant on Janie’s bottom and massage it a little. Then you put some on the nozzle. Hang the bag here on this post. Janie, you just lie on your back and pull your legs up so Joey can see your bottom.”

Janie did as Chrissy instructed but she still had on her panties. I said, “Raise your bottom and I will slide your panties off.”

Janie said, “This is so embarrassing. Chrissy, don’t you mind Joey seeing my privates?”

Chrissy said, “Don’t be silly. We are twins. He has seen mine so it will be nothing new.”

I pushed up Janie’s tee shirt and hooked my thumbs in the elastic waist of her panties. She raised her butt and I peeled them down her firm thighs and off her feet as she alternately lifted each foot. I dropped her panties beside the bed but not before noticing the dampness in the crotch. When I saw Janie’s pussy I knew why her panties were damp. Her pussy was very swollen, red and wet. Her clitoris was engorged with the blood of arousal. She was in deed horny! Chrissy lay down beside Janie and cradled her head in her arm. She reached down and pulled Janie’s leg up exposing her pussy and ass. I put some lubricant on my finger and touched it to her anus. She flinched and groaned, “Unngh, that’s cold.” I began a light massage of her anus, smoothing the lubricant all around. “God, Joey, your finger feels so good.” I gradually increased the pressure and my finger slipped into her ass. She groaned and clamped down on my finger.

Chrissy ankara anal escort kissed her forehead and whispered, “Just relax. Let Joey stretch you out a little. It will feel so good.” Both Chrissy and Janie were breathing a little heavier. I knew Chrissy was getting turned on watching me finger her sister’s ass. She said, “Joey, I sort of wish you were touching me too.” I worked a second finger into Janie’ ass and began to twist them all around. She began to hunch on my fingers.

“I think you are ready for the nozzle.” I held up the nozzle. “It sort of looks like a big black cock, doesn’t it?” I spread some more lubricant on the nozzle and touched it to Janie’s anus. She hunched up off the bed trying to get it into her ass.

Chrissy kissed her ear and whispered, “Are you ready for this big black cock to stick into your ass? Do you want the big black cock to f-fuck your ass?”

I pushed 2 inches of the nozzle into Janie, right up to the bulge, and she groaned and hunched up off the bed. I pulled the nozzle out and Janie groaned, “Joey, push it back in. I need it in me.” I pushed again and the nozzle went in again until it was stopped by the bulge. “Joey, push it all in. I’m ready to take it all.” I pushed again a little bit harder and the bulge popped into Janie’s ass. She yelped, “Oh God, Oh God, Oh God, it’s so big. Is it all in?”

Chrissy whispered, “It’s all in now. Joey is going to let it squirt now.” I turned on the hose valve and the soapy water began to flow.

“I feel it going in. It’s so warm. I don’t know if I can take the whole bag full.”

Again Chrissy whispered, “Joey is going to massage your cunny a little and make it feel good while you are taking the enema. He will slide the nozzle in and out at the same time, just like someone fucking your ass. Would you like that?”

“Oh, I don’t know. I’ve never had anything this big in my ass. I feel the water running into me. I’ve never felt anything like this.” I used my thumb to massage Janie’s clit, just as I had done during her last visit. I pulled the nozzle out until the bulge met resistance at her sphincter. Then I pushed it back in. I repeated this for a few minutes while the enema bag emptied. Janie’s belly was beginning to bulge with water and she was frantically hunching her ass off the bed. “I-I think you are going to make me come. I need to come so bad.” Janie’s head was tossing side to side and when she turned toward Chrissy their lips accidentally brushed together. “Oh, Chrissy, I-I didn’t mean to……”

Chrissy interrupted, “It’s Ok. Would you like for me to rub your nipples while Joey is touching your cunny? It will make you come so hard. I know that you need to come so bad.” About this time the enema bag emptied and I turned off the valve. My dick was so hard now. I wanted to fuck Janie so much while her belly was bulging and the big nozzle was stretching her ass. I wanted to impregnate her but that would have to wait.

“Chrissy, will you suck on my nipples? I would really like that.” Janie pulled up her tee shirt exposing her breasts. Chrissy looked at me and then reached over and gently placed her hand on Janie’s left breast. Then she leaned down and sucked her nipple into her mouth and laved it with her tongue. It was a real turn-on watching this action between my beautiful wife and her twin sister. I began to work the nozzle in Janie’s ass really fast and a little water began to leak. My thumb was working on Janie’s clit all the while. I knew she was ready to come by the frantic movement of her ass. When she was on the edge I pushed my thumb into her pussy and she arched up off the bed. “Oh God, fuck me Joey! I’m coming! Fuck me hard! Fuck my ass! Fuck my pussy! Lick me Chrissy! Oh, I’m going to explode!” Her legs were quivering she was coming so hard. I continued to push my thumb into her pussy and the nozzle into her ass until she collapsed back down onto the bed and her orgasm began to ease. “That was incredible. Chrissy, you were right about the enema. I have never felt anything like it. It felt so good to come so hard. I really needed to come. It had been so long. I need to go to the bathroom now before I have an accident.”

Chrissy helped Janie get to the bathroom and onto the toilet. She pulled the nozzle out of Janie, instructed her to shower off and left her in private. When Chrissy came back to bed she cuddled up to me and whispered, “Joey, baby, I’m so hot now. I need to be fucked. Please fuck me now. My cunny is so wet.” I could hear Janie grunting and exploding into the toilet. I slid my boxers down and kicked them off my feet.

I kissed Chrissy and pushed my tongue into her mouth. She responded hotly and I pulled up her tee shirt and put my hand between her legs. Her pussy was very wet. I whispered, “I’m going to fuck you but I’m not going to use a rubber. I’m going to squirt cum in your pussy. I’m through fucking you with a rubber on my dick.”

Chrissy groaned and reached for my dick. “Joey, ankara anal yapan escort baby, your dick is so hard. I’ve never felt it this big. Did you get turned on giving the enema to Janie? I need it so bad. I got turned on as well.” She pulled me over on top of her and my dick went right into her mushy pussy. She immediately began to hunch and squirm. I pushed my dick all the way into her pussy and rubbed my pubic bone against her clit. I knew this would make her come in a few minutes. Just as we both began to orgasm and I was squirting cum into Chrissy’s pussy, Janie came back into the bedroom from the bathroom. She was startled to see us fucking and her eyes widened and she stopped in her tracks. Chrissy cried out, “Fuck me, Joey! Fuck me hard! I’m com-m-m-ing!” I just grunted and clenched my ass again and again as I emptied my balls into Chrissy’s pussy.

“I’m sorry guys. I didn’t mean to walk in on you. Do you want me to leave?”

Chrissy said, “It’s OK. We’re all family. We’re all adults. Come and get in bed with us.”

“You guys made me feel so good. I’m sure you’re feeling better now that you have released a little tension. Chrissy, it was so hot watching how your legs quivered when you were coming.”

I rolled off Chrissy onto my back in the middle of the bed and Chrissy snuggled into the crook of my arm. I motioned for Janie to come to the other side of the bed and she climbed in and snuggled into my other arm. Chrissy whispered, “Joey, baby, you squirted cum in my cunny. Did you like cumming inside me? I hope I’m not pregnant. We can’t afford another baby.”

Janie whispered, “I wish I had cum in my pussy.” She reached over and circled my wet soft dick with her hand. “It looks like Chrissy gave your dick quite a work out. Do you think it will get hard again?”

Chrissy and Janie each had their heads lying on my shoulder facing each other across my chest. Chrissy said, “I think I know what would make Joey’s dick hard again. Joey, do you remember what Brad and Carol did on our honeymoon? Do you remember how your dick was sticking straight up and squirting? You liked that big black dildo in your bottom….didn’t you? I think Janie and I should give you an enema. You’ve never had one. We’ll make it feel so good. Would you like to do that, Janie?”

Janie squeezed my dick and said, “That would be fun. You give it to Joey and I’ll just help make him feel good.” I could feel cum dribbling from Chrissy’s pussy onto my thigh.

“I don’t think so girls. I’ve never had an enema. I don’t think I could hold it.”

Chrissy said, “Oh Joey, I know you will like it. Would you let us do it if Janie sucks on your dick? Or maybe you would like to f-fuck Janie while I give you the enema. Would you like that?” Janie gave my dick a squeeze.

“Would you really want me to suck Joey or fuck him? He is your husband.”

“It’s OK. I heard you and Joey fucking the last time you and Billy were visiting. It would be a turn on to watch you two. Joey, would you like to fuck Janie’s little pussy again? I’ll push the big black cock in and out of your ass. Would you like that?” Janie gave my dick another squeeze.

“God, you girls make it hard to say ‘No’. What do you want me to do?”

“You and Janie just stay here in bed and I’ll get everything ready.” Chrissy went into the bathroom and we could hear water running.

Janie squeezed my dick again and whispered, “Are you really going to fuck me again with Chrissy watching? You remember that I am not on the ‘pill’ now so you should not squirt cum in my pussy. You will not make me pregnant…will you?” She squeezed my dick again and moved her hand down to my balls. “Is there any more sperm in these? Remember don’t squirt in my pussy.”

Chrissy, carrying the full enema bag, hose and nozzle, came out of the bathroom. “I have everything ready. Are you ready, Joey?”

“I guess so. What do you want me to do?”

“Just turn on your side next to Janie. Draw your top leg up and put it over Janie’s tummy. Janie, pull his leg up so his legs are scissored. You can continue to hold his dick, if you want. Just snuggle up to Janie. This way you can be comfortable and I can reach your anus. We can just massage each other for a while until we are ready.”

Chrissy put some lubricant on her fingers and began to massage my ass. Soon she had a finger inserted and I couldn’t be still. Janie was still holding my dick in her hand. She whispered, “It feels good. I knew you would like it.” I reached over and pushed up Janie’s tee shirt exposing her breasts. I took one nipple into my mouth and sucked on it hard. Janie groaned and squeezed my dick.

Chrissy pushed her finger into my ass as far as it would go and said, “Be nice to Janie. Don’t hurt her.”

Chrissy pulled her finger out and put some lube on the nozzle. She then pushed it against my anus and it slipped in right up to the 2 inch bulge. I groaned and began to suck on Janie’s other nipple. Chrissy snuggled next to my back spoon fashion and whispered, “Joey, baby, are you ready for me to fuck your ass?” I nodded and groaned. Chrissy made several short strokes with the nozzle tip and then just shoved the bulge into my ass catching me by surprise.

I jumped and yelped, “My God Chrissy, you’ve split me! What are you trying to do to me?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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