Chores and Rewards

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You’ve told me to come to your home for a scheduled meeting and play date early in the afternoon, and this time to come wearing light work clothes — shorts, shirt, no underwear, regular shoes and socks, in addition to the chastity cage and collar I’m to wear at all times I can. It has been more than a week since I have cum, so I am constantly in subspace, completely subservient, and eager to please, and my cock drools pre-cum at the slightest stimulation and struggles to be freed from its cage. When I arrive, you’re wearing nothing but a bathrobe, loosely tied, but baring your nude body underneath for me to see. As is custom, I step inside and you shut the door; I strip nude and turn slowly for you to inspect, drop to my knees, and with a gentle but loving kiss on your pubic mound beg permission to enter.

You grant it, and snapping a leash to my collar you lead me to your couch and point to the floor. I kneel there, and you tell me what will happen today: at 7:00 a bull is coming over, and you plan to have wild, rough, raunchy, sweaty, loud, and incredibly hot sex with him. My role in it depends on how good a slave I am until then.

You have a list of chores to be completed by 5:00 — mow your lawn, do your dishes and laundry, tidy your home, and provide you with a snack — and at five, I am to stop doing whatever chores I have left, and you will inspect the quality of my work. After this, I am to help you get ready for your hook-up by bathing and shaving you, giving you a massage, and worshiping your body to get you ready for him. If I don’t complete any chores, I get kicked out before he arrives and get photos and videos later to mock and tease me, so that I do better next time; if I complete any chores, I get to dress you for him as I see fit and stay while you fuck your bull. One chore, and I am bound in the living room with your bedroom door closed; two, and I am bound in the living room with the door open; three, and I get to stay in your bedroom but blindfolded; four, and I get to stay and watch.

If I finish all my chores to your satisfaction, including bathing and servicing you, and picking out clothing for your bull of which you approve, I get to participate in a way of your choosing, and depending on my performance then I may get let out of my cage to cum.

I am told first to put my work clothes back on and mow your lawn, which I do. Afterwards, I come back inside and am told to wash up in the shower quickly, and put on the clothes there you have prepared for me. When I step inside the bathroom, I see a maid uniform laid out, complete with smock and frills, with a scandalously short skirt that does nothing to hide my ass or caged cock and balls; you watch me as I shower and put on my maid uniform.

I begin my chores in your home. You have allotted enough time, and set a list of chores long enough, that I can complete them all with time to spare if I hurry, but you won’t allow that. As I do my chores, you watch television, read, and occasionally play with yourself to build up anticipation and lust for your bull this evening while distracting me. You meticulously watch the time, and if it seems like I am getting ahead of schedule you stop me to bring you a drink, and fondle, grope, and spank me when I do. If I slack, you start teasing me about the wild, incredible sex you’ll be having tonight that I might miss if I don’t hurry it up. I begin by getting your laundry in the wash, then starting your dishes, tidy your home while that is happening, putting away your dishes, changing laundry loads, more tidying, finishing your laundry, then finally your snack just before kaçak iddaa 5:00. Towards the end it gets difficult, as my hands shake, my heart beats, and my breath grows short, from anticipation and arousal.

Having barely completed all my chores, you inspect my work. It’s not perfect due to my rush, and you make a note of it, but satisfactory enough that I am invited to your bedroom to watch you fuck your bull when he comes. You lead me to the shower, I remove your robe and my maid’s uniform, and give you a nice luxurious shower and shave. I dry you off, and you lead me to your bedroom where I massage your shoulders, neck, back, buttocks, chest, legs, and feet with warming oil. You’ve turned the air up, so that your room is warm and humid enough that only nudity is comfortable, and any vigorous movement and sex will cause sweating. When your massage is finished, you roll over on your back, spread your legs, and tell me to worship, slow, teasing, and gentle; I am not to make you cum or try to make you cum, but instead make and keep you turned on while you wait.

I crawl on my hands and knees over you. I begin by kissing and suckling your upper chest and between your breasts. I cup your breasts in my hands to knead and massage them while kissing all around your nipples, then finally licking your areolae and suckling your nipples to make them nice and hard. As I do, you get your phone and begin to exchange sexy texts with your bull, telling me what you said to him and what he said back. Despite being caged, my cock leaks pre-cum on your belly and thighs which I lap up as I kiss lower and lower.

Finally, my lips reach those of your pussy. Minding my instructions, I slowly and gently lick and suck around your labia, and your outer and inner lips, never sliding my tongue between them or seeking out your clit…even as you shift, gyrate, and move your hips to push my tongue and lips on it. While I lick you continue telling me about your sexting, and occasionally hand me your phone to take photos of your blushed body, erect nipples, and glistening pussy, for you to send him. Finally, you reach between your legs, take my head by the chin, and tell me “he’s on his way”.

It’s time to dress you, so I pick out a loose, lewd top and short, flowy skirt for you to wear, with no bra or panties, so that any indelicate — or intentional — movement will expose your flushed, erect breasts and glistening thighs and pussy. You seemed pleased enough, if not surprised, by my selection of clothes, and set to work getting me ready. You place a cushion on the floor, and instruct me to sit flat on my butt on it facing the bed. You cuff my thighs near the ankles, place a spreader bar between them, and cuff my wrists to the spreader bar. You place me in a posture collar so that I cannot look away from the bed, and ring gag me. You test my restraints one last time, and there is a knock on the door.

You answer it, and I hear cheery and sexual greetings. Idle chat about the day, recent events, and other small talk as drinks are poured. More conversation that lasts around fifteen or twenty minutes, and another round of drinks. Another ten or fifteen minutes’ conversation, then silence. I hear the wet smacking sounds of passionate kissing, soft grunts and moans, and shifting on your couch. My imagination races as I hear this, seeing you making out with your bull in my mind’s eye, as he kisses and necks you, stripping your clothing.

More wet smacking sounds, and distinctly feminine sighs and moans as you tell him how much you love it when he plays with your tits. More shifting, and I hear the sound of men’s clothing kaçak bahis removed and being thrown to the floor. More of the same wet noises, quiet sighs and moans mixed in with male grunting, which lasts for quite a while before a brief moment of silence. Then, a much sharper, pleasured, deeper moan and more shifting on the couch. It becomes obvious from the sounds, he has begun to eat your pussy.

I listen to him eat your pussy for a while longer, and your moans and breathing become louder. Then, I hear more shuffling, a deep moan from you and your bull, and the couch start to shift and creak slowly and rhythmically. Both of your sounds grow louder, as the couch starts to shift and creak faster for a time, and slowly. After a while, your moans and gasps reach a peak as you loudly declare you are cumming, and the couch starts shifting so loudly I wonder if it might break. Your orgasm subsides, and the creaking of the couch slows and stops.

You lead your bull into the bedroom, kissing him passionately and stroking his breathtakingly hard cock. You both ignore me as he lifts you in his arms and places, almost tosses, you onto the bed. You spread your legs lewdly for him, and he crawls between them, pausing to play with your breasts briefly before kissing you and sliding his cock back in. You look me in the eyes as he thrusts, raw lust and pleasure in them, and smile as you buck your hips against him, moaning and talking dirty with even less abandon now that you are in your private sexual sanctum.

Both of you fuck wildly and loudly, slowing only when he feels his orgasm building to delay it, complementing the sound of the shifting bed and slapping skin as you both sweat from the hot sex. You scratch his back and growl into his ear as he slams his cock in and out of you. He grunts and moans loudly as he talks dirty back, his buttocks tensing and relaxing as they shift up and down. I cannot look away as you explode into a louder, more passionate, wilder, long-lasting orgasm than before that rocks your body with spasms and leaves your thighs quivering and the bed wet with sweat and sexual fluids beneath you.

After you recover a bit, you whisper something in your bull’s ear and giggle, kissing him passionately. He crawls off of you. You walk over to where I am bound, sitting on the floor, and bend over the spreader bar. You spread your legs, holding them against mine, and press my bound hands into your thighs to provide you balance and lift. You hold and lift your breasts, teasing a nipple around my gagged lips before sliding it inside the ring so that I may lick it and taste your sweat. Then the other nipple, and you playfully swat at my face with your breasts, motorboating me as your bull walks behind you and squats slightly. He grabs your hips, you place your hands on my shoulders for more support, and he slams his cock back into you.

You buck your hips back, and I grasp your thighs for support. The sweat and juices coat my hands. All I can see are your breasts in front of my face bouncing wildly as you are fucked from behind, and hear the same wild grunts and moans as before. As you use me as your personal piece of sex furniture, you taunt, mock, and tease me about being fucked by your bull, how good it feels, and how I should be thanking you for the privilege. I do my best to thank you as you are being fucked hard and fast.

Your bull’s grunts grow deeper and more intense; it is obvious he is close to cumming. You tell him not to stop, slow down, or pull out; you are close, so close, to cumming a third time, and you want to cum together with him. I feel your thighs quiver and illegal bahis lock, and you bend all the way over, hugging me and clawing at my back, your sweaty breasts slapping against my chest as you cum loudly and passionately in my ear. Your bull thrusts one last time, balls deep in your pussy, and a ragged, loud grunt is expelled from his lips as he cums, hard. He slams deep into your clenching pussy a few more times as more cum flows from his cock, and you bite my neck as you ride the wave of orgasm.

As both of your orgasms subside, the weight of your clenching, quivering body collapses on mine. You lean your head up, and kiss me deeply and passionately, intimacy and closeness in your exhausted and satiated eyes. Your bull does not pull out as the last few dribbles of cum seep out of his cock, and he begins to soften; he strokes your back, kneading your buttocks, as both of you regain your breaths.

Finally, your bull pulls out, and you turn around, still leaning against the spreader bar. He removes the condom from his softening cock, and hands it to you. You take the condom, hold it in front of me, and tilt my head back as you empty its contents into my mouth while telling me what a good cumslut I am. I swallow, and you turn the condom inside-out so that I can lick its contents clean. You tell me that next time, I’ll be getting my cum direct from the source.

Your bull goes to shower, and you cuddle with me, still bound, caressing my body and kissing me gently. Once he’s done showering, you see him out with some pleasantries, and come back to the bedroom with the key to my chastity belt in hand. You uncuff my thighs from the spreader bar, but not my hands, remove my ball gag, and order me to lay back on the floor with my arms over my head. I do, and you unlock my chastity cage and remove it, my hard, sodden, cock springing free in an instant.

You get down on your hands and knees, sliding your still-sweaty breasts down my torso. You place one breast on either side of my cock, squeezing them together around my cock, lifting it slightly. You order me to fuck your breasts and cum; I do, and it does not take me long to cum a truly prodigious amount of thick, sticky semen which you make sure to catch between your breasts. Once the last of my cum has been milked from my body, you straddle my chest, your slick, wet thighs sliding up my torso, grasp the spreader bar to keep my hands above my head, and order me to lick my own cum off your tits.

I do my best, but you do not make it easy because you start to motorboat me again with your sweaty, slimy, cummy breasts, making a mess of my face. I have to spend quite a time licking and sucking your breasts and nipples, since your movements smear sweat and cum everywhere, and once i am mostly done you are well-rested and in the mood for a fourth orgasm. You slide your body up my torso more, straddle my face, and your order me to eat your well-fucked pussy.

I waste no time sliding my tongue between your pussy lips and finding your clit. Your grab my hair with one hand, the other still pinning me by the spreader bar, and pull my head into your crotch as you roughly thrust your hips. All I really can do is hold my tongue out for you while you fuck my face, and try to keep my tongue focused on your clit as best I can. Due to your earlier exertions, it takes you longer to cum and both of us have to work harder to achieve it…but you do.

Once you have cum again and we are both exhausted from the day’s and evening’s activities, you unlock the spreader bar and put me back in chastity. We snuggle, kissing and talking for aftercare, and rest before having some drinks to re-hydrate. After that, you lead me to your bed where you order me to lay on my back, and you cuddle up to me, using me as a body pillow, and we both go to sleep together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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