Chelsea Disaster

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*Author’s note: all characters depicted in sexual situations are 18 years of age or older*

Chelsea hadn’t seen the sun in over three months. She hadn’t left her room in over a week. The lights were off and the curtains drawn.

She lay on her bed in her underwear with her laptop on her belly, mindlessly clicking through porn videos in a zombified stupor. With her other hand, she joylessly stroked her mammoth cock. The yard-long shaft was thicker than a two liter bottle, streaked with thick veins and capped by a mammoth cockhead the size of a honeydew melon. By its droop, the colossal member was barely half-hard.

The only sounds that pierced the darkness were the tinny moans of porn actresses getting railed, the soft shlurp shurlp of Chelsea’s hand on her shaft, and the gloopy drip of the constant stream of cum that drooled from Chelsea’s cock into the slowly swelling XXXL condom dangling from the melon-sized tip.

The floor of Chelsea’s room was littered with dozens of overflowing condoms, each one the size of a trash bag. She hadn’t even bothered to tie off the ends of the last half-dozen or so. The air of the room was thick and rank with the stench of stale jizz.

She used to order takeout, but after her parents cut her off and the money ran out, she started drinking her own cum for nourishment. Even on the heaviest dose of suppressors doctors could legally prescribe, her spunk was never in short supply.

The glare of the laptop screen turned the lenses of Chelsea’s glasses into bright mirrors, reflecting an ever-changing montage of explicit acts. A snore cut through the air and a thin trail of drool glistened on her cheek. She’d fallen asleep to Butt Fucked Cum Sluts Go Nuts Vol VI. The video continued to play on a loop.

A sudden chime startled Chelsea out of her slumber and she awoke with a snort and a panicked yelp. Her laptop slid off her stomach and onto the floor, disconnecting the headphone cables. The sounds of horny sluts getting pounded in the ass by horse-hung studs suddenly blared at max volume and Chelsea yelped again, startled fully awake by the urgent moans of fake orgasm.

“Fuck, ankara escort bayan dammit!” Chelsea grumbled, picking her laptop up off the floor and fumbling for the mute button.

In the corner of her screen, she saw she had an unread message from an unfamiliar address.

The message was a video link, with the caption “is this you?”

Chelsea clicked the link.

It was amateur smartphone footage of a disaster in progress. The video showed Chelsea—a much less pale, healthier-looking Chelsea—sitting astride a monster cock the size of a city bus. Behind her, testicles the size of towtrucks ballooned like pink boulders, swelling visibly larger even as the shaky camera tried to settle on a point of focus.

Chelsea and her giant cock were in the middle of a street in downtown Seattle. The flattened remains of an SUV poked out from beneath her leviathan shaft. Several more cars had been nearly engulfed beneath her colossal nutsack. A crowd had gathered around her, cheering or jeering as their feelings dictated.

The Chelsea in the video bucked and moaned, letting out a cry of triumph as her monster nads contracted behind her. Her cavernous cumslit gaped as a deluge of hot spunk exploded out like a geyser, blasting with enough force to completely wash away the small crowd of people unfortunate enough to be directly in front of her. The camera followed the tiny, screaming figures as the torrent of hot girlchowder swept them down the street and out of sight.

Chelsea’s moans intensified and the cum flood grew larger. Behind her, Chelsea’s balls swelled tremendously. Metal squealed and scraped as cars collapsed beneath the weight of her suddenly expanding balls. There was a sound of breaking glass as her right testicle shattered a storefront.

Her cock was growing larger as well, the car-sized head surged forward like a battering ram, smashing vehicles and pedestrians out of the way as it filled the street ahead of it. Purple veins as thick as firehoses throbbed up and down its length.

The camera turned just in time to see a wall of pink towering overhead. The images became chaotic as the cameraman mersin escort bayan ran for his life, shots of ground, sky and pinkness mingled with the rustle of clothes and the huff-puff of heavy breathing.

When the picture finally stabilized again, the view was from several blocks away, watching the curve of a pink dome rising like some perverted sun over the rooftop of a six-story building.

There was a crash of falling masonry and glass shattering as the building began to crumble. A quick camera turn to the left captured the rising silhouette of a train-sized shaft blotting out the sun. A low rumble and the shaft erupted with another torrent of hot, thick cum that arced into the sky and back down out of sight, followed by the sound of screams and car alarms. Sirens wailed in the distance and the video ended.

Chelsea didn’t realize she’d been breathing hard until after she closed her laptop. Her heart was pounding.

Something tickled her hair and she looked up to see her monster dong partially embedded in the ceiling, bits of falling plaster landed on her face. A gurgling sound also alerted her to the fact that her nuts had both grown to the size of beanbags, overflowing the bed and onto the floor.

“No!” Chelsea groaned. “No no no no…” she fumbled around on her nightstand, frantically looking through several empty, orange prescription bottles until she found one that was halfway full. She downed the entire contents in one swig and collapsed back, her heart pounding harder than ever.

After a painful eternity, her cock and balls shrank back down to a more manageable size and she swung her trembling legs off the side of the bed, accidentally puncturing a condom full of congealed spunk with her foot. The thick, oatmeal-like liquid oozed out onto the floor to mingle with the rest of the rank fluids.

Her cock and balls still filled her entire lap, overflowing the sides and weighing on her like a lump of lead.

“Fuck,” she wiped the tears from her eyes.

The laptop chimed again and for a moment she contemplated not looking, but gave up after two seconds of restraint.

It was another izle email from the same address.

“If this is you, hit me back if you want to make big $$$,” said the message.

Chelsea scoffed and tossed the laptop aside. What a pathetic scam. Nobody was going to hire her. Not after her “incident.”

She stood up, stretched, and shuffled over to the bathroom to relieve the pressure on her bladder.

PSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHH the heavy stream of pungent piss struck the bowl with enough force to splash back in her face and she raised a hand to shield herself.

Seriously? Had it really been that long since she’d had a piss? Thinking back, it might have been a week or two.

When it became obvious she was going to overflow the bowl, Chelsea pivoted her hips to direct her stream into the tub. For a long time, she just stood there listening to the sound of flowing liquid and wrinkling her nose at the smell.

The tub was over half full when she finally shook the last few quarts out of her shaft. Chelsea listened to the drain gurgle as she brushed her teeth for the first time in weeks.


Someone was pounding at the door.

Chelsea knew that knock. It was her landlord.

“I know you’re in there, freak! Your rent is overdue by two months!” he bellowed through the door.

“Fuck you!” Chelsea shouted back.

“No, fuck you! Get it paid by the end of the week or I’ll have you out on your mutant ass, pandemic or no pandemic!” he shouted.

A paper rustled under the door.

Chelsea didn’t bother to pick it up, just twisted her head to read it where it lay.

She could see by the yellow light coming in through the gap that it was a bill, stamped all over with “OVERDUE” and “FINAL NOTICE” along with promises of litigation.

Chelsea rolled her eyes and shuffled back to her bed.

The message was still there, staring back at her.

“…hit me back if you want to make big $$$.”

She glanced over at the empty pill bottles. She was out of suppression drugs and had no insurance to pay for more. Even if her landlord didn’t evict her, she would be homeless within a few days anyway once her current dose wore off and her cock grew large enough to crush the building.

With a heavy sigh, Chelsea lifted the laptop and, using her cock and balls as a makeshift desk, hit the “reply” button to the mysterious email.

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