Cheerleader Tale Ch. 02: Induction etc

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Title :- A Cheerleaders Tale – 02 – Induction etc

(Author’s Note —

Please note that this is Adult Erotic Fiction, so should only be read by those who qualify!

This will make most sense if read after Ch 01, but if you want a quick summary…

Susan has arrived at MidCounty University full of hope for a more exciting life than possible back at her remote country farm home. In particular she’d been keenly aware of how restricted her sex life had been and was keen to explore new boundaries. She was also keen to join the Vipers Football Cheerleading team, a tradition previously established by her elder Sister and Mother!

She’d quickly made friends with other girls in her new dorm, and particularly the more sophisticated Sam who was sleeping next door, and Trish and Andy across the corridor, and they’d soon established themselves as the ‘Dead End Girls’ gang.

All the settling in had culminated in a Wednesday Night Dorm Dance where Susan had been keen to explore new sexual opportunities. Things hadn’t entirely gone to plan though!

Constructive comments and scores are always welcome, but regardless, I sincerely hope that you enjoy …

Duke )

Thurs Sept 11th 18.00

Dear Diary … this going to have to be quick … I’ve got a Pyjama party to go to soon!!

And well, what a night that was! Wednesday I mean!!

Suffice to say that I woke up on Thursday morning feeling a little fragile – and a lot frustrated!

I guess that I might have been a bit over-optimistic thinking that all my years of sexual frustration would be resolved at the first Uni dance! And maybe my years growing up back in our isolated farming community haven’t been the best preparation for dealing with more complex relationship issues either!

Still … at least I’ve got my new best friend Sam next door to me in the dorm and, including our little ‘Dead End Gals’ gang with Trish and Andy as well, it looks like being a great support group.

And after Wednesday night maybe I’m going to need it!!

I’ve got to say that my biggest regret was Martin though. Boy what a hunky young man! I still don’t understand what went wrong?? He was definitely keen …well, too keen as it turned out! … but when he’d fled my bedroom mumbling about some issue with his fiancée I was gobsmacked! I wasn’t trying to marry him for God’s sake!! I still like him though and I’m kicking myself for not stopping him and talking …maybe I’ll bump into him again sometime?

Anyway, this is a diary so I need to tell you what happened next…

There was no sign of Sam at breakfast. Not surprising really given the way that she’d been getting bonked all night (and a lot of the morning!) by Martin’s friend, the mysterious ‘Adonis’. God but these dorm walls are thin! There’s no wonder I’m feeling frustrated!!

Anyway, I’d got a list of ‘Required Reading’ for my English course, so I spent some time in the morning at the Uni Bookshop stocking up. I’ve now got enough famous works of literature in my room to open up a library! Seriously though…that’s a lot of reading! Lucky I like books, and also doesn’t harm that I’ve already read a number of them. One benefit of my restricted youth!

Sam and I finally got together in the dorm cafe a little after midday. Long blonde hair tidily brushed, she’d looked pretty good to say that she’d just got up! Turned out that she’d kicked Craig (Mr Adonis!) out just before lunch. He’d wanted to hang around but she’d told him that ‘casual dates’ don’t get to stay all day! I’ve got to admire the girl’s strength of will – I’d have hung onto ‘him of the God-like physique’ all week!! Anyway at least she’d found out more about them. Turns out that Craig and Martin are both second year members of the Uni hockey team so what they were doing at a Fresher’s Disco is open to debate! But at least I know where Martin comes from…

Sam was suitably sympathetic when I told her about my own experiences, and has encouraged me to see Martin again. I think I will!!

We’d been gossiping for ages before Sam turned to me with one of those ‘I’ve just had a great idea’ expressions on her face.

“Why don’t we have that pyjama party that we talked about in my room tonight? There’s nothing else on…and we can invite Trish and Andy! Who’s turn is it to provide booze?!” I had a sinking feeling that it would be me after Sam had come up with the vodka last night. I was right, she volunteered me there and then!!

Must admit it sounds like a good idea though, even if I’d had some thoughts of making a start on my ‘Reading List’. Oh well, plenty of time to study later!!

Oh, and I’ve got an appointment at the University Gym to follow up on my Cheerleader application. The email says that I need to be there at two-o’clock sharp, but doesn’t say what we’re doing. Bit mysterious really … but at least I’m through to the next stage …YEAH!!

I’ll tell you what happened later!

Bye for now …

————————— Party Suprise!

After having anadolu yakası escort the Pyjama Party brainwave, Sam was bubbling with ideas and wanted to get the rest of the ‘gang’, Andy and Trish organised as soon as possible. She was straight onto their mobile phones, but neither of them picked up so she left what Susan thought was a slightly tetchy message to call back urgently. Sam’s patience wasn’t her strong point!

When they’d heard nothing after half an hour, her patience went completely.

“What’s the matter with them Sue?!” she snapped looking up at the canteen clock, “we’ve got things to organise!”

“And I’ve got to get to the Cheerleader meeting soon…” added Susan so that Sam wouldn’t forget.

“Exactly!” Sam agreed, before standing up “…come on Sue, we’ll see if they’re in their rooms!”

So they’d walked quickly over to the dorm and up to their corridor, where they paused outside Andy’s room. Susan was about to knock when Sam took over and did her usual quick knock before bursting uninvited into the room!

“Andy, why aren’t you answering your phone! Oh …” she snapped before realising that the room was empty!

So they went next door to Trish’s room and Sam immediately did the same knock and burst in routine.

“Trish why aren’t you …oh!!”

This time the room wasn’t empty, and what they saw stopped Sam and Susan in their tracks!

Trish was lying naked on her bed, light brown hair all over the place on her pillow, one hand caressing her full left breast and teasing at the stubby pink nipple. Her eyes were tight shut and she was moaning gently – she hadn’t even noticed her two friends storming into her room!!

The reason was obvious though, even to Susan! Andy was positioned between Trish’s splay out legs, wearing only some bright red panties, her head right in Trish’s crutch, her lips and tongue busy tormenting the moaning girl’s pussy slit!!

Susan felt that she must have looked like a goldfish, open mouthed in surprise! And embarrassment!!

Andy had noticed the intrusion though and she lifted her head for a second or two, looked casually at Sam and Susan with a big grin spreading over her face. Totally un-embarrassed, unlike Sam and Susan who’d gone bright red.

“Hang on for a minute …she’s nearly there” she announced before getting back to work again on Trish’s throbbing pussy. At least they assumed that it was throbbing. Susan’s was starting to tingle as well as she took in the hot sight in front of them! It was about then that she noticed another minor detail. Trish, who was still thrashing around deliriously under Andy’s expert assault, had a purple dildo stuffed up her fanny and Andy started to use it to fuck her hard!

Embarrassed as she was, frozen to her spot, Susan found that watching Trish approach her climax and then orgasm was an absolutely wonderful sight! She’d never seen anyone else come before, and this one was so obviously intense and magical! Trish’s whole body tightened, her back arched, her face contorted and her loud cry of pleasure at her release from the intense sexual arousal was captivating! Susan wondered briefly if she sound like that? So deliriously lost in the blissful moment… she sincerely hoped so!!

As Trish collapsed back onto her bed, breathing hard, Andy slowly turned and looked at the two intruders, not in the least bit phased by their unexpected appearance and casually asked them why they’d come. Susan had a brief moment where she wondered if Andy was going to offer the same service to them! And she wasn’t sure whether Andy meant to say ‘come’ like that but it made her blush even more because she was thinking that, at that particular moment, that she really did want to ‘come’ just like Trish had – desperately!

Sam was more composed though and grinned back at Andy, embarrassment quickly gone.

“Wow, that looked hot!” she said before mentioning the planned Pyjama party later and asking them if they were up for it.

Her smile got wider as she added wickedly “…we might be needing a floor show of some kind!”

Then Susan’s embarrassment peaked as Sam finally blurted out “Are you two ladies gay then?!”

Andy took it all in her stride though, sitting up and casually stroking her more modest tits, “I’m definitely ‘Bi'” she said, “… but Trish’s just ‘experimenting’ at the moment … she’s getting pretty good though!”

“And I’m happy to help her out,” Andy added with a smile.

“I can see that!” laughed Sam.

By then Trish had realised that she had company! Her light brown eyes went wide, mouth opened soundlessly as she finally noticed the two spectators inside the doorway, and her hands shot out to try and cover her naked tits and bush!

“Too late for that gal!” laughed Andy, and then told Trish about the planned party later.

“We’ll be there though won’t we lover!” she’d added impishly. Trish had just nodded back dumbly. Susan thought that she was probably in the process of dying from embarrassment!

When ataşehir escort Sam and Susan eventually retreated into the corridor to give Trish a chance to recover, Sam had turned and looked at her new friend with a slightly distant looking expression.

“Wow, that was hot wasn’t it?! What about you Sue…have you ever wondered…?”

Susan swallowed nervously. She hadn’t before, but suddenly she wasn’t so sure! The memory of watching Trish’s big climax was going to live with her for quite some time!

Then Sam had suddenly remembered that she hadn’t told them to bring their vibrators so that they could do some comparisons at the party and she’d turned back to the dorm door. Susan grabbed her arm though and told her to text them with that piece of information. Trish might really have died of shame if they’d burst in yet again!

By then Susan had noticed how late it was getting, and told Sam that she’d really got to go. She absolutely couldn’t be late for the Cheerleader’s induction session – she knew that her mother and sister would have killed her if she’d failed at the first hurdle!

So they gave each other a quick hug and separated.

——————————- Cheerleader Induction Intro

When Susan burst through the outside doors of the University Sports Hall, she was out of breath, but glad that she was just wearing her faded blue denim skirt and a thin green sweater. The text that she’d received earlier inviting her to ‘CIS’, the Cheerleaders Induction Session, hadn’t said much about dress code, but had been very specific about timekeeping so she’d run most of the way from the dorm! Discipline was going to be a key attribute apparently – no lateness excuses would be tolerated!

No kidding!

She’d only been inside about a minute when the doors were locked and a couple of other young hopefuls were shooed away by the reception staff!

She looked around, no-one in sight! Couldn’t be the wrong day surely?! Then one of the ladies who’d barred the door to late entrants came over and pointed to some double doors.

“In the main gym over there, better be quick, they’re just about to start!”

Breathing almost in check, she thanked the women and opened the doors to find the big hall brightly lit by late afternoon sunshine streaming in from high level windows. And crowded with a lot of young women, sat on the floor and looking expectantly up at a raised dais at one end. ‘Wow!’ she thought casting a nervous look around as she found a place to sit near the back, ‘I wasn’t expecting this much competition!’

Quickly she settled down, glad that her breathing was now under control, but still slightly disturbed by the way that Sam had looked at her earlier after they’d disturbed Trish and Andy’s hot tryst. Was she really thinking? No…couldn’t be…surely????

Then her thoughts were interrupted by movement behind her. She twisted slightly and was intrigued to see three people file in and stand on a bench set against the back wall. The leader, holding a megaphone, was a fairly distinguished looking chap, short hair starting to turn grey, well built, lithe and tall. Quite distinguished looking really she thought. The second was a shorter, squatter looking bloke, with a round face, bald and a few too many pounds around his belly! Exactly the opposite to the leader!

The third person was a girl. A real ‘looker’ thought Susan, slightly jealously! She was tallish, not quite as big as the leader, but with gorgeous straw blonde hair tied back in a ponytail, and a breathtaking hourglass figure perfectly showcased by the cheerleader uniform that she was wearing.

Susan didn’t get chance to think much about it though as the distinguished looking man in the middle, wearing blue slacks and a light blue shirt, raised his electric megaphone and shocked her – and everyone else!!


The volume must have been maxed out because the sound was deafening, and the whole room seemed to cringe as people twisted urgently around to face the unexpected sound!

“Okay, good to have your attention girls!” the man continued more normally, “… first lesson of the day – always expect the unexpected! Just because there’s a dais up front doesn’t mean that’s where we’ll be!!”

He paused to let everyone settle down again and a few sheepish grins spread around his audience.

“Now…introductions. My name is Neil Carpenter and I’m the Head Coach of Mid-County Football Team … the famous ‘VIPERS’!! So I have responsibility for everything that happens around the football team … which includes the Cheerleader Section …you girls! …or at least some of you! On my right is Assistant Coach Smiley, “he indicated the bald, and slightly podgy figure in a drab grey track suit standing next to him who grinned weakly and half waved in response, ” … who’ll be specifically responsible for the Cheerleader Team in my organisation, but actually, most of the work is normally done by our Team Captain …the sensational ümraniye escort …Tanya!” This time he indicated the blonde cheerleader next to him who waved confidently to the crowd and did a little curtsey, totally unfazed by all the attention!

” Okay,” continued the Coach quickly, “As I’m sure you’ll appreciate, we have to work with rosters of staff and that includes the Cheerleaders too, so there are restrictions on numbers. Now, the good news is that we think that all of you here have a chance of making the team! The bad news is that we can only take ten or twelve girls in each year…so we’ll have to spend some time over the next couple of weeks putting you through your paces and making some selections!”

Susan had been following his words closely. He had a very good speaking voice that just grabbed the attention of his audience. The last few words has suddenly registered an alarm bell or two, and she’d noted the way that a few of the other girls were glancing around nervously, scanning the ‘opposition’! Doing a quick rough count, she’d already estimated that there must be over thirty girls in the room. That would mean a lot of ‘selecting’!

“Now, before we make a start I just want to say how important I think our group of Cheerleaders are to the team. In fact I want you to think of yourselves as an ‘Integral Part Of The Team’ … not just supporters! I’m convinced that we get our best results when the player’s mental and physical needs are being well looked after…and I’ll be looking for you girls to play your part … in both areas. In fact, some of the team say that you’re the most important part of the support organisation … and I think that they may well be right!!”

He laughed at his own joke, but Sue was left wondering what exactly he was getting at!

“Now, it’s time that I shut up and let the experts get on with things, so I’ll be handing over to Coach Smiley shortly, but first, if you’ll clear some space at the back, Tanya and a few of her team will give you a quick display of what we’ll be expecting from you. So … thank you for your enthusiasm… and best of luck!!”

He grinned again, waved and handed the megaphone to Coach Smiley before walking out of the gym to a good round of applause from the excited young wannabe cheerleaders!

That was the prompt for Tanya to jump down and thread her way through the crowd to the front of the hall where a group of similarly clad cheerleaders had appeared and were clearing space. As she passed right next to Sue, she got a close eyeful of the costume! Tanya certainly had a great figure, but her long legs were half clad in knee length black, lace up boots, although the black pleated skirt was short enough to show off much of her toned thighs. The skirt was slashed vertically every couple of inches with crimson red flashes, the colour of which matched a smart, short sleeved bolero top, tied in a knot just at her bust, which only half covered a black, lacy bra. The crimson top was lined in black piping, and had a big letter ‘V’ over one breast and a wriggly snake symbol above the other.

The top left her mid-rift bare and, as she passed Susan, from her low vantage point she could see that Tanya was wearing matching crimson panties too! The effect was pretty sensational, if a little risqué when compared to Susan’s more conservative background at her local High School!

Once enough space had been cleared, Tanya divested herself of the long boots, and the eight MidCounty Cheerleaders proceeded to give an energetic and flawless, as far as Susan could see, performance of gymnastics, dance and ballet which certainly impressed the crowd. Although Susan was relieved to feel that there was nothing there that she couldn’t do herself, putting it together in a single routine was another matter!

The finale was an eye-opener though as, after a gymnastic set of jumps culminating in Tanya landing on two girls shoulders she back-flipped to drop down dramatically in front of the crowd and seamlessly falling straight into the splits! The crowded room erupted in excited applause!

Susan looked at the girl sat next to her and made a silent ‘WOW!’ with her lips. The Asian girl, with long shiny black hair, nodded vigorously, eyes wide in amazement!

The next half an hour passed quickly as registration got under way. A string of desks were pulled away from one wall and the cheerleaders got positioned behind them, putting up a sign over their heads with alphabetic ranges standing out in black. Susan was pretty quick on the uptake and, with a second name of ‘Linton’ got herself nearly to the front of the ‘L-P’ group queue, just as it was starting to form up. She was surprised and quite pleased to be stood next to the Asian girl again, who’d been equally quick to move.

“Hi, I’m Sue” she said pleasantly, holding out her hand.

The other girl took it and shook hands, a shy smile spreading over her thin, soft features, “Hello, my name’s Li…Lu Li!”

She was fairly tall and well built compared to the few Asian girls that Sue had come across, but it turned out that her mother came from a northern country where her height was more normal. Sue’s geography wasn’t great, but she soon realised that her home country was now somewhere near Singapore, and that she was staying with relations locally while she studied at Mid-County.

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