Cheating on my cheating wife chapter3

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Cheating on my cheating wife chapter3

I went to sleep on my wife Mar when she expected me to have sex with her. She ended up using a vibrator on herself, hoping that I would wake up,but I ignored her. Several times I felt her rubbing a hand on my ass,whispering my name then sighed.

Normally she would suck my cock in the morning but this morning I was sleeping on my belly.I was glad when the alarm clock woke me and I got up without her knowing . I dressed and went to work without her waking up ,and this time I was happy.I do have to admit I missed her morning blow job,but to her it was like getting her morning coffee, so she won’t be happy.

Since she has cheated on me three times it may be a wake up call that I may soon be gone. I have warned her with divorce if she cheated again,and she did. The only thing that may stop me is I have one son and she is pregnant with another, who is the father,only time will tell.

I usually have the same delivery route but this morning my dispatcher told me I had a special delivery. When I got the paperwork I found that I had to pick up and deliver household items for my boss.It was going to be a two day trip across two states with one layover,pretty nice I thought .

When I was checking out the truck for the long run a woman walked up and introduced herself to me.I couldn’t believe my eyes ,she was a beautiful blonde,blue eyes and a body that would get any man hard. The only downfall was that she was my boss’s daughter, Mary, it was going to be a hard delivery after all.

After the rise and fall of my instant hard on we got into the truck and headed out.Mary was the talkative type woman who did most of the talking on the way.If it wasn’t for her beauty and her perky voice ,this trip might have been the worst I have ever done.

She told me all about herself, her job.children and her husband,but it might have been a slip of her tongue that she was 45 years old.”I told my father that I wanted a young driver,not some dirty old man”she said “he told me you would be the one”.She then shook her head and chuckled “you are young,and handsome yet you haven’t said a word.

I finally got the chance to speak , I laughed and said “you haven’t given me a chance, and thank you. I am 19 years old, married with one son and another on the way. I don’t think that I am handsome but thank you anyway”.

Mary questioned my marriage and having children at my young age and said that she was married for two years before the children arrived.I told her it was a mistake ,”a mistake”she said “which one was a mistake”?

“Well both” I said then began to tell her how I met my wife. “I was 17 and she was 16, a friend’s cousin .We dated only a month or so when, well you know, the hormones kicked in and she got pregnant. The marriage went downhill a few months later, I was going to leave her until my son was born”.

Mary was silent for the first time on the trip until she spoke “well any marriage can be difficult ,though your age enhances it. You both were young,dumb,and full of cum”she said with a laugh “at least that’s what my dad said to me once.Having children can be tough too especially when the two of you are so young,it will get escort bayan even rougher when the second one comes”.

“It might not last” I said “I am not sure if the second one is mine and if it isn’t I probably will leave her.She has cheated on me three times that I know about” I said “there is probably more that I don’t know. Being on the road 2 days and off 2 is tough on the marriage if one is unfaithful”.

Mary and I had a nice conversation and she explained how she felt when her mom and dad split up.”I was 7 and I blamed myself for it” she said “but I was lucky because they got back together 3 years later.My mom sat me down and told me that people sometimes think that the grass is better on the other side of the fence. I took the same thought to mind when my husband did the same thing, “she said .

When I asked her how she handled it, she laughed “I went and played in the grass too”she said “two can play that game”.All while she was talking about cheating she had her legs on the dashboard moving them side to side. She acted somewhat nervous with her fidgeting hands a lot of the time moving between her fanning legs,yet her voice said differently.

Although I had to keep my eyes on the road I used the right mirror the most.It seemed that she was checking me out as each time I looked at her she looked up and into my eyes.She would smile then begin talking about different things,like the lunch we had,ect,etc.

Finally the conversation went to where we were going to stop for the night. She said “don’t worry there is a nice hotel a few miles away, I will call ahead and make reservations.I wasn’t worried until she told the desk clerk one room two beds for her and her son.She also asked if the had room service, then I started to think, was going to seduce me?

Mary must have seen the puzzled look on my face when she hung up the phone,she chuckled “well I do have a son your age.Relax “she said “I have enjoyed the ride so far,and think we can have more fun in the hotel room.

I caught her looking down at my crotch , she then said ‘besides why spend the money for two rooms .Now for the last 7 hours Mary seemed to act like a mother or an aunt ,giving me tips on how to understand relationships. I wasn’t too concerned about sharing a room with her because she showed only a few signs about her plans with me.

I soon found out what she expected me to do when we walked into the room. She barely let me shut the door when she pushed me back against it and kissed me. It was quite the passionate kiss that lasted quite a while with her hands running up and down my body.

I didn’t try to escape her roaming hands and actually was enjoying it,and let my hands slide down her body .I stopped with them on her firm ass and drew her onto my growing hard on indicating I was interested in her.

When she finally took her tongue out of my mouth she gave me a normal kiss then looked up putting her arms on my shoulder. “Have you ever been with an older woman” then said “of course you haven’t”. She gave me a quick kiss and said “I have been with a younger man ,and know what you can do for me”.

She looked at me with her deep blue eyes “lets get comfortable”she said then stepped back and slowly kocaeli escort bayan began to undo my shirt.She was telling me how handsome I was and how fit my chest was as she slid her hands on me,she even rubbed my nipples.

I didn’t want to act like I have never been with such a beautiful,and sexy older woman so let my hands roam up to her breasts while I kissed her.I was rather surprised how firm they were and more surprised when she started unbuttoning her blouse.

We had slowly been stepping back and soon reached the bed where she sat down.”Relax” she said again and slowly began to unzip my pants. Mary had a way about her by the slow actions in getting to what she wanted. Her body movements along with her soft hands made me very comfortable so when she reached inside my pants I was hard as a rock.

She looked up when she grabbed my hard cock and gave it a squeeze waiting for my reaction.I had taken a deep breath and was smiling wide. She smiled and stroked it a few times before pulling my pants down.

“I am impressed” she said and sat back moving my cock from side to size.”I was thinking that it wasn’t going to be this nice because your wife cheated on you.Did you cheat on her first” she asked then looked surprised when I said “no”.She asked me again if I cheated ,then when I said no she said “did you ever”? When I shook my head no she cupped my balls and said “well you’re going to now”.

Mary smiled,then took off her blouse and reached behind her to take her bra off.”I thought I would save you the trouble of getting this off” she said tossing it to the side,”most boys do”.

“Go for them big boy” she said and moved closer when I reached down and touched her long nipples. She took a hold of my hands and showed me how she liked to play with them,then went back to my cock.

After a while of sucking on her nipples she laid back and took my head and started moving it down. When I was reaching for her zipper I looked up and smiled “I know how to do this”I said . She was quite surprised when I unzipped her by using my mouth.

While Mary lifted her hips up when I began to slide her pants off, I pulled her panties down with my teeth.Now fully exposed I pulled her panties all the way off with my hand while I licked back up. I went from one leg to the other slowly staring at her bare mound and her smile.

I wanted to just dive right in and lick her moist hole that she was holding open .I could see moisture from her juices seeping down and out of her.There was an aroma about her juices that led me to slip my tongue inside.

Mary grabbed my head, holding it tight against her as she took a deep breath and pushed her ass up.”Oh Damn” she said “you surely know how to do that,keep doing it”.

I licked and sucked, even slipped two fingers inside,finger-fucking her while sucking on her clit. That method I learned from Mar ,but Mary seemed to be enjoying it even more.I could look up past her breasts and hard nipples to see her opening and closing her eyes. Each time her eyes opened wide she would have her mouth open too gasping for air.

“Damn” she would say,over and over while moving her head from side to side ,then a spurt of warm cum kocaeli escort would slip out of her.

As a 45 year lady her pussy was not tight yet a lot tighter than Mars,just tight enough to where I could feel the muscles squeezing my tongue . I knew she had enough when her hands started trying to pull my head away.She was telling me I was better than any young man she has ever had.She continued to say how she wanted me ,pulling on my head off her pussy,She even pulled it away when I stopped to suck on her nipples again.

She wrapped her arms on my neck whispering to me to fuck her, while moving her hips into the position . She let my chest come up pf hers when my cock slipped easily in side her, I didn’t fuck her I just held deep and waited.

“You’re so beautiful “ I said “why in hell did your husband cheat on you”? I then started moving slowly in and out of her telling her how it feels. “ Your blue eyes and your smile are making me want to give you a night you will never forget”. I picked up the pace looking down from her eyes to her breasts that were bobbing up and down as we fucked.

“Come on honey,show momma what you got” she held my shoulders and began pushing against my thrust.”.I know how you boys can cum,and stay hard,”she said and took a breath.

“Don’t stop when you need to cum, I can handle it” she said “ you won’t get me pregnant”.I surprised her when she came before me and started begging me too.

I surprised her again when after she had a big orgasm I pulled out and laid down kissing her nipples.I then moved down , spread her pussy wide while licking up her juices. After cleaning her out I backed away and rolled her over and moved behind her . I lifted her up holding onto her hips and slid my cock between her hot ass cheeks.

For the next ten minutes we slammed our body’s together while she grabbed the sheets and held on.She had short hair but I still had to move it away from the side of her face.When I asked her if she was ready she cried out “yes”and held me tight inside her. She was saying yes all while I began to fill her up and then she laid down with a smile.

I stayed on her kissing her neck and whispered into her ear how hot she is.I could feel her pussy pulsating on my cock pushing my cum from inside her. When her breath returned back to normal I pulled away and took two of my fingers among her clit.I spread it and watched as my cum ran from between her redden wet lips.

I then laid down beside her when she turned to her side, she laid her head on my chest looking up.She ran her hand down to my cock and smiled “ I think we have to go to supper ‘she said.She gave my cock a few strokes the kissed my chest , sighed then chuckled “what the hell is your wife looking for ,it wont get any better than this”.

We laid there for a few more minutes and then told me to go take a shower. It was when I was in there drying off that my phone rang. “Hello” I heard Mary say,“yes he is here, to whom am I talking too”. She then said “well he is in the shower ,and has just giving me the best sex I have had in a long time ,and the night isn’t over”.

When I came out Mary said “your wife hung up on me “then laughed .“Maybe she will think twice about what she has and how she could lose you by cheating ”. Mary then took a shower and I called Mar back, but she wouldn’t answer.

How the rest of the night went will be in the next chapter

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