Center of Attention Ch. 02

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I woke up the next morning with a hard on and a very sore ass. In saying that, it didn’t take me long have the urge to call John. The escapade I had with him and his friends made my transformation to a cock loving whore complete. I couldn’t think of anything else other than a big cock fucking my ass and one in my mouth. I was longing to go another round with John’s fat cock.

My phone rang and it was John. I was thrilled. I must have made quite an impression because he wanted to meet with me again. My dick instantly hardened. John said he would meet me at a bar downtown to have a drink and talk. I said I would meet him at 7:00.

I wanted to look presentable so I showered and got out some nice clothes. It is hard to put clothes on with a raging hard on but I did my best. I thought about jacking off to relieve the tension but I’m sure the feeling would have come back again anyway. I jumped in my car and made the 30 minute drive to the bar.

It took me a minute to find John because he was in a dark corner but he saw me and waved me over. I sat down and he offered me a drink.

We started to talk when he placed his hand on my cock. My cock immediately started to grow. He slipped his hand inside my pants and started to stroke me. I was in heaven. He started to whisper in my ear. He told me how hot I was and how his big, thick cock fit perfect in my ass. I knew more of this kind of talk would make me cum soon. He asked me who owned me and who I served. I was out of breath and he asked me again. I told him he owned me and I was his bitch.

Cum erupted out of my cock and into my underwear. I threw my head back and John caught me. I bursa escort bayan shot a good seven spurts in my pants. John pulled his hand out and told me to clean his fingers off. I took his fingers in my mouth like I was sucking a small cock. I wanted John’s cock in my mouth and in my ass now!

We agreed to leave the bar. John had an argument with his wife and didn’t want to go home so we started looking for a hotel. I couldn’t control myself on the ride over. I pulled John’s cock out and started sucking with all I had. I didn’t get to finish as we arrived quickly. As I waited in the car for John, my cock was hard again. I wanted this man so bad. I wanted to be his little queer.

John waved to me and we walked to the room. I was on my knees immediately and pulling John’s pants down. I started to worship that cock like it was the last I would ever get. I was soon burying it in the back of my throat. This got John moaning. He grabbed my hair and started fucking my mouth. He slammed his cock in and out of my mouth like a little pussy. John’s legs started to shake and I knew his cum would be feeling my belly soon. He started calling me a hot little twink and how he was going to fill my mouth.

I felt John’s cock twitch and then the flood began. I started swallowing as quickly as I could. Cum started to ooze out of the corner of my mouth as I couldn’t swallow my prize fast enough. John pulled out of my mouth and sat on the bed. I followed him over and sat on the floor next to him. He pulled me up on the bed and kissed me hard. We both fell asleep.

I awoke to what I thought was John pulling my pants off but it wasn’t. It was actually a very görükle escort large black man named Jarvis. I screamed like a bitch and he slapped me. I fell back to the bed and he grabbed me by the hair. John was sitting in a chair across the room watching. He told Jarvis to enjoy his little bitch. I contested to no avail. Jarvis was a friend of John’s from work. John told Jarvis all about our escapade and he was interested.

Jarvis pulled my hands behind my back and tied them. He pulled me up on my knees and then pushed me forward so my head was buried in the pillows and my ass was sticking up in the air. I knew my ass was about to be raped. I knew fighting it would only make it worse.

I tried to scream but my face was in the pillows. I then felt Jarvis moving his hands around my body. Then I felt him smack each of my ass cheeks very hard. This made me tear up. I didn’t want this to happen but my cock was betraying me. I was hard as a rock.

Jarvis commented how much of a little faggot I was and how quickly my pathetic man clit got hard. He slapped my ass once again and started kneading my ass cheeks. He grabbed my cock hard and started to softly stroke it. I was soon fucking his hand when he smacked my ass hard. He started telling me how much fun he was going to have fucking my little sissy ass.

I then felt excruciating pain as Jarvis jammed two rather large fingers in my ass. I almost passed out. He started to slowly push them in and out. My cock betrayed me again. Jarvis was laughing at me and commented how much of a pussy I was to let a man finger fuck me. That was when I caught site of it. The biggest dick bursa escort bayan I have ever seen! He must have caught this as he positioned himself behind me.

I felt like he was stuffing a baseball bat inside of me. It was huge. I tried to pull myself off of it but he was having none of that. He was half way inside of me when I felt that warm and unbearable feeling in my dick. He pulled almost out and slammed back in. I came so hard shooting what seemed like a gallon of cum into the mattress. I was shaking as Jarvis started to pump his cock in and out of me faster. He abruptly stopped and pulled out of me.

Confused I tried to look back. Jarvis untied my arms and grabbed me by the waist. He threw me back on the bed and on my back. I tried to crawl away but Jarvis was having none of it. He grabbed my legs and spread them apart. He moved between my legs and slipped his cock back into my stretched asshole. He lay on top of me and started going to work. I swear I could feel his cock in my gut.

John moved around toward my head and unzipped his pants. Soon his cock was smacking my lips as Jarvis fucked me hard. The cock in my ass started to feel wonderful and I was full of bliss. John’s cock split my lips and I was glad to taste that cock. Jarvis noticed this and started long stroking my bitch ass. Jarvis cock expanded and I felt the fire hose in my ass let go with his seed. Jarvis rolled off of me and collapsed on the bed.

John started fucking my mouth again and before long was filling my belly with more cum. I was so horny I came again. My balls were empty and sore. John kissed my lips and again I fell asleep with him beside me.

I awoke in the room all alone. I could still taste the cum on my lips. On the dresser, John left me a note thanking me for a great time and told me to call when I was ready to go another round. I couldn’t wait to make that phone call.

To be continued

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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