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Summary: What started as a plan to eliminate her competition turns into a cat-astrophe…

Anyone who is under the age of 18, along with anyone offended by stories of a sexual nature or containing sexual situations or offended by the idea of mind control in any fashion, please do not read this story.

Author’s Note — Thanks everyone for the kind emails! If you have any suggestions, critiques, concerns, or comments, I’d absolutely love feedback; I’m very happy to be giving back to this nice site. Hope you enjoy!


“Ivy, isn’t this far enough?”

I looked over my shoulder to give him a smile, holding my wand up above my head for light. “No, Kay, we just need to go a little bit further. It’s great, you’ll love it, it’s soooo romantic.”

Kay blushed a little bit, looking sheepishly down at his feet as he followed me, and I had to try really hard to stifle a laugh….he was just too pathetic! Still grinning, I lead us deeper into the depths of the academy’s basement, through cold stone tunnels and creaking wooden doors.

Rosewood Academy…it was an exclusive university for mages, the best school in the country. I, of course, had gotten in easy; my parents had donated money towards one of the dorms, and with my grades and talent getting accepted wasn’t much of a problem; batting my eyes during the interview probably didn’t hurt either. I was focused on my studies, even if most of the other morons here weren’t, and it wasn’t long before I was recognized as one of the best and brightest here. If everything kept going this well, by the end of next year I would graduate at the top of my class.

Well, at least until Kay showed up.

I shot another quick glance over my shoulder at him, taking in his features. He was very tall, just over 6 feet, but he wasn’t intimidating or bulky. His skin was like caramel, and his hair was the same dark brown as his eyes. As much as I hated to admit it, he was cute, even if I despised him.

Kay had transferred to Rosewood 6 months ago from a neighboring country. Despite being shy, he quickly impressed teachers with his skill at magic, performing complicated spells with relative ease. I tried talking to him soon after he transferred, and what I found out made my blood boil. He hadn’t practiced magic for more than a year before coming here! He wasn’t from any well-to-do family, he had gotten accepted after personally being chosen by the Headmaster while on tour…he was being hailed as some sort of prodigy! This awkward loser, a prodigy!? It was enough to make me sick! I was supposed to be the best student here, graduating with the highest of honors! I wasn’t about to play second fiddle to this idiot!

Talking to him let me figure out a couple other things as well. Kay was a total geek…an awkward loser who got nervous if a girl so much as breathed near him. And he seemed surprised that I was even talking to him…although who could blame him? I wasn’t just smart, I was beautiful, and I didn’t need ridiculously huge tits like some of the sluts here to get men staring. Once he started talking to me, seeing his face light up as I gave him attention, I knew getting his trust and getting him to come down here alone would be a snap.

Pulling myself from my thoughts, I shoved open a heavy wooden door, the room beyond nearly pitch black. “Well, here we are, Kay…you first.”

Kay stopped, peering into the dark. “W…what’s in there…? I mean…it’s…it’s kind of dark…c-can’t we just…you know….stay out here and talk, and stuff…? I mean, w-we can even just go back upstairs, I d-don’t want you to get in trouble for being down here…”

“Oh come on, Kay, grow up! Nobody is going to catch us down here, and who cares if the basements are off-limits to students? It means we’ll have privacy….now come on, come in….please…?” I fluttered my eyelids at him, giving him my best seductive pout…I thought he would faint right there, but after gulping and looking around nervously, Kay walked passed me into the dark room.

Brainless loser. I lowered my wand at him, blasting him from behind with a green bolt of light. Kay let out a cry, falling onto his stomach, yelping in surprise and pain. Finally allowing myself a small giggle, I waved my wand in front of me, lighting the many torches in the room, bathing the simple round room in orange light. Slamming the door securely behind me, I turned to gaze down at Kay. I bent down in front of the squirming boy, meeting his gaze as he looked up at me, his eyes wide and confused. “Ivy?! W..w-what’s happening?! What did you do!?”

I cut off his words with a slap, grinning at him. “I can’t get over how stupid you are, Kay. Did you seriously think I wanted to waste time with you? God, you’re such a loser, it makes my skin crawl being around you.” Seeing tears form in his eyes, I felt a surge of satisfaction, and my smile widened. “No, I think I’ve had enough of you here at Rosewood; you don’t fit here. I’ve got a good afyon escort thing going as the smartest girl here, and I don’t want some stupid weirdo like you ruining everything for me. It’s a shame it had to come to this…” I gave him a pat on the cheek, then smiled and turned to leave, making sure to pause and rub dirt on robes.

Kay, seeing me stand, started to wiggle some more. “You can’t leave me here! W-what did I do?! Please, please, I’m sorry for whatever I did, just let me go!”

I paused, turning back to him. “No, Kay, I have to leave you here, but it’s only for a bit. I just need to grab the Headmaster and tell him that you dragged me down here to have your way with me, and that I barely got away.” I saw Kay’s eyes widen in anguish and fear, but I stopped him before he could reply. “And no, I don’t expect them to believe you. What would a good girl like me lie? At the very least, you’ll get your scholarship revoked for being down here in a restricted area, and you won’t be able to afford to go to school here any more. Either way works for me.

Kay closed his eyes, resting his head on the floor, shivering. “I…I t-thought you…thought you liked me…but…b-but you’d really do that…you’d do all that to me?”

“Of course I would, moron. That’s what you get for butting in where you aren’t wanted.” I sigh, looking down at him. “Anything else before I leave?”

Kay kept his face against the ground, and the motions of his back told me he was trying his hardest not to cry. “Please…c-could you flip me over…? I…I can’t move, and…and it hurts…”

“God, fine, you’re such a crybaby.” I walked back over to him, kicking him in the side to flip him over. I only had a moment to register the small smile on his face as he aimed his wand at me, clutched tight to his stomach, before being hit with a blinding white light. Then everything faded into black…

“Hey, wake up. Wake up!” I felt something nudge my stomach, and I let out a tired little moan. Then my eyes shot open as I remembered what happened. I saw Kay standing over me, his wand in hand. I tried to get up, but I was stuck on my back; he must have stunned me, and now I was in an embarrassing spread eagle pose on the ground at his feet. I pouted up at him, trying to get my thoughts together, but the only thing going through my head was anger. “Kay, what the fuck are you doing, you creep? Let me up!”

Kay smirked down at me, shaking his head sadly. “Ivy, you know, I really did like you. I was thinking you were a nice person, despite what other people had told me. But now I see that they were right; you’re a self-absorbed bitch.”

I felt my face flush with heat, and I glared daggers up at him. “Shut up!! Nobody talks to me like that! You’re beneath me, you piece of fucking tra-OWW!” Kay had bent down as I was talking and slapped my right cheek, stunning me into silence. It didn’t hurt too much, but it did sting, and nobody had EVER hit me before.

Kay stood back up to his feet, still wearing that infuriating smirk. “You see, if you had just been rude to me, that’s one thing. But are you seriously that messed up that you wanted me out of the school? You were willing to try and ruin my reputation to do it? That’s a huge mistake, and I think you’re about to find about how badly you messed up, Ivy.”

I looked around as he talked, and saw my wand across the floor, a few feet from my head. Aha! If only I could move my numb limbs, then I would be able to shut this loser up….I wiggled a bit, but didn’t accomplish much other than bringing my making my robes ride up a little.

Kay smiled down at me. “You know…when I first came here, a few people mentioned what a catty girl you are…and I guess now I see why. But I think I can make that term a bit more fitting.”

I started to feel a bit concerned; this guy was obviously a weirdo, and he was looking rather threatening. I opened my mouth to try and reason with him some more, but he held up his wand, silencing me. “Yes, I think I could make some definite improvements to you. I think you’d make an adorable kitten.

I stared up at him in shock, not believing what I was hearing. This guy was seriously a creep. “A..kitten…? What the hell are you talking about?! Let me go, you perv!!” I began to squirm harder, and Kay shook his head at me. “Oh, come on now, just stop struggling, you’ll look so cute when I’m done! Catgirls are adorable!”

“Catgirls….catgirls…?” I felt my confidence come back a little, and I sneered up at him. “Nobody here knows transformation magic, they don’t teach it. And what the hell is a catgirl anyways?”

He smiled wider, brandishing his wand at me. “Oh, but Ivy, I didn’t need to learn it here! I had already discovered a few…fun spells in my studies. And what are catgirls? I’m so glad you asked!” And with that, he waved his wand slightly, and a bolt of white light hit my body, tingling my skin so hard that it hurt. I let out a surprised yelp, agrı escort trying desperately to squirm away from the uncomfortable light. My body felt…not itchy, but as if a cobweb had been draped over me, and it was maddening being unable to shake it off. I let out another cry, unable to take much more. “Ahhhhhhhhnnnngh!!! Stop it! Stop it, you fucking bastard!!!”

“Pipe down, Ivy, or you won’t hear your changes. Now…” The tingling in my head suddenly got much worse, and my ears itched furiously, nearly twitching with the need to be scratched…twitching…really twitching…wait, why were my ears twitching…?

Kay waved his wand, and suddenly the ceiling was a mirror, reflecting me on the floor. I looked up at myself in horror….or rather, at the fluffy cat ears that were now perking up off my head. They were covers in brown fur, and they were absolutely enormous. “W-what the fuck did yo-” All of a sudden, my words silenced, and I couldn’t make a single sound. I stared at Kay in wide-eyed terror as he finished waving his wand at me.

“Finally…I thought you would never shut up. Now, like I was saying, I’m glad you asked what a catgirl is. You see, catgirls have these huuuuuge ears…just like a cat, of course! They’re nice, soft, fluffy, and they just love to be scratched! They even make a bitch like you look cute!”

I started to feel another tingling, itching sensation, this one above my waist. I opened my mouth, trying to shout and curse at Kay as I felt something begin to push out form behind me.

Kay frowned down at me. “Hmmm…those robes are getting in the way of everything. Let’s fix that, Ivy.” With a wave of his wand, I was suddenly in my underwear, and my face erupted into furious embarrassment. My body wasn’t curvacious or anything like that, but I didn’t want this sicko seeing me in my bra and panties. But my embarrassment got worse as I saw the fluffy brown tail swaying against the ground. I could even feel it, poking out of my back, just above the hem of my panties. I squirmed in discomfort, pushing my hips up to try and take the pressure off…God, it felt sensitive…and not necessarily in a bad way, but it just felt like TOO much…

Kay grinned wider as he walked around me, clearly enjoying the show. “Yes, that’s right! They also have super cute tails. And the best part is how sensitive they are…kitties need to be good, or they’ll get a tug, and that can be too much for kittens to handle most times!”

I felt my arms and legs start to tingle, and I tried to buck harder, letting out a silent snarl at Kay. Fucking bastard, there was no way I was letting him get away with this! As soon as I got out of this spell, I would hit him right in the nose!

A laugh from Kay made me wiggle even harder. “Stupid catgirl…you’re getting way too excited, you’re going to hurt yourself! Well, it’s a good thing that catgirls have big useless paws instead of hands and feet; they’ll be perfect for playing with yarn, or whatever fun you’ll want to have. And you won’t be standing on just your hind legs anymore…cats don’t do that! I weakened them for you, so that you can’t hold yourself up unless you’re on all fours, just like a good kitten.”

I looked up at my reflection, seeing the fur sprout on my tingling hands as they spread into massive, ridiculous-looking paws. I flipped them over clumsily and even saw bright pink pads. My feet looked no better; my ankles had shifted backwards, and my feet were looked like thinner versions of my hands. A flash of fear went through me as I realized that not only would I be unable to walk on my legs, I would be unable to pick up my wand….hell, unable to open doors! I squirmed harder, feeling the numbness in my legs and arms start to wear off, even as I felt a strange tingling in my throat.

Kay grinned down me at me as he looked me over, backing away. “Well, kitten, that should be good enough for right now. Let’s give you back that voice and see how you like your new changes?” He waved his wand, and I let him have it with a tirade I had been building up.

“You fucking freak, mmmmmmmmmmeow, how could you do this to mmmmmmmmmmmeow!?!? Ahh…ahh..w-wait…” I felt my face heat up even more, and I looked up at Kay with frightened eyes. “Mmmmeow…?! Why am I mmmmmmeowing!?”

Kay laughed so hard that I thought he would fall over, that prick. “Well, good kitties love to meow! And hey, we don’t want you being a lazy cat, so let’s get you up so you can see how you like your new and improved body!” He nudged me with his foot, rolling me over, and I landed with a whimper on my new paws, pulling myself up to my feet. I looked over my shoulder at him and felt my big fluffy ears go back in anger. “You bastard, mmmmmmmmmmeow, change me back right mmmmmmmmmmmmmmeow!!!”

“Hahaha, why?” Kay grinned down at me, bending over to pat my head. On all fours, I barely came up to his waist, and I lowered my body, not wanting to be touched. But then he started to scratch akdere escort my ears, and oooooh God, a wave of pure bliss went through me. His fingers felt like warm lightning, and I felt my hips wiggle as I began to purr, rubbing the top of my head against his palm. Then he stopped with a chuckle, and as I realized what I was doing, my eyes shot wide open and I let out a started yelp. That was the last straw, I would kill him for this! “Goddammmmmeow pervert!” I cried out as I crawled next to him, leaping up as best as I could. I was able to reach his chest, and I batted him across the face with a big paw and spat at him hitting his cheek before he pushed me roughly to the ground.

Kay glared at me, wiping his face. “Wow, and I thought you were better behaved than that. I guess you really are a dumb animal…good thing I’m here to treat you proper discipline, eh?” He slipped out of his shoes and socks, kicking them into the corner. “Catslut, lick my feet.”

Immediately, my body sprang into motion, and I crawled to Kay’s feet, burying my face against them. “Mmmmmm!! Ahhhmmm, ahhhmmmnnnn!!!” I tried to shout at him in confusion, but I couldn’t stop my frantic licking, no matter how much I tried to pull myself away. I felt him lean down and pat my back, speaking gently to me. “Now, Ivy, a good catgirl is loyal and well-behaved. So whenever you hear your new name, Catslut (a shiver ran through me, but I licked even harder), you’ll have to do whatever that person says. To the best of your own ability, at least. Catslut, stop licking and get up on your hind legs for me!”

I looked up at him in horror as my body stared to move on it’s own again. “Mmmmmmm!! Mmmmeow! W-wait, Kay, I’m sorry, mmmmeow, please st-ooof!!!” I had tried to push myself up from all fours to my back paws, but I simply couldn’t support the weight, and tumbled forwards, landing on my chest with a whimper. Helplessly, I climbed back up to all fours and repeated the process, falling just like I had before. “S-stop it! Fix mmmmmmmeow!!! I d-don’t want to be a kitty, mmmmeow!!!”

Kay smiled that maddening smile again. “I’d love to, babe…if you begged me like a good catgirl. Catslut, you can stop trying to get on those adorable back paws of yours.”

I flopped down on the floor, panting with exhaustion. Then I gulped, looking back up at this boy who had turned me into a cartoonish freak. I would play nice, and then make this loser pay. “I…I’m sorry I was so mmmmmmmeow…m-mean to you…I was a mmmmeow, big bitch, and mmmmmeow, you didn’t deserve it, mmmmmmmmeow.” I cringed at all the cat noises I was making, but I soldiered on. “And…and, mmmmeow, you’re so good at mmmmmmmmmeowgic! You’re a really good mmmmmm…mmmmmmeow, mmmmmmmeowage! Better than me, mmmmeow!!”

Kay clapped his hands together, looking pleased. “Good girl! I’ll be happy to help you out with your problem.” He waved his wand at the ground in front of me, and a bowl of milk appeared, the word CATSLUT bright pink on the side of it. “Right after my classes are done, I mean. You just relax in the meantime, kitty, I’ll be back for you in a few hours.” And with that, he opened the door and shut it quickly behind me, slamming it loudly. With a cry I crawled up to it, pawing at it frantically, but it was a pull door and I simply couldn’t turn the knob with my paws. “MMMMMMMMM!!!! W-what the fuck are you mmmmmmmeow doing!? Let mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmeow out!!!” I heard him laugh, then his footsteps fading away.

I got back on all fours, looking around the room. Great, I was stuck in the basement as a weird fetishy cat monster. I let out a couple pitiful little moans, but my determination couldn’t be kept down too long. I was smarter than Kay; he was just some creepy loser! I could beat him and get out of this! And that’s when I saw my discarded wand, lying on the floor in the corner.

“That moron, mmmmmmmeow…” I may have not been able to pick it up, but I began to paw at it, trying to get it between my two soft paws.

“Come on…come on, mmmmeow….almost…” I let myself feel a surge of pride in my superior abilities, right before a bolt of green light shot out of my wand, hitting me right between the eyes. I felt myself tumble back, and as I drifted into unconsciousness, my paws flailing in the air, I heard myself ask one thing before I was lost in darkness.


– – –

“Oh wow…Ivy, wake up!”

I let out a small moan, feeling myself being dragged out of the nice, relaxing darkness…it was so warm here, surely whoever needed me could wait a few minu-

“Hey, Catslut, wake up!”

Instantly, I was wide awake, laying on my back on a cold stone floor. I opened my eyes, glaring up at the smirking mage standing above me. Damnit, so it wasn’t a dream…at least I was still in my underwear, so he hadn’t done anything to me while I was asleep. I looked to my right, seeing one big fluffy paw. I could feel my huge ears twitching at the sound of Kay’s voice, but something didn’t feel right…groaning a little, I shifted my weight around a bit to get my tail comfortable. When I did, I felt some weight jiggle on my chest, and I finally looked down to really gaze at my breasts, yelping in horror.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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