Campground Discoveries Pt. 02

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(Takes up just where first part leaves off.)

It was still before sunrise the next day when my dad woke me up to go fishing, shaking the tent gently and calling my name. I whispered that I was coming, got dressed and slipped out of the tent.

Danny was still asleep, and I told my dad we should go without him. He wasn’t much of a fisherman anyway, and Mom would be there to keep him company when he woke up.

My dad and I had good luck, bagging two big trout and three smaller ones. We cleaned them, put them on ice and headed back to camp about 9.

Mom had timed a big breakfast for our return, with Danny’s help, and afterward we all went for a walk around the campground.

On the far side of the campground I saw the guy from the shower the night before, in camp with his wife and several kids. He didn’t notice our approach, but as we passed I glanced back over my shoulder.

He was looking at me. Again I thought I saw the hint of a smile. I wasn’t sure what to make of it.

Back in camp we got out some board games and the four younger folks played for a couple of hours. I was distracted and kept making dumb moves, and Danny seemed to be doing the same thing — so much so that my sister complained about our not paying attention.

About mid-afternoon Danny and I decided to go for another hike. This time we headed north from the campground instead of west, as we had yesterday. But by taking the left fork at each junction we gradually worked our way back to the spot we’d occupied yesterday. It was as if we had an unspoken agreement to see if we could spot the gay guys again.

I think we were both disappointed that they were nowhere to be seen, though again neither of us said anything.

We sat down and got out our water bottles. I don’t think we were consciously waiting for the two men to appear, but when a car pulled into the long gravel driveway leading to their cabin, my heart beat a little faster. I sensed that Danny was as excited as I was.

I picked up the binoculars. It was our two guys, all right, carrying some grocery bags and what looked like a couple of six-packs into the cabin.

“It could be a while before they come back outside, if they ever do,” I said, “And even they might not do anything.”

“Let’s wait a bit,” Danny said.

That settled it. He was as interested in watching the two guys as I was.

We were quiet for a minute or two. I put the binoculars down.

“This feels pretty strange, spying on those guys,” Danny said, without looking at me.

“Not as strange as what we did last night.”

“That was kinda gay, wasn’t it?”

It was the second time he’d phrased it that way.

I hesitated before answering. My own feelings about last night were conflicted; a part of me was totally freaked out, but another part couldn’t wait to do it again.

“Do you wish we hadn’t done it?” I asked.

He thought for a second — long enough for me to get scared he might say yes.

But then he turned to look at me, and said in a quiet voice, “No, Gil, I don’t.”

I was relieved.

“Neither do I,” I said.

He turned back toward the cabin and, without looking at me, said, “That wasn’t the first time I jacked with a guy.”

This was a stunner.

Before I could say anything, however, the back door of the cabin opened and one of the guys walked out onto the deck with a towel wrapped around his waist.

“Here we go,” I said.

Danny’s revelation would have to wait.

As I watched, the guy went over to bahis şirketleri a big square box-like thing in one corner of the deck. He tugged on something, and when it slid off I realized it was the cover of a hot tub.

Standing the cover on edge against the railing, he went back inside. A moment later he returned to the deck, a bottle in hand, followed shortly afterward by the second guy, also wrapped in a towel and carrying a bottle.

As I watched the men dropped their towels on the deck, exposing their backsides, and climbed into the tub. For a minute they just sat there sipping their beers, if that’s what they were, but soon they were kissing again.

“Whoa,” I said.

“My turn,” Danny said.

I handed him the binoculars.

“They’re really going at it.”

I got excited again, imagining the scene. My dick was taking on weight.

Holding the binoculars with one hand, Danny put the other on the front of his jeans, where a bulge was obvious, and shifted himself to get more comfortable. He made no attempt to disguise what he was doing.

“Tell me what they’re doing,” I said.

“They’re still kissing,” he said, “but their hands are moving underwater, like they’re touching each other.”

He paused, then went on in a strangled voice, “I think they are jacking each other off.”

This was too much. I undid the button on my jeans, unzipped the fly, lowered my underwear and took out my cock.

My dick stuck straight up out of my lap. I tend to leak a lot of precum, and right now there was a big gob of it on the tip of my cock.

Danny looked down at my lap, then locked eyes with me. Something passed between us.

He returned to the binoculars and pulled his hand away from his lap.

“Do me, Gil,” he said.

I hesitated.

“C’mon,” he said. “We both want this.”

Heart pounding, I reached over with one hand and undid the button on his jeans. Grasping the zipper, I pulled it slowly down.

As the fly parted his bulge came into view. He was really hard, I could tell, and there was a wet spot on the front of his underwear. I guess he’s a pre-cummer, too, I thought.

Heart pounding, I felt for his cock through the cloth. It felt pretty big.

He drew a sharp breath.

“Keep going,” he said, his eyes still riveted on the cabin.

I told him I couldn’t do much with his pants in the way. He put the binoculars down, shifted enough to get his jeans and underwear down past his knees, unbuttoned his shirt, sat his bare ass on the rock and took up the binoculars again.

His cock was standing straight up in his lap. I’d seen it the night before, of course, but it looked even more impressive in daylight.

It was a good seven inches long, curving slightly toward one side. The head, which flared slightly from the slit, was so swollen it looked almost purple. Again I noticed how big his balls were.

I reached over and, for the first time in my life, wrapped my hand around another guy’s cock.

Danny drew another sharp breath, but did not take his eyes from the binoculars.

It felt strange, having another guy’s penis in my hand, but in a good way. It was rigid as a tent peg but the skin was soft and warm to the touch.

I squeezed gently, and watched as a drop of precum formed in the slit. I felt a thrill go through me, and with my free hand I grasped my own cock.

A cock in each hand, I thought. How wicked is that?

“What’s happening now?” I asked, moving my hand slowly down his shaft.

He swallowed bahis firmaları hard before answering.

“One guy is standing up now, and the other guy is stroking his dick.”

I did the same for Danny, moving my hand back up the shaft and then down again. My God, I thought, I’m masturbating my best friend.

“Dude, that feels sooo good,” he said.

“Feels good to me, too,” I said.

I stroked him some more, slowly but steadily, watching my hand move up and down the shaft. There was something nasty about what I was doing, something forbidden, but that only intensified the erotic feelings I was having. I couldn’t remember ever feeling so turned on.

I watched, mesmerized, as the drop of precum grew larger and larger until it spilled over, sending a stream of clear liquid down the shaft and onto my hand. For a fleeting moment I wondered what it would taste like.

I was so intent on what I was doing that I had forgotten about the guys in the cabin. All I wanted to do was make Danny cum.

But just as I sensed he was getting close he said, “Stop, let me do you.”

I let go of him — reluctantly — and sat up. We exchanged another look, which seemed to say that we had crossed a line that could not be uncrossed, and we both knew it.

He handed me the binoculars. I was so excited my hands were shaking, and it took a second for me to fix the cabin in view. When I did I was astonished to see one of the men sitting on the edge of the tub with the other guy’s head in his lap.

I was about to say something when I felt Danny’s hand on my cock.

By that point I was reasonably experienced with girls, and a couple had had their hands on my dick.

But somehow this felt different, and not just because Danny was a guy. He knew how to hold a cock — which made sense, of course, having one of his own that he no doubt handled just as often as I handled mine.

He stroked me slowly, sending waves of pleasure through my whole body. Nothing in my life had ever felt this good.

“Oh, God, yes,” I said.

After a minute or so he said, “What are they doing now?”

I turned back to the binoculars. The guy’s head was still bobbing in the other guy’s lap.

“One guy is sucking the other guy’s cock.”

Danny’s hand stopped. For a second I wondered if he was thinking of doing the same to me.

Meanwhile the guy being sucked put his hands on the other guy’s head, which was moving faster now.

“Wow,” I said.

Danny’s hand started moving again, faster now.

“Danny, I’m going to come,” I said.

He gave me a few more vigorous strokes. My whole body started shaking, and in no more than 10 seconds I erupted.

The feeling was so intense it was all I could do not to shout. Cum poured out of me, in three big bursts that splashed on the front of my shirt.

Danny slowed his stroking. A few more spasms followed as he milked the last few drops of semen out of me.

I looked down. His hand was covered in my cum.

I lay back on the rock.

“Wow,” I said, still breathing hard. “That was amazing.”

Danny wiped his hand in a patch of grass and lay back next to me. I turned to look at him, and he gave me a questioning look.

“You ready to finish?” I asked.

“Fuck yes,” he said.

I turned on my side to get a better angle — and a better view. His dick was so hard it stood up 45 degrees from his stomach. I grasped him once more and began to stroke. I was really enjoying this now.

Turned out he was close to coming already, kaçak bahis siteleri because in less than a minute his body stiffened and he let out a groan. An enormous wad of cum burst from his cock and landed on his bare chest. I kept stroking, and he kept shooting. Big pools of thick cum formed on his stomach and in the hollow between his pecs.

Even after the shooting stopped I could feel little spasms in his cock.

Finally he was still. I let go of his dick and lay back on the rock next to him.

“Gil,” he said after a while, “that was definitely gay.”

“Yeah, I guess so.”

“Aren’t you kind of freaked out?”

I thought about this for a minute.

“No,” I said. “I mean, I was at first, in the tent last night, but I don’t feel that way now. I feel… well…we both enjoyed it, didn’t we? Why should we freak out over that?”

“I don’t know,” he said after a pause. “It’s just that, I’ve never thought about anything besides girls until yesterday afternoon, and since then I haven’t thought about anything but dicks, and I just jacked off my best friend. Why wouldn’t I be freaked out, at least a little?”

“Tell the truth, though: You enjoyed it, didn’t you?”

“Yes, I enjoyed it,” he said. “That’s why I’m freaked out.”

“What did you mean about it not being the first time?”

He looked away.

“You remember that party at Nikki Benton’s last winter, the one you had to leave early?”


It had been a great party, with lots of hot older girls, one of whom was paying special attention to me. I had had to leave early because we were going out of town early the next day, and I always wondered what might have happened if I’d stayed.

“Well, since you left early I didn’t have a ride home,” Danny said. “One guy who was still pretty sober offered to drop off a few people, so I went with him. I was the last to get dropped off, but instead of going straight to my house he turned onto that dirt road that runs along the river.

“Next thing I know he’s talking about how he’s got blue balls from being teased by the girls and really needs to jack off, and asks me if I want to join him. Before I could say no he unzips his pants and pulls out his cock and starts stroking. I tried not to watch but I did anyway, and I got hard, too, so after watching a minute I took my dick out and started jacking, too.

“He offered to jack me off or even blow me, but that kind of jolted me awake and I said no, that’s okay. When I was close to coming he handed me a tissue and then took one for himself and we both came around the same time. After that I asked him to take me home right away and he did.”

“Wow,” I said. “Why didn’t you tell me about this?”

“I was really freaked out by the whole thing, wondering why it was me he’d come on to, whether I looked gay to him or something. I was afraid if I told you, you would think I was weird and it would hurt our friendship.”

“I don’t think it would have,” I said, “but now I’ve got your cum on my hand and you have mine on yours, so it’s kind of beside the point, isn’t it?”

He laughed a little, but I could tell he was still agitated.

“”We can stop now if you like,” I said, though I didn’t really want to and hoped he didn’t either.

“I didn’t say that,” he said. “But… I don’t know…. Aw, fuck it, let’s just go.”

“Wait,” I said. I got my extra T-shirt out of my backpack, poured some of the bottled water on it and used it to wipe the dried cum off my hands and shirt. I wetted it again and handed it to Danny, who cleaned himself up quickly.

We pulled our pants back up and got ready to leave.

“No,” he said.

“No what?”

“No, Gil, I don’t want to stop.”

He turned and headed off down the path.

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