Brought to Heel Ch. 01

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Clive found himself stroking his erect nipple again. For some reason, he had started to do this more and more frequently during lengthy masturbation sessions such as these. Still gently twisting and tweaking his right nipple, he watched, open mouthed, as his hard, uncut cock slid all the way to the top of the black rubber flip flop he was currently fucking. He delighted in the sensation of the heel of the footwear against his bare balls, and he found himself thrusting back and forth, pulling the flimsy shoe tighter between his legs, savouring that warm, moist rubber sole pressed tightly against his sack.

A bead of sweat rolled from his forehead and trickled down the side of his face to his throat. On discovering the holy grail that was this female’s shoe closet, his heart rate had increased rapidly, and he instantly found himself playing with his erection through his shorts. He had removed all of his clothes right there in the hallway. Naked masturbation always felt so much better, he thought. He would never fuck a woman fully dressed, so why shouldn’t he disrobe to jerk off? Besides, it afforded him the opportunity to look down and compare his own shaven, muscular body to those of his favourite male porn stars; a job Clive believed he would be a natural at.

He savoured the sight of his pre-cum glistening on the black flip flop, as he firmly pressed the tip of his stiff cock into the rubber so that he could enjoy every little virile pool of his sweet, sticky lubrication on the cheap shoe. He noted to himself that the owner of the footwear had indeed spent many hours with them on her feet. The tops were stained perfectly so that it was possible halkalı escort to see clearly the outlines of each individual toe. The woman’s heels were beautifully indented into the rubber, indicating they had spent a great deal of time on those delicious bare feet of hers.

Clive lifted the other flip flop to his face, its partner hanging from his throbbing dick by the black plastic “Y” that he so envied, it having spent many unforgettable hours between those succulent, painted toes. He inhaled the fragrant aroma. The combination of the well-worn rubber and ingrained, natural sweat from her bare feet was euphoric, and made him almost erupt all over the flip flop dangling from his cock. He breathed that intoxicating and wonderful scent deeply. He lost himself in that fine aroma, pushing and sliding his erect dick firmly against that sweet, stained toe area of the other flip flop.

He found himself wondering if she had been fucked with these cheap rubber soles on her feet. Did her toes tingle as her lover slipped his big cock inside of her? Perhaps she used the flip flops to jerk him off, his cum splashing through her toe cleavage and onto the cheap rubber of the shoes. Maybe he loved to suck on her beautiful painted toes, Clive imagined, while at the same time using these same rubber flip flops to jerk himself off, his semen becoming one with the succulent natural sweat from her naked soles and toes.

These fantasies brought Clive dangerously close to his orgasm. He paused for a second to compose himself, and, out of sheer curiosity, slipped the other flip flop onto his own bare foot. Size-wise, Clive’s strong male foot dwarfed the footwear by başakşehir escort a couple of sizes. He admired the sight of her flip flop on his bare foot. He enjoyed the invasion of his own toe cleavage, augmenting her own natural foot odour with his. Turning his attention to the cheap footwear around his cock once more, he carefully decorated the plastic “Y” toe-cleavage dweller with a great, sticky glob of his pre-cum. He imagined that tender, aromatic area between the owner’s first two toes, wondering if they would separate enough to accommodate the large, swollen head of his cock. He fantasised about fucking this sweet, almost secret area between her toes while sucking her other bare foot for all he was worth. He imagined the sight of his pre-cum glistening like champagne between her delicious toes, lubricating each thrust of his veiny, excited cock through her toe cleavage.

Clive suddenly realised that he was about to orgasm right there on his knees in her shoe closet, naked except for one of her flip flops. Gasping euphorically, he held that moist rubber sole in front of his hot, pre-cum soaked prick and, wanking himself to climax with his other hand, he began to empty great, thick spurts of his cum onto the footwear. He felt every muscle in his sweating body contract as he emptied his balls onto the flip flop, his warm sperm momentarily hiding those imprinted stains of her toes, dripping downwards and collecting in a sticky pool at the indent left by her sweet heel.

Clive milked himself dry onto the abused flip flop. He ensured his friend the plastic “Y” received a healthy coating of his sticky, white cum, hoping kadıköy escort bayan that some of his devotional seed would make it to the delectable toe cleavage of its female owner.

Drained and sweating, Clive sat back against the door of the closet on his bare arse to catch his breath. He removed the flip flop from his foot and placed it neatly on the floor next to its semen-coated partner. He looked down at his naked body, noticing the sticky bubble of cum which remained at the tip of his cock. He smiled to himself in his perverted self-satisfied glow, collecting the remainder of his cum with his fingernail and dabbing it onto the beautifully-scented flip flop he had held to his face moments ago. He painted two eyes and a big smiley face onto the rubber, laughing to himself at how visible the design was against the cheap, black material. The cum stains on the other shoe would be incredible, Clive thought to himself, and he hoped the female owner would appreciate each drop of sweat and sperm he had contributed to its worship.

He arranged the flip flops on the floor and, following orders, took several pictures with his digital camera. As instructed, he ensured he had plenty close-up shots as well as wider shots capturing the semen ‘smiley’ he had created on one of the rubber soles. He smiled to himself, anticipating seeing these photos on his PC monitor that evening.

He got back onto his knees and, turning out the light, opened the door to exit the shoe closet.

It was the following blow to the front of his head that surprised Clive the most, well, as much surprise as one may experience before lapsing into unconsciousness. In that split-second between opening the closet door and dark, senseless oblivion, Clive was able to discern a female figure in front of him, a large, blunt object in one hand. Her hazy image would haunt his enforced dreams until he awoke at her mercy…

…To be continued

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