Brother’s List

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I tightly clenched the towel around me as I walked. The warm summer breeze felt like ice on my wet skin as I neared my house. Mom had called me home early from swimming at my friend Rebecca’s house so I had had no time to dry off before walking. I could feel the icy drips of water bounce off my feet in my flip-flops as I neared my house. Luckily there were no neighbors out today; it was kind of embarrassing to be wearing nothing but a little blue two-piece swimsuit and a towel.

As soon as I entered the house I noticed my stepbrother Andrew passed out on the couch. He had the next few days off of work so he’d been wanting to try drinking all day for an entire Saturday, but it looks like he didn’t make it past two o’clock. I laughed; he was more lightweight than I was and he was three years older. I picked up the half-empty beer bottle from his hand and took a swig.

“Shelly!” scolded my mom in the doorway.

I hid the bottle behind my back but it was too late.

She laughed as she moved towards the kitchen with an arm full of groceries. “You’re lucky your birthday was last week, otherwise you’d be grounded! Plus I need help, go unload the stuff from the car!”

I took another sip of the beer and helped grab bags. I was only eighteen but I’d had way more alcohol in my life than Andrew ever had, so I thought it was kind of ironic that he was actually old enough to drink.

After everything had finished I set my towel on the couch and took a seat next to my brother, my bikini was a dry-damp that I didn’t think would do too much damage to the leather. Andrew had passed out with a cooking show on tv. I laid down and rested my wet head on his lap to watch the contestants fight against each other in some lobster versus chicken cook-off in Vegas. I could hear my mom on the other side of the wall putting away the food.

“Hey Shelly,” she called, “can you see if Andrew knows where he put my skillet when he washed the dishes yesterday?”

I looked up from his lap and smacked him in the face. He didn’t even move. I smacked him harder.

“Hey assface,” I yelled, “wake up!”

I got no reaction from him.

“He’s out cold!” I called back.

“Damn,” I heard her say.

I realized I had rolled my head onto his crotch when I had turned. The pressure must have excited his sleeping state because I felt the fabric hardening against my skull.

I smiled slightly. It wasn’t uncomfortable, it was just funny to think that my brother had the same anatomy as other boys. I turned my head back to watch the show, letting his hardening erection press against the side of my face.

After a minute it angled up too far to be comfortable to I slid my head back to his stomach. Andrew’s long dick made a bump in the fabric in front of me, obscuring my vision of the tv in one of my eyes. Instead of moving, I found myself focused on the protrusion. It was so interesting to be this close to a penis. Honestly, I’d never been this close to one. I’d had pervy guys send me dick pics growing up but I’d never found myself actually near one before.

I studied it through his shorts, wondering exactly what it looked like through the fabric. It looked big, but I couldn’t tell for sure. I was almost tempted to take a peek, it would have been easy enough with his basketball shorts, but I refrained myself and stuck with just watching him grow bigger and bigger.

My mom dropped something in the kitchen.

“Dammit! Shelly, can you grab me a towel?” she called.

I got up from the couch and realized that my brother might not be horny when I got back. I took a chance and squeezed his cock through his shorts.

The size surprised me. Looking at it was one thing, but actually wrapping my fingers around it was like gripping the handle of a baseball bat. I couldn’t stop myself from moving my fingers down his shaft to try and find the base.

“Shelly?” called my mom again.

Damn. I couldn’t even get halfway before the fabric bunched up and stopped my hand. The only way I’d be feeling his full penis was if I pulled it out of his shorts. Which I wasn’t going to do. I was only curious.

“I’ll grab some mom!” I answered finally.

I grabbed a fresh towel and walked into the kitchen to see my mom’s bottom half drenched in milk.

“God damn, mom,” I said, “What did you do?”

“Don’t worry about it,” she said quickly.

I helped her clean up the mess and put the rest of the groceries away.

“I’m going to shower,” mom said motioning to her soaked legs.

I laughed and went back into the living room as she went to her room. Unfortunately, Andrew’s erection had subsided. I sat back on the couch and watched the final part of the episode.

As my mom’s shower turned on I realized that I was now completely alone. She wouldn’t be out for a while and Andrew definitely wasn’t going to wake up any time soon. I got that kind of naughty feeling you get when you’re totally alone in a place you weren’t normally. I could do anything and no one could stop me.

I sahabet güvenilirmi found my hand on my crotch. I had such easy access through my bikini. The thought turned me on even more: I was practically naked and touching myself next to my unconscious brother. I sucked on my fingers while touching the damp surface of my bikini bottom.

My fingers were great, but what if I could suck on a real dick? The thought was impossible, but there was an impossible situation right next to me. I could do anything to him.

I knew I wouldn’t, but thinking about it turned me on even more. So I kept thinking about it, using the thought of sucking my brother off to get myself off. I wondered what a dick tasted like. Would it be anything like my fingers?

I couldn’t help myself from resting my head on his crotch again. The temptation was just too strong. I lightly rubbed my face against the outline of his flaccid penis as I masturbated. I slipped my fingers into my bikini and rubbed my clit in circles. It would feel so good just to at least see a dick.

The feeling of my face must have excited his sleeping state again. His dick grew and pressed against my face as I rubbed. I bit down lightly on the top of the bulge, imagining that I was getting ready to fit the whole thing in my mouth. It continued to grow and pushed against my lips.

I couldn’t take it anymore. I had to at least see it. I got on my knees in front of him and gripped the lining on his shorts; after I pulled the fabric down there would be no turning back. I briefly hesitated and then worked the front of the shorts down.

The first thing I noticed was his shaved bush. I wondered if he had sex a lot. The little bits of stubble felt funny against my fingers as I pulled further. Then the base of his dick appeared and I gasped. It was massive. As I revealed more of his penis the thought of fitting it in my mouth drove me crazy. It would be a challenge but I really wanted to try.

Finally, I unveiled the tip. It flipped up when freed from the elastic and smacked against his stomach. I waited for a moment to make sure he wouldn’t wake up.

Still no reaction.

I moved my head close and studied my brother’s penis. I couldn’t believe it was right in front of me. A massive boy thing that I could do whatever I wanted to. The thought gave me chills.

I gripped it with both hands, squeezing it gently and practicing how I would stroke it once my mouth was around it. Why had I waited so long to try this? On the rare occasions that my brother drank he would go all-in until he passed out. I’d been missing a valuable opportunity for so long.

I cautiously licked the tip, expecting some weird boy taste. Instead, I was met with just the salty taste of skin. Hmm, so dicks just tasted like skin? I circled around the tip with my tongue and tasted some of his pre-cum dribbling out. It had an odd, clear taste; hard to explain but not bad.

I decided it was time and pressed my mouth against his tip, allowing the dick to slowly force my mouth open and move inside. It was a literal mouthful, running against the top of my tongue and nearly touching the roof of my mouth. My jaw popped as I pressed further.

As it reached the back of my mouth I decided I couldn’t go any further, even though almost half his dick remained untouched. I gripped the dry part with my hands and began slowly working myself up and down on my brother’s dick. The sensation was driving me wild. This would be all I masturbated about over the next few weeks. I let the feeling consume me, closing my eyes as I pumped him faster and harder. I wanted to make my brother cum.

After a moment he did just that. Without warning, Andrew’s cum fired into the back of my throat. I gagged a little out of surprise, then tried my best to hold it all in my mouth as he emptied himself inside of me.

I still didn’t stop. I swallowed what I could and used the rest as lubrication to shove him even deeper into my mouth. I could feel him stabbing against the entrance to my throat as I pumped, but eventually it was too much. With a gasp I let his dick bounce from my mouth. The sopping wet cock smacked against his belly and soaked his shirt. I hoped he wouldn’t wake for a while because he would definitely be able to tell something had happened.

It was time for my pleasure. I could have snuck off into my room and masturbated at this point, but I had never had sex before and wanted to take full advantage of this opportunity. I didn’t plan on actually putting him inside of me, but I did want to at least feel what a cock felt like against my pussy.

Mom was still in the shower so I had some time. I straddled my brother so I was facing him. If he was awake my tiny tits would have been in his face. Just to add some excitement I slipped my bikini under my breasts and rubbed a nipple around Andrew’s lips. I just knew that he would love this if he was awake. As I pretended to have my brother suck on my tits I began to grind myself on his cock. Pressing sahabet yeni giriş his dick against his stomach and feeling it up and down through my thin bikini bottom. The firm sensation of dick pressing on clit through my bikini panties sent shivers down my spine.

I ground him down for a moment and then couldn’t help myself. I slipped my underwear to the side and rubbed my bare clit on his dick. I knew he would smell it when he woke up, but I didn’t care anymore. The feeling of skin on skin was amazing. I ground against him for several more minutes but couldn’t get myself to cum. I wanted penetration.

I debated my next move in my head. He would definitely know I had done something if I rode him. But it would be so worth it at the same time. My horniness won out. I stood up and slipped completely out of my bikini bottom. If I was caught now it would all be over. I tugged Andrew’s shorts down to his knees, letting his dick wave completely free. Then I cautiously got back into position and hovered over his dick.

I’d masturbated plenty of times. I even had secret toys in my dresser. But none of my toys matched up to this. I was going to have my brother inside me. The thought was unreal. Plus he was bigger than any of my toys. I knew I’d be caught after this so I knew I had to make it the best sex of my life.

I gripped his shoulders and slowly let myself down. His dick touched my opening sooner than I expected and sent a tingling through my legs. This was it. I pressed down, feeling the tip of his dick forcing me wide open. I screeched silently and then held my breath, but the water was still running. Mom wouldn’t hear me until she was done. I let myself down further. Feeling him slide deeper than anything had gone before, and it kept going.

When I was a good way down I started to move back up, feeling him grind against my insides with unrelenting pressure. I gasped for breath and rested my head next to his. If he was awake he would grab my hips and force me deeper into him. I grabbed his hands and placed them on my hips, living my fantasy. I held them there and forced myself deeper onto his cock until there was nothing left to give. My brother was fully inside of me.

I let myself moan as I started bouncing on his dick. I was already sopping wet and the cum already on his dick helped him slide through me with amazing ease. I rammed his massive cock inside me over and over again, screeching as my big brother unknowingly worked to make his little sister cum.

Finally, I felt it happening: the climax to end all climaxes. I couldn’t stop my screams as a wave of tension tightened my midsection and took my breath away. My legs stuttered in their motions and my thighs ached but I kept pumping until my orgasm overcame me. My climax lasted longer than any I had ever had. The tips of my toes dug forcefully into the couch and my fingernails almost cut into the skin on my brother’s hands as I came all over his massive cock.

After a wondrous moment, the feeling subsided. Leaving me panting in an exhausted mound on top of Andrew. His dick was still inside my vagina. I wanted to enjoy the feeling for as long as possible.

As I rested there with his cock still pressing against my insides, I wondered what I would have to do in the future to convince him not to rat me out.


Two days had passed since the incident and I’d begun to wonder if I really hadn’t been caught. I was relaxing in bed, trying to finish the last chapter of a novel for a summer assignment when there was a knock at the door.

“Come in!” I called.

Andrew entered and shut the door behind him. He gripped a sheet of paper tightly in his left hand.

“What’s up?” I asked.

Andrew locked the door. Uh oh.

“I have a list,” was all he said.

“A list of what?” I questioned.

“Someone in this house did something to me the other day,” he continued, “and I think it was you.”

“Did what?” I asked innocently.

He looked me up and down. “Take your shirt off.”

I just stared at him.

“Take it off,” he repeated.

I could have tried to argue. To play dumb. But I knew he knew. Only the three of us lived together in our small house, and it would have been a safe bet that mom hadn’t fucked her sleeping son. I gripped the edges of my shirt and pulled it up, letting my messy hair flop back down to my shoulders and revealing my small pink bra underneath.

“Wh-where’s mom?” I questioned.

“She’s out,” was all Andrew said as he stepped to the left side of the bed. His face was stern and unyielding. “Take off the bra.”

“What’s on the list?” I asked as I slipped out my tiny boobs and threw the bra to the ground.

“It’s a list of reasons why either you or mom would do this to me. You won by a long shot.”

“It’s not as bad as you think,” I defended.

“Then why are you doing everything I say?” he countered.

He was right. As long as he kept this a secret he had power over me.

“What do you want me to do?” sahabet giriş I asked.

He sat on the edge of my bed and studied my breasts. I wondered if he had ever wanted them before. After a very long silence, he spoke:

“Get up.”

I slowly rose to my knees on the bed, wearing only my white pajama pants. Andrew’s hungry eyes followed my breasts and hips as I positioned myself next to him on the bed.

He scooted to the center of the bed and laid down with his spread legs facing me.

“I’m going to stay here and let you decide what to do.” He gave the list a little wave. “You really don’t want to let me down.”

I hesitated. Playing with my brother while he was asleep had been easy, but what would happen now? I pressed my hand against his crotch. This time he was wearing cotton pajamas; I could feel him already getting hard through the material as his penis fought against my fingers.

Was he serious? Or was he just trying to get me in more trouble? I slid my fingers down the outline of his shaft, waiting for him to break character. Instead, he just closed his eyes as his penis grew larger.

If my brother was serious about this then I would have no choice but to please him. I rubbed him over the fabric for a while until he was completely erect, then I moved to remove his pajamas. He lifted his midsection slightly as I pulled. The familiar image of his shaft appeared before his dick flicked into the air, wobbling for a second and then pointing straight up like a massive harpoon.

“Suck it,” he demanded.

I wearily placed my lips against his tip, waiting for him to say he was only joking; but Andrew said nothing. I very slowly parted my lips and allowed his dick to enter me once more.

He moaned slightly as my wet, warm mouth slid down his shaft. Slowly sliding down until I couldn’t fit any more. I gripped the base with my fingers and began working them up and down while I sucked on the top half of his dick. Andrew slid his hand under my chest and gripped one of my breasts as I stroked, squeezing it firmly and pinching the nipple.

It hurt slightly, but I continued working him. The continuous motion of my mouth was really starting to turn me on: if Andrew really was serious about this then maybe I could get something out of it too. After another minute of sucking I pulled myself from his dick with a loud ‘pop’ and stared him in the eyes.

“What?” he demanded.

I continued to stroke his dick with my hand and moved close to his face so my tits were at his eye level. He studied them for a second and then accepted the invitation, cupping and sucking on my nipples with his lips.

Andrew seemed to suddenly snap, like he couldn’t take it anymore. Out of nowhere, I was flipped onto my back. The pajama pants I was wearing were ripped from me — revealing my fully naked body to my brother towering above me.

“I’m going to do to you what you did to me,” he said firmly.

I secretly wanted him to fuck me, but did he know that? I don’t think he did. My brother was attempting to use what I did to get sex out of me, against what he thought was my will.

Andrew lowered himself until his dick was pressed tightly against my clit. A breath escaped me as he began to grind himself up and down. I lifted my knees and rested my feet on the bed as he slid his hand behind my neck and gripped it tight.

“Did my sister fuck me?” he demanded.

“You’d like to know,” I challenged.

He moved his dick lower and rubbed the tip against my opening.

“Did my little sister fuck me while I was sleeping?” Andrew repeated.

I didn’t answer. Instead, I pushed myself harder against his dick, beginning to press the edges of my vagina open.

A surge of adrenaline took over Andrew and he pulled me up to a sitting position. Our faces were inches apart.

“You’re not going to tell on me?” he asked as he pushed his tip slowly into me.

I just closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling of my brother entering me.

“I’m going to fuck you,” he said. I felt him sliding somehow even deeper than when I rode his sleeping dick.

The last inch he unexpectedly thrust in, forcing a moan out of me as my brother was once again fully inside of my vagina.

“I’ll stop if you tell me it wasn’t you,” he said with a strained voice.

I responded by wrapping my legs around him. Andrew went crazy and pressed me down against the bed. He gripped behind my neck again and began pumping me hard. My legs tensed up at the feeling of his dick filling me completely over and over again. Spasms shot continuously up and down my spine as he forcibly held me down and fucked me.

I felt my body tense up. Was I cumming already? Andrew was still pummeling me with no signs of slowing. My legs clenched and my back arched on its own. I gripped both of my breasts tightly and enjoyed the feeling of Andrew’s hand against my chest forcing me against the bed. My orgasm sensation continued building and building until it overwhelmed me.

I moaned loud enough to be heard from anywhere inside the house as my insides seemed to explode. Andrew took the sign and pumped me harder and faster as my warm cum soaked his dick. After a moment of pure ecstasy the feeling ebbed away and I was left with an immense soreness in my legs.

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