Brothers and Sisters Ch. 03

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Chapter 3 — Discovery and Acknowledgement

Saturday afternoon, we got Dave, Marie, Ryan, and Penny to join Anna and me for a trip to the beach, and then a barbecue at our condo. One hallmark of the event was that the couples that formed were rarely with our normal partner.

I started the afternoon with Penny cuddled up on the beach blanket with me. We were making our like crazy, and also sneaking ‘feels’ of each other’s sexual bits.

Penny wore a crop top instead of her bikini bra. This was a big advantage since the top showed a lot of underboob, and it was easy when we were lying next to each other for me to suck on each of her luscious breasts.

I pulled a large beach towel over the two of us from the waist down, and that enabled me to finger Penny to several orgasms, and also to collect some of her juices and then bring them to my mouth by way of my fingers.

Anna and Dave got deep inside the shady area we’d created with a beach umbrella and some large towels to do the same things to each other. I guess he felt they were out of sight enough that he could actually perform oral sex on her. Based on her sounds, I counted four orgasms and then one blowjob.

Ryan and Marie later traded places with Anna and Dave, so they could claim the ‘privacy corner’. While they were duplicating what the prior occupants of that space had done, Penny slipped under the large towel and gave me a blowjob. She gave me a squeamish grim and showed me all my cum in her mouth before she swallowed.

I pulled Penny to me and immediately French kissed her. She looked surprised. “You don’t mind?”

I shook my head. “It’s just some body fluids that barely have any taste.”

Penny recalled, “I remember the first night we got together that you went down on me when I was still leaking Dave’s cum from inside me. You seemed oblivious to that.”

I nodded, “It’s only a big deal if you make it one. Anna and I do it all the time. I’ll snowball my spooge with her sometimes, when we’re really into naughty sex.”

Penny grinned, “I’ll remember that. You really turned me on doing that.”

After three hours at the beach, we went back to our apartment. We all went swimming in the complex’s pool and used the outdoor shower to get rid of the chlorine aroma. We air dried, and I fired up the gas grill nearest to our living unit. No one else was cooking out that night apparently.

I made quick work cooking hot dogs, burgers, and some chicken breasts, along with some toasted buns. We ate on our balcony after arranging some of the furniture so we could all fit outside.

Our conversation was lively and seemed to focus on learning about each other’s jobs. Several in the group remembered that Marie and I worked together. Marie gave a devilish grin and told how she and I had a ‘lover’s lunch’ a few days earlier right in the very same apartment we were in.

Marie admonished Penny to not discuss what she’d just said with her sister Wendy. Wendy was married to Peter who was Marie’s and my boss.

Anna also confessed to a luncheon rendezvous with Dave the day before. She also mentioned that she and I had talked a lot about how we’d feel and whether that would fracture our relationship.

That revelation prompted a discussion about boundaries and permissions each partner felt comfortable with. I was surprised how open and revealing everyone was about their sexual mores. We were all pretty similar and very tolerant of each other’s sexual inclinations and passions.

After dinner, the six of us started our evening fuck fest. We brought the mattress from our unused bedroom into the living room, and also opened up the living room’s sleeper sofa. Those two surfaces gave us plenty of room to conduct our small orgy in each other’s presence.

Several things happened over the evening that hadn’t occurred before. For one, there was a lot more sapphic sex supertoto yeni giriş between the women. Anna seemed to be the inspiration for a lot of that. She’d watched some lesbian porn and was loaded with ideas to try that created good orgasms and sexual feelings. Marie and Penny were not as skilled in the sapphic arts as my sister.

Anna had the three of them in a daisy chain eating pussies and sucking up cum again. This time, they took turns tribbing with each other as well as straight-up sixty-nines. Anna also fisted Penny, just about destroying her gorgeous friend for a half-hour after the resultant very powerful orgasm raked her body. Having watched that, Marie begged off until another time.

The other unusual event consisted of two threesomes that formed; one ended up me with Penny and Marie, and the other Anna with Dave and Ryan.

For Anna, it was the first time she’d had anal sex, and that in turn led to her being DPed by the two men — one in her pussy and one in her ass. She also had a string of powerful orgasms that left her breathless. She was also very full of the men’s ejaculations in both of her lower orifices.

Anna’s leaking condition became even more evident because I’d reached a resting place with the two women, and the three of us were watching the men finish with Anna.

Penny challenged her partner, and then included Dave in her charge. “Hey, you two just left Anna all drippy. You should clean her up… with your mouths. Matt just finished cleaning up Marie and me that way, even with all the cum he injected into us. Can’t you do the same? Matt really turned me on by doing that. I think it’s really sexually hot and arousing.”

Dave and Ryan were speechless at Penny’s challenge. The two men looked at each other and then at Anna’s wide-open crotch that displayed the obvious condition of a pussy and ass dripping oozing semen, which then dripped occasionally onto the tile floor beside the sofa bed.

Anna smiled at the two men. She said, “Penny’s right. Matt orally cleans up his messes all the time. I’ll even snowball with you.”

Ryan said, “But… it’s gross!”

Penny said, “Oh, so, my giving you a blowjob and swallowing is just fine and sexy, but you doing something similar with our friend is gross. I don’t see much equity in that situation.”

Marie piled on, “Maybe we should stop blowjobs and swallowing, after all, the two guys we would normally do that for think it’s gross. Matt even did my pussy when I was leaking Dave’s cum the first night that we all had sex together.”

Dave turned to me, “Do you really do that?”

I shrugged, “Yeah, sorry guys, but I did and do. The semen is no big deal. The fluid is all but tasteless. It’s mixed well with the woman’s juices and that’s usually the dominant flavor and aroma and hence taste. Moreover, it’s novel enough, that I’ve obviously distinguished myself with the women here as somebody willing to work on their sexual bliss regardless of what condition their genitals are in.”

I then threw down the gauntlet, “You should each try it. Put out of your mind that ‘it’s gross’, and just try to clean and deliver pleasure at the same time. Anna, you wouldn’t mind, would you?”

Anna smiled, “I’d welcome both men. I’m hoping we can fuck some more, too.”

Ryan cautiously knelt in front of Anna’s widespread legs. He used two fingers and spread some of the obvious fluids around her cunt. Dave looked on with total curiosity.

I added, “There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”

Both men acknowledged my statement of the old adage with a nod.

Ryan leaned into Anna’s pussy with his tongue extended. He took one lap from the opening of her vagina up over her clit, and through some of her pubic hair. He then sat back to evaluate what he’d just tasted.

I figured that he didn’t think it was too bad, because a few seconds later, supertoto giriş he repeated the foray into Anna’s leaking pussy with his tongue. This time he took a longer swipe, and intentionally collected some of the obvious semen that was from both Dave and him.

Anna’s body jerked and she moaned. She pulled Ryan to her and open-mouth kissed him, sharing the fluids he’d collected.

Ryan went back for more, this time sucking in some of the effluent, and then bringing them to Anna to taste. They snowballed the small amount of goo he’d collected. I also noted that Ryan now had a hard-on that wouldn’t quit. Anna took hold and stroked him a bit with one hand.

Dave finally announced to the aroused pair, “OK, I’ll try it, too.” He tapped Ryan on his shoulder as he was kissing Anna. Ryan just pointed to Anna’s twat without breaking the kiss.

Dave did the same thing Ryan had done. Barely touched the wet surfaces, evaluated the situation, and then slowly, lick by lick, expanded his willingness to taste the fluids leaking from inside the woman he’d just fucked in a double penetration.

After a few minutes, I moved over to Anna and nudged Dave to one side. I took two fingers and reached deep inside her cunt and pulled the fluids to the outside. There was obvious semen, but also plenty of Anna’s juices. I then vacuumed up the splooge and then French kissed with my sister. She moaned in our passion and held me to her as her tongue searched my mouth and mine explored hers.

As we separated, Ryan said, “I guess we all learned a new skill tonight. It was more the thought of doing that than actually doing it that was gross. The act was nothing to get too excited about.”

Anna quickly said, “Unless you’re on the receiving end. Thank you. You each gave me a small orgasm by doing that. I’m very aroused again.”

Penny and Marie bumped fists. Penny said, “We are going to hone this new skill at home from now on.” There was general laughter.

We sat on the balcony in the nude in the dark and watched the stars. I checked to see whether any of our neighbors were looking at us in the shadows, but I didn’t see anything. It was pretty dark where we were by then.

We went back to couple-loving to end the night. Marie whispered that she’d had me during the week and that I should do Penny. I did. She and I used part of the sofa bed and we tried many of the positions in the Kama Sutra. I made sure the others could see my cock penetrating the hot blonde in most of our fucking. We kissed and were romantic a lot, too.

Anna got a very romantic fuck with Dave, as Marie coupled with Ryan. In having that thought, I realized I shouldn’t have used the word ‘fuck’ because it didn’t reflect what was really going on. Everyone was ‘making love’ with their partners.

After the last round, including some oral cleanup of our partners, we all went out to the pool for a quick skinny-dip. I didn’t turn on the overhead lights, so we were pretty invisible. We each swam around for a minute or two, and then we ran back to our apartment by way of a rinse in the pool showers.

Ryan and Penny quickly dried off and dressed. They kissed everyone goodbye and left. We agreed we’d try to do this again the following weekend.

Anna, Marie, Dave and I also dried off. We were standing there naked when Marie turned and pulled both Anna and me to her sexy body. She kissed both of us.

Marie said, “I know your secret. I won’t tell, I promise. Dave and I share the same secret that you do.”

I could feel Anna stiffen, and I know my brain started to scream things appropriate for DEFCON 1. RED ALERT. RED ALERT. TROUBLE. DANGER.

Anna somehow stammered out, “Our secret?”

Marie grinned, “That you’re brother and sister.”

For some reason, I thought of two dollars needing to go into our vocabulary jar in the kitchen. Of course, Marie didn’t know about that.

I supertoto güvenilirmi asked, “What made you think that?” It was a question, but asked in a way that didn’t indicate I was going to refute or substantiate what she’d assumed.

Marie said, “We made love in your bedroom a few days ago. You have some family pictures on the dresser and wall that I glanced at. There are some on your desk, too. Some obviously included you two when you were teenagers. You two, your two sisters, and your parents all look alike.”

Anna said apologetically, “We’re in love. The others in our family don’t know.”

Marie hugged Anna. It was kind of sexy as their breasts smushed together. Marie said, “We’re in the same boat. That’s why we live a thousand miles from home. I think we’re doing the same thing you are. We’re living together, but tell the home front that we’re each dating other people.”

Dave came forward and hugged Anna and me, too. He said, “I promise we won’t say anything. Just know that you have a sounding board if you want to talk about anything. I feel better just knowing that somebody else is going through the same things that we are. Loving your sibling is a unique experience in many ways.”

Anna broke into a grin. “Do you guys want to sleep over with us? Dave and I could sleep in one bed and you two take the other one.”

Marie and Dave checked with each other with only a silent look. Dave said, “Fuck, yeah! It’s no secret that I have feelings for you Anna, and I know Marie and Matt have something heating up. Let’s do it.”

Dave helped me move the mattress from the living room back to the bed in what was officially ‘my’ bedroom. Anna and Marie made the bed, and then Dave and Anna tucked Marie and me into bed with kisses and words of love and then left us to go to Anna and my usual bedroom. I noticed that they left the doors open so we could hear each other’s lovemaking.

Marie said, “This is the first time I’ve ever slept with somebody other than Dave.”

I kissed her and said, “I promise I’ll still love you in the morning.” On that bit of humor, our bodies came in contact and our hands started to smooth, and fondle, and stimulate each other all over again. Tongues and lips came into play in more ways than just kissing. We were turned on and tuned into each other.

Marie and I made love to each other. For the first time, we even used those words. They were not exclusionary to the relationship we already had with Dave and Anna. They were explicitly inclusive.

I wondered whether I’d feel any twinges of disloyalty because of what I said to Marie, or what she said to me. I didn’t. If anything, I felt a strange sense of completeness.

As we loved, we also listened to the distant sounds of Anna’s headboard thumping against her bedroom wall as Dave plowed into her during their lovemaking. Anna knew that if she moved their bodies across the bed that wouldn’t happen. I guessed that she was sending me a signal.

We finished the lovemaking with me spooned in behind Marie, my cock deep in her pussy, and my hands wrapped around her holding her wonderful full breasts. Without separating, we put our heads on the pillow and slept.

We made love in the middle of the night. I was sure that Anna would also awaken and then do the same with Dave. She liked the sex in the night, and it was often part of our repertoire.

Marie and I also made love when we awoke about eight in the morning. Again, I could hear the headboard in Anna’s room thumping against the wall. I wonder if she knew that the sound traveled throughout the whole apartment complex. Everyone would know she was getting laid. I thought that maybe she didn’t care.

Marie and I showered in my ensuite bath, but remained naked. Our clothes from the night before were in the living room and barely worn except to start our cookout after the beach date.

Suddenly, I had a flash of insight. It occurred when Anna and Dave came into the living area, also naked and fresh from a shower. They smiled at us. Anna came to me with kisses and words of love. Dave went to Marie with similar words and actions.

My flash of insight was that Penny and Ryan were also siblings.

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