Breastfeeding Father-in-Law

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Thursday morning I got dressed with teasing Monty on my brain. I chose a lime green halter top that showed the natural curves of my breasts and would give him a nice front and side view. I was still determined not to go anywhere with his flaunting, but I enjoy giving men pleasure visually…. it turns me on, it turned me on so much that I couldn’t help but play with my breasts during my 15 minute drive over there, therefore giving many an unexpected view during their morning commute to work, and for a select few, they made their appreciation known.

Within minutes of my being there, I could hear Monty upstairs in the kitchen, and by all the noise he made, I was pretty sure he was at the kitchen table once again. I played with my nipples for a couple minutes before heading up for my coffee. I could feel my 38C boobs bouncing slightly and knew he was enjoying the bobbing as I finished climbing the final steps. I couldn’t help but notice his knees legs slightly spread under the table and the robe slightly open, but not enough to see what was winking at me underneath.

“Good morning!” Monty cheerfully greeted me.

“It’s gonna be a got one out today, looks like you dressed for the weather.” His eyes were wandering over my chest before settling on my face.

“Yep, I’m always prepared”, I happily replied. I was slightly turned away from him, allowing him to view the curve of my breast leading to a pointy hardened nipple.

“What are your plans today? Staying cool or braving the heat?” Monty inquired.

I turned towards him and noticed him quickly move his hand from between his legs to above the table. I sat down kitty corner to him and leaned forward to sip my coffee. “I think I’ll stick indoors, too hot for the baby to be outside”. I leaned back in my chair and thought about him pinching his nipples as I blew on my coffee. We started talking about this n that and I was very much aware of not so discreet glances at my chest. I got up from my chair and reached over the table to grab a napkin, letting him glimpse a nipple as the halter hung a little loose. Walking over to the counter, I ran the water washed my hands. Monty slid his chair back and made an overly loud effort to get out of the chair. I asked if he needed help as I watched the bottom of his robe open as he got up, then close again. He declined my help and walked towards where I was standing then went behind me, brushing against my ass as he went by.

I grinned to myself as I descended the stairs. Monty wasn’t much older than me… maybe 10yrs older, and he was totally gray….head, chest and pubes. I sat down on the couch and contemplated. Not a bad looking piece he has down there, I thought. It was bigger than I had anticipated, for someone of his size, maybe a bit bigger than average. I wondered what he was into and if he masturbated a lot. My day dream was broken when I heard Mikey babbling in his crib. Time for the routine change n feed.

Mikey and I wandered upstairs and of course Monty was there waiting for us…or should I say me and my breasts? Just as I walked by him, Mikey grabbed by halter and exposed its breast.

“Looks like he wants the boob” Monty commented as I pulled the material back over my breast.

“I don’t think Kim would appreciate my breastfeeding her kid” I added matter of factly.

Monty pondered what I said and curiously replied, “You mean you could feed him? You’re not pregnant or have a kid… have milk??”

“No, I’m not pregnant and well, yeah I have a little bit, but not much, just a few drops here and there.” I could feel myself actually blush somewhat.

Monty was a little confused. “How can….I mean how does that…. WHY?”

I liked where this conversation was going, and I could esenyurt escort tell he very much wanted to hear what I had to say.

” Well, there is induced lactation. Wet-nurses and women who adopt children can produce milk without being pregnant.”

“You still haven’t told me HOW.” Monty eagerly stated.

“Usually it’s a combination of medicine prescribed by a doctor and manual milking techniques.” I answered.

“Manual milking techniques? ” Monty thought a moment, then replied, “You mean like milking a cow….massaging your breasts like that?”

“Yes, something like that, or having someone suckle your breasts regularly or using a breast pump also.” I added. His gaze rested on my breasts and you could tell he was thinking about what I told him.

“Would he get anything if he sucked them?” Monty was in awe, his eyes glued to my boobs and his mouth slightly open, like he wanted to take one in his mouth himself.

“Well, a little bit, but not enough to satisfy him.” I could feel my nipples tingling and hardening to the point where they ached. I thought about Monty watching me breastfeed the baby and scolded myself for doing so.

“I think Mike wants it.” He pointed to my naked boob which Mikey had again exposed and was trying to get at with his mouth.

I blushed slightly, but didn’t cover my breast. Instead I let the baby find the hardened nipple and eagerly latched on, hoping for milk.

Monty couldn’t take his eyes off Mikey’s mouth sucking slowly at my boob. His own nipples were fully erect and his robe was now covering the beginnings of a hard-on. Mikey was starting to get frustrated by not getting any milk when I felt the let-down happen. A tingling filled my breast and I knew he would get something soon. He settled down once he tasted the warm liquid spurt in his mouth.

“How does that feel” Monty asked, still transfixed upon Mikey feeding from me. “Does it feel the same as when a guy sucks them?”

“Yes, it feels the same way, except with milk coming out of them.” I was enjoying the sensation of nurturing Mikey and having Monty watching. After a few minutes, Monty questioned me.

“Shouldn’t he feed from your other breast too? When do you know it’s time to change breasts?” He asked eagerly.

“I really shouldn’t be doing this Monty. If Kim or anyone found out I’d be dead!!!” I was feeling guilty but pleasant at the same time.

“I’m telling anyone. I love watching you feed him, it’s amazing. My wife never breastfed and I’ve never seen it before, it’s awesome to watch!” At that moment, Mikey unlatched from my breast. Monty gazed intensely at the long drawn out milky nipple, “WOW” he exclaimed, “Now the other one right?”

After burping Mikey, I pulled out my other breast and let him secure his hungry mouth on my breast. Once again, it took a moment for the milk to let-down, then giving Michael his meal. Monty reached over and brushed the nipple not in use with his finger. “You were dripping,” he pointed out as he removed his hand.

I covered up the breast Monty just finished grazing and was trying hard not to be aroused, I was calm n cool on the outside, but inside I was madly turned on.

When Mikey finished his feeding, I covered myself up and got up to leave.

“Thank you, I really enjoyed that,” Monty happily announced.

“It can’t happen again!” I demanded as I disappeared downstairs.

The baby was once again napping. I couldn’t believe I had enough milk to feed him, I couldn’t believe I fed him! I couldn’t believe I let Monty watch! I wanted him to watch! I loved him watching my breasts feed a child! I am sick in the head!! Never ever ever is that happening again! Just totally wrong! I glanced down at my breasts and ran my hands zeytinburnu escort over them. I could feel there was milk filling them slowly, anticipating another feeding. The feeling was extraordinary. My whole body was on alert. I needed a smoke badly, so outside I went.

The heat was stifling as I lit up and sat on the warm concrete step. Without even thinking about it, a hand went to my breast and slowly massaged it. The workers across the alley must have gone for lunch for they weren’t around to watch this show. I slipped my breasts out of the halter and tenderly kneaded my plump milk jugs. I watched my nipples grow larger and brushed the hardened nibs with my fingers. I couldn’t help but begin a slow milking motion on my breasts and I could feel the liquid gathering up in my nipples until a few small drops emerged. I let out a soft moan and gathered my thoughts as I replaced my halter and went back inside.

Turning on the television, I could feel my breasts longing to be suckled, but I ignored it as I watched the show. I was almost asleep on the sofa when I heard Monty ask if I wanted to watch a movie with him. I accepted graciously and watched him put the DVD in the machine. While he was setting it up, I couldn’t help but think he should change into real clothing, at least a pair of shorts or something. When he came to sit down there was nothing poking out, so I figured he must have gotten off after I left.

Five minutes into the movie, Monty’s curiosity got the better of him. “How long does it take to get the milk back?” he asked.

“About three hours,” I answered back.

He glanced at the clock on the wall and then directed his eyes to my boobs again.

“Oh, so you have some now then,” he shifted his position on the couch and swung his legs up onto the stool. His robe gaped open somewhat across his crotch and I could see the gray hairs poking through and a few good fleshy inches of manhood. I really wanted to see the head of his cock poking out at me, but it was hiding under the robe still.

“Yes, there’s some now” I answered in return without taking my eyes off the tv.

“I think Kim has a pump if you need to get rid of some milk. I saw it in the bathroom down here.” Monty scratched his chest, exposing his hairy chest and tiny pink nipples.

“Yeah I saw it, thanks, but I don’t think I feel comfortable using hers. I’ll just take care of it when I get home later.” I answered.

“That’s a long time to wait isn’t it? Won’t they get really sore? I looked it up on the internet and I read it can get painful if they’re too full,” Monty stated with concern.

“You looked up breastfeeding on the internet?” This caught me by surprise.

“I’m intrigued so I had to look it up,” he replied, “and was hoping for some pictures to look at. You can’t blame a guy! Your breasts are amazing and watching them get sucked was unbelievable!”

“I’m not going to fuck you, Monty. So forget it. You’re family.” I stated rather convincingly.

“We don’t need to have sex. You don’t seem to have any problem with showing off your boobs to me, I’d be happy just to see them up and close….maybe let me feel them or have a quick suck or two.” Monty leaned back on the couch and smiled as he watched the movie. The bulge under his robe was much more noticeable now and I could almost see the entire length of it through the opening in his robe.

Through the corner of my eye I caught him giving his dick a quick rub. I really badly wanted my breasts touched and played with, but I wasn’t about to come right out and say it. So I came up with a plan, hoping it would work.

Finally, I replied, “I’m going out for a smoke.”

The blinds were slanted just enough so Monty taksim escort bayan could see me sitting in the chair outside. My back would be mostly facing him, but he’d be able to see just a bit of my right side and the curve of my breast inside the halter. I lit up and took a long drag while my left hand slid inside my halter and softly massaged the left breast. I knew he couldn’t see exactly what was happening, but he could see movement of my arm and probably figure out what I was doing. I noticed the construction workers still weren’t around and wondered where they were. I loved the feeling inside my breasts as I worked them with both hands now. I could feel a few drops of milk leaking from the taut nipples. A soft moan escaped my lips. I heard the door open. I just finished covering up as Monty came up behind my chair. I knew he had seen.

“I brought you a Coke, figured you’d need some in this heat.” Monty now stood beside me and ran the bottom of the can over the skin of my right breast not covered by the halter, his thumb followed suit gliding along the wet cold trail down to my outline of my top.

“Thanks,” I retorted as I grabbed the can with my left hand and let his thumb graze along my skin. He moved behind the chair now and with both hands gently pushed my breasts together several times then squeezed them softly.

“My god your tits are amazing!” he gasped as he cupped one with each of his big firm hands. “You like that as much as I like doing that?”

“Mmmm that’s nice. Glad you like” I murmured.

Monty continued kneading, caressing, massaging and squeezing the plump melons. Gently at first, then a little more roughly. I was thoroughly enjoying this.

I moved to get up and Monty protested. I removed his hands and rose from the chair. ” I’m going inside.”

Walking to the door my eyes took in the full extent of his hardness which was almost fully erect.

I went to the bathroom while Monty settled on the sofa. When I returned, he had his head back on the sofa and his eyes closed. No doubt he was thinking about my tits. I came up behind him and let my breasts loose from the halter and let them slap his face. His eyes opened immediately when some milk spurted from my nipples onto his face. He grabbed my boobs and squeezed them pulling them hard down towards his face making both of us moan. His tongue lashed out and teased each long hard milky nipple. I almost lost my balance I was so overtaken with pleasure as he greedily began to suck on the right teat like Mikey did when he fed. Starting to get uncomfortable, I pulled away, to Monty dislike. I moved to the front of the couch and kneeled on it facing him and told him to continue. While he suckled on one breast I would play with the other one, squirting his head with my milk.

In between mouthfuls of milk Monty would mumble and moan with pleasure. As I watched him greedily drinking my milk I could see his hand moving slowly up and down his cock which was showing pre-cum. He pulled back from me and once again began to roughly massage them and squeeze the milk in spurts all over his face. The next thing I knew, Monty grunted loudly and I felt his hot cum running down my leg, but he didn’t stop, he sucked my nipples harder until there was nothing left in them. He finished off my slowly wrapping his tongue around the nipples licking them clean and then slapping his face with them.

He leaned back and looked at his semi-soft cock and then my leg. “Oops, sorry didn’t mean to get you dirty” he said as he grabbed a Kleenex and began to clean it up. I ran my hand through the goopy mess covering it with his cum then spread it over my nipples and licked it from them.

“Holy crap that was insane!” he let out with enthusiastically.

“I better clean up and you need to get upstairs, they’re gonna be home soon.”

Examining myself in the bathroom mirror I proudly flicked my nipples and squeezed my sticky breasts. I could feel my panties soaked with my own juices. I couldn’t wait to get home and masturbate!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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