Breaking in the New Stable Boy

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This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.


Breaking in the New Stable Boy

Pulley’s prelude

You slam the bale of straw down to the ground with a grunt, tail flicking as sweat darkens your coat across your shoulder blades. Hauling straw is hard work, back breaking work, but it is work suited to a stallion rippling with muscle. It is work for you and it does you well.

Snorting, you wipe sweat from your brow, throat aching for a drink that you have not had in too long. Yet your sheath tingles and you know with a self-satisfied nicker that you will not be sating that thirst right away, but a very different need instead.

That’s what studs do, after all. You toss your head, mane falling to the other side of your neck. You need to be taken care of and you know exactly who may be willing to lend a helping paw.

For, in the break room of the stable yard, you are sure to find an eager partner in the form of the new lad, yet to experience the thrill of your pulsing shaft under his tail.

He’s been waiting for you for too long already.

Your shaft pushes out of its sheath and you roll your shoulders, stomping down the front row of stables with determination in your stride.

Someone needs to sow their oats.

Raiyoku’s prelude

Cradling a cup of coffee between two paws, you sigh and look down to your boots. After only a morning of working on the new stable yard – new to you, at least – your legs ache fiercely, a deep burn that you’re sure a bath will not have the substance to ease away.

You shake your head, casting your eyes around the little break room, which is set at the end of the block of stables. It is threadbare and chilly, containing only the scant minimum needed to classify it as a space for staff to relax. Your lips twist. You thought working on a stable yard would be different to this. Very different. More…exciting.

A noise catches your attention, hooves clip-clopping closer and closer. Your heart surges and the front of your jeans tents out in a bulge, your desire for him uncontainable. The sound shouldn’t arouse such a reaction, but you can’t help but think that your luck just might be on its way to changing.

Maybe you’ll get every inch you crave under your tail after all…


Pulley snorted, the stallion brushing off the dirt from his paws as he pulled his sweat-soaked shirt away from his back, yanking it over his head to be tossed onto a square of straw. He rolled his shoulders with a grunt, trying and failing to work out the strain of the morning. His bay coat gleamed with good health under the noonday sun and he brushed his forelock away from his white face, nostrils quivering as he answered one of the four-legged equines in the stable block with a whinny. Giggling to himself, he flicked his tail and strode at a brisk clip-clop down the yard. He did find himself funny sometimes, but it was difficult to not fall back on barely buried instincts when there were other horses around.

But rich, dark coffee called too and would not be ignored.

Making his way down the line of stables as if he owned the place, Pulley clicked his tongue against the roof of his mouth and stepped into the office at the end of the row, ears relaxed. A space where staff could relax – as if there was time for that with all the work to be done – it was sparsely furnished with the familiar, rickety old furniture and a creaky desk that looked like it belonged on the bonfire. He pricked his ears, eyes bright. Yet, as familiar and reassuring as the scene was, not all was the same, not by far. There was a new addition to the scene.

A green dragon, rarely seen in the rolling hills of his part of the world, twisted his paws in front of his stomach, a pair of black horns curving back smoothly from his skull. He jumped when the stallion entered, eyes wide as if he had been caught doing something he shouldn’t have. Stifling a smirk, Pulley raised an eyebrow güvenilir bahis as the reptile squirmed, tail twisting around his ankles.

“Hi!” He squeaked, shifting from hind paw to paw as he collected and cradled a cup of coffee between both paws as if for something to do. “I’m new… You probably haven’t seen me around. Hi. Did I say that already?”

He stuck out his paw, tail curling sinuously back and forth as some of the stiffness fell from his shoulders.

“I’m Raiyoku.”

Pulley grinned and shook the offered paw, clasping it in such a firm grip that the physically smaller dragon was nearly pulled straight off his feet.

“Nice to meet you! I’m Pulley.”

His nostrils flared and he licked his lips as his attention wavered, eyes sliding to the kettle at the back of the room.

“It’s a good yard, I expect you won’t find much different to wherever you were before.” He smiled genuinely. “And I’m sure you’ll settle in just fine here – will meet everyone in time too, don’t worry. Just a bit on the quiet side today with half of them being out at the show.”

Leaving Raiyoku to his own devices, the equine busied himself with the kettle, peering into a mug with a twist of his lips. Rai perched on the edge of a chair, sniffing his mug as steam curled softly from the surface of the hot beverage within.

“What brings you here?” The stallion asked, drumming his fingers impatiently on the counter as the kettle boiled. “We don’t see many dragons around here. I’m told there’s more over Wales way, but that’s probably just a joke or something. You don’t sound like you’re from round that way either.”

“Worked at a riding school for a time, been moving around a bit,” Raiyoku mumbled, a blush tinting the scales on his cheeks as he looked down at his feet. “Came here for my mate not all that long ago. Can’t say I regret it, but it’s hard to find work around here. A lot harder than I thought it’d be.”

Pulley nodded.

“Yeah, everyone wants you to have experience these days. It’s a pain in the ass.”

“Yeah…” Raiyoku sighed, seeming to be making a great effort to keep his eyes averted from the equine. “But I volunteered at a riding centre for the blind before, so they seem to think I’m good enough to muck out stalls here.”

He smiled, his expression brightening all of a sudden.

“But there’s nothing wrong with hard work and it does me good too to be out.”

The stallion couldn’t disagree with that, though couldn’t help but think there was something a little off with the strange reptile as he poured his drink. Squirming in his seat, Rai looked positively uncomfortable and the equine would have thought he wanted to be anywhere but at the stables, despite his words. His brow furrowed. So why was he there? Or was he really just that nervous at being in a new environment?

“So…” Pulley cast about, tipping several packets of sugar into his drink and stirring vigorously until at least most of the sugar had dissolved. “How’d you find out that this yard was after someone new then? How’d you find us?”

Blushing, Raiyoku swallowed and pressed his lips more firmly together, words held back.

Pulley’s ears twitched and he half-raised a hoof to stomp, catching himself just in time. He frowned. It was a simple enough question, wasn’t it? The dragon was getting downright rude! Why wouldn’t he look at him?

“Is something wrong?”

“Um…” Raiyoku chuckled and rubbed the back of his neck, eyes averted. “Not really, just…don’t want to be rude. Heh. Give ya a bad impression of me…”

He inclined his head at something that the equine could not guess at, blinking several times.


The dragon groaned and rubbed the side of his muzzle, wriggling in his seat.

“You know!”

Not wanting to say it aloud, Rai busied himself with his drink as the stallion finally looked down to the bulge in his jodhpurs, the shape of his hard-on making an impression through the revealing fabric. He rolled his eyes. He hardly even noticed that anymore when he was working on the yard!

“Heh.” He turned his head away and snorted. “Sorry, that happens all the time around here. Most of the lads just ignore it. You could say güvenilir bahis siteleri they’re used to it by now too.”

He didn’t mention the lads who paid attention to his bulge, however, instead winking cheekily to the little dragon, a whinny rolling off his lips. Lifting a hoof, he angled his body away, tail swishing cockily.

“Does it make you uncomfortable?”

Raiyoku swallowed and shook his head quickly – too quickly.

“No! Not at all! Just didn’t want to be rude to you!” He bit his lip, eyes dropping obviously before flicking back up to the equine muzzle. “It’s kind of hard not to react…”

“Trust me, I understand. I guess that’s why I’m out in this kind of place.” He gestured as if to include the whole stable in his statement. “It’s easier for me. People half expect a horse to be getting a bit worked up around here. But it’s just what work does to me. I’m really no different to the rest of the horses in the stables here sometimes.”

He sipped his coffee, half-closing his eyes for a fraction of a second. When he opened them, a paw brushed his thigh and there was a dragon on his knees, hope glimmering in his eyes. The stallion’s head shot back and he snorted, nearly spilling his coffee over Raiyoku’s head.

“Maybe I can help with that?” The dragon breathed, nosing up the equine’s muscled leg with a low purr. “If you wouldn’t mind that…”

The stallion shook his head, jaw falling slack and mind whirling as more of his cock pushed obstinately out from its sheath, trying to speak for him. He raised a hoof and jigged it in the air, trying to curl his upper lip back to take in the scents, though there was only the strong aroma of equine and horny stallion for him this time. The need to breed clouded his head as Raiyoku rubbed his thigh, coaxing a response from him as he tried to shake himself out of it.

Could he do it? Should he even consider it? Pulley gulped, sliding his gaze to the half-open door, sunlight slanting in from the outside world. Anyone could walk in. But would they?

He shouldn’t have let the thought cross his mind – he knew that. But his split-second of hesitation, cock throbbing against the dragon’s nose, cost him the decision.

Raiyoku unhooked the clasp at the top of his jodhpurs, letting the equine’s cock spill out, pushing the short zip down without further assistance. The mottled pink and black length swelled as if it had been waiting to be released and Pulley leaned back against the wall, head rolling back with a groan. Any thoughts he’d had of turning down the dragon went straight out the window as the little green reptile grinned. Rai didn’t wait for approval to continue, only leaned in and ran his slender, reptilian tongue all the way from the base to the length, sliding over the medial ring. The stallion exhaled in a warm huff of breath, head swimming.

“Oh, fuck…”

The dragon’s jaws opened wider and wider, taking the fat head of the stallion’s shaft between his lips. He kept his teeth carefully away from the sensitive flesh, pressing his lips down around them, and pushed down to the equine’s abdomen with a barely swallowed groan. Rai bucked his hips, tail slapping the floor, and hissed breath hotly through both nostrils as Pulley wrapped his fingers around a horn. The dragon took him into his throat and the stallion whinnied, clapping his paw over his own muzzle a moment later as his ears quivered. What if someone walked in? It was quiet enough on the yard, but there was always that chance.

He didn’t want to admit how the thought made him harder still.

A traitor to the end, his shaft throbbed in the dragon’s muzzle and he had no will left with which to protest as Raiyoku bobbed his head, slender tongue curling expertly around the thick girth. It flicked over the medial ring and higher as the length nudged down his throat, forcing him to gulp, breath coming only when the stud pulled back. He moaned, the sound muffled, as his ridged shaft pushed out into his stable jeans, the bulge smaller than the one the stallion had made. His head whirled with lust and hormones, eyes lidded. He couldn’t hope to match up to that and would never have wanted to either. His knees ached lightly where they pressed iddaa siteleri into the floor and Raiyoku stretched up as tall as he could to gulp down the stud’s throbbing length, pre-cum pouring down his throat.

It was exactly where he wanted to be.

A hot, slick deluge of pre-cum slathered Rai’s tongue as he bobbed his head rapidly, lost in the moment as he thought only of the flat head coaxing its way further and further down his throat. With each bob of his long muzzle, he took the stud’s breeding pole just a little deeper, murring deep in the back of his throat as his own length throbbed. But that would have to go unsatisfied, at least for a little while. He didn’t mind – not all that much. It was difficult to really care about his own pleasure when he had a stallion to take care of.

Pulley grunted, rocking his hips out from the wall as his tail swished furiously. He didn’t know how much the dragon could take, but his mind was too fuzzy with need to care. Groaning, he humped Rai’s muzzle, using his grip on the dragon’s horn to keep him in place as he thrust. While the dragon whimpered, he squeezed his tongue up to the underside of the stallion’s cock, allowing him to do with him as he wanted, the very tip of his tail flicking happily from side to side.

The equine twisted his head back and forth, leaning forward over the willing reptile as he grunted and drove into his muzzle with greater urgency. His breath steamed softly before his muzzle and he nickered as he thrust, hips working and sliding his jodhpurs down lower and lower. He couldn’t find it in himself to care about his state of clothing, spurred on by Rai’s muffled squeaks and moans of pleasure, fighting against himself to not cum so soon. But it was so hard to not fall prey to baser instincts when every fibre of his body screamed to breed, to fuck, to cum – wherever opportunity presented itself. He whuffed hotly, head warm and comfortably fuzzy.

Close. Too close.

There was no going back from the precipice.

Rai’s eyes widened as the equine suddenly slammed a hoof into the floor and trumpeted a whinny, balls pulling up closer to his body. The first pulse of cum, throbbing distinctly down the shaft to the suddenly flaring tip, caught him by surprise and splattered into the back of his throat. Coughing, Rai steadied himself and swallowed rapidly, spurt after spurt of thick stallion seed pumping into his muzzle as he struggled to not waste a single drop. It was an impossible endeavour, however, as Pulley bucked and grunted, the flare dragging sweetly over the dragon’s tongue as he shot his load.

Slumping back to the wall, Pulley rubbed the scales around the base of Raiyoku’s horns as his cock still pulsed, spurts slowing but not stopping as he proved just how virile a stallion was. He groaned, snorting heavily. It couldn’t have been that long since he’d last gotten off, yet his cock seemed to have other matters. As cum drooled out from the corners of Rai’s muzzle, he took mercy on the dragon and chuckled breathlessly as he pulled back, letting his still-hard shaft slide from his muzzle.

Rai whimpered and chased it with his lips, eyes shining and eager to please as Pulley cupped his cheek, a goofy grin spreading his lips wider and wider. Nickering, the stallion tossed his black mane off his neck and exhaled heavily, shoulders juddering as his shaft bobbed. The dragon’s eyes dropped to the length still bouncing in front of his muzzle and he licked his lips.

Their time together was not over yet.

Scrambling to his feet, Rai blew the horse a cheeky kiss, tail wagging, as he stretched for one of the only pieces of furniture in the room. He tugged down his work jeans with some difficulty, hopping as the stallion whuffed curiously, forelock falling over one of his eyes. But the dragon had a plan even if he didn’t quite know what it was as yet.

Rai whined as he got his jeans down around his knees: that would have to do. His cock throbbed, full erect from his slit and throbbing with a gleaming drop of pre-cum threatening to spill from the tip. His breath came in short, sharp pants and he didn’t even have to check if he was ready, tail hole squeezing down on nothing yet wanting to be filled. He moaned.

Leaning over the table, Raiyoku blushed and arched his back, letting his tail curve over so that the tip pointed towards his shoulders.

“Round two?”

Pulley snorted. It was as if he didn’t even have to ask!

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