Body Mod Charity – Lizzy the Demon

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One day a young woman entered the tattoo studio. Jess welcomed her, but then insisted to see her ID card as due to the services provided by the studio local laws only allowed adults to enter it. The card showed that her name was Elisabeth and that it was her 18th birthday.

“Congratulations, Elisabeth, on your first day as grown up!” Jess said with a blink.

“May I guess: you want to celebrate your 18th birthday by getting a piercing or a small tattoo? You wouldn’t be the first one to do that.”

“Thanks – and please call me Lizzy. You are somewhat right, but I want more than a tattoo. I’d like to volunteer for the Body Mod Charity.”

“Sorry girl, I don’t think that this is the right thing to do for you. You would sacrifice your whole body and have no right to choose the changes. Have you seen how other volunteers have ended? They all love their new life but are considered as freaks by most people.”

“I know, so let me tell you my story. My parents and especially my Dad have controlled my whole life up to today. They decided on my hobbies – for example I hate tennis, but I had to take lessons at an expensive club. ‘You might meet your future husband there.’ said my Mom, but all the guys there were braggers, always talking about their future ‘fantastic’ career.

Then they decided which friends I’m allowed to have and when I once told them about a cute boy I have met, they prohibited any contact to him as he was a low-class loser in their eyes. Moreover, my parents are very religious, I was never allowed to wear any short skirts or tight T-shirts. I wasn’t allowed to any parties and they always told me that I shouldn’t have any sex before I’ve got married. It is so unfair, I totally hate them! They even picked a university where they want me to study law – only because they are themselves lawyers! I don’t want this life! I want to be free, decide whom to meet, go to parties and to have fun!

One day I have read about your Body Mod Charity and was stunned! I have always loved tattoos and piercings, but my parents not even allowed me to get my ears pierced! Then I saw the pictures of the vixen girl and I knew that this is the lifestyle I want to have. I’d love to have all these body modifications – and fuck off the life my parents have chosen for me. This would be the best payback for başakşehir escort the lost 18 years of my life.”

Mike and Jess discussed a long time before they decided to accept Lizzy as next volunteer and help her to start the life she desired. They could see the joy in Lizzy’s eyes when they promised her a radical transformation which will cut every connection to her old life and which will be the best payback for her parents. They agreed on a charity that helps runaways and decided to start the transformation in three months when Lizzy has finished school and hopefully enough money has risen. She would tell her parents that she is going to volunteer on a christian summer camp after school – it will be such a shock when they find out what she has done instead.

Three month later Lizzy came back to the tattooists. The next weeks she was going to live in a side room of the studio until all modifications were finished. She was aware that she will never move back to her parents after this, but she didn’t care about it. As usual first her pubic and armpit hair were permanently removed. Then she had to lay down on her front so that Mike and Jess could start the inking. The next hours Lizzy felt the needles permanently digging ink into her flesh. In the evening the first session was done. Jess asked Lizzy if she wanted to see the first piece or if it should be a surprise when everything is done, but Lizzy couldn’t wait and insisted to see it immediately.

When Mike brought in a full length mirror where she could see her back she became wet. Two beautiful black demon wings spread from her shoulder blade over her whole back down to her butt cheeks.

“We unchained your wings so that you can escape your old life.”

When Lizzy hugged the tattooists with tears of joy in her eyes and all knew that her decision to volunteer was the right one.

Three days later the tattooists continued their work and started on Lizzys front: First they tattooed a big black star on each of her nipples, covering her areolas. Then they inked black stars in different sizes on the sides of her body down the sides of their legs to her feet. From each of her hips a trace of stars went down to her cunt which was also tattooed deep black. Her anus received another black star and more stars followed from the sides of her neck down kadıköy escort the arms ending in a big lack star on the back of each of her hands.

Lizzy wondered if her belly will remain free of ink, but then Mike tattooed a black star around her belly button and then wrote “SEX DEMON” in big gothic letters around it. All the time Lizzy was totally wet, welcoming each piece of her tattoo. She always tried to satisfy herself with her fingers, but Mike prevented her from touching the freshly inked cunt.

Some days later the surgical modifications started. Lizzy took some sedative so that the body modifiers could do their work. First they shaved off all of her head hair and eyebrows and then applied a creme on the eyebrows and the side of her head to permanently destroy the roots of the hair. When her black hair would grow out again she will have a nice black mohawk.

Mike had some experience to model ears so it took only a short time to make them pointed. He carefully selected the right place on Lizzy’s forehead to remove two circles of skin. At these places he implanted two small black horns which were permanently fixed to her skull.

Next Jess worked on Lizzy’s mouth. With a scalpel she split the tongue all the way down to the base. She switched her tool and used a grinder to reduce her teeths to stumps. When done she carefully selected artificially teeth from a box and fixed them on the stumps with dental glue – four large fangs as canines and smaller pointed ones for the other teeth. Lizzy is now blessed with a permanent demonic smile.

The healing process took some days, but Lizzy was so excited when she saw the result. This was so permanent! She couldn’t hold back and masturbated onto the tattoo chair. After cleaning up the mess, Jess continues with the face. First she used some collagen to fill Lizzy’s lips and make them more puffy.

Taking the tattoo needle she first outlined the lips before she started to fill them permanently black. She extended the tattoo deep inside the mouth and continued by giving Lizzy heavy black eyeliner and high arched eyebrows to replace the removed ones.

“Do you want to take a look?” she asked,

“please!” said Lizzy with a lisp. Seeing her transformed face in the mirror made her horny again.

“This is awesome! esenyurt escort bayan But can you make the eyeliners thicker?”

“Sure!” said Jess with a smile and extended the eyeliners with her tattoo gun until they were very bold.

The details were already inked, so all Mike and Jess had to do was to fill in the areas in between. It took almost two days until Lizzy’s skin was tattooed red. No single space of her body was untouched – she was now a beautiful demon in red and black.

But the tattooist weren’t done yet. Jess took the piercing gun and started to decorate Lizzy’s body. Soon several silver rings lined up her pointed ears, together with a large black dermal piercing. Five rings on each of her tattooed eyebrows followed. She got two nose ring – one in each nostril and a large silver ring pierced into her septum which touched the top of her black puffy lips. Five smaller silver ring on her upper lip and four on her lower lips followed, as well as a ring in each of the two tips of her split tongue. Finally also her nipples, narvel and pussy lips received silver rings.

When the tattoos were healed, Lizzy was ready for the photo shooting. But first Jess gave her a black leather collar and black leather hand- and ankle cuffs as a present. Lizzy put them on and they matched perfectly her red skin and black tattoos.

First they made some full body shoots, then taking details of her black wings and face. Her black hair has already started to grow again, so that she had a short black mohawk, suiting her shiny black horns, heavy black eyeliner, puffy black lips, pointed ears and all the silver rings.

Lizzy got more and more naughty so they took pictures where she played with her nipple rings, pleasures herself and finally licked her own juice from her hands with her forked, pierced tongue, showing her pointed fangs. The even persuaded Mike to open his pants so that she could give him a blowjob.

Lizzy enjoyed licking his dick with her split tongue and wrapping her big black lips around it – but always very carefully to not hurt it with her pointed teeth. Jess took a perfect series of pictures when Mike ejaculated and spit all his cum into Lizzy’s face, Lizzy eagerly licking it from her black lips. Lizzy decided that these shots where the perfect farewell gift for her parents.

Lizzy had never been so happy. She loved all the changes and the creature she had become – this was her true nature, finally revealed after all the years. Today she is working in a sex club, enjoying to pleasure customers and herself. She has never met her parents again.

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