Bobbie Propositions a Brutal Top 01

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Bobbie Propositions a Brutal Top


by The GluteSplitter


DISCLAIMER / THEME: These stories will all be about the hottest gay fit-thick bottoms you’ve ever imagined getting their smooth, thick, coiled, robust glutes fucked hard by aggressive tops. Oh yeah, and their bottom-dicks usually get extremely hard while they’re being fucked. There are salacious, vivid descriptions about how those glutes get pulled apart, how their firm flesh gets pressed in as they’re groped, what it looks like as veiny cocks slowly sink into smooth, resisting anuses. If that offends you, sorry, or something. Take your heavy dick and get out of here. In fact, fuck you. In fact, if you have a fine, smooth, thick, bubble ass, then really, fuck you.


MULTI-PART FUCKING: For the _full_ fucking, you’ll need to read more than this one part. The goal is to give up enough of our unfortunate bottom’s sweet, sweet ass and tight cockhole to blow your baby-makers in each section. The GluteSplitter made this decision because the poor bitch needs to be fucked that hard. The four parts are:

1. Bobbie Propositions a Brutal Top 1: Penetrated

2. Bobbie Propositions a Brutal Top 2: The skewering

3. Bobbie Propositions a Brutal Top 3: The dog-fucking

4. Bobbie Propositions a Brutal Top 4: The cream filling gets fucked into the buns


SHOUT-OUT TO LITEROTICA: The GluteSplitter would like to sincerely thank Literotica, its editors, and the Literotica community for their tireless efforts that allow authors like him to post their work on this incredible site and build a following.


Part 1: Penetrated…

Mike was standing in a bedroom of some gay slut’s apartment he’d met on a popular gay “personals” hookup site, staring at one of the hottest male asses he’d ever seen. His cock had needed some tending to and he was in the mood to go pound the cum out of some gay bitch who wanted it bad. It was incredible how many bottoms would parade their asses on that site in his city. He could be slowly sinking his thick, 9″ cock into a fine ass every night if he wanted to.

[READERS – CHARACTER-DEFINING VISUAL INFLUENCE: On the long road that led The GluteSplitter to pound his hips against men’s thick, muscled asses, the mainstream art of SigmaX played a big role and is a defining visual influence on this story.]

At 6’2″, he was heavily built with a muscled upper and lower body. Not wildly overbuilt like a bodybuilder on steroids, but jacked a notch below that. He spent a lot of time lifting in the gym, and in addition to broad shoulders and arms, he had built up a smooth, powerful muscled ass — which he liked to use on submissive gay bottoms like the one before him.

He’d walked in on a guy named “Bobbie” (what a fucking masculine name) already bent over on all fours in “the position” — and he’d seen this fucking delectable thick ass thrust up into the air. The pics on this slut’s “personals” post on the gay hookup site, amazing as they’d been, didn’t do the fucking reality justice. Two gorgeous, fuckable, biteable, lickable cantaloupes, thick and smooth, split oh so slightly apart because of the position Bobbie was in. Between them, in the deep valley created by those glutes, was a smooth crack with a beautiful sphincter closed up so tight it was like his body was primed to naturally resist exactly what Bobbie so eagerly wanted and had asked Mike here to do to him.

This was a man’s ass, one that any girl would drool over in the gym. But unlike Mike, Bobbie had worked and built his glutes up like this for only ONE reason, and it was to seduce other men into doing things to him; things like dicking him down and pinning him while they pulled his hair hard and either role-played or outright raped him, then nutted in his defenseless ass hopefully more than once.

The bitch was completely smooth — emphasizing every curve. He had tight abs and a strong but not overly muscled back and upper body. While his upper body had more than enough toned muscle to hardly be considered slim, his lower body was so thick that the contrast had the effect of really emphasizing the mounds of his curved ass and the amazing set of legs beneath it. His legs were muscular and thick, but not a lot of definition on them — more like how a woman’s legs look when she gets thick.

Muscled but smooth, hairless, bent over, thick legs, coiled, robust glutes… his own massive ass ready to thrust and pound his cock between them…

Mike immediately found himself deciding this wouldn’t be a one-time thing. Gay bitches were easy and they’d do whatever the fuck you want if your cock’s big enough. This particular thick ass though — fuck. It was the sort of ass you’d want pillowing your hard dick every single night, glutes wrapping around it and squeezing it tight between them while your balls rubbed on the thick, smooth thighs below. It was the sort of ass you’d want hotdogging your cock, buried so deep lengthwise in those mounds that they’d grab and sandwich hard around it, bahis siteleri like a fat sausage molesting a thick roll. It was the sort of ass you could propose to and want to have a monogamous, abusive, violent, rape-filled relationship with. Who cared who was attached to an ass like that. It’s not like you’d have to have an actual relationship with them. Again, bitches like this had bodies made for tops like him, and they were almost always yours to dick them as often as you want.

His cock was swelling in his pants.

“Well, fuck,” Mike broke the silence. “Look at you — on all fours and actually arching your back to stick your thick ass out as much as you can like a female dog in heat, wanting to be mounted.” Mike smacked Bobbie’s ass, and grabbed one of his glutes. He felt the firm, coiled elasticity of relaxed muscle. Damn. His cock spasmed hard a couple times in his pants and they grew painfully tight really fast. “I don’t know what’s worse — you wanting to be taken by a man, you inviting a stranger to fuck you like a dog,” Mike had to unzip to relieve the pressure, “or you convincing yourself by that fucking rainbow poster on the wall that this is normal,” he let his cock out of his zipper and it hung there, still hardening but no longer blowing up his damn pants, “and that you’re not doing something completely unnatural and so fucking wrong.” He mocked Bobbie’s gay pride shit.

Actually, only Bobbie’s two close friends knew he took cocks. Everyone else kept trying to pair him off with a girlfriend. Even then, his two friends only knew because he’d actually taken their cocks — fully; with one, it was when his girlfriend was out of town; with the other, it was when his girlfriend and the girl she’d brought as a blind date for Bobbie were both passed-out drunk in the next room. In the latter case, he’d forced himself on Bobbie after seeing the poster he kept hidden in his bedroom. To him, the pride flag meant a cockhole. It was like an advertisement to get fucked. Afterwards, his friend just acted like it never happened.

So, yeah — “DL”.

“I know your type,” Mike smirked. “You don’t want to think of it this way,” Mike put his hand flat and pressed full-on against Bobbie’s glute, then firmly pulled it to the side, pulling opening his crack, “but you know real dog-bitches stick their asses out like that because they want to get impregnated, right?” As he spoke, he lightly ran his middle finger deep across the length of the exposed base of Bobbie’s ass crack, causing Bobbie to breathe a little harder and unconsciously widen his legs a bit. “You’re imitating them,” he said with finality, and suddenly Mike prodded his anus with the same finger.

“Ugh,” Bobbie gasped quietly.

“Tight fucking hole,” Mike said, as it stayed shut tight against his finger. He stood back, and his hardening, 9-inch, thick cock stood out as it hung from the pisshole of his pants. He observed the curves of Bobbie’s ass and legs, his flat, toned abs, his profile, bent over and waiting. “You don’t LOOK fucking ‘DL’,” Mike said with contempt, referring to how Bobbie had described himself in his post. “You sure you’re not a bitch all the time?”

“Ugnh–” Bobbie stifled a grunt as Mike suddenly pushed his curved thumb full into Bobbie’s crack and pressed it, broad-side, hard against his anus, pressing in that firm flesh and rotating.

He smirked. His 9″ cock was now fully hard and jutting, rigid, straight out of his pants. Yeah, with his size and girth, if he didn’t let it out when it got hard then he didn’t so much “tent” as painfully blow up and then trouser-snake his pants.

“Get on your back and open up your legs to me,” Mike abruptly commanded. To his delight, Bobbie turned over on his back and spread-eagled himself like a centerfold bitch. Bobbie’s smooth, thick thighs spread apart as far as he could spread them. Mike again noted that while Bobbie’s legs were muscled and thick, their lack of definition made them look smooth and smack-ably firm. Another thing that made this submissive bitch hot in a kind of feminine way.

Mike’s eyes bore into Bobbie’s ass, seeing his hole, visible from this position. As he took in the view, his eyes moved up and saw Bobbie’s plush ballsack sway slightly left and right as his thighs had moved apart. Above that, a not unimpressive dick looked already half-hard, maybe 4 or 5 inches so far. He wondered how big it would get when it got hard…

Mike breathed as he felt raw lust start to rise up within him. “What a bitch,” he thought to himself. He took off his leather jacket and quickly stripped down. In a large mirror hung on a wall which showed the bed in profile, he noted how his rock-hard 9″ cock was thrust out into the air, brazenly swaying pendulously out in front of him. Mike was big, masculine, and muscular, but not hairy. While he had hair on his arms and legs, he was smooth all over his thick chest, muscular abs, and his massive ass and glutes. He kept himself ultra smooth everywhere else so his bottoms could see everything that was going into them, the definition canlı bahis siteleri of his powerful ass, and he could enjoy the contact his muscular body made with their smooth skin.

He grabbed some lube on the table, and smiled to himself as he put it on just how he liked.

He walked up to the bed, climbed up over Bobbie, his cock swaying heavily in the air as he did so. He held himself over the supine bitch and moved his hips down so the tip of his cock was grazing over Bobbie’s ass.

He chuckled gruffly as he saw Bobbie’s dick already hardening more. “Look at you – what a twisted perv,” he said with contempt, as he looked up at Bobbie’s face, whose head was turned to the side so he didn’t have to look at Mike. “Fuck, his face is smooth…” Mike thought. “Does this guy even fucking shave?”

Mike rotated his hips so his swollen cockhead would drag gracelessly over Bobbie’s ass, and then pressed it slightly into Bobbie’s thick, spongy but resilient left ass cheek. Bobbie was breathing hard. “Hah – look at how much this bitch wants this,” Mike’s thought, his cock growing still more rigid.

Bobbie hadn’t even said anything since he’d walked in. He didn’t even know Mike’s name. He wanted it that bad. He was that easy.

“You said you’re totally masculine by day, submissive behind closed doors, huh?”


An Aside:

That’s what Bobbie had told Mike over Kik after he’d responded almost too quickly to Mike’s cock pic on the “personals” section of the gay hookup site. It was true – at work, outside, he came across every bit as masculine as any straight guy. The only thing that made him different was that the girls who lusted after his physique and his bulging, muscular ass couldn’t get his attention. He was a little short though, at 5’5″, blond, fair, and unusually had almost no facial hair. While he was built below the waist, and not too muscular above that line, it didn’t seem to deter the girls much. He carried himself with strength and a strong posture, firm handshake, direct eye contact, confident. No one would ever imagine him lying down like this, spread-eagled, vulnerable, and eager to be entered.


“Put your hand on my cock and put it where you want it,” Mike said abruptly. Bobbie felt a flush of resentment at the command. He was well-respected outside his front door. But when Mike said this, he immediately spread his legs a little wider and flushed a bit — practically blushed slightly?! Why the fuck was he like this?! The way he was talking to him, he couldn’t look at the man he’d invited into his bedroom. With his face turned away, he furrowed his brow, angry at himself, reached down between his legs with his right hand and wrapped his fingers around Mike’s hard cock.

As he did this, his wrist brushed his own dick and pressed his swollen, suckable ballsack to the side, which made Mike’s cock throb. As Bobbie touched that cock, he was a little stunned by its hardness. Moving his fingers up, he felt that the cockhead was swollen so much, the skin was stretched so taut it was almost hard as well. Fuck. His brow furrowed more and almost imperceptibly his thighs parted slightly more widely. Here was another guy that didn’t do anything to hide how much he wanted him. He felt Mike’s cock throb hard in his hand as he touched it. He could practically feel him grinning down at him.

“That’s it,” Mike said. “Touch it.”

He was going to enjoy this… he pushed forward so the head of his cock was in contact with Bobbie’s smooth flesh, placing it firmly right at the point where the bed and the top of the deep valley of Bobbie’s glutes met. Bobbie put his fingers beneath Mike’s cock, and Mike quickly pressed it more firmly against Bobbie’s flesh to make it hard for him. The cock in Bobbie’s hand was so hard it was completely rigid, with no bend or flex to it at all… and given the pressure against him, he struggled against the friction as he dragged it with difficulty firmly up along the naked base of his deep cleft. He dragged it up towards his balls along that deep cleft until it was right up against his anus. Then his fingers moved back up to the very tip of Mike’s cock… and placed the swollen mushroom of his cockhead directly over the center of his tight, amazing hole.

Bobbie looked down at Mike’s large, raging cock as he let go, and the pressure of Mike against him held it there. Staring, Bobbie couldn’t help but touch it again, furtively, gently feeling it up, touching along the length of the long hard shaft for a moment, then taking his hand away. He took in the sight of the nine inches of another man’s rigid cock pointed straight at his anus. Damn it, he could stop this… or he could just sit there and let that whole thing enter his body. Breathing hard in anticipation, he hesitated for a moment… then leaned back and turned his head to the side in shame.

Mike didn’t fail to notice the conflict he saw in Bobbie’s face. He sneered and mocked him. “Look at you, spread open with my cock right up against your dickhole,” Mike canlı bahis said. “I think you liked the view, huh? Seeing my big cock, ready to stab all the way into you? Fucking beautiful. What a _slut_.” He spat the last word, and it stung Bobbie’s pride.

Then Mike, keeping his pelvis right where it was with his nine inch cock making firm contact against Bobbie’s closed anus, leaned over him and faced him. “I want you to look me in the eye, bitch,” he seethed at him. Bobbie didn’t move. “Look me in the fucking eyes!”

Bobbie turned his head until he was facing Mike and reluctantly looked up at him, making eye contact. The sarcasm was gone, and Mike’s face was flat, unsmiling, stern.

Bobbie had posted on the “personals” section of that hookup site asking for someone to come over and roughly “dominate” him. He asked to be “really rough”… something he hadn’t done before.

Mike gritted his teeth and pressed forward, forcing the swollen cockhead of his 9 inches against Bobbie and pushing. It didn’t go in right away, but the hard dickhead pressed against the soft flesh. “I want you to look me right in the eye as I take your masculinity,” he seethed, locking eyes with Bobbie. Mike’s cock was hard and inflexible, and as he increased the pressure against Bobbie’s anus, the head started to push his anus open. The mushroom started to sink in. “I want you to feel it as you’re taken, SLUT,” he seethed. Bobbie jerked slightly as the tip went inside of him, and he looked away.

“Look me in the eye!” Mike said gruffly and smacked Bobbie’s cheek. Bobbie looked back at him. “I want you to look at me as you feel every inch of my cock enter you.” He increased the pressure against Bobbie and his dick started to slide further inside him. This took a lot of pressure… Bobbie grimaced slightly in pain, and closed his eyes.

“I used barely any lube because I want it to hurt as it’s going in,” Mike said. He locked eyes with Bobbie again as his cock continued to press into him. “Yeah, feel that cock penetrate your thick ass.” After a few moments, without any lube, despite the pressure, Mike’s cock stopped moving further inside Bobbie.

“That’s it, you bitch!…” Mike said. “Having a little trouble getting this into your dickhole. That’s fine – we’ll just make it go in. Nngh!” Mike pulled his hips back slightly and bucked hard against Bobbie, jamming his cock into him.

This did hurt, and Bobbie grimaced as it only went in slightly further. “I said look at me as I TAKE you, bitch!” Bobbie again made eye contact. “NNGH!!” Mike bucked violently against him as he glared aggressively into his eyes, feeling his thick rod sink another whole inch deeper between Bobbie’s thick cantaloupe glutes as he looked at him.

“NNGH! NNNGH!” Mike kept humping violently against Bobbie’s hole, getting deeper and deeper into him. As he did so, Bobbie got harder and harder, until his own 8″ dick was hard, uselessly lying against his stomach, shaking with every thrust of Mike against him, quietly slapping his own abs. “Yeah, look me in the eye as I take your masculinity, you bitch!” Bobbie’s eyes were looking into Mike’s as his anus kept resisting each thrusting intrusion, but the feeling of what was happening to his ass had quickly blown up his own erection.

“I’m going to enter you whether your ass wants it or NOT!” Bobbie put his hands against Mike’s hard abs as they flexed.

“Yeaaahhh– Nngh!– I want to see your face contort in pleasure as I hurt you,” Mike said, with almost 6 inches now inside Bobbie. “Then I’m going to force my tongue down your throat like you’re another man’s slutty, cheating wife,” he said gruffly.

Ugh, sick – Bobbie had never let another guy kiss him before; he just wanted their cocks shoved in him. He hoped Mike wasn’t serious.

As Mike kept pressing into him, trying to bottom out, Bobbie’s dick started to bounce vigorously against his own smooth, hard stomach. As the assault continued, he had to bend his back and lift his ass up off the bed so it was angled straighter against Mike’s thrusting pelvis, which made it hurt less and made it easier for Mike to ram his strong, masculine cock further into him.

This also made the head of Bobbie’s own long dick start jabbing clumsily into his own abs with each of Mike’s forceful thrusts. With his ass in the air taking more and more of Mike into him, and his own dick uselessly jamming hard into his own stomach, precum started to ooze out onto his abs.

This hadn’t ever happened so soon before. He’d also never had anyone be so forceful, so violently aggressive.

Bobbie felt kind of humiliated and dominated by Mike’s unnerving eye contact as he continued fucking his way into him. He liked to be beta behind closed doors, but this… he felt this weird shame.

And then it happened. That thought and what he was feeling from his ass had slowly bubbled over, and his face, which had been contorted in pain, had gradually shifted as this continued. His brows had gradually drawn together and finally his mouth opened, and he gasped “uhh”, hating that he had to keep looking into Mike’s eyes. It was disgusting, but he’d been afraid to look away from Mike’s aggressive demand to lock eyes with him as he’d continued to thrust against Bobbie’s smooth, luscious body.

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