Blindfolded and Buggered

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Big Tits

I knock on the hotel room door and wait for a reply, but none is forthcoming. I try the door handle, and the door opens. Peering around it, the room appears to be empty, but I spot a parcel on the bed, wrapped in red shiny paper. A card on it reads “For you X”.

Curious now, I rip open the parcel and find a black lace basque, split crotch panties, stockings, suspenders – and a blindfold. Immediately my senses are heightened. Sex with a stranger is always dangerous, but sex with a stranger I never even see is a whole new game. But I’m up for it …

I undress and squeeze into the basque. It’s probably a size too small and my breasts strain to escape from the lacy cups. I slip on the panties, pull up the stockings and snap them into place. Then I pull the blindfold over my face, lay back on the bed and wait …

I don’t have to wait for long. After a few minutes I hear a door squeak open and soft footsteps pad across the carpet. There’s some pressure as someone sits on the edge of the bed. I hold my breath in anticipation of whatever is going to follow.

Suddenly a hand grabs my thigh and rolls the stocking down my leg. A warm wet mouth folds itself around my big toe, and starts sucking gently. Your hand clasps my ankle and fingers begin to draw circles on the top of my foot. I never thought I had a foot fetish but this gently sucking circling movement is incredibly sexy and I can already feel my nipples harden.

After a while you roll down my other stocking, pull my other foot towards you and take a second toe into your mouth. Your tongue flicks between my toes, almost making me giggle. My cunt twitches and my mind is racing as it wonders what else is gong to happen today.

I feel you move away and reposition yourself and then you’re covering my legs with soft feathery kisses. Your tongue darts in and out and I never know where you’re going to touch me next. One minute almanbahis şikayet I can feel you by my knees, the next stroking the soft fold at the top of my thighs.

Your hands move up to my stomach. You roughly pull my breasts out of the basque, cup them in your hands and begin to squeeze, pinching my nipples, rolling them between your fingers. I buckle, my knees coming up towards my chest and then I feel your head between my legs, your tongue firmly rooted in my soaking wet pussy, exploring my depths. I try to grab onto some physical detail of you. I’m sure I can feel stubble against my thighs.

I reach down to stroke your head and rub your short, coarse hair before pushing my pussy up further into your face. You find my g-spot with your tongue and rub it rhythmically, all the while pulling at my rock hard nipples. I moan noisily. A wave of heat passes over me and I realise I am about to come … and you suddenly stop, pull away and get up from the bed. “Noooo,” I moan. “I need more.”

“Oh, you’re going to get more,” I hear you say. Gruff voice, very deep. In my head I am creating a picture of you but I don’t think I will ever know if it matches the reality. Up till now I haven’t even touched you, other than to stroke the top of your head – and I have a feeling that’s the way it’s going to stay.

I hear the floorboards creak, feel you back on the bed and then your weight lands on my pelvis, pinning me to the bed. You take my hands and position them either side of my breasts. “Squeeze them,” you command me. I push my breasts together and feel your cock slide between them. You start to thrust in and out, your cock sliding up through my breasts and towards my face.

“Lick me,” you command again. I lower my chin towards my breasts and push my tongue out, feel your helmet beneath it. I begin to lick in circles around your helmet, under the rim, trying to time my strokes almanbahis canlı casino with your thrusts. Your cock tastes salty, sweet and very very good.

You thrust harder and I part my lips as your cock enters my mouth. It’s so wide I fear it may suffocate me. I suck greedily at you, lapping at the pre-cum. As you slide your cock in and out of my mouth slowly, I pant for breath. I’m feeling lightheaded and I don’t think it’s just from the strangeness of the situation…

I reach down to cup your balls and squeeze them. Your already hard cock hardens even more and seems to fill my mouth entirely. I feel it tense, twitch and then you pull out and shoot your load all over my breasts, the sticky cum coating me. You start to massage it into me and when your hands are covered you rip off my panties and order me to turn over.

I obey you and turn onto my stomach and you grab my arms and pin them under my body. You climb onto me and I feel your now soft cock resting against my butt cheeks. I wonder how long it will take you to become hard again.

With your hands still slippery with your spunk, you start to massage my shoulders, alternating between soft teasing flutters and hard, almost painful squeezes. I start to relax. Suddenly you slap my ass, the stinging pain taking me by surprise and sending a new heat to my already horny pussy. You slap me again. “You like that, do you?” you ask. I nod my approval and you slap me for a third time, harder this time.

“Get on all fours,” you say. Again I obey. I feel your hand on my pussy, one finger stroking my clit, another probing my cunt. “You’re so ready for, this, aren’t you, you dirty whore,” you growl.

“Oh yes,” I pant, “I’m ready.” I need your dick inside me now.

You slap me again and I feel your now hard cock slide inside my tight pussy in one easy movement. You’re so wide I fear I may be split in two. You began almanbahis casino to bang me, your cock thrusting in and out so quickly my head spins and I come almost instantly. With one hand you reach under me and start squeezing my clit roughly and I come again noisily. I can’t stop myself.

Then your hand moves to my ass and I feel one wet sticky finger slide into my tight asshole, followed by another and another. You’re still thrusting your cock into me, though slower now, and you match the pace with your fingers, pushing them into my ass and twisting them inside me before slowly sliding them out almost all the way. I write around, moaning as a third orgasm overtakes my body and my mind.

Suddenly I feel a new pressure at the puckered entrance to my ass and the head of your cock nudges against my hole, already enlarged from your fingers. Part of me is terrified that your thick cock will do me some damage, but another part wants you inside me, wants you fucking me in this most secretive place. I push my ass towards you and your helmet slips inside, making me yelp. Slowly you ease your weight onto me, sliding your cock further and further into my ass until I can feel your balls pressing against my pussy.

You hold me there for a minute, my arms pinned beneath me, breasts uncomfortably tight over the top of the basque, skewered on your thick cock. Then you start to fuck me, at first slowly, but gradually increasing the pace till you’re thrusting in and out at some speed. You reach down and begin to play with my clit, before slipping two, three, four, then all your fingers into my sopping wet pussy.

I come again, screaming out as I do, and you take your cock out of my ass and explode your load all over my butt cheeks. Then you rub it against my pussy, slap my ass one more time and stand up. I wait to see what happens next, but all I can hear is some rustling. Then the door slams shut and I realise I’m alone.

Taking off the blindfold, I look around but you’ve definitely gone. I dress quickly and leave the hotel, still smelling of your rich earthy spunk. I will never know who you were, but I hope one day you may invite me here again.

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