Blackmailed or Seduced? You Decide

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My second experience with a guy – actually a man – would be completely different and a lot less innocent! It occurred when I was 18. At that time, we lived overseas. My father was an Army Major. He and my mother had divorced two years earlier. She returned to the states with her then lover, while my brother and I stayed in Germany with our dad. My dad had caught my mother cheating on him with a guy she worked with at the Post Exchange, which resulted in their nasty split and bitter divorce. Because my brother and I were old enough to decide who we wanted to stay with, we both elected to live with our father, while our mom went on to eventually marry (and then divorce) the guy with whom she had the affair.

At the time, I was in my senior year of high school. I regularly smoked hash and drank alcohol, although to everyone except one or two of my closest friends, I appeared to be a straight-laced, all-American straight-A student, who played on the varsity football and baseball teams and somehow managed to have a steady relationship with one of the prettiest girls in school. Looking back, that was really when I started living somewhat of a double life.

Having spent my entire life moving from base to base, I was a typical Army brat. By the time my senior year rolled around, we had been stationed overseas for seven years which included a tour in Italy and Germany. We were scheduled to rotate back to the states in June, right after my graduation. I had been fortunate to have traveled and experienced so much; however, I was really looking forward to getting back to the states and starting college and planting some roots. What I didn’t know at the time was that I had one more extreme life lesson to learn before I would move on.

The day before my deflowering was a day like almost every other. I had just gotten home from school. Football practice for that afternoon had been cancelled, which was a rare, but much appreciated event. My brother, who was two years older than me, worked at the base commissary stocking shelves and bagging groceries. My dad would swing by and pick my brother up on the nights when he worked, so the two wouldn’t get home until around 6, which meant I had the place all to myself for a few hours on those nights.

That particular afternoon, I decided to go downstairs for a “smoke” before everyone got home. We lived in one of the top flats of our four-story apartment building. My usual smoking place was in the outside stairwell that led to our building’s basement. I could sit there out of site from everyone at ground level and get high without being observed. What I failed to take into consideration was that, on windless days, the smell of my hash drifted straight up to the neighbor’s window above.

Just as I stood to go up the stairwell, one of our downstairs neighbors opened the basement door and grabbed my jacket from behind. Needless to say, it scared the shit out of me.

“Michael! Is that you?” he said as he spun me around.

“Lt. Simms,” I said. “Yeah, I was just on my way over to my friend’s house,” I said. “What’s up?”

“You need to come with me,” he said. “Right now. Let’s go.”

Clearly, I had been busted. I tried to play it off like I was in a hurry, but he wasn’t buying it. “Um, I really need to go,” I said, knowing that I had been pretty much caught red-handed.

“I don’t think you want to go anywhere except up to my apartment unless you want me to have a talk with your dad when he gets home,” he said. “Or better yet,” maybe I should just call the MPs?”

Even though I was pretty buzzed, he had my full attention. I still had my pipe, lighter and about four grams of hash in my coat pocket. The very last thing I wanted was to get arrested. In those days, the military was extremely strict when it came to drugs. If a dependent was caught with illegal drugs, it meant almost immediate deportation for the entire family and certain disciplinary action for the parent sponsor. And since I was already 18, it would have possibly resulted in jail time for me as well.

“Um, ok,” I stammered. “What do you want to talk about?”

“You’ll see,” he said. “Now, let’s go.”

He turned and I followed behind him as we made our way along the basement corridor and up the stairs to his first-floor apartment.

Lt. Simms was in his mid-30s and married. He and his wife didn’t have any kids, although his wife had been pregnant when they first moved into the building. We heard that she miscarried about half way through the pregnancy. Like her husband, she was also in the Air Force, serving as a nurse at the base hospital where he worked as one of the administrators.

When we got to his apartment, he opened the door and told me to go in and have a seat on the couch. He followed behind me and sat in one of the two stuffed chairs that were separated by a thin coffee table.

“So,” he began. “You’re the one who has been smoking dope under our bedroom window all of this time?”

Before I could answer, he held güvenilir bahis up his hand.

“I know what you’re thinking…” he continued. “Don’t try to deny it. You just need to listen carefully to what I’m about to tell you before you say anything else. Understood?”

I nodded affirmatively.

“Now, the way I see it, you have only a couple of options here. You seem like a good kid – aside from smoking dope. I would hate to have to tell your dad what I found you doing, and I would surely hate to go to the MPs. Neither of those things seem like they would be pleasant for you, especially the latter. Instead of going that route, I thought we could do something else that you might find a little more – shall we say agreeable? Surely, it will be less embarrassing than getting hauled down to the police station or having to confront your dad and explain that you are using drugs. Now, do I have your full attention?”

Again I nodded.

“Before I tell you what I have in mind, I’m going to go change out of this uniform and pour myself a drink. Would you like something?” he asked.

“Um, no,” I said. “How long do you think this will take because I told my friends I’d be coming over to hang out for a while before my dad gets home.” I was hoping he would get to the point quickly and let me go.

“It shouldn’t take too long,” was his reply. “Well… maybe a little while. That kinda of depends on you,” he said as he turned and walked toward his bedroom.

I couldn’t help but wonder what he was talking about. What was the other option? I naively assumed it must be some type of chore or work. Before I could even shift in my seat, he re-appeared and handed me a couple of folded magazines.

“Here, you can glance through these while I change,” he said.

When I unfolded them, I was surprised to see two hard-core porn mags. “What the fuck is this all about?” I thought to myself as I lightly thumbed through a few pages. It was obvious he was trying to send me a message, but I wasn’t picking up what he was laying down.

“See anything you like?” he asked from his bedroom. “You don’t have to be embarrassed. There’s some pretty hot scenes there.”

“Uh, yeah, I guess so,” I responded as I looked over a spread of a blonde with huge tits getting fucked by three guys at the same time. She had a big cock in every hole. Nowadays, finding porn like that is as easy as turning on your computer, but in the early 1980s, that was pretty heady stuff. The other magazine featured a hot looking brunette on the cover sucking some guy’s cock. Then, as I looked at the picture more closely, I could see that it wasn’t a chick at all. Although she was pretty and had big tits, she also had a big penis – it was the first time I’d ever actually seen a picture of a she-male.

After a couple of minutes, Lt. Simms returned from the bedroom and made his way across the living room to the kitchen. He was wearing a knee-length bath robe, tied at the waist and ankle-high tennis socks.

“I’m going to mix a drink. Are you sure I can’t get you something?” he asked again.

I set the magazines beside me on the couch as he came back into the living room and told him, “Maybe a glass of water.” Between my nerves and the hash, I had a serious case of cotton mouth.

He quickly turned and went back into the kitchen. “So, what’d you think about the magazines? That’s some pretty crazy stuff, huh?” he said.

“Yeah,” I said in agreement. “You know what? On second thought, forget the water. I really need to be going,” I added somewhat nervously. “Look, I’m sorry I was smoking under your window. I promise it won’t happen again. Just whatever you do, please don’t say anything to my dad. He would kill me if he found out what I was doing.”

“Well, we can’t have that,” he said as re-entered the room, taking a seat on the coffee table in front on me. He handed me my water. “Let me ask you a few questions, and you have to promise to answer me truthfully…”

“Ok?” I said.

“You have lots of friends, right?” he asked.

“I guess so,” I said.

“And you probably have a girlfriend too, right?” he continued.

I was totally unclear what any of that had to do with anything that had happened so far that afternoon. “Yeah, I have a steady girlfriend,” I said.

“Have you ever fooled around with any of them?” he asked. The question floated in the air for a bit before he continued. “How far have you gone with your girlfriend? Have you fucked her yet?”

The questions caught me off guard. Why did he want to know that? I was thinking maybe he wanted to do something with her or maybe one of her friends or something.

“Yeah, I mean no, we haven’t done it all the way yet, but we’ve been close a few times.”

Then it finally hit me that he had also asked about my ‘friends’. I was thoroughly confused.

“Are you asking if I’ve ever messed around with any of my guy friends too?” I asked naively. “If that’s what you’re asking, then hell no! I’m not into güvenilir bahis siteleri guys,” I said.

“Hey, take it easy. I’m just asking,” he said. “Lots of guys fool around with other guys. You act like it’s some new thing. Well, trust me, it’s not.

Has your girlfriend ever sucked your dick?” he continued, taking a sip of whisky from his glass.

“Yeah. She’s done it a few times, but not for very long. She said it makes her gag,” I said. It was my turn to take a drink and I was wishing I had asked for something stronger than water.

“I see,” he said. “I assume that you liked it while it lasted.”

“Uh, yeah. It felt pretty good,” I said, still wondering where he was going with all of his questions. It occurred to me that he might be wanting to suck my cock, but I wasn’t about to say anything.

“Have you ever done that or thought about doing it to another guy?” he asked.

“What? NO!” I responded firmly. “What the hell are you talking about? Are you asking me if I’m gay?” I said with a tone of anger in my voice.

“Not at all,” he said. “I’m not saying you’re gay. Besides, just because you sucked a cock or let another guy do it to you doesn’t necessarily make you gay. I’m sure at some point you’ve touched another guy’s dick. It’s a pretty natural thing to do – experimenting and stuff.”

“No,” I lied. “I haven’t. Like I said, I’m not into guys. Just girls.”

“Well, we may have a dilemma on our hands,” he said. “See, I really love my wife. She is great and she treats me like a king when it comes to sex, but there’s two things she hates,” he said. “She doesn’t mind giving blowjobs, but she absolutely refuses to let me fuck her in the ass. And to be honest, her blowjobs aren’t all that great and she doesn’t swallow. Unfortunately, those are two things that really turn me on. Since she doesn’t like it, over the years, I’ve found that there are some guys who don’t mind doing those things. In fact, I have met several who really enjoy it. And because they’re guys and there’s no relationship or ‘feelings’ involved, I don’t feel as though as I’m cheating on her. I just thought if you were into that sort of thing, or if you think you mght like to try it, maybe we could work out a deal.”

Wow! I hadn’t seen that coming. To say I was shocked, stunned and amazed that he would even suggest such a thing would have been a huge understatement! I wasn’t even sure how to respond.

“Um, so basically what you’re saying is that if I have sex with you, you won’t tell on me?” I asked to be clear. “Man, I mean, I’m not into that kind of thing. At all.”

“Ok,” Lt. Simms said. “I know it’s a lot to throw at you – and I understand. I thought maybe there was a chance that you liked fooling around with guys and wouldn’t mind.” Then he went into hard-ball mode. “I understand completely. I just thought I would give you the option. I’ll guess I’ll have to come up and talk to your father a little later on this evening. And by the way, if you have any ideas of telling anyone about the conversation we just had, you might want to forget it. It never happened. It would be your word against mine, and trust me, no one would ever believe a dope-smoking teenager over a decorated Air Force officer. You’re free to go anytime, but if you change your mind before your dad gets home, just let me know and we will work something out,” he said as he made his way to the kitchen for another drink.

I sat there for a second, stunned. I couldn’t believe this guy was blackmailing me into actually having sex with him. I began to weigh my options. “Shit,” I thought. “Ok, what’s the worst that could happen if he tells my dad? I guess the worst would be that we would both get in trouble, I might even go to jail and we would all get sent back to the states. I could just see it now. He and my brother would both kill me… shit, shit, shit! I’d never actually sucked another guy’s dick before, much less let someone fuck me in the ass. I might be able to get past the blowjob, but getting my butt fucked? I couldn’t even imagine what that would be like. On the other hand, I could just do it and get it over with and no one would ever know. What the fuck?”

“Um, Lt. Simms…” I stammered. “What if I said I would do it? When and where? Here? Now?” I asked.

“Well,” he said. “I’m assuming you would like to get it over with as soon as possible. Right?”

“Right,” I said. “But no one else would ever know, right?”

“No. I wouldn’t tell a soul. It would just be between you and me,” he said, walking toward me. As he got close, he reached out and placed his hands on my shoulders and looked me in the eyes.

“I really think you’re going to enjoy it. Maybe not at first, but given a little time, you’re going to want more – that I promise you,” he said. “Now, is not the best time, but I want to get down on your knees.” With that, he gently pushed down on my shoulders.

“What the fuck?” I thought. He wants to do this right now! Oh, what the hell, I may as well go iddaa siteleri ahead and get it over with, I thought, so I complied.

As I knelt there in front of him, my mind was racing. ”

“That’s good. Now,” he said, “I want you reach into my robe and find my dick. Once you have a hold of it, I want you to pull it out and put it up to your face, just as if you were going to suck on it.”

As if I were in a trance, I did as he instructed. I slid my right hand between the fold in his robe and immediately found and grabbed ahold of his semi-hard cock. I knew instantly that it was much bigger – thicker – than mine. I’d only touched one other guy’s cock before, and that had been several years earlier. Pulling his robe aside, I brought his dick to within an inch or so of my mouth. By then, his cock had gained full hardness. It was at least 8 inches long and very thick.

“Here’s what we’ll do,” he said. “Tomorrow is Friday. I’ll call in sick to work and you will pretend that you don’t feel good so you can stay home from school. You don’t have any big tests or anything, do you?

“No,” I replied, holding his stiff cock in my hand.

“Ok. My wife leaves for work at 9. I want you to come down here around 10, but first, I want you to take a long shower and make sure you are super clean… if you know what I mean (he laughed). I recommend trying to go to the bathroom first. Sometimes things can get a bit messy and I’d really like to avoid that if all possible. Do you think you can handle that?”

I nodded yes, although was having a hard time seeing myself going through with everything.

“Ok, good,” he said as he placed one of his hands behind my head. “If you don’t show up, it’s an automatic forfeit and I’ll skip your dad and go straight to the police. Do I make myself clear?” Again I nodded affirmatively.

“Now, open your mouth for a second. I’m just going to give you a taste of what you can expect tomorrow.” With that, he pressed his cock against my lips. Instinctively, I opened my mouth and closed my eyes. “Here it comes,” I thought.

Lt. Simms slowly guided my head onto his hard cock, giving me time to adjust to the taste and sensation. Although the shaft of his cock was rock hard, the head was velvety soft. There really was no discernable taste, but he had a slightly musky smell. As he pressed his dick farther toward the back of my mouth, I had to fight the urge to gag.

“That’s good,” he said as he began working his cock back and forth slowly. “Take your time. Let your mouth get used to it. Just think, by this time tomorrow you will have sucked your fist cock and maybe swallowed your first load of cum.”

With that, he pulled his cock out of my mouth and motioned for me to stand up.

“Ok, we’ll save the rest of this for tomorrow,” he said. “Have a good night and I will see you in the morning,” he said. “And, by the way, I’m glad you thought twice about the offer. I’m sure you will be too.”

As I walked out his door, I immediately ran upstairs to my apartment. I began trying to process everything that had just happened. In the short span of about 25 minutes, I had sucked my first cock and arranged to get fucked in the ass. What the fuck!?! I really needed a couple of hits.

As you can imagine, I spent that entire evening thinking about what had happened and what was to come – no pun intended! On one hand, I couldn’t believe how stupid I had been to get caught – to have put myself in a position to be taken advantage of like that. On the other hand, even though I didn’t want to admit it at the time – not even to myself – I found that, even though I was scared of what it would feel like – that it would really hurt – I was also curious and even somewhat aroused. What would it feel like or taste like if he came in my mouth? How would it feel if or when he came in my ass? The more I thought about it, the more excited I became.

Before I went to bed that night, I made sure to lay some groundwork toward my “I don’t feel well” campaign so my dad didn’t think I just woke up and decided not to go to school. I made a point of playing up the “tired” and scratchy throat routine throughout the evening.

After going to bed, I recalled in as much detail as possible, my experience from that afternoon. Had I actually enjoyed having his dick in my mouth? One thing was sure, it hadn’t been as bad as I would have thought. The more I thought about it, the more aroused I became. I reached down and stroked my cock as I fantasized about what was to come in just a few short hours. I eventually fought back the urge to cum, thinking that if I did, it might somehow affect my decision to follow through on my commitment. If I didn’t show up, surely Lt. Simms would have all of our asses in a sling and I couldn’t risk that. I rolled over and went to sleep.

The next morning, while my brother and dad were getting ready, I smothered my body under the covers to make it seem like I had a temperature. Once I was toasty enough, I climbed out of bed and made my appearance at the dining room table. Looking as miserable and pathetic as possible, I announced to my dad that I thought I was coming down with something. He glanced up from his breakfast plate long enough to take a look at me.

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