Birthday Surprise

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As James birthday got closer I had to decide what to get him, I wanted it to be something extra special. After doing a quick search I found a sex club not far from my house. Calling I made a reservation for a room for the Saturday of his birthday, the fee to get in the club was minimal and so was the room. I reserved the room with two queen beds so we could watch each other. Just thinking about it I was getting excited. Perhaps start the night with a couple and see where it led. All I told him was we were going to a club, I didn’t tell him what kind. Packing an overnight bag for us we headed out.

Pulling into the parking lot and finding it full I couldn’t deny my nerves were a little high. I wasn’t skinny and didn’t know what to expect. We went in for the meet and greet and I was surprised at the varying ages and sizes of shapes of the people. There was music in the back ground but it wasn’t so loud you couldn’t carry on a conversation. We were only inside for about 20 minutes when we were approached by a young couple. They were perhaps in their 30s, he was tall, broad shouldered and she was short and heavy like me. They said they had been coming for a couple years but didn’t always find what they were looking for. A lot of the men at the club were looking for other men who wanted to fool around and neither James nor this young man was into that sort of thing. Which worked well for us as well, finding a corner where we could talk we sat down and discussed what we were looking for. It seemed we all wanted the same thing, and since we were new to the game we let them take the lead. Their names were Zach and Jamie, they had been together for 6 years and came to the club a couple times a year.

It didn’t take long and Zach came and sat down next to bahis şirketleri me and slid his hand under my shirt and started to knead my tit while he kissed me. He wasn’t a great kisser, but it was exciting knowing that my James was watching. I looked over and saw his index finger go into his mouth and knew he was getting excited watching. When the kiss broke I told them I had a room if they wanted to join us there.

Getting into the room Zach was stripping my clothes off me, he was anxious and I found it flattering and exciting. I turned to Jamie and kissed and her she melted against me and I started to undress her. We were all naked within minutes and Zach had pushed me down onto the nearest bed. His cock was long and curved up and he was hard.

“Fuck me!” I said and he smiled down. I turned my head to see James kissing Jamie, his had between her legs as he rubbed her clit hard. I loved it when he did that.

James was watching intently waiting to see Zach push into me. When he saw it and heard my moan he let out a moan of his own. Pushing Jamie down on the bed face first he pulled her to her knees so they were facing Zach and I. We wanted to be with others but we always wanted to be able to watch.

“Oh fuck baby you look so good with that hard cock pounding your tight pussy!” James said and I moaned.

“Fuck her baby, I want to watch you fuck her hard!” Our moans filled the room and I locked eyes with my lover letting him know just how much I loved doing this with him.

Jamie and Zach had one rule and that while we could fuck each other neither man could cum in his partner. Zach went first. “Oh fuck, your pussy feels so good, I’m going to cum.” He pulled out and came all over my tits. I spooned some up on my fingers bahis firmaları and ate it and then I climbed from the bed and over to where James was still fucking Jamie. Lick his cum off my tits I told her and she moaned and hungrily began sucking on my nipples and licking his cum off my tits. Both men moaned.

“James turn her over and cum just above her pussy!” He smiled and did as I ask. She moaned and so did I. I leaned down and started licking his cum all the while moving lower. Sucking her clit into my mouth she let out a moan “Oh fuck yes, eat my pussy!” She said low and sexy. The men sat back and watched as I continued my work. It didn’t take long and he was lifting her ass off the bed. “OH fuck I’m going to cum, fuck yes eat my cunt, I love it!” When she came I licked her pussy clean and fell back on the bed. I was done with them. It was fun but there was more I wanted to experience and it seemed that was all they wanted. The both got up and dressed and thanked us.

We laid on the bed for awhile kissing and talking. “Melanie, I’m going to go out and find some men to come back here and fuck you. I want you covered in cum. I want to watch you suck a bunch of cocks and then let them all fuck your pussy and cum wherever they want.” I kissed him “I’m gonna get a shower and I don’t care if it’s one or ten men, I will fuck whoever you want.” He smiled, “That’s my dirty little whore!”

He was gone about a half hour and when he returned he had 4 men in tow. I was sitting in a chair having a drink and smiled when he opened the door. “What did you bring me?” I said as sexy as I could. They all ranged in age but were all rather nice looking. Not as handsome as my James but not bad.

“Take off your clothes!” I instructed and they complied. kaçak bahis siteleri Their cocks ranged from average to on huge. I wanted that one. It was long and thick and I wondered if I could take it all. Watching them all stroke their cocks getting ready I smiled. I got on the bed on my hands and knees and looked at the smallest of the group. “You first” He didn’t hesitate and was behind me he didn’t take long “I’m gonna cum!” he shouted.

“Do it cum inside her I want her filled with cum!” James told him and just like that he pushed in hard and shot his load inside me. One by one they fucked me and I was in heaven. There was so much cum in me. Then it was time for the biggest.

“I’m taking all of you!” I said to him. He smiled and replied. “That’s sweet but no one has ever been able to take it all.” Instructing him to lay down on the bed, I straddled him. And slowly started taking him in inch by inch, it was tight but I wanted it all and with all the cum I already had inside me it acted as lube. I wasn’t going to stop until I could feel his balls on my ass. It took several minutes and I came several times in the process but I wanted it all inside me.

“Almost baby, you have an inch to go, take that big cock and make me proud.”

I let myself drop down taking the last inch and I started to orgasm to the point I almost passed out. My lover moaned. “Oh fuck if you move I am going to cum!” I moved forward and then back and screamed “Oh fuck, I can’t stop!” My body was trembling from my orgasm and when I looked down into his eyes and smiled and rammed his cock into me hard and started to cum. My entire body felt like someone had stolen my bones and I rolled off him. I could feel all the cum running out of me. “Spread your legs baby and push it out.” I did as I was told and saw the flash from his camera. James stepped forward and put several fingers inside and brought them out covered in all their cum and stuck them in my mouth. “Eat it!” he demanded and I did so willingly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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