Bike Trip

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I am a 33 year old woman that is just peaking in my sexuality who is married to a wonderful, fun loving man 19 years my senior that unfortunately is overworked and losing his sexual desire. I have tried many things to keep romance in our marriage but quite frankly I am sexually frustrated much of the time. This has led me to do things that I would never considered earlier in our marriage. This is such a story. It begins on a cross country bike trip.

My husband Bill and I started to ride bikes as an exercise activity and have become very fond of long rides versus the “tourist” style of when we started. We purchased lightweight custom bikes earlier this year and began riding with a couple of local clubs. We love it! We are fit and look great physically. This summer we decided to take a five night six day organized bike trip as one our vacations. We even went out a bought new bike clothes…I know that is silly but I wanted to look good as we biked our 75 Kilometers each day.

Twin German brothers, Hans and Peter were the organizers and guides. They were all business, no nonsense kind of guys that would take your breath away they were so good looking and “buff” in their bike shorts and shirts. I could not help but stare at the bulge in their tight shorts. I could see their cocks outlined perfectly and was indeed intrigued by the size. In comparison, Bill had the bulge of a boy with his three inch nub.

Anyway, kaçak iddaa we set off on the first days ride and wouldn’t you know, I pulled a groin muscle after about 60 KM. I finished the first leg in much discomfort. We camped out near a fire station on the first night and used their shower and facilities to clean up and eat. Since there was only one shower for both men and women, we took turns with Hans or Peter standing guard to separate the sexes. I had told them of my pulled muscle and Hans said to be last to take my shower and he would give be a deep muscle massage. He indicated that it would give me relief so that I could continue the trip and not have to go back in the van. It sounded good to me.

After my shower, I called out to Hans that I was ready, he called for Peter to stand guard and came in the locker room. He told me to lie on a table on my back with the towel covering my body. He then pulled my legs slightly apart, rubbed his hands together quickly to warm them and proceeded to massage my inner thigh. He kept this up for several minutes , concentrating on that muscle and talking softly in German. I had absolutely no idea what he was saying, but I did find it romantic.

Here I lay with only a towel over my breasts and pussy, relaxing in a dimly lit room, being massaged by two very talented hands and hearing a foreign language spoken very softly . I was getting turned on. Hans must kaçak bahis have smelled or otherwise sensed my feelings because when he changed hand position he would brush the lips of my pussy. I was getting hotter by the minute. He then changed his body position and I felt his cock against the sole of my foot. That made me gasp it was so erotic. I felt his cock start to swell with his hardness and that is when I slowly moved his hand to my pussy.

He got the message and started to play and pull at my hairs and then started to massage my lips, moved up to my clit and then two fingers inside me, then three spreading my pussy open with his strength, probing, in, out, searching for my G-spot. I was going wild, all the time massaging his cock with my foot. He was as hard as any man’s cock I had ever seen. He quickly pulled down his shorts to release his cock, He grabbed my hand and moved it to his shaft. My fingers would not touch it was so big around. I guessed he was about eight inches long and his tube was as big as one of my fingers.

The rush took my breath away. I guided him to my waiting pussy where he slipped in easily. Much easier than I thought…I was as hot as I had ever been. There was no slow grind going to happen tonight, no long lovemaking session just hard, fast fucking . I started cumming when he was five inches in, the length of Bill, and was just going out of my mind as he went in as far as he could. illegal bahis It was terrific! Within several minutes , Hans held me tight and said he was about to cum…it was all I could do not to yell but I whispered to him to cum, to give me all he had, to pump his hot cum in me and who knows what else…and he did. I could feel him cum for the next twelve to fifteen hard strokes.

Bill is lucky to shoot three times. It was incredible. Hans fell in my arms and I just held him for several minutes while he stroked and emptied his cum in me. We never kissed. He slowly pulled out and without a word I went back to the shower. Hans was gone by the time that I finished. I dried off, dressed in my shorty pj’s and went to my tent where Bill was waiting. I told him that Hans massaged my thigh and it was no longer sore. It turned Bill on for some reason, I guess he was visualizing about Hans being so close to my pussy, and soon Bill was playing with me.

I kinda liked it and in just moments Bill slid down in our two person sleeping bag and started to lick my pussy. Now Bill can eat…I guess it is a talent he developed because of his five inch cock. Soon, he was probing my pussy with his tongue and sucking on my clit. I was again as hot as ever knowing Bill was cleaning out my pussy of Hans cum. He loved it and stayed down on me longer than usual. I came twice. Bill then climbed on top of me, could not hold it and came in me in just a minute or two, He then snuggled close to me and commented on how hot I was and how great I tasted. He surmised that bike trips like this were good for both of us. I thought… if he only knew.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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