Big Ed and his Trophy Cabinet

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Female Ejaculation

It was no accident “Big Ed” got that name and a reputation for attracting dozens of women to have him as a trophy. Certainly he wasn’t handsome, charming, witty nor that intelligent, but he had what many women desire: a very BIG COCK!

l started seeing Big Ed a lot more after he won the wager (see my previous story), when had truly fucked my girlfriend Pip. He began to frequent my local pub. This pissed me off no end, to find this guy bragging to anyone willing to listen about his latest sex conquests. Of course there was plenty of guys willing to listen to his tales of screwing some of the sexiest local girls around and they were madly envious but then so was I.

One evening I was in my local and Big Ed came in wearing lycra cycling shorts, the ones that are very skin tight. Of course he wanted to show his big bulge, especially to the local girls. He soon saw me with a couple of mates chatting up two attractive 20 year old girls. l had fancied one of the girls for ages and edged my bets for a date with her. But then he strolled over to us. It was the first time we spoke since the night he screwed my girlfriend and I’d purposely gone out of my way to avoid him.

Big Ed started to tell my mates and the girls about that night when he won our wager and this got everyone’s attention. I wanted to floor him but he was way to big and strong to take on and knew I’d come off worse. So without protest I let him carry on telling his story about fucking my girlfriend online, while I had to watch on my laptop, helplessly as a cuckold.

My mates already knew a bit about what had happened that night and the subsequent fallout with my ex girlfriend Pip. The two girls who listened to Big Ed giggled as he recalled the events, especially about how my girlfriend got off on being fucked in front of her small dick boyfriend. I could see both girls occasionally look down at Big Ed’s bulge. I decided then to go to the bar, so I didn’t have to listen any further to his bullshit story and what he did with Pip when they went offline. She never told me what fully happened but I guessed it was pretty hardcore and she clearly loved every minute of it.

I could hear the girls laughing all the time, as I waited for my drink to be served and then watched as Big Ed put his arms around both girls and went to a corner of the pub to chat together. My mates came up to the bar and said they thought that he was a total wanker for what he did to me over my ex girlfriend. Anyway, it wasn’t long before Big Ed left the pub with the two girls. A few days later I heard he’d had both girls in his bed for the whole night and told one of my pals they could get enough of his trophy cock. He bragged that he could have any woman he wanted and they wouldn’t nor couldn’t resist him. I said to myself if I got a chance to disprove his claims then I was willing to try.

l eventually got my chance a few weeks later when l went to the local nightclub with a mate. There on the dance floor was Big Ed smootching with a big busty blond. My mate took me over to the bar where he’d seen two good looking girls. We introduced ourselves and the girls likewise. l immediately fancied the small blond called Dani and my mate Steve chatted to Colleen. artemisbet yeni giriş We all took our drinks to a seating area away from the bar. Dani was quite shy and hardly looked me in the eye. Her friend was the opposite and very confident and cheeky.

After awhile chatting the girls said they wanted to dance and urged us to join them but l said no thanks because l thought I was a lousy dancer. So my mate and the girls got on the dance floor and l sat and watched from a distance. lt wasn’t long before Big Ed manoeuvred over to them and started dancing next to the girls. He looked stupid dancing with his long arms and legs flaying around. Clumsy oaf l thought…what a joke. My mate returned to sit down saying how ill mannered he was for cutting in on them. Colleen soon had her arms around Big Ed and they were cavorting, rubbing up against one another. Dani looked embarrassed and left them to it and sat down next to me. My mate got up and went to buy some more drinks.

We chatted about Big Ed and his arrogant ways and how he liked to show off how big he was in the trouser section. Dani said size didn’t matter to her but it’s what you do with it that really matters. l agreed with her. l began to really like this girl and we soon snogged before my mate returned from the bar. He said he had seen some old girlfriend across the room, so he made his excuse and walked over to see her. This meant having to put up with Big Ed and Colleen, who he’d taken by the hand as they sat down. l just wanted to leave straight away and felt uncomfortable. Dani saw my expression and held my hand tight and whispered in my ear not to get upset. We finished our drinks and Dani made me dance with her for the last half hour before leaving the night club. When we got to the taxi rank l thought it would be a good night kiss and an exchange of phone numbers. lnstead the girls asked both Big Ed and myself to share a taxi. When we got to their place we were invited in for a late night drink.

The girls shared a large house with two others. They had seperate bedrooms but shared everything else. lt was almost 3am when l decided to say l was leaving to walk the two miles home but Dani took my hand and led me upstairs to her bedroom. Colleen did the same with Big Ed and followed us to her room next door along a long corridor. As we all climbed the stairs to the bedrooms Big Ed goaded me about whether my “little pinkie” would satisfy Dani.

He said to Dani: “lf you want to join us now Dani and have a Real Man.”

Dani turned round and told him thanks but no thanks. l joined in and told Big Ed to get lost! When Dani and l got in her bedroom we soon got undressed in the dim light of her bedside lamp. Dani asked me to use protection which l had in my wallet. She took the condom off me and opened the pack. l stood next to her fully erect as she began to carefully roll the condom over my cock. She certainly noticed that there was plenty of extra room to fill the condom.

“Don’t you get any bigger?”

l replied: “Not much…sorry”.

“That’s ok sweetie, l’ll play with it. Whatever the size it will be nice. No worries.”

l got on top of Dani and we began to make love. l was wasted, as I’d drunk artemisbet giriş far to much, so it wasn’t long before l couldn’t hold my cum back, leaving Dani very unsatisfied. She was lovely about it really and l felt lucky to be lying naked with a sweet sexy girl with super large tits and a seriously gorgeous tight pussy. We kissed and cuddled and chatted as we had to endure the noise coming from next door. Colleen and Big Ed were fucking like crazy. She was making so much noise the adjoining wall shook from the heavy constant pounding. The fucking went on for ages compared to my little effort. Dani just couldn’t stop giggling all the way through their fucking which went on for at least a further 30 or so minutes.

Dani said her friend loved a big man between her legs and always would cum if he was over 8″ inches or more. l said her house mate was lucky because Big Ed was double my size, well over 9″ inches! Dani looked amazed at that fact as she lightly touched my tiny limp cock, kissed me and then turned over to fall asleep. l too soon fell into a slumber to wake up an hour or so later to find Dani wasn’t in the bed. l thought she must have gone to the toilet. But after five minutes or so l got out of bed and walked to the door. l heard some odd noises coming from down the corridor. So l poked my head out by the door to look down the corridor in half light.

l saw two figures close together, one on their knees, the other standing up. The small person on their knees had their head rocking up against the front of the tall standing person. l screwed my eyes up to refocus and then l realised it was Dani naked on her knees giving Big Ed a full on blow job! l couldn’t help starring at the scene and my dick got aroused involuntarily. The bitch was gagging and spluttering as she took his huge cock in her mouth. lt soon became clear she was swallowing his cum so much it made her head go backwards as she received each loaded cum shot. l closed the door quietly and got back in bed feeling so disappointed with Dani. Another wager lost. Fuck! Damn it!

When Dani returned to my side l didn’t let on l was awake, even though l still had a semi hard on. She was completely aroused and began to masturbate which made me feel even more horny. l turned over and took her hand that was fingering herself with and put it on my throbbing cock. She looked delighted and climbed on top of me. She pushed my legs wide apart and lay on top, so her legs were closer together.

We made love but this time without using condom. Dani knew that my cock was undersized but she expertly slide it inside her very wet pussy so to trap it between her thick pussy lips. Then slowly but surely she squeezed tight and began riding my cock at her own pace and pleasure.

As Dani rode me, I couldn’t stop thinking about seeing her sucking Big Ed’s huge cock and swallowing his cum. Then she started to kiss me and her tongue rolled around my mouth. l couldn’t take it anymore and had to cum a second time! Yes, l guess I must of lasted a few minutes more than the first time and she did get a better fuck but didn’t get anywhere close to achieving an orgasm. So l went down on her to lick her wet cum filled pussy and clitoris artemisbet güvenilirmi and boy did she love it much more than my little cock. We held one another in our arms and l asked her if it was good for her as it was for me. Dani laughed and said l was sweet. l couldn’t stop myself and said to her l saw her with Big Ed and she got angry and said it was nothing, just a spur of the moment thing. l replied that she had said earlier in the night club that size didn’t matter and if that was true why did she have to give him a Blow Job.

She didn’t answer me, so l said it was ok if she really wanted Big Ed and l would understand, by which Dani muttering to herself quickly got out of bed and left the bedroom. Ten minutes past and l thought she’d gone to the toilet and would return but instead l heard a lot of noise next door and it sounded like a lot of fucking going on. lt then dawned on me Dani only had wanted me to sexually open her up and relax her pussy so she could accept the huge cock of Big Ed!

I got out of bed and went along the corridor to listen outside Colleen’s room. l could heard Big Ed’s and Colleen’s voices and someone moaning and making deep satisfying squealing sounds. The bedroom door was slightly open, so l pushed it a bit wider and could see 3 naked bodies making out on a king size bed. Then it hit me hard l saw Dani’s left leg, which had a rose tattoo on her left thigh. She was being fucked from behind by Big Ed, while eating her house mate’s pussy!

l got an immediate erection, as l stood spying at the scene, only to have a warm hand touch my shoulder. l turned to find a small naked guy standing behind me. He put his other hand on my erect cock as he pushed his warm body against my back and legs. l felt his semi erect cock rest between my crack and it felt nice and inviting. He whispered in my ear: “Hi cheeky are you enjoying the show?” l stood speechless.

Then Colleen saw the both of us standing at the door and laughing out loud she called out to us to come and join them.

The guy said: “come with me I think you’ve seen enough.”

So while he had his hand on my cock, l was led across the corridor and into his bedroom. He lay me on his bed. We kissed and body rubbed for a few minutes until we got sweaty and then he took me missionary from on top and fucked my ass with his curvy uncut 7″ cock for the next hour. All the time we could hear across the landing the sound of Dani making out with Big Ed and Colleen. She must have been having several orgasms because she was constantly moaning and yelping really loudly! But by then I was lost in the arms of Mark.

l slept with Dani’s house mate Mark until midday and then quietly returned to Dani’s bedroom to get dressed. Dani, Colleen and Big Ed must have been in deep sleep as then left the house before 9am without seeing anyone. l got a call later that day from Dani to apologise for her being rude and untruthful. I asked her if she had planned this all along but she said it was the booze that made her lose her inhibitions. She heard about my sexual experience with her house mate Mark and was surprised l had slept with him. But she said Big Ed wasn’t, as he told her l really was a sissy. l made it clear to Dani it wasn’t revenge that l slept with her house mate Mark but that l liked guys as well as girls. Before she ended her call Dani said she would like the three of us to meet up sometime in the near future and become friends with benefits!

That’s another story for another time.

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