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Kristi wondered what these feelings were all about. She was married with three children. Her marriage was almost a fairytale according to her closest friends. Yet here she sits wondering what it would be like to make love to her best friend and her husband.


Kristi had been involved in a threesome before, once during college. It had been her boyfriend, Jake’s, idea. He convinced her bringing a friend of a friend into their bed would be exciting. She admitted she was Bi-curious and said okay.

They asked a friend of her to see if her bisexual friend was busy the next weekend, after finals. Kara ended up coming over and they had a lot of fun. Kristi thought it was all ok until she found her boyfriend fucking Kara and her sister in their apartment. Kristi kicked them all out, telling Kara and her sister what sluts they were and asking Jake why. She told him she would’ve done it again, all he had to do was ask. Kara said Kristi would regret it.

The next day, there were pictures of Kristi sucking on Kara’s clit as Jake was fucking Kara’s pussy. Of course Kristi was the only one whose face you could see in the pictures and she was humiliated. Everyone knew, friends, professors, everyone. She was so ashamed she left the university to never go back.

After leaving in March of 1994 with one semester left to graduate, she knew she couldn’t go home. Her parents had somehow found out of her “playtime activities” and made it clear they were NOT happy. Seattle had been a place she had dreamed of moving after finishing her computer science degree, what better place to try to make it; surely someone would want her knowledge regardless of the lack of degree. Unfortunately for Kristi, she was wrong.

The companies she dreamed of working for either wanted experience or a Bachelors degree, neither of which she had at this point. After weeks of hunting for that perfect job she realized her savings was dwindling. Knowing she could not return home after dropping out of college Kristi decided she needed to find something, anything to bring in money, she knew she could always go to night school to finish her degree and then quitting whatever job she had at that point would be easy.

Scouring the two Seattle papers everyday had given her no hope of computer science jobs. It seemed all that was in Seattle was used car positions, construction jobs and coffee shops looking for baristas. Kristi surely was no salesperson and definitely had no interest in anything construction related, that was what her dad had done his whole life and she new she would not survive doing what he had done.

Kristi had her mind made up for her one day as she walked into the Starbucks right down the street from her apartment to get a mocha and scour the classifieds once again. As she opened the door she noticed the help wanted sign hanging from it. Hmmm she thought, should I? Ordering her Venti mint mocha she sat at the corner window table, the same seat she always tried to get. It was great for people watching in between pages of classifieds.

After looking at page after page for nearly an hour, Kristi looked out the window to find it had started pouring down rain. “What is going on” she thought, it had been a sunny day when she got here and she knew her choice of clothing for the day would give her no protection from this miserable rain. Back to the counter Kristi went, deciding another cup was in order if she was going to sit and wait this out.

As she ordered her drink she noticed that the young redhead helping her had “Lisa-Manager” on her nametag. She had talked to Lisa nearly every day as she ordered her drink here. She hadn’t known her name nor did she know that she was the manager.

Kristi realized how similar Lisa looked to herself. They both were what many would call fat. Kristi preferred the term BBW as she had been called by her last boyfriend. Lisa had curves in all the same places Kristi did though Kristi though Lisa may have slightly larger cupped breasts than her own 40D’s but their height and build were nearly identical.

Kristi stood talking to Lisa as she waited for her mocha to be completed. After a minute, Lisa realized the barista had made a mistake in making the mocha for Kristi. She asked Kristi if she wanted to go back and sit down and she would bring her the drink once it was re-done. Kristi agreed and slowly walked back to her table, noticing the place only had two other people inside, must be the rain she thought.

Browsing more of the daily classifieds, Kristi almost forgot she was waiting for another coffee until she heard Lisa’s voice behind her. Putting the paper down she reached for the nice warm mocha. Lisa stayed there a minute making small talk, noticing the paper opened to the classified section…the help wanted section specifically.

Their talk continued for a few minutes before Lisa asked Kristi if she was looking for work or just seeing what was out there. As Kristi told Lisa about looking for computer industry jobs and how that was not trabzon escort going so well, Lisa suggested trying to work here at Starbucks.

Kristi said she had seen the sign and was about ready for any kind of work. Lisa quickly went behind the counter and grabbed an application and brought it back telling Kristi to fill it out and she would do her interview when she was finished.

As Kristi filled it out she wondered what her chances were of being hired. Would she be able to work days so she could go to school at night? She still had enough in her saving account to make it through the few courses she needed as long as she was bringing in some money to pay the basics while she took a night class or two each quarter.

Minutes later she was walking to the register to meet Lisa, asking her if now was a good time or did she want Kristi to come back later. Lisa told her it was a perfect time since it was so dead right now. The two of them sat back in the corner where Kristi had been for the past few hours, talking first about the application and job but quickly turning to families and friends, the approaching holidays and hobbies they both shared.

Two days later Kristi found herself waking to her alarm at 5am. It was the earliest she had been up since leaving college months earlier. Quickly getting ready she was out the door at 545, on her way down the street to her new job. Her first day was training, sitting in a small office in the back watching hours of videos on Starbucks, beverage preparation and customer service. She learned more in the 4 hours sitting there than she had ever though possible. “All this for coffee” she thought to herself.

At 1015 Lisa was peeking through the door to see how Kristi was doing. She told Lisa she had just finished the movies and was going to see what else she needed to do. Lisa suggested they go to lunch together. Since it was her first day Lisa said she would buy, giving them time to get to know each other and she could answer any questions that Kristi had.

Lunch seemed like it was more of a social event than anything work related. They talked like they were old friends, laughing at stories, sharing their past relationships and misfortunes with one another.

After an hour had passed by, Lisa glanced at her watch. She said they had better get back before the store burned down without them being there. They walked back still talking about everything and nothing.

After another 3 hours, Lisa told Kristi she had learned nearly everything she needed to know before working with customers so she should go ahead and go for the day. Kristi clocked off and grabbed her things, had it really been a full day already she thought to herself. Walking towards the door, all 5 people working said goodbye to her, Kristi wondered if this was normal or if they were just being nice to the new girl.

Sitting at her computer typing an email to her mom Kristi was feeling good about herself. She was so excited about her job, something she never would have thought before. How was working at a coffee shop so fun, so entertaining? Suddenly the phone rang, startling her.

Lisa said she was sorry for calling and bothering her but she was wondering if Kristi wanted to work the next day, opening with Lisa since Brian had called saying he was at the hospital with a broken leg and didn’t think he would be in the following day. Kristi was excited, her first day and already getting to take an extra shift; this would greatly help her financial situation!

The next few months flew by for everyone it seemed. The holidays were busy at work, shoppers coming and going on top of the normal customers they were used to. Tips were flowing like water, something all of them loved! Kristi and Lisa had become even better friends, going to lunch at least once a week together and dinner a few times a month. Dinners had changed from just the two of them out at a little café or restaurant to meeting at one of their apartments or the other, with Mark, Lisa’s husband.

The three of them got along great, often going to a concert, club or other event together. It was as if they had all known each other for years they had so much in common. Kristi occasionally felt out of place with the loving couple but they told her not to, they enjoyed her company and friendship.

One night at Lisa and Mark’s place, Mark asked if Kristi had gone out on a date with the customer that was always asking her out at work. Kristi said she had gone out with Steve last week but was afraid it wouldn’t go any further. It seems he had a way of bringing his work and ex-wife up at every minute, even when she was trying to drop hints she was hoping for some “adult recreation”.

Mark asked if he could try fixing her up with a friend of his. She said okay but if she had a lousy time she would take it out on him. The three of them laughed and then Kristi asked what Paul was like.

Lisa and Mark told her how they had known him for years and had done a lot of fun things with him. Lisa trabzon escort bayan told her that he liked fuller figured women and gave her a cute little wink. Paul was an architect at a large company in Seattle. He had been engaged for 4 years but broke it off almost a year ago when she couldn’t understand that he still needed time with his friends sometimes.

Kristi seemed interested in all they told her and soon Mark was on the phone to make the arrangements. After a few minutes he hung up telling Kristi they would meet that Friday and Tango, a fun restaurant they had been to a few times together.

The next day at work Lisa asked Kristi to come into the office. A few minutes later, Kristi found out she was now the assistant manager. Only six months at Starbucks and already an assistant! The thanked Lisa over and over, telling her she would not regret it. She found out she now had full benefits and a sizable raise. Kristi was so excited, she asked Lisa out for a drink after work to celebrate.

Friday finally came with Kristi being in her own little world all day at work. She seemed nervous from the time she walked in the door that morning. When Lisa came in at 900 she took Kristi into the back to get her to calm down, relaxed somewhat. Lisa suggested Kristi work on the paperwork in the back, giving her a chance to be away from the distractions out front.

Lisa came back a few times making sure everything was okay when finally at noon Kristi asked is there was any way she could leave early. She said she was so nervous and still needed to go get something to wear on her date. Lisa let her go telling her to call her the next day and tell her how it went.

Walking into Tango at 7:00 she saw Paul sitting there waiting for her. Lisa had shown her a picture the day before and she was surprised this guy was still single! She walked over to him and introduced herself. He took a step back and said she looked even better than what Mark had described. Kristi instantly turned red and said “Thank-you.”

They sat down and looked over the menu. Kristi was hungry but didn’t think she could eat. Paul made things easier, ordering them drinks and appetizers, all the while getting to know her. All through dinner they talked and then decided they would go to a little club that Paul’s friend owned down the block.

The club was nice, music played not too loud or too soft, it was a relaxing place for Seattle’s younger professional crowd, perfect for a getting to know each other place. About 10 the music was turned up a little, lights started flashing to the beat and Paul and Kristi danced a few times, having so much fun together.

At 1am Kristi said she hated to do it but she needed to get going since she had been up all day since 4am and had to work at noon. Paul said he understood and asked if he could give her a ride home, she accepted. As they drove in his new BWM, Kristi couldn’t help but smile. She had had so much fun with him!

As Paul took directions from her, he kept stealing glances at her every chance he got. Kristi told him “You can just drop her me out front if you want” and he asked if that was a hint she didn’t want him to walk her to her door. They both laughed and she said “No, pull into the parking garage on the next block.”

They parked and Paul rushed to open the door for Kristi. She was about to open it but how could she not wait for this guy to get it for her? She smiled as he opened the door and put her hand in his, helping her out. As they walked towards the sky bridge that linked her building to the garage, Paul took her hand in his, smiling at her the whole time.

As they got into the elevator, she pushed the 14 button and off they went, slowly ascending, Paul took her in his arms and thanked her for the night, telling her how much fun he had with her and asking if they would be able to go out again soon. As they were getting out of the elevator Kristi asked if there was somewhere he was planning on going as she opened the door to her apartment inviting him in.

As she closed the door and turned around to enter the living room, he pulled her to him, taking her back into his arms. They stood right there, kissing and hugging for at least five minutes. Their hands pulling the others body tighter to their own.

Kristi was looking him in the eyes as he told her “I better go for tonight, I don’t want to move to quick and scare you away.” Before he left they had plans for the following evening, after she was off work at 9. As Paul left, she watched him walk all the way to the elevator and didn’t go back into her apartment until the elevator doors closed behind him.

As she got ready for bed she thought to herself how much fun she had with him. As she was taking her panties off she realized just how much fun she had infact had! Her thong was soaking wet in the crotch and as it was released from her she felt as if the dam was broken and her wetness started to slowly work down her tan thighs.

Kristi couldn’t help it when she lay escort trabzon on her bed and opened her nightstand drawer, grabbing out her favorite vibe. She turned it on and as soon as it touched her waiting pussy she was cumming. It had been over a month since she had used her toy and over a year since she had been penetrated by a real cock. She was so wet and horny she couldn’t stop and continued to slide it in and out of her tight pussy.

As her right hand thrust the vibrating fake cock in and out, her left toyed with her hard nipples, pulling and twisting first on one, then the other. As she neared another climax, she shoved the vibrator all the way into herself and took both sexy breasts into her hands, pulling at her rock hard nipples as she came. She came so hard and so sudden that she almost surprised herself.

The last time it had been that good was during her threesome, which was also the last time she had a real cock in her. She had never experienced an orgasm that powerful from her own hands or any toy…She couldn’t help but think of Paul and how he had affected her.

At 10am she woke…still feeling her wet pussy throbbing and begging for attention. She tried to watch the news to take her mind off of it but it didn’t work. She grabbed her toy once again and laid there thinking of Paul as she filled herself up with that plastic cock. She was toying with her oversensitive nipples as her pussy grasped the vibrating cock into her deeper and deeper when the phone rang.

Kristi tried to ignore it but knew it was no use. The only people that had her number were those she gave it to, those she enjoyed talking to. She quickly turned her toy off but left it buried inside of her tight, wet, hot pussy. She figured there was no way anyone would know and it would give her a reminder as to why she needed to hurry off the phone. As she grabbed her cordless off her nightstand she felt playfully wicked.

She barely had said hello when Lisa was quickly asking well, what did you think. As Kristi started talking, Lisa was giggling. Kristi had to ask her what was so funny. Lisa asked if she had interrupted something since it seemed Kristi was all out of breath.

Kristi thought to herself is it that noticeable? No she said…I was just hurrying to get to the phone, Lisa giggled and playfully said it sounded like you were trying to get to the good part. Both women laughed, Kristi felt her fake cock inside of her and with every giggle it slightly shifted, making her feel even better!

Kristi told Lisa how they had made plans for this evening and then told her she had better go and jump in the shower to get ready for work. Lisa said she would be by around 2 and maybe they could go grab a quick lunch and they could talk more then. Kristi said sure and as soon as the phone was hung-up she had that toy on hi and was cumming up a storm while teasing her hard clit and pulling her stiff nipples.

She hurried to get into the shower and get dressed. She rushed to work and was nearly late, only a minute to spare! The day was flying by and the next thing she new, Lisa was there and asking her if she was ready to go eat. As she finished up her last two customers in front of her, Lisa grabbed Kristi’s coat from the back.

They went two doors down to a little café for a quick lunch. Lisa instantly was asking questions about the date and what she thought about Paul. Kristi was all smiles telling her how everything had happened and how he has taken her home and how he said he better go so they didn’t rush things.

Kristi told her she had had a dream they were getting married and Lisa said she must have been in the honeymoon part of the dream when she had called that morning. Kristi turned beet red telling her no she had been doing things around the house.

Kristi could feel herself getting wet again just thinking about it. She wondered if anyone around could tell. Kristi laughed at herself at the things running through her head. She knew there was no way anyone could tell…she was just horny and wanting to go further with Paul! She could hardly wait to be off work and go meet him again.

After their quick lunch, Lisa left to go home. She called Mark from her cell phone and told him how much Kristi had liked Paul and how they were going out again. She couldn’t have known it but Paul was sitting right there in her living room as she told everything to Mark.

As soon as the phone was hung up, Mark had told Paul. Paul could do nothing but smile and tell Mark how he had so much fun with Kristi and couldn’t wait for another chance to go out with her.

Kristi closed up at 8 and was ready to leave at 845. She grabbed her things and headed out the doors, locking up behind her. She said goodnight to Jacob and Brianna and grabbed her phone from her purse to call Paul.

It had only rung one time when she heard a car honking next to her. She turned to see Paul pulling up to her. She giggled and held her phone up saying she was just calling him.

Their second date turned out even better than the first. After a light meal at a little restaurant downtown he took her to a club a little busier than the night before. They danced and talked and had a few drinks. Kissing and hugging was happening all night, with no complaints from either of them.

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