Best Friends Become Lovers Ch. 03

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It’s been awhile, like twelve years, but life got in the way and I never got the chance to follow up on my last installment though, incredibly, it was never far from my mind. I hope twelve years hasn’t dimmed my memories or diminished my writing skills. For the most part, I can still close my eyes and fondly, or tearfully, remember those moments that changed my life and made me who I am. I wrote this by frequently closing my eyes and remembering those moments about which I still dream.

For those who haven’t read them or have forgotten, you may have to read the previous stories to know how we got to this point. I’m a lot older, and perhaps a little sadder though I’ve had a good life, so please forgive if I venture off into a little melancholia and regret every now and then.

As the previous installment ended…”When we both had regained our composure he moved off the top of me and we once again lay down side by side. We stared at the ceiling, holding hands between us, while catching our breath. We then looked deeply at each other and kissed.

The night was still young, and before retiring, we decided to take that nighttime walk we had talked about. What might happen there?”

We laid there for a few minutes, it might have been ten, me on my back and Wayne on his side, till I felt Wayne’s cum that was puddled on my chest and abdomen start to move and slide off my body. I looked around for something with which to clean up and, finding nothing nearby, deftly tried to cup my hands in the path of the “goo” as I stood and got a roll of paper towels from the drain board. As usual, and though I knew that I truly loved Wayne and the intimacy we shared, pangs of doubt and “middle class Christian guilt” tried to creep into my thoughts till I smothered them with few hits off the bong and loaded it up so Wayne could take a few hits as well.

I asked Wayne if he still wanted to take a walk and he asked,

“In the dark?”

I told him he’d be amazed at what he could see in the dark, even in only starlight up here, and that by the time we got outside we’d have some moonlight as well. I also had few flashlights, one for each of us, though I tried to avoid them except when absolutely necessary to navigate difficult terrain or to see what might be rustling in the bushes. I then rolled a few joints which I put in my daypack along with a small bottle of Almaden Mountain Nectar Vin Rose (it’s the 70s…remember), a blanket, a tube of KY Jelly (I was prepared this time), and a few sheet s of paper towel.

We both got dressed in jeans, long sleeved thermal shirts, hiking boots and jackets. I put my waste length hair into a pony tail so it wouldn’t blow in my face on our walk and out the door we went. We rounded the corner from the front door of the cabin, which faced north, uphill and into a dark cedar grove, and then turned left, left again, and walked down the hill toward the lake. Once clear of the trees and onto the flat next to the lake, we could see a gorgeous waning gibbous moon, about three quarters illuminated, rising in the open end of the canyon to the East. The beauty of the moment was overwhelming.

Once again I got that “giddy feeling”, as described in my earlier story, that I get only in the company of men. Overcome by emotions once more, I turned to face Wayne, wrapped my arms tightly around his neck, and kissed him deeply. My tongue danced with his, I pulled him close, seemingly unable to hold him tight enough and not wanting to let him go. I then buried my face in his neck so he wouldn’t see the tears forming in my eyes. Yes, HE had turned ME out but I was the one who had fallen and who knew that in our “white middle class Christian world” of the 1970’s there was no conceivable long term future for us beyond our open friendship and secret trysts. With the darkness concealing the dampness in my eyes, I took his hand, turned to the right, and we headed up the trail toward the closed and dark end of the canyon. I reluctantly let go of his hand as the trail narrowed to a single wide path.

With the moon at our back providing just enough light, we walked along the shore of the pond and past the marshy area of reeds and cattails where the creek entered and spread into the wider body of water. Then we began to ascend slightly as the elevation began to rise into the darkness of forest canopy of oaks, pines, and cedars. There, we finally had to turn on our flashlights as the trail paralleled the creek and became narrow and difficult in places. Still continuing uphill, as we followed the creek upstream, the creek bed and the trail largely became a narrow passageway between cliffs of granite.

As we proceeded upstream, the gentle burbling sound of the stream began to be overwhelmed by a louder sound, more of a roar, and as our gaze and flashlights were largely directed downward to watch our footing I knew that Wayne did not yet know what it was. Finally, I climbed onto a large flat slab of granite, extended my hand to pull Wayne up behind me, and shined my light upstream. There, tumbling off a sheer rock güvenilir bahis face about 150 feet tall, was the most gorgeous waterfall . It fell (still falls) straight down till it glances off the wall of the rock face and finally ends in a calm and deep pool at the bottom of the cliff.

Wayne just said, “Holy shit. That’s awesome,” and put his arm around my waste as we gazed at it.

I said, “Wait till we get to swim under it tomorrow.” He said, “Naked?”, and I said “Hell yes, as long as no one else in the family or any of the ranch hands show up.”

I then told Wayne to follow closely as we climbed up the trail to the right of the waterfall. We were surrounded by rocks and trees and the trail was almost vertical at some points. We finally emerged in a clearing at the top. Right smack in the middle of that clearing is a mostly flat slab of granite, covered with moss, and elevated from the surrounding ground and grasses by about three feet. It’s about the size of two king beds and is a regular stopping place for family members on hikes and I’m sure has been for generations. Oh the stories it could probably tell.

I climbed up onto the slab with Wayne climbing up behind and we looked back down into the canyon from which we’d just hiked. As the crow flies we were probably little more than a mile from the cabin but given the path we followed we’d probably hiked two miles and gained five hundred feet in elevation. The moon was higher in the sky now and the canyon, trees, and nearby ridges towering above us, were gently illuminated by moonlight.

I said to Wayne, “Check this out,” and sat cross legged on the granite slab.

He did the same and exclaimed, “That is so cool,” as he felt the stored heat from the daytime sun still radiating off the rock.

He then leaned in and intimately kissed me on the lips, no tongue, followed by kisses planted all over my face, my eyes, and neck before pulling me in and hugging me tightly.

He whispered in my ear, “No worries. OK? We’ve got all weekend,” and I realized that I’d been less successful at hiding my earlier emotions than I thought.

I totally lost it. I couldn’t help myself, and I had to utter those words that I was so afraid to say,

“I love you.”

Wayne said, “I love you too,” and pushed me onto my back, hovering over me, and kissed me so deeply that he must have struck tonsils. All the while he was groping at my crotch…and I was his…once again.

When we came up for air, I said “Wait a minute.” I retrieved the blanket from my pack, spread it on the rock, and we again sat down. I also pulled out a joint which I lit and handed to Wayne while I opened the old round style bottle of Almaden Mountain Nectar Vin Rose. I looped my finger through the handle on the neck and took a few chugs. I then handed it to Wayne and we took a few turns handing the bottle, and the joint, back and forth till the joint was gone.

Warmed by the wine and the heat emanating from the rock, overwhelmed with the outdoor beauty around me, and high but with heightened senses from smoking the sweet sensimilla bud, I was horny as hell and I felt this pang of sexual hunger deep within and centered in my ass. I desperately needed to feel the warmth and fullness of Wayne’s cock between my ass cheeks. I needed to feel that initial pain, quickly turned to pleasure, as he pushed past my sphincter, and most of all I needed to feel his warm seed filling my insides. I needed HIM, I needed HIM now, I was going to get it and I told him so.

I leaned over, looked at his gorgeous face in the moonlight, then leaned in and kissed him on the lips spreading them with my tongue so our tongues could do a wet juicy dance. Pulling back ever so slightly so I could look into his eyes, I said,

“I love you, I want you, I need you, and (rubbing his already hard cock through his pants) I need to feel THIS IN ME right now.”

Wayne said, “Wait. Here? Now? Isn’t it a little cold? Won’t my dick shrivel? ”

…and I replied, “It won’t be cold for long. It’ll be good and hot once it’s inside of my ass. I’m taking my pants off. You can leave yours on and fuck me through your fly if you want., but you ARE going to fuck me.”

With that I sat up on the blanket, unlaced my hiking boots and pulled them off while leaving my thick wool socks on. I then stood up, unbuckled my belt, undid my jeans, and slid them and my underwear off in one motion. Just like that I was naked from the waist down. Thermal shirt and jacket on top, and naked below except for my socks with my erect dick swaying in the breeze. When I sat back down to put my boots back on, without lacing them up, Wayne looked puzzled I laughed and said, “You’ll see. Remember, this is my mountain.”

I gave my hard cock a few strokes, provocatively stuck my middle finger in my mouth to wet it, and spread my legs to diddle it around in my hole. I then pulled it out, waved it in front of my nose to smell the intoxicating scent, and then rubbed it under Wayne’s nose. He took a whiff, uttered “Oh crap”, and began güvenilir bahis siteleri to unlace his boots.

He seemed to be fumbling a little bit, so I helped him along and then slid his pants off as I had mine. I hadn’t noticed when we got dressed in the cabin that Wayne hadn’t put underwear back on. I told him, that had I known, I’d probably have been sucking his cock along the trail. I then helped him slide his boots back on as I had mine and gave his cock a few quick, and seductive, licks as long as I was in the neighborhood.

With his pants off and his dick waving in the breeze, he said he felt naughty like a kid who had snuck out of his house without his pants on and I said I knew exactly how he felt as I had often taken long hikes on this very property in only my boots. He said, “Really?”, and I said “Yep. Things to do tomorrow.” He laughed, we kissed, and mutually stroked each other as the urge to be fucked once again overwhelmed me.

I reached into the daypack, removed the tube of KY Jelly, put a healthy dollop onto my ring and middle fingers, and worked it into my ass. I then put some more onto the palm of my hand and stroked his penis till it was coated and Wayne started to squirm. I took his hand, we stood up, and I led him off the rock walking around it to the tallest corner. I then laid myself over the rock, like a table, and pulling his cock toward my ass pleadingly said, “Fuck me!”

Wayne wasted no time and slowly at first, but then with one swift motion, pressed his dick forward till his entire length was in my ass. It was perfect! Just enough lube to help ease the way but not so much that there wasn’t that luscious tinge of pain, followed by that warm ache, when he slid past my internal sphincter muscle and into my rectum. As he began to move slowly in and out, I looked around at the scene, then back at him, and gasped at the enormity of the situation.

Here we were, on the top of a mountain, a waterfall roaring nearby, under the light of only the moon and stars, with me impaled on my lover’s cock while bent over a granite slab that was still radiating heat left by the daytime sun. God it was gorgeous and it felt so good.

As he thrust in and out of me slowly, seemingly reveling in the scene and sensations as much as me, Wayne exclaimed in a breathless voice,

“I see now why we left our boots on, and you we’re right about not being cold for long. Your ass is so hot around my cock, this place is so hot, and if anything I’m getting too hot.” I said, “I know, I am too,” and stripped off my jacket so I was wearing only my thermal shirt on top. He quickly did the same.

It was everything I expected, everything I had wanted, everything I had planned for, and almost too much all at once. My ass was so full, he was so deep, it felt so good, and for the moment I was so happy. As I said earlier, the amount of lubrication was perfect. It was just enough to be comfortable while still allowing for enough friction to feel every motion, and every inch, of Wayne’s cock. I wanted it to last, I wanted it to be gentle, but I also wanted him to pound my ass at the same time.

I reached back between my legs to find my cock which was hard as the rock beneath it and twitching in the breeze. It was engorged with blood and stretched so taught as to be almost painful. I at first started to stroke it but was so close, teetering on the brink of climax, that I instead was satisfied just to grip it and feel it throb in my hand. My head was just swimming, not that it mattered since it seemed like my entire consciousness, and all of my senses, were focused on the sensations between my ass cheeks.

Behind me, Wayne seemed contented to just pump rhythmically in and out of my ass while mumbling about how good it felt. At some point he decided it might be a good idea to use my ponytail as handle and pulled on it as he thrust in and out. While I found it be a little annoying at first, it soon developed into what I can only describe as some sort of “submissive pleasure”. While it felt so good, I didn’t want to waste a moment and now had very specific ideas about what I wanted to feel. I asked him, no I begged him, to pull almost all the way out before plunging back in because I wanted to feel my sphincter expanding and contracting…over and over again. He “aimed to please”, pun intended, and the sensations were exquisite as my ass opened and closed around his dick. The only drawback was that through repeated exposure to the air outside of my anal canal, the lubricant started to dry out and I’d left the tube of KY on the other side of the rock.

I wanted to feel something different and something new anyhow so I stood up, leaned back, and with Wayne still buried in my ass whispered to him that I wanted to move back onto the blanket. When he pulled out I felt so empty, almost lost, but I turned around, kissed him, and led him around to the other side of the rock where I laid on my back on the blanket. I put my jacket under my head as a pillow and let my hair out of the tie that was holding it in a iddaa siteleri ponytail while shaking it free. I then grabbed the tube of KY and used my fingers to refresh the lube in my ass. Lying back on my jacket I spread my legs, pulled them up toward my shoulders, and made it obvious what I wanted Wayne to do.

He smiled, climbed back up onto the rock where I was spread open on the blanket, laid over me, and immediately hit home with his dick as we assumed the classic missionary position. He moaned, and I moaned, as he slid back into me and began to move his hips. With the moon higher in the sky now, I could see Wayne silhouetted against the moonlight and could see the obvious pleasure on his face. With my legs up and wrapped around his back, I wrapped my arms around his neck, pulled his face down, and we hungrily kissed and sucked on each other’s lips and tongues. We continued like this for what was probably only five minutes or ten minutes, but felt like an eternity, with him pounding my ass and our mouths and tongues entwined in an erotic dance.

He thrust in and out, fast and then slow, deep and shallow, and occasionally pulling all the way out before plunging in again. I was ecstatic. I was out of my mind with sensation and pleasure and though not usually vocal during sex I found myself making some sort of noise, a grunt, a moan, uttering Wayne’s name and urging him to fuck me each time he struck home. Finally, he shifted his arms so that my legs were now over his shoulders and my ass was even more exposed.

Oh…and did he ever hit home in this position? His pistoning cock was hitting my prostate with every downward stroke. I reached out, grabbed his butt cheeks, and pulled him into me with each stroke. In and out he went with the sound of his hips slapping my butt cheeks, and me moaning and uttering his name, clearly audible over the sound of the waterfall. I could feel his cock swell even more, and knowing he was getting close, grabbed my own cock with one hand and began to stroke it just enough to ensure that we came together.

“Cum baby cum,” I said to him. “Cum inside of me. Cum with me.”

I could hear the moans building up from deep within him. “Uh, uh, unh, UNNNHHH” as his motions at first became spastic and he then plunged his cock as deep as possible into and I could feel it throbbing and pulsating as he filled me with what felt like white hot semen.

“Ahhh. Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck,” he said as he continued to come inside my rectum. “Oh fuck, oh fuck, OH FUCK.” I echoed as my dick pulsed in unison with his and I shot load after load onto my shirt, my face, and into my long hair before the last few squirts dribbled out onto my belly.

We stayed in that position, frozen in time, as we each dealt with the sensations that we’d just experienced. I was intermittently opening and closing my eyes, almost unable to focus, as I worked on catching my breath. Wayne seemed to be doing the same. He was still inside me, still hard, and in addition to a pleasant ache, I had a warm, slippery, and wet sensation in my anus.

Wayne moved his arms so I could let my legs down off his shoulders and he lowered himself so he was lying on top of me. My cum was pressed between us, making a mess of our shirts, and I could feel some of it on my cheek and smell it on my face and in my hair. Wayne could smell it too and while I expected that he might lick some of it off, he instead rubbed his face on my cheek and hair so he too was wearing what he described as my “cum cologne”.

I half laughed as I said, “That is the sexiest thing I have ever seen.” He said, “I thought you might like it. It just seemed like the thing to do at the time,” and we both laughed again. My laughter also pushed his cock, which was now becoming flaccid, out of my ass and I jokingly said, “come back…I miss you.” The levity was the perfect touch to cap off what we’d just done.

A breeze kicked up a little bit, and with our exposed skin dampened with perspiration we began to get cold…and fast. I really didn’t want to move, but knew that we had to. Wayne rolled off of me and we both lay on our backs for a few minutes staring up at the sky. I sat up, fished around with one hand and, finding my daypack, pulled out a few sheets of paper towel. I used one to wipe up some of the mess oozing out of my ass (but not too well, I liked the feeling) and used the other to wipe some of my cum off of my abdomen and shirt. As for the cum cologne on my face and hair, I didn’t care, I liked the smell of our sex, and since we weren’t likely to see anyone it could stay for now.

I looked over at Wayne, still on his back and with his flaccid but still large cock lying across one leg, and considered wiping it off but instead leaned down and cleaned it by taking it in my mouth and making a few passes up and down. The taste, ahhhh the funky, pungent, taste and the thought of where it had been was so nasty and naughty that I felt a twitch in my own cock again. He moaned and said something about being “Too sensitive”. As I got down near the root, it was really wet with cum and lube and I could smell the mix of his semen, my ass, and his pubic scent mixed into his hair. I took a deep intoxicating breath and rubbed my face in it before wiping some of it off of him with the paper towel.

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