Below Decks

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This is my first ever shared erotica. Opinions/critiques are welcome.


The rocking of the ship was more evident in the lower holds, and nowhere near as pleasant-smelling as the floor where Anastasia and her parents were booked. But it was definitely much more exciting to the bored little socialite who was enjoying her first time travelling far from her gilded home.

At her arm was a dusty, freckled crew lad with a gleam in his eyes. He’d caught her sneaking down the servant’s stairs to see what trouble she could get into down there…after realizing how lovely his quarry was, there was no way Michael intended on turning her in, or returning her upstairs anytime soon.

After sneaking a bottle from the hold’s stores of wine, Michael led Anastasia to a small room with a few crates, barrels, and stores of the rich passengers inside. They drank the wine from the bottle like savages. Anastasia reeled with the rocking boat and the heady wine, shivers of excitement traveled up and down her spine. Her breath was quick and shallow under her strict, boned corset, and she was beginning to get quite warm in this area down by the ship’s boilers. Michael smiled and handed her the wine again. With the next gulp, Anastasia’s vision swirled and everything grew dark.

From the darkness a spark grew…a bright, electric flicker of pleasure burned at the core of bahis şirketleri her being. From that little spark, waves of light rippled outwards as she regained perspective. Anastasia heard moans, noises that made her squirm and shiver. Crashing waves of pleasure rocked her as the boat rocked her, as the wine rocked her…as her awareness grew, she realized that shewas laying on her back on a crate, her skirts raised to her stomach, while the sparkling-eyed Michael lapped at her dripping pussy. The moans were her own, and she clutched handfuls of his short red hair as the tip of his tongue drove her into a frenzy.

Michael saw her awake and rose from his knees. With his strong arms and one deft motion, he turned Anastasia over onto her stomach. He slid his hard cock from his breeches and grabbed Anastasia’s hips. “No…no, wait…” she stammered, “I *ugh* just can’t…” Michael rubbed the tip of his cock over her wet pussy lips and Anastasia’s words trailed off.

“Well, love, dya want it or not?” he asked cheerfully, toying with her dripping cunt. “You tell me what you want.” He pulled away and her hips followed.

“Wait, yes, I…yes! Please don’t hurt me…but yes…” Anastasia gasped her desires as Michael gritted his teeth in an ominous, knowing grin, and pulled her hips back, impaling her with his hard cock. Her gasps turned to a shriek and then repetitive moans bahis firmaları as he worked in and out of her tight pussy. Over the waves of lust and clouds of desire clogging her mind, she heard a whistle and a laugh in response. She opened her eyes to see another hard cock standing at attention in front of her face! The sailor to whom it belonged quickly thrust it into her gaping mouth and grabbed a handful of her hair to help hold her in place.

Anastasia gagged on the old sailor’s cock, but couldn’t help but moan as her pussy was drilled from behind…she rolled her eyes upward and stared at the man fucking her face…he smiled at her and she felt a new thrill of submission shiver through her spitroasted body. “Good girl,” he said, petting back her hair while she bobbed on his cock of her own volition.

She barely noticed when Michael pulled out of her pussy and another coal-dusted workman replaced him, except that the thrusts grew a bit harder and deeper. Anastasia started to get lost in the sensations when the old sailor grabbed her head and shoved it against his stomach, and launched gobs of semen down her throat. He held her there until he was done and then pulled out with a pop. A new thick, hard cock took its place.

Meanwhile, the same happened at her other end…her hips were held tight as the cock in her pussy twitched and released strings of cum into her kaçak bahis siteleri young, virile womb. No sooner was that cock gone but another was there, pumping away. The new sailor spat a big gob on her butt and used it as lube to start working his thick fingers in and out of her tight little asshole. Anastasia bucked and tried to wiggle away, but a few solid slaps on her ass and her face brought her back to a moaning, willing pile of goo. She released herself into the submission and felt her body betray her mind as her hips began to thrust back on the cock, back against the fingers spreading her ass open. So it was when the third cock entered her body, Anastasia came.

Her body rocked in quaking orgasm, and was answered by a new mouthful of semen. Someone kindly poured wine into her mouth and then stuffed another cock in before she felt too empty. By now, her tits had popped from the corset and her skirts were around her waist, her hair a mess and her face covered in tears and drool as she was used over and over by the ship workmen in a blurry haze of stretching, twitching bodies for hours and hours.

When Anastasia awoke, she found herself in a dark room. By the smells and sounds, she was still on board ship. She stood, her body aching. As her eyes adjusted she noticed a lantern and a washbasin. She reassembled herself the best she could before heading back upstairs, pleading illness for missing brunch and half the day’s sail with her impatient family. It wasn’t until the dribble of semen down her leg and the wink from a familar-faced porter that the craving to go exploring below decks began again…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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