Bella and Emily – Unexpected Love Pt. 02

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Thank you to my awesome editor, your patience and encouragement mean the world to me! Thank you to the woman who made this series possible. I hope you all enjoy. Any and all feedback is always helpful! – Nef

Sunday morning, Emily woke before Bella. Emily gazed over Bella’s peaceful looking face as she slept. She looked at the clock, then back at Bella. “Good morning, Bella. It’s eight. I figured I would wake you.”

Bella stretched, smiling. “Yes, thank you. Did you order yourself breakfast?”

“I did. There’s coffee and the paper waiting for you.”

Bella got out of bed to brush her teeth. Meeting Emily at the dining table, she had a cup of coffee already for her. “Thank you.” Bella noted the small details the young lady had picked up on.

“You’re welcome. So, at noon my car will be here?”

Bella nodded. “Yes.”

Emily sipped her coffee. “What are we to do until then?” A million things buzzing through her mind as she would subtly admire Bella.

Bella looked at Emily from over the paper, smiling. “Right now, we wake up.”

Emily smiled shyly. “I am going to go take a shower.”

Bella nodded, “I will be right here.” Bella pondered the thought of joining her, but she wasn’t awake enough. Just then she heard Emily holler for her. Bella hurried into the bathroom, “What’s the matter?”

Emily wasn’t even in the shower, she was on her phone.

“I thought I told you not to take that phone out of your purse.”

Emily looked up at her. “I, just. I needed to check.” Her head dropped.

Bella propped herself against the counter. “What do you need?”

Emily put the phone away, smiling shyly at Bella. “I was curious if you wanted to join me?”

Bella became a little irritated. She shook the feeling off. “Yeah, sure.” Bella paused, there’s no camera in the bathroom. She got in anyways. Give them what they paid for. Emily put her up against the wall and began kissing down her body. “Emily, whoa.”

Emily looked up at her, water rolling down her face, “I don’t have much time.”

Bella just stared at her, “You’re right.”

“Let me one last time?” She pleaded.

“You may.” Bella nodded smiling, lightly stroking Emily’s face.

Emily fingered Bella as she nursed her clit furiously. Emily wanted Bella to cum. She needed to taste her one last time.

Did a good job of it too. Bella was proud of what she had learned in this short amount of time. They got out of the shower, Bella retreating back to the table. Bella was wrapped in a robe, while Emily had gotten dressed.

“So, what happens now?” Emily was curious about the two ever meeting again.

Bella smiled, “You will go home to your husband. Pretend this never happened, but you’ll never forget that’s for sure.”

Emily’s head dropped sadly. “So, I’ll never see you again?”

Bella lifted her chin with a grin. “Don’t be so glum. Besides, this isn’t personal. This is fun and business. Don’t allow yourself to get attached just because you’ve just had your first lezzy experience.”

Emily softly smiled. “I’m not attached, I was merely curious if I could see you again.”

Bella took a sip of coffee grinning, “Not unless you intend to pay.”

Emily shook her head giggling.

“Here, I don’t ever actually read it. The business section is what I read.” Bella handed Emily the newspaper.

“Thanks. So, this is just a day to relax from what we’ve been doing?”

“Yes, like reflection.” Bella nodded.

“Why do you need to reflect?” Emily inquired.

“Because, I myself need to calm down. It’s an exhausting business. I’m sure that you’re exhausted as well aren’t you?”

Emily nodded in agreement. “I am. I have been gone since Friday night, my husband is probably freaking out. Is it alright if that car comes early?”

Bella smiled, “Of course. I will call down.” Bella walked over towards her, “It’s ready when you are.”

Emily smiled. “This was glorious. Thank you.”

“I am glad you enjoyed it.” Bella smiled warmly as she held the door for Emily.

Emily grinning and flushed as she walked out into the hall, disappearing into the elevator.

Bella’s phone rang. “Good morning, Victor.”

“Hello my dear. The client is anxious to meet you. They are very pleased with your work.”

“Where are you?” Bella inquired.

“In the penthouse below you. We will be up directly.”

“I will get dressed right quick.”


Bella laughed. “Guess not.”

A few minutes later there was a knock on the door. Bella opened it to her boss Victor, and a tall, blonde haired, blue eyed woman. “Welcome. Make yourselves comfortable.”

The woman was smiling at her as she walked past.

“Bella, this is our client. I would like to introduce Melissa.” Victor motioned to Melissa.

Bella offered her hand. “Very nice to meet you, Melissa.”

Melissa smiled, “No, the pleasure is all mine.”

Bella returned the smile. “Please, sit down. Would you like some coffee?”

“No, thank you. Your boss, Victor, was right about you.”

Bella took a sip of her coffee, trying to hide her victorious london escorts glow.

Victor patted Bella’s shoulder. “Not only my best, but my favorite girl Melissa.”

Bella grinned, “Thank you Vic, you’re too kind.” Bella’s hand went to her chest feeling flattered.

Melissa looked Bella over with a grin on her face, “I can see why. My money was well invested.”

Bella returned the grin. She thought Melissa was an extremely attractive woman.

Victor interrupted their little eye to eye flirtation. “So, ladies. Now we discuss phase two.”

Melissa became serious. “Yes, now that I have the video and pictures, I am ready to negotiate for her.”

“I can arrange that for you, Melissa.” Bella grinned at her.


“My top clients would pay great money for a girl like her. She would make an excellent escort for them. Of course, I would tag team with her at first, show her the ropes.”

Victor chimed in, “About the other matter?”

Melissa nodded, smiling deviously. “Ah, yes. I want to see what lengths she will go to keep this little secret of hers from her husband, and myself.”

Bella became confused. “Why you?”

Melissa laughed. Using her foot to open Bella’s robe a little. “I’m her step aunt, her best friend. She tells me everything. You have a stunning body.”

Bella became amused, smiling, “And for the right price it can be yours.”

Victor laughed. “Listen, we have to finalize these plans. I don’t mean to interrupt.”

The two women were staring each other down.

Melissa broke the silence, “I want her to get an envelope in the mail. No return address, with a copy of pictures of my choosing. I will type a note and slip it inside. Then we will go from there. I would like for you to keep working with her. Be the one to humiliate her.”

Bella smiled. “I’m game.”

Melissa looked at Victor, “Can you give us a minute alone?”

He nodded and walked out to the balcony.

“You turned her, it didn’t even take you twenty-four hours. I’m impressed.” Melissa rested her head in her hand smiling.

“That’s why I was hired.”

Melissa smirked, “You certainly are quite sure of yourself.”

“I’m paid to be.”

“So, in everyday life you aren’t?”

Bella laughed. “You are talking to half of the real me.”

Melissa’s eyebrow raised, “Only half, eh?”

Bella looked towards the door at Victor, who was on the phone. “You don’t have enough money for me to be the ‘real’ me.”

Melissa leaned in close, “Really? It costs that much just for you to be you?”

Bella leaned in to where they were inches from each other. “I’m paid to be what you want me to be, not me.”

Melissa leaned in closer, “No fantasy filling by day then?”

Bella leaned to where they were almost nose to nose, “Are you?”

Melissa backed away, “No, at least not by day. I’m married.”

“What is it with you married women wanting us scarlet squires?”

“Why is the feeling mutual?”

Bella leaned down and looked at Melissa’s tanned legs. “Who knows. Maybe it’s the wanting what you can’t have. But when you get it, you just want to have your fun and throw it back where it belongs.”

Melissa opened the robe more. “Have your fun and throw it back where it belongs, huh?”

“You married women, you just look for a good night of fun. So yearning to be praised just for a few hours. I’m happy to oblige, then I’m even happier to send you back to being the happy little housewives you are.”

“That’s an interesting theory you got going on there.”

Bella grabbed Melissa’s foot as it tried to open her robe more, “If you want to see more, you have to pay my dear.”

“I’ve already seen it. It’s quite lovely. I don’t know why you’re hiding it now.”

“Today is my day of rest. Today I show nothing off. I’ve worked hard making sure three people have been pleased, technically four. I am ready for a break.”

Melissa propped her foot up on Bella’s leg, “You’re telling me, if given the chance you wouldn’t fuck me?”

“In a quote unquote normal world, yes. I’m not saying I find you unattractive or unfuckable. Any other day, if you weren’t married or I wasn’t taking a day off? I would clear this table and fuck your brains out. Today’s not that day, and it’s not a normal world. So, until you’re divorced or you’ve paid, its a no-go.” Bella smiled at her wickedly.

“My marriage is stopping you?”

“No, your lack of cash is stopping me.” Bella winked as she poured another cup of coffee.

Melissa sat back in the chair raising her eyebrow as she grinned.

Bella grinned, “You’re not used to hearing ‘no’, are you?”

Melissa laughed, “No.”

“One of those spoiled princesses who always gets what they want?”

“Not a princess, the queen.”

Bella was now intrigued. “Goes hand in hand. Besides, the married women I like to fuck, I prefer to have a slightly jaded side.” She winked.

Melissa smiled, “Something you and I have in common.”

“Now I’m really curious. Do you sleep with women?”

Melissa longingly sighed, “Not in real life, london escort no. Not in years.”

Bella giggled. “The boat stopped rocking did it?”

“Something like that.” She lightly laughed.

Bella’s phone went off as Victor came back into the room. “Have we decided on our next move?”

Bella stood to answer her phone.

“We got a little side tracked. When she gets done, we’ll finalize this.” Melissa looked at her watch “Vic, we need to hurry. I got somewhere in an hour.”

They both sat down. Victor looked at her curiously. “Ok, so you are going to go through the pictures, select the ones you want to send. Type a note saying if she doesn’t comply, she will be outed?”

Melissa nodded. “That’s the plan.”

“Then what?” Bella asked as she stepped back into the room.

“I will contact Victor, he will contact you. Then, we will make further arrangements for her.”

Bella smiled. “Sounds good. Excuse me, I need to dress.”

Victor’s phone rang again. He walked outside to answer.

Melissa was left alone at the table, so she decided to wander into the bedroom after Bella. “Do you need assistance with your dress?”

Bella smiled, “I’m good, thank you. What is it you really want?”

Melissa sat on the bed, “I was thinking, it looked really good what you were doing. I got one good fucking orgasm out of it, well, more than one. I want your personal number so I can contact you directly. You know, to talk about a price, make future plans about this situation.”

Bella zipped her dress, “You have to ask Vic about that. I don’t give out my personal info.”

Melissa noticed Bella was naked under the dress. “You don’t wear panties?”

Bella shook her head.

“I heard Emily ask if Bella was your real name, were you lying?”

Bella winked, “Guess you’ll never know now will you?” She walked past Melissa, her body just barely brushing hers.

“I will get you. It’s just a matter of time.”

Bella stopped, whispering in Melissa’s ear, “For the right price, you can have me all you want, Melissa.” She kissed Melissa’s cheek, walking back into the other room.

Melissa followed her a bit frustrated. “Victor?”

He looked up from his phone, “Yes?”

Melissa walked over to him directly, “I want your girl’s phone number.”

He looked at them both. “Bella, is it alright with you?”

Bella winked, “It’s fine with me. I will see you two later. Vic, call me about any other arrangements.”

He waved, “You got it.”

Melissa blew her a kiss, “You’ll be hearing from me.”

Bella laughed, “I don’t doubt it.” She walked out of the suite.

The following Wednesday, Bella received a text from a number she didn’t recognize.

“You’ve been thinking of me, I know you have. I don’t enter without leaving a mark – Melissa”

Bella was sitting at her desk smiling at the text. “You’re right, I’ve been wondering when you’re going to pay for me to show you a good time.”

“I don’t pay for a good time, I cum for free.”

“Not with this woman.”

“Have the packages been delivered?”

“As far as I know. I haven’t heard back from Emily yet. The burner phone hasn’t been called.”

“The instructions weren’t that damn difficult. She has one day left. If she doesn’t call, call her.”

“Will do. Now, quit trying to get laid for free, I’m working.”

“Lol, Me too. Just taking a lunch break.”

Bella smiled, “I got your lunch right here.”


“Yea, you got a hundred?”

“Lol. You’re so frustrating. If you were one of my girls, I’d so, idk what I’d do with you.”

“What’s the matter, too much sass for you?”

“No, just enough.”

“I do want to say, you’re a very tempting woman. Sexy as hell, nice ass. I’d love to photograph you.”

“Lmao, it’s never going to happen. However, I would let you do other things.”

“Ha, scared are you?”

“No, just something I don’t do.”

Just then a call came through from the burner phone. Bella grinned. “Hello?”

“I am replying to the letter I received this week.” Emily’s shaky voice answered.

“Well?” Bella smiled anxiously.

“I can’t have my family or husband finding out. What should I do? How do I make this go away?”

“Go to the same hotel you met your escort at. You’ll get further instructions from there.”

“Ok, what time and what day?”

“Be there Friday night, eight o’clock.”

“What room?”

“Top floor, penthouse suite.” Bella hung up the phone, texting both Melissa and Victor.

“The little trull is going to do it huh?” Melissa replied.

“Looks that way. Let’s just see what more I can get her to do.”

Victor responded, “Good job. The suite is yours, remember, Melissa has high expectations of you. Do not let her down.”

Bella laughed to herself. “If I do, I’ll just fuck her to make up for it.”

“Lol.” He replied.

Bella was moving around the suite to get ready for Emily’s arrival when there was a knock at the door. She opened it to find Melissa on the other side. “What are you doing here?”

Melissa smiled, “It’s london escort agency nice to see you too.” She walked in.

Bella couldn’t help but stare at her. The black form fitting skirt, mid-thigh, white almost see through button up top hinting at a black bra. Black open toed heels, red toe nail polish with matching fingers. Golden jewelry that shined as she walked in the light. Her hair is down and flowing. Melissa’s makeup was classy, but with crimson red lipstick.

Melissa sat at the table, “When’s she supposed to be here?”

Bella looked at the wall clock, it read seven. “In an hour or so. You’re looking very sexy this evening.”

Melissa smiled, “Thank you. Tonight I want you to get her to be an escort to another client.”

Bella sat to Melissa’s right, “I don’t have another client until next weekend.”

Melissa leaned towards her, “Tell her she will join you or this will become public. Tell her she will be yours to do whatever you wish or this secret of hers will not be a secret no more.”

Bella raised an eyebrow, “You’re really getting off on this, aren’t you?”

Melissa nodded. “I want this very badly.”

Bella scooted her chair around closer to her, “And what are you willing to do to make this happen?”

Melissa ran her fingers along Bella’s bare shoulder, “I’ve already paid. By the way, that dress you’ve chosen, very nice.”

Bella traced her fingers along Melissa’s thigh, “You are far more devious than you’re letting on. You have me questioning whether or not to make you pay. I don’t have fun that often. I spend ninety percent of my life working. It’d be great to fuck for fun for once.”

Melissa smiled, “I have to get back downstairs. I can’t be seen. We can negotiate later.” She kissed Bella’s cheek and walked out of the room.

Half an hour later Emily arrived. Bella opened the door, “Good evening Emily.”

Emily looked like she’d seen a ghost. “What’s going on here?”

Bella motioned for her to come in, “Please. No need to stand out in the hallway.”

Emily slowly walked in.

Bella closed the door behind her. “How have you been?”

Emily turned, “Are you kidding me?”

Bella shook her head, “No, how are you?”

Emily sat at the table. “I’d be a hell of a lot better if I knew what was going on.”

Bella joined her. “Do you want a drink?”

Emily shook her head. “Just tell me what’s going on, please.”

Bella stood and walked to the bar, pouring herself a scotch. “Here’s the deal. Next weekend, I have a client and you’re going to be my little protege, got me?”

Emily stood walking over to her, “No, I don’t understand.”

“You’re going to be my partner, my handy little helper. If you don’t? Your husband, your family, and your friends will find out who and what you are. Those pictures I have, they will go out to every single lezzy dating sight. They will be posted for every client I have, showing them my new play partner. Do you want that?”

Emily leaned her back against the bar, “I can’t have my life being disrupted like this. Fine, I have no choice.”

“Oh, there’s a choice. Either screw up your life, or be the woman you really are inside.”

Emily turned, pouring herself a drink. “I will do whatever you ask, just please, I beg you, don’t tell anyone.”

Bella smiled wide, “Good girl. Get on your knees and beg me.”

Emily got down, “Please, please. Don’t tell. I will be yours to do whatever, I am begging don’t tell anyone.” Oddly, her first feeling wasn’t shame when she knelt before Bella. Emily grew excited.

Bella looked down at her, “Kiss my feet.”

Emily did as requested.

Bella smiled, “That’s my girl. Crawl back over to the table.” Bella walked back and sat down.

As Bella sat, her phone went off. Emily went to get up.

“Did I tell you that you could get up?”

Emily shook her head.

“Stay right there until I say otherwise.” Bella picked up her phone.

“You’re making me hot. Keep up the good work xo”

Bella smiled at Melissa’s text.

Emily looked up at her, “May I go home?”

Bella shook her head, “No. I have much more to tell you.”

Emily’s head dropped. She was confused on why she felt such a strong need to do whatever Bella asked. Emily didn’t want to admit it. She couldn’t do that. Emily regretted she couldn’t be who she was because it would hurt the ones she loved.

“Hanging your head? Are you ashamed?”

Emily nodded.

“But why? You’re my sweet tart now. I gave you what you wanted, now you’re going to be ungrateful?”

Emily shook her head. “What more do you want from me?”

Bella sat her drink down, “As I was saying before. Next weekend I have a client. You will help me, I will show you a whole new world. You will cooperate. You will be a well behaved young lady. You will do whatever is asked. Are we understood?”

Emily nodded.

“I didn’t hear you.”

“Yes, Bella.”

Bella lifted Emily’s face so she could look into her eyes, “I want you to be a good girl, respond when I say something. No nodding or shaking your head. That’s disrespectful. Next weekend, when we are with my client, I can’t have a disrespectful helper now can I?”

“No, Bella.”

“Good.” She said, taking a sip of her drink.

Emily looked up at her, “May I ask a question?”

Bella smiled, “Yes.”

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