Before the Party

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I remember my first time with another girl like it was yesterday. My entire family was at our house at the Gulf right before my brother’s wedding. I was the maid of honor and therefore in charge of throwing the Bachelorette party. A few hours before the party Kara, my brother’s fiancé, and I were sitting in my room getting ready. Kara was deciding on whether to wear a dress of hers or one of mine. I told her she was welcome to anything in my closet.

Kara was absolutely gorgeous. Long lean legs, green eyes, an ass to die for, blonde hair and very tan since we had been in the sun these last couple of days. Kara was very toned and defined, and even though she was wearing my clothes, they didn’t look the same once she put the on. Now I don’t consider myself a lesbian, even after this event, it was a one time thing, but I am glad it happened. Kara’s belly button was pierced, something I always wanted done, but was always to chickenshit to actually go through with. Now just because I am describing Kara so well doesn’t mean I think I am an unattractive woman. I look damn good, if I do say so myself. 5’9’’ blonde hair, blue eyes, long legs, thick thighs from cheerleading in high school and college and nice abs, a good sized pair of breast and a nice tear drop ass. Very fuckable don’t you think? Well on with the story…

Kara was taking off her jeans and shirt in order to try on a dress of mine, the dress was sleeveless so he removed her bra as well. She turned and looked at me, “Do you think I should have these worked on?” Her breasts were nice and round with little trabzon escort pink nipples, she was about a C cup, and it was very proportional with her body. “No way, you’ve got great tits,” I replied back to her. “Let me see yours Rach, you’re so much younger than I am, I just want to see how evil gravity is over the years.” I stood up and took off my shirt and bra, not thinking anything of it, I had been naked in front of lots of girls before, I was a cheerleader and we did shower and change in locker rooms so I was very comfortable with my body by 23. “Now you have got nice tits!” Kara commented after I was topless. She extended her hands and began to cup my breasts pushing them together. “See you have prefect breasts, you even have that awesome cleav line that most girls use duct tape for,” Kara said. Before I could respond, she was pulling down her thongs and looking at her pussy lips in the mirror. “Rach,” she began, “Do you shave or wax? I shave but I think before the honeymoon I should wax for a nice smooth feel, what do you think?” “I always wax but I leave a little heart at the top,” I replied. “Ohhh, lemme see!” she exclaimed. I removed my shorts and pulled my thongs down enough to reveal my bare pussy sans the little heart right above my lips. Kara quickly stuck her hand down into my panties rubbing my labia, checking for smoothness. “Oh Rachel, that is wonderful, I definitely want to get a wax job tomorrow morning.” Kara responded. She continued to rub my lips, and she inserted a finger inside my lips running it along my inner lips right up to my clit. trabzon escort bayan “Rachel, you went Brazilian! You’re totally hairless down here!” She pulled my thongs all the way down and I stepped out of them. Taken over by how hot she was making me I was speechless and was completely under her control. “Go lie on the bed Rach, I wanna see how it feels when I lick you, ya know for Rick.” Anything for my brother right? I walked over to my bed and sat down, spreading my legs enough for Kara to come and kneel down in front of me. Before she came over, she went and locked my door to ensure we would be undisturbed.

She walked over to the bed and sat in my lap facing me, then began kissing me. She was so gentle and soft, and her breasts rubbing against mine was so erotic that my juices began to flow and I began to get really hot. Her tongue wrestled with mine and her hand caressed my pussy. She began to move a finger in and out of me each time rubbing against my g-spot. I was lost in a wave of ecstasy and all I wanted to do was cum. Kara ended our kiss and climbed off of me and knelt down in between my legs. She wasted no time in her assault on my clit. She flicked her tongue quickly and hard over my little knob while finger-fucking my hole. I massaged my breasts and moved my hips closer to her mouth forcing her fingers deeper and making her tongue press harder against my clit. She inserted another finger into my hot wet pussy, and began to suck on my clit. I could feel myself ready to cum when she took her other hand and stuck one finger into my escort trabzon ass. That sent me over the edge; I squirmed and squealed all over the bed bucking wildly against her tongue and fingers. Kara wiggled her finger deeper into my ass hole and another orgasm shot through my body causing me to break into a sweat from all the pleasure I was receiving. My juices were pouring out and down my ass, but Kara took care to lick it all up slowly and carefully. When I thought it was all over, Kara climbed back onto my lap and began rotating her hips into mine. She was trying to get our pussies to meet and grind together. She slide back and I slid up to accommodate the position and when our pussies met it was instant gratification. Her hard little clit rubbing against mine and our lips caressing each other was just too much for me and I released another orgasm. Kara, feeling the effects of my orgasm came soon after, but I now wanted to taste her.

I rolled over and pulled Kara into the bed. Before anyone said a word I dove into her pussy. She tasted so good and sweet, I could have licked her forever. I ran my tongue up and down her tight little snatch and rubbed her hard clit with my thumb. It wasn’t long before Kara was aching to cum and she began bucking against my finger. I plunged my tongue as far into her hole as I could get and I continued to flick and circle around her clit with my hand and soon Kara’s juices were flowing into my mouth. I licked her clean excitedly and that caused multiple orgasms.

Just as her last orgasm subsided the doorbell rang. I looked over at the clock and realized that the girls were arriving for the Bachelorette party. Kara and I went to the party and had a great time, neither one of us never said a word about what happened that night, but every time she gets her pussy waxed, I know she’s thinking of me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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